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Бесплатный фрагмент - Supersymmetry

Fantastic story

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Dear reader! None of us knows exactly what will happen in thirty or forty years, one thing is clear, that the world will be different. The action of the book takes place in 2056. The life of the main character — a famous Professor of mathematics changes as soon as he visits his homeland. The book is permeated with the thoughts of the hero, which reveal his personal life, the process of mental research and discoveries. The unification of all Sciences into a single science is on the agenda. Symmetry is the cornerstone of this great union. The quantum revolution is in full swing. Artificial intelligence is already on its heels, but there is one “but” that will never allow artificial intelligence to become equal to human. The Professor is on the verge of an important discovery, but is does it need to be opened to corporations and organizations that need profit and power? This discovery has philosophical and moral aspects.

What a monk makes? He controls all thoughts and fights bad thoughts. The Buddhist religion says that the main source of energy loss is speech. The Christian religion teaches, “no matter what goes into a man’s mouth, the main thing is what comes out.” Where do thoughts come from and how do they connect with our thoughts? These, seemingly unrelated to science, issues came into close contact with research in quantum computer science, with the creation of artificial intelligence.

Until now, no one has been able to carry out gravitational-wave communication. The Professor and his associates manage to do it.

The new big discovery of the Professor is facilitated by inspiration, because love will not stop even in the most technocratic times. She was and will always be. In the words of Scripture: “Love never ceases, though prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease, and knowledge will cease”…

The book is dedicated to scientists — theorists and all researchers of Truth, located on the edge of human knowledge.


Man is monogamous by nature-in all the people he ever loved, he loved God.

The summer of 2056.

Peregrine stopped. “Dear passengers, peregrine Falcon Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Beijing arrived at the station Ekaterinburg, 1st platform”. The Professor got out of the train, before departure remained for another 15 minutes. “The air of native Yekaterinburg… Wow! I’m just passing through…". After the mathematical conference in Moscow, Beijing was waiting for him. “I need to come back here to this city and live here a little.” He was going to do it, he was drawn to his homeland, but important things… finally, there is a large window, you just have to finish one important thing in Beijing, and after the report at the world Mathematical Congress, he will definitely come back here again.

When the Professor sat down again in Sapsan, he noted with satisfaction that there were very few people left, and he would be able to rest for several hours, all last night he was preparing a report for the world mathematical Congress. The Congress was prepared by the international quantum center. He was invited not only as a guest of honor, but also as the main speaker. Sitting comfortably in a chair, he clung to the window, trying to see the hometown of Yekaterinburg, the city was not recognizable for him. The last time he was here was 30 years ago.

Then he was quite a boy, who then successfully graduated from the faculty of mechanics and mathematics of USTU-UPI and emigrated to America, taking advantage of the invitation of Harvard University to a young but talented mathematician to work at his Department. Closing his eyes, the Professor sank into memories. Memories of his youth floated before his eyes...first love… Sapsan began to move, silent music of Bach as a sign of departure of the train sounded.

Spring 2021.

…School time, spring, on the nose final exams. He wrote poetry.:

Spring has come 21 year,

What this year will bring me

While nothing in life does not bother,

Back not one step, forward…

I’m not a poet of that words.

But in the soul of a poet,

Let there be no rose on my lips,

But there is light in the heart.

He loved literature as much as mathematics. And two years earlier, in 19-year, she suddenly appeared in his class. She was very beautiful, but very shy, with a sporty slim figure. She often asked teachers to let her go from school to sports competitions. She was mediocre in subjects, it is of little interest except mathematics, physics and physical education, and it struck him most because he was considered in the class the best who knew mathematics and physics, also in literature and other subjects, but physical education was with him not on “you”.

