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Rock "Black river"

Бесплатный фрагмент - Rock "Black river"

The story — the play

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Ivan Vladimirovich: trader, navigator, there, are three daughters.

Mary: eldest daughter, sister Vasilisa and Dasha.

Dasha: middle daughter, sister Vasilisa and Masha.

Vasilisa: younger daughter, sister Masha and Dasha.

Elena Alekseevna: Ilya’s mother, witch.

Ilia: son of Elena Alekseevna (gorilla).

Vitalik: Dasha’s friend.

in other roles: elderly captain, sailor, people, warder (he’s a sailor)

(in 9 scenes)

Scene 1

This year was the heat the sun was high above the horizon every day. Masha and Dasha spent all day on the beach disaippear. And thair yeunger sister Vasilisa ran the bouse. I get some water from the well, to start dinner. It has been a year with his father they lived here in the village. Trade the father was not. A year ago, hewas to receive a substantial sum for the dellvery of precious goods to one of the coun tries. But several ships that corried sable fur coats, rare antigues, dishes, precious stones, were lost in a storm somewhere in the pacific ocean and together with a team of sailors went under water.

Once, father decided to dig up the garden. Taking a shovel from the canopy, he began to dig, up the ground. Vasilisa at this time under the window i planted ftower seads in the ftower bed. Then the shovel cfme across some tning hard. Knocking the shovel several times, the father had to set it aside. When he cleared the ground with his hands. The top of the chest appeared to his eyes. Taking the shovel again, Ivan began to dig up the chest. The find was of considerable dimensions. There was a lock on the lid. Putting the shovel aside, Ivan ran his hand several times over the lid. After some rest, he tried to lift the chest. Fail. Chest was heavy. Ivan got out of the pit and enterred the house. A few minutes later he came out with a crowhad in his hand. Jumoing into the pit, he tried break the lock. Turn out. Throwing the crowbar aside, Ivan sat in front of the chest for some time not daring to open it.

Vasilisa (continuing to flower seeds): Dad, you found some thing?

Father: M-m, come here, look!

Vasilisa interrupting his work, went to the father.

Vasilisa: What’s that?

Father: As you can see, chest.

Vasilisa: Let me open!

Father dave her his hand to go down into the pit. Approaching the chest, she opened it. Their eyes appeared a lot of old coins.

Vasilisa: Dad, what do you want with this wealth to do?

Father: And what is done in sush cases, daughter?

Vasilisa: Yes, you’re riht.

Scene 2

Trade was resumed. The schooner, standing in the harbor for a year, has been repaired. And Ivan paid off hisdebts. Vasilisa helped him gather in a path, so as both its sisters luxuriated in bed.

Father (went to daughters): What you bring?

Masha: I have a dress with gold embroidery.

Dasha: And me women with silver embroidery.

Vasilisa: And me ring!

Recently she saw a dream in which she saw a ring, as well as a castle buriend in a losh heautiful garden.

Father: Okay! Live to gether!

He kissed the daughters one by one and left the house.

Scene 3

Two-masted schooher with fore and aft sails on all masts, for the past few weeks was on the ocean. In the blue sky there were no cljuds. Only seagolls cireled over the surface of the water.

Sehiors Captain: Riht on coure island?

Ivan: (being next to the cfptain): What is the island?

Captain: The island of “” Black river’’! Or otherwise as they say rock “” Black river”, as the island is like a pock. But don’t even come close to it. This island has a bad reputation. My advise to you is to go around it and move on.

Ivan Vladimirjvich (i thought for a few minutes): I heard something about him… A boat on the starboard side to the water! I want to visit thus island!

Captain: How do you know!

When the boat was iaunched the sailors sitting, on the oars lovered them into the water. They were going very gviet. Had when they soon lfnded on the shore, the sailjrs again warned Ivan Vladimirovich about his ill fame. On the shore crawied a few turties.

Ivan (leaving the boat on the sandy shore): Stay!

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