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As time went on, I helped a neighbor with my ridiculous pregnancy, the boots to wear, then undress. But in the seventh month, I found out that I have a son.Baba Zoe’s neighbor asked me once.:

— A father and a baby? I certainly did not expect and did not want to raise this topic. I kept silent.And she’s done it again:

— Where are you going to give birth, it is better to have an abortion done, because father no, this is not the case! I held her up to the staircase, she is then there muttering under his breath, but I closed the door in front of her.That’s enough! I have to forget it! he has his life, I have mine! I told myself every day. But I couldn’t. Under my heart grows the fruit of his love, how can I forget? and the baby started kicking when he wasn’t sleeping.In consultation said, what a hero, already with mother fight. Time passed, it was the ninth month, I felt like I was hard, started to hurt the waist, bend could not, every time called Baba Zoe, she always grumbled, but I like the old lady didn’t pay much attention. One day, I felt not very well, began to hurt my stomach every 15 minutes, then the contractions increased in minutes and when I became unable, I called an ambulance, as the woman Zoya drove away that day to the country.The ambulance arrived 15 minutes later, I went outside and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw a huge clock standing on the windowsill, I knew why they were, follow the contractions, but looking at my stomach, I realized that everything was still ahead.The doctors did not turn in front of me, I was alone in the room, darkness and nausea appeared in my eyes, ringing and pain in my ears, she was in pain goes by without a cry, nor a woman, I know it well.The fight was already in minutes, then the doctors caught on and I was taken to the birthing Suite.There’s a midwife asking me.:

— And his father is where you leave the child without a father? ahem! she could not give birth, she would have had an abortion and did not suffer! I shouted into her ear:

— What’s your business? doing your job! the midwife put her hand in a colorless glove over my shoulder and whispered:

— Why are you yelling like that? has dispersed the!( how can you not break up when attempts went)And was born the hero, it immediately turned it upside down and attached to my chest. On the third day we were discharged.Baba Zoya seeing heroes once said:

Wow! you can see why he looks like a Korean. father Korean? I didn’t want to tell you, but she made me.:

— Yes! so what?

— Yes! nothing. Helped me to collect the crib, sit with the baby and went for baby food, I always thanked her for it.The days went by, flew a year and a half, and when I turned to listen to ftisland, my kid hearing the voice X said:

— APA!(in Korean) I don’t know where he heard from.It was weird, but when I turned it on, I heard that word every time.And when the kid was three years old, he began to show great interest in music and Korean culture. But after hearing the song(COOKIES )raising his index finger up, the same movement and when I spoke:

— Are you a good dancer! and he in the answer:

— MA! it’s just movement! I understand that the son became like the father’s face, Oh, and began to show their character too, once he asked:

— Where’s dad? he’s coming? I never wanted to. talk about it, but she was unsettling every time.Son, I have called natural Russian name Andrei. When he saw my tears, Andrew took the phone and said:

— Call dad! I took the phone and always put it on the table saying,:

— Son? why? and he:

— Let him know about me! over time, he began to like all the computer games, football and asked me to take to bowling, but could not refuse him.In the garden began to organize a fight, I don’t know why. Once Andryukha told me that he wanted to learn Korean, I asked: – why? and he says:

— I want to see the Pope in the eye(a favorite phrase X)the spitting image of his father.There were times Andrei learned Korean at the age of four, he began to sing and he liked it and one day he told me:

I’m gonna be a singer! I almost choked on my coffee. Singing in kindergarten said that it should be given to music. I listened to the teachers and gave it to the music school, where everyone said:

— How’s that kid, so talented? he sings falsetto, you know what it is? I shook my head. She started explaining.:

— If we speak the language of musicians, it is the uppermost register of voice (male), which is located above the normal range. It sounds very soft and is not rich in overtones. Felicity the voice contrast the breast that is characterized by fullness and breast sound. It is created through participation in the process of bronchi and lungs, performing the function of the resonator. As the glottis through the performance of minimally narrow. When falsetto ligaments are strongly removed from each other, the slit is wide, exhalation requires a lot of effort. Bronchi and lungs in this case rest.

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