And she, so soft and shy, at the same time, and fast and rapid, is gave amazing results in math lessons! She solved problems without much effort on her part, and she was very sweet and kind, was not a proud Princess, and helped the Laggards, and this fact is even more captivated. The teacher of mathematics did not have’s time to ask the most tricky questions, as she immediately raised’s her hand, solving the most intricate puzzles that no one in the class could solve, and even he. At the parents ' meeting the teacher of mathematics gave her in example. On the survey of the class teacher: “who and where will go after the 9th grade”, she confidently replied — in the 10th grade, in the 11th grade, and then in the mechanics and mathematics faculty of the Ural state University. He evasively answered “in technical school”, (it is better a tit in hands, a practical reliable profession — the system administrator, than a crane in the sky). But deep in heart he also dreamed of entering the mechanics and mathematics faculty of the University. Lack of confidence, and the passion for computers was inherent in many then, and he wanted to engage in the world of computers, which would give him a College of communication in one of the faculties. She, after her appearance, transformed his world so that infected him with his example and self-confidence that the impossible suddenly became possible, inspired him, so much so that he decided to firmly enter the University. Mathematics suddenly shone extraordinary beauty, high and spiritual science, the Queen of all things. And it seemed to him that this secret only he and she understand completely. But, nevertheless, he noticed that he was not the only one who admired her. She gave inspiration to all the boys in the class. It didn’t seem to him as it seemed with the mystery of mathematics, and it really was. And he was terribly jealous. No, he and she didn’t talk to each other, they were both very timid…, but with poluvzglyada understood each other. His astonishment at the discovery of something amazing had no end, how could he penetrate so deeply into her soul, to see her soul so clearly? And no one guessed the existence of this extraordinary and incomprehensible mutual passion. What’s it? Love? He questioned himself. But why this love is so high, Platonic, afraid to offend themselves to carnal feelings? Appeals to the highest matter, such as mathematics and directs deeper and further to the knowledge of the mysteries of all mankind, and a minute later it throws in the heat and he wants to rush and kiss her without end, so much so that he barely keeps himself in the classroom? It’s unbearable!!! And that this love is mutual, he is with surprise and joy accidentally discovered when he met her gaze. She immediately lowered her gaze, blushing. But him was enough this moments, that would all understand! Oh my God! This disease occurred and with it! It was like an Ascension to heaven! What’s the matter? That’s impossible! But it happened to him. So much light! Not without surprise, he noticed that she suddenly became the best in the class in literature, English and other subjects, and he began to love physical education and even entered the sports section… they rushed on an amazing wave to the top. Being close to her every day was the height of happiness and a sufficient condition, and it seemed that such an idyll would be eternal, and no one would know about their terrible common secret called First Love…

Summer 2056

...The soft music of Bach sounded, talking about the approach of the peregrine Falcon to the final stop, and this brought the Professor out of the half-dream. “How many years have passed, and how many incredible things have happened over the years, the whole quantum revolution,” he thought. Peregrine Falcon has already approached Beijing. Beijing is flooded with lights, warmly welcomed arriving. His friend Philip also appeared in the window, standing on the platform. For many years he was connected not only with him men’s friendship, but also hard days and nights of work on the latest mathematical research, it was with Philip that he wrote those scientific articles that became a real boom and breakthrough in modern science.


— Hi, Ed! We are waiting for a Chinese limousine, on the way I will tell you how everything works here, Philip happily hugged and patted on the shoulder, meeting a friend. They were waiting for a brand new electric car KIA-RIA, courtesy of the organizer of the Congress — the world quantum center. The Chinese for fifteen years, moved EN masse to electric cars. But there were still a lot of old cars on gasoline. However, the new generation of cars was already in Vogue-unusual in design from new technological materials obtained by means of complex calculations of quantum computers, their parts were made on 3D printers, and the engine was a mini-nuclear reactor, but only a very rich part of the population moved in such limousines.

The next morning, the Professor got up early, he was worried, because he had an honorable mission to open the Congress and read his introductory report on the results achieved over the years and future prospects. After swallowing a Cup of coffee, the Professor went to the balcony. Beijing was at a glance. He’s been here 19 times. “The beauty!” — looking around, he exclaimed. Already soared the sun, foreshadowing a hot day. He gave his whole life to mathematics, mathematics throughout his life was his constant passion and she thanked him generously, thanks to her, he visited many places on the planet more than once, and it was wonderful, mathematics gave him the opportunity to learn the whole world in all its diversity, and, learning the world, he was more and more inspired by new ideas in solving the most difficult mathematical problems. He admired that he was at the very top of science, in the epicenter of solving global mathematical problems: “And everything could have been different if he had given in his youth a slack will, and then he would have sunk into the unknown, as this girl — his first love. What about her, where is she now?”

