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Sex for beginners

Бесплатный фрагмент - Sex for beginners

Sex lessons for him and her

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Sex tips for beginners. What to expect for the first time? How to start. Is it painful? Chances of pregnancy. Female orgasm. Poses, sex toys for beginners. And much more.

Instructions, rules in sex for guys and girls. The correct beginning of sex and the right sex life.


Many girls and boys chase after sex headlong and try to achieve it, as soon as possible and at all costs.

This is not quite the right approach. It turns out that the first sex you will have with almost a casual partner. It is better to wait for a constant guy / girl, then long to go on dates, kissing day after day, and then already and strive for a more intimate relationship.

According to statistics, 70% of girls lose their virginity not for love — it is either in a state of intoxication, or with an accidental, much older partner (for the sake of curiosity and its “experience”). 60% of young men lose their virginity with women older than themselves for 5—10 years, who are then remembered only as “aunt”, meaning a great age difference. You do not want you to have exactly the same?

Before the first sex with a regular partner is recommended to go 2—3 months bouquet-kissing period. It is better if the age difference is not more than two years. Then it is the same physiology, moral and mental development. Remained good memories of the “first time”, not disgust. Sex in love is much more pleasant!

The topics that we will be discussing with you in this manual:

At what age should it be the first time?

The first sex — what to expect? Painful sensations.

How not to fly. Danger and for guys.

Diseases through sexual intercourse.

Female orgasm. Why is not he here?

Poses for beginners.

Sex toys for beginners.

Regularity of sex.

How many partners should a person have for life?

How many years can you lose your innocence?

At thirteen-fourteen years, usually begins a hormonal attack on the body, with which it is difficult to fight. There is a thirst for masturbation. Girls tend to flirt, there is a tendency to exposure. Boys are actively interested in everything related to sex — more often it’s hentai and porn films, less often books about sex and articles.

These are average indicators. Plus minus a year or two, since all organisms are different. Exact recommendations in how much you need to start an intimate life there. You can only say that the sooner you start, the worse it will be.

But you can not go too far. There are young people and girls who take so much care of themselves that they categorically refuse to have sex with their couple, fearing that it is not “the same / the most.” This spoils the relationship, it is more difficult to get married, and such abstinence is the other extreme and the opposite of an early sexual life.

On average, in Russia at the moment, the onset of sexual activity among girls is 16 years, for boys at 14—15.

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