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Runic Tarot

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The books “Universal Tarot card Deck”, “Astrological Tarot”, “Buddhist Tarot” and “Yi Ching Tarot”, together with the book “Runic Tarot”, represent the full cycle of my publications on the matter.

Major Arcana, The zero Tarot card

0. The Zero Tarot Card Tarot Card is named “The Fool”. Regardless its seemingly unserious name, this Card is one of the key Cards of the Major Arcanum, and it is associated with the First Card, or a Magician, not due to a simple coincidence. This Card is outside the circle of the Major Arcanum. Emerging from the Zero point, and directed to all the four corners of the Earth, is the entire our visible material world, which is created by the four elements — Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Each of the four elements consists of 16 transitional steps, reflected via the corresponding 16 Cards. The entire Card deck is formed by 64 Cards, which symbolize the human life picture in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot Cards.

Manly P. Hall emphasized the occult importance of this Card, saying that the Zero Card has been linked to the material Universe because the mortal sphere is the World of unreality. The lower Universe (it is where we are), like the mortal body of man is but a garment, a motley costume, well linked to cap and bells. Beneath the garments of the fool is the Divine substance, however, of which the jester is but a shadow; this world is a Mardi Gras — a pageantry of Divine sparks masked in the garb of Fools.

This card symbolizes Genesis, Spirit, Creation at the very early unsteady stages, or joyful, naïve, inexperienced and egocentric creature with passion for adventures, artistry, wastefulness and restlessness. Combined with favorable Cards, it is the undeserved benefit, whereas with the Judgment Card it predicts troubles or even a criminal case, which is not necessarily inevitable with the Nine of Cups, but the troubles are inevitable with the overturned King of Swords, Five of Wands. In the overturned position, this Card symbolizes carelessness, uncertainty and reluctance.

Astrological association is the planet Uranus.

The rune: Hagall, Hagalaz, Haegl.

The magic meaning: it personifies the power of nature. It helps a human to return back to the most natural manifestations of one’s own individual self. It helps to overcome discord in one’s soul and to come into the state of balance again. This rune is of female principle, facilitating the development of occult abilities and self-identity of a person willing to manage one’s own life.

The mantic meaning: circumstances beyond one’s control. It defines the need to obey the circumstances. Breaking the vicious circle. Negative aspects are troubles, unexpected events, which interrupt fulfillment of plans. Natural disaster, demolition.Dependency on external circumstances and on other people.

The plant: fern. (Dryopterisfilix mas) Cough, pain in one’s chest.

The stone: onyx. Spiritual power, red-brown onyx: protection against pain.

The rune: Ing, Inguz

The magic meaning: it allows releasing tension and relaxing. It makes the period of rest come faster. It improves potency in men.

The mantic meaning: new in one’s life. Fertility, performance, understanding one’s own power. Initiatives are necessary. There is the need to finish with old problems. It facilitates giving birth to children, emerging new, and improving the performance. Negative aspects include the power of the old over new; fear of changes, doubts and hesitation.

The plant: gentian. (Gentiana L.) It improves digesting.

The stone: amber. It irradiates heat, recommended for carrying on one’s neck as the protection against chilling. It activates the work of internal mitochondria and facilitates the lifespan becoming longer; it protects one’s thyroid gland against unfavorable influence.

The first Tarot card

1. The First Tarot Card is “The Magician”. It symbolizes Adam Kadmon of the humankind, who had three heads, according to the legend. The material body of a modern human in some way also has three heads, placed one above another — the head, the torso and the pelvis, each having its own analogs. For example, the analogs of eyes and mouth in a torso are breasts and the navel. As we know, before birth, the fetus is fed via navel cord, or the primeval mouth. Each of the three heads has its own primeval “brain”; in a torso, it is within the nerve tissue of the solar plexus, also known as the abdominal brain. By activating our primeval brain of the lower heads, and by opening one’s chakras, we are able to access the telepathic communication channels to contact others at large distances, and to contact the Spiritual World. Please, read more on the matter in my new book “Learning telepathy in 10 minutes”.

The Magician is associated with the active male principle, being the initiator of the transformation process, symbolizing the domination and eternal life, the harmony of forces, thoughts, feelings, wishes and emotions. This Card may mean the person, for whom the fortunetelling is being carried out, if this is a man. In initial position, it symbolizes confidence, skills and good abilities. In overturned position, it is uncertainty, hesitation and weakness.

Astrological association is the planet Mercury.

The rune: Ansuz, Ansur, Ass, Oss

The magic meaning: teaching, science, information. Divine power and the connection with it, letter, religion, creative work. This rune must be used with caution, because it is consecrated to the God Loki, capable of both good and bad actions. Addressing it, one should beg for mercy and correction. It is the best that helps with those actions, which need the efforts of a team, for it might be useless for a single person.