The main global task of mathematics was the great unification of all areas of all Sciences, most of the work was done, and directly he made an invaluable contribution to this Association, using symmetry as the main tool of unity.

He went from the balcony to the room, once again opened the report and plunged into the content…

The world Congress of mathematics in Beijing in 2056 was devoted to summarizing and highlighting problematic issues in the development of science and quantum technology.

Two hours later, the Professor sat in an electric car and ten minutes later was already on the threshold of the world Quantum Center, forty minutes later, he had already read the introductory part of the report:

— Dear colleagues!! Ladies and gentlemen! It is a great honour for me to open this wonderful Congress of mathematics. I want to say that a real quantum revolution has taken place over these years. We use optical quantum computers, a global network of satellite quantum communications-the new Internet. An information network has been created in which quantum mechanical effects are used to make messaging more secure and to provide much more efficient execution of certain types of calculations. In this” quantum Internet” quantum teleportation is a key communication Protocol between quantum computers. Quantum teleportation is used for both message transmission and operations by quantum computers. To implement such tasks, we have found a reliable way to transmit photons over long distances, in which their fragile quantum state remains unchanged. And all this is due to the development of unified mathematics and its connection with quantum physics. Quantum States — but not matter or energy — are transmitted over a distance that, in principle, can be arbitrarily large-this is the fundamental difference of quantum communication. If the first electronic computers consumed tens of kilowatts of energy. The speed of the created optical quantum computers and the amount of information is tens of orders of magnitude greater than those. But it should be noted the fact that quantum viruses are much more dangerous than the previous network, since after their teleportation they can exist outside the computer. The fight against quantum viruses is one of our most important tasks at this stage. Quantum computers implement “cold” calculations, working practically without energy costs. After all, friction, leading to useless energy consumption, is a macroscopic concept. We saved a lot of energy. But in the quantum world the main pest is noise coming from uncorrelated interaction of objects with each other and noise control is also an important task for us.

But, with joy, it should be noted that to date, quantum Informatics, as part of a unified mathematics, has become an exact science, including a system of definitions, postulates and strict theorems. By combining all areas of mathematics and quantum physics, we have made significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is on our heels. We study human intelligence and build artificial intelligence by analogy with human intelligence. Currently, quantum switches of a new type are being developed, their models are increasingly copying the principles of human intelligence. But there is a need for a breakthrough, the work is a little stalled. Each time more and more advanced quantum switches are created, but they are still very far from the so-called “human quantum switch”. The hypothesis of “the existence of” human quantum switches “and” the quantum state of man’ is increasingly taking hold of the minds of scientists. And we are still fundamentally far from this hypothesis, although we already understand in which direction we should go. After all, according to the hypothesis of ‘the existence of “human quantum switches” and “quantum state of man” the essence of the work of such switches is as follows: when we give “for General use” their thoughts and emotions, thereby find ourselves “included” in various “quantum switches” in accordance with the direction of their thoughts and feelings. Such “quantum switches"work as an objective element of reality (‘energy clot ‘in the quantum halo of the Earth), and for this it is enough that the’ mental secretions’ of several people were the same (or close). In General, for different systems to interact, they must have the same States. We all have approximately the same sets of basic emotional and mental States, so unidirectional thoughts and emotions (i.e. the transition of several people to a certain mental or emotional state) automatically lead to the generation of close energy flows and to interaction at these levels. In other words, the formation of new or recharge existing ‘human quantum switches.’ Emotions, at the same time, contain more energy, but less quantum information, thoughts — on the contrary, less energy, but more quantum information (the measure of cohesion is higher). But this is only a hypothesis and has not yet been mathematically proved, although it can not be left without due attention, some not scientific circles are trying to use this hypothesis for their own purposes, therefore, another key task in the creation and improvement of artificial quantum switches is their safety for humans…”

The report continued for another hour, the Professor consecrated all the achievements and set a number of tasks in the hall was complete silence, all present listened carefully to every word of the Professor.

Finally, after reading the report, the Professor wiped his forehead, sweating with excitement, he fulfilled his mission, because accurately consecrated all the problems and tasks in their entirety, he managed it only by the forces of the mind, whose vision extended for several years ahead. Applause filled the room.

Proceeded to the report the next participant. The Professor left the auditorium into the hallway, where there were several participants. Into the hallway there were large screens, they were broadcast all that was into auditorium. Professor was about to head back to the hotel, but Philip stopped him.

— Ed, let’s go quickly to Tibet, I want to see the monks there.

There was a lot of free time, and the Professor agreed with a friend. Having lunch at a café, they got into a Peregrine Falcon and an hour later were in place.


Mountain desert appeared before their eyes, and some deafening silence after the noisy Beijing pressed on them. To the Buddhist temple had to walk about a kilometer.

— Try to talk to the monk about the quantum world, — Philip suggested, laughing. “they have no idea what quantum symmetry is,” he continued.

A small group of Russian speakers walked past them, the Professor became curious:

— In five minutes there will be a meditation on the hillside, I would ask everyone to gather, — was declared by all present, slender but vigorous, perhaps the leader of the group, who looked to be 60, he was more like a scientist than a monk.

After five minutes the Professor, and Philip had already joined the group, sitting on the slope.

— All begin meditation. First, all eliminate all thoughts. We clean them 5 minutes, — the head declared. Everyone fell silent, closed his eyes, immersed in itself.

The Professor closed his eyes and tried to follow his thoughts, thoughts are not stopped, if he got rid of one thought, then there was always another thought, it seemed impossible to stop this swarm of thoughts, gradually thoughts began to dissipate, like clouds in the sky. Became very quietly, only wind whistled somewhere very far, in the background.

— Now we opening up and connecting, — continued leader of the group. The Professor presented that connecting with all participants happily with a feeling of openness, and warmth to strangers.

— We opening to the Creator.

The Professor felt that moves like on Express Elevator along with all up, it was an unforgettable feeling. But then, stopping, he felt everyone hanging out in a suspended, weightless state, like drops in the air.

— Let’s see where we are now, who what thinks? the group leader asked.

The Professor suddenly felt large, 4 meters tall, and very light.

— In chakra malakhudra, — responded one voice.

— Okay, then let’s tune in to the chakra harmonization.

After some time, about fifteen or twenty minutes, the Professor has felt like slowly separated from the body, the incredible ease, but it doesn’t feel quite no hands, no legs, no torso. How so? I exist without a body at all? Scary even, incredible feeling.

— Well, let’s tune in and see what the state of the city of Paris — continued the leader of meditation.

— A dense cloud, but in Moscow it is much denser, replied someone.

The meditation lasted an hour, the mediators measured the energy density in different places, different objects, moving forward and backward in time, they connected with the Creator, and the density slowly dissipated.

— It’s probably time to finish, there are still five minutes, — Five minutes they sat in silence.

— Thanks all You, the meditation is over, — said the head.

— Thank You, Dmitry Evgenievich!!! — was heard from all sides.

— Tomorrow we have another meditation on “resonance”, we meet in this place at this time.

Everyone split up and went home. Several people gathered around Dmitry Evgenievich and wanted to find out something from him, finally, and they went home.

The Professor decided not to miss the opportunity and approached Dmitry Evgenievich, when the crowds are gone.

— Dmitry Evgenievich, allow me to address you, — began the Professor.

Dmitry Evgenievich, carefully looked at the Professor and his friend and calmly said:

— A this you, young people, I you observed, that you not our guys, but decided not to do you remarks.

— Sorry, Dmitry Evgenievich, but we wanted to visit on Your meditation, we is blame, — the Professor said, noting that Dmitry Evgenievich not 60, and the 80 years old, if to look with careful consideration. “What a apparently smart old man”.

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