The mantic meaning: science, education, studying, teaching, examinations, interviews, talks, performances, public events. Age and wisdom. Elder relatives, or news about them, may arrive. In the overturned position, it means deception, insincerity, illiteracy.

The plant: bindweed. (Convolvulus L.) Wisdom and courage.

The stone: emerald. Hidden knowledge, improves the sense of vision.

The rune: Ehwaz, Eh.

The magic meaning: the existing situation shall change for better; well-being. It may help to move something that got stuck, to dissolve something that got thick, to soften something that got solid. It may facilitate healing old chronic disorders. Strangers’ path towards water becomes easier.

The mantic meaning: moving forward. The situation improves; spiritual balance gets in norm again. Propulsion; slow, but imminent progress; initiative. Mediation. In the overturned position, it means a delay, dead end, missing initiative, obstacles, passiveness.

The plant: forsythia. (Forsythia L.) Pain relief.

The stone: calcite. It helps the owner to disclose his or her extrasensory abilities, i.e. to become clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairscent.

In the overturned position, it is malachite. It improves wisdom and spiritual power, and it also facilitates wish fulfillments.

The second Tarot card

2. The Second numbered Card in the main deck is “The High Priestess”, or the Papess”. She is associated with the perpetual female principle, symbolizing the aspect of Eve before falling into sin. Simultaneously, it is the female incarnation of the Magician. It brings the secret aspect of knowledge, it grants access to the mysteries of the space of the Universe. She is the keeper of legends and rules the invisible order.

This Card may mean a person, for whom the fortunetelling may be carried out, if the person is a woman. In its initial position, it predicts love, mysteriousness, and romanticism. The combination with the Maid of Cups, Four of Wands, is a good sign. In the overturned position, it means passion, regret, demolition, or the secret that is no longer a secret.

Astrological association is the satellite (planet) Moon.

The rune: Laguz, Lagu.

The magic meaning: improves intuition, facilitates developing and demonstrating occult abilities. It also eases the process of knowing and penetrating into mystery, understanding the laws of Cosmos. In daily life, it facilitates marriages, finishing with separations, resolving disputes with a partner. Scientists are helped to complete studying, resolve a problem. It is used in most magic formulas and symbols for women.

The mantic meaning: moon qualities, intuition, and belonginess. Astral, the sphere of emotions. Fruitful contacts. The inner voice.

The plant: white water lily. (Nymphaea alba L.) Slavic nations called this plant “Odolen-trava”, or “the grass that defeats”, and recommended using the root of the plant to treat multiple diseases. Wanderers used to carry the root of this plant in their sweet-bags as a mascot, always with a spell: “Odolen-trava! Odolen-trava! Defeat evil people to prevent them from thinking bad things and conceiving bad things. Repel a sorcerer or a snitch! Odolen-trava! Defeat high mountains, and low valleys, and blue lakes, and abrupt banks, and dark forests, and stubs and logs for me! I shall hide you, Odolen-trava, by the proud heart, for the entire path and the entire road”.

The stone: pearl. It gives power and purity. The natural calcium of pearl facilitates preventing heart and nerve disorders.

The third Tarot card

3. The Third Tarot Card is named “The Empress”. This Card symbolizes fertility and Peace. The empress of life turns our ordinary daily life into the everlasting holiday. It symbolizes bravery and clairvoyance. The Card represents the deliberate mind that combines the Spirit and the Matter. She is the sovereign of Sky and Earth, and of the World between the Sky and the Earth. The secretof her secret power may only be disclosed by connecting to the male principle.

It means proactiveness, progress, and abundance, sometime excessive. In overturned position, it is associated with lustiness, blind fancy and lightheartedness.

Astrological association is the planet Venus.

The rune: Gyfu, Gebo, Geofu

The magic meaning: gift. The rune helps with selecting a partner, for a marriage or for a joint enterprise, and with establishing a reliable and stable contact. Unification, union. Success, achieved due to joint efforts.

The mantic meaning: union, partnership, the need to give what belongs to you to receive something else in exchange. Equal rights, freedom. Love, marriage, friendship. Negative aspects include dependency, lack of initiative, slavery.

The plant: southernwood. (Artemisia abrotanum L.) Pain in stomach, cough.

The stone: opal. Friendship.

The fourth Tarot card

4. The Fourth Tarot Card is named “The Emperor”, or the King, the Father, the Master, and it symbolizes power, authority, stone, door, initiation and the Logos. The third and the fourth Cards form the second pair of Cards that supplement each other. It symbolizes the leadership in the World, and also the need for uniting the male and the female principles to overcome the Curtain of the hidden Spiritual World. The number “four” is also the sign of the simplified Material World.

This Card symbolizes ambition, love of power, sense of purpose and decisiveness, which are qualities that are often interconnected when achieving the goal set. In the overturned position, it means sincerity, compassion, gratefulness, but also hesitation and impermanence.

Astrological association is the Zodiac sign of Aries.

The rune: Kenaz, Kaunaz, Kano, Ken

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