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Prison in Canada

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My name is Dmitry Deminchuk, I am 38 years old I was born

in Ukraine, the city of Chernivtsi. Grew up in Kiev, in 2000

moved to live in Canada. I work at a construction site, like many others In Canada. I learned English at 5 points (that was highest number of points) even in children’s classes, here I learned English by communicating with people, although about first 5 years I hardly talked to anyone, as here at a construction site i have to work very quickly, at least those who are with me have worked, mostly ex-dancers, they worked very quickly and taught me. At first I worked on laying parquet flooring, then I made stairs and railings, and then I started to do a lot of different things. I lived honestly, that is, I did not have to steal, and even now I do not steal.

Many people ask me how it was in prison, well, I tell everything as it was, since I have nothing to hide in principle, had an accident and my former best friend dashed 2 pages on me, that I am a crazy driver, at least my lawyer let me read the papers he took from the police to study my case.

We was friends with this man for 8 years, I had a little money on credit cards, for the first time in my life, well, I wanted to walk up, I never took a penny from him for gasoline, and I constantly treated him and some of his friends, I will not delve into in details. This I mean that at least I did not deserve that some rat would say about me that I am a crazy driver, after I drove him on his business, as always for free.

It was in 2012, an accident, the car ran over the curb, the wheels on the right burst and after I drove off 100 meters, so as not to stand in the middle of the road, the car was already broken, not on the move. Water from the radiator leaked out, and when I was standing in the street calling my tow truck (CAA), such a company, with a discount, then my car key ended up in the pocket of my former friend, he really liked to keep the key of my car with him, either he was afraid that I would drop him off on the road, which he very often deserved for his behavior, or he just liked it. I also often let him drive my car, which the judge and the prosecutor did not believe at the trial, this also had a bad effect on me.

I would like to draw the attention of anyone who read this book, that at that moment when (emobylizer) was in the pocket of another person, exactly at the Victors pocket at that time, the policeman could not start the car, and this was important for me until I had a chance not to go to jail, because one of the police officer lied, that he started my car and drove it 12 fit somewhere and said that when he arrived I was sitting on the drivers seat, while another man policeman told the truth that when they, three police officers arrived at the place where my car was parked, I was standing on the street.

I’ve had few beers, not openly, but in the trunk, a police woman saw a couple of beer bottles in the trunk of my car, so I said that as soon as my car was totally broken, I drank beer, they could just write me a fine for drinking beer in a public place.

Emobylizer is the main part of the key with a chip, without which one the car will not start, even if it was a meter from the ignition. This suggests that the deceitful policeman does not understand the electronics of cars and thought that it was so easy to lie, since my case dragged on for 3 years and the judge and prosecutor were probably already worried that the state was paying them too much money for each case, maybe that’s why they decided to jail me, so as not to give my lawyer the opportunity to help me and let me tell them details, that could help me. I was immediately told during the break, choose or you say! GUILTY! And you go to prison for a month or more, I don’t remember exactly, or if you want to resist and say that you are not guilty, then if you lose, you go to prison for half a year.

The choice was difficult, my lawyer told me that in this case it is very difficult to win my case. Firstly, because the judge is not a very kind person, or too fair, I would not say that, of course, but I think he is not the worst judge, judging by the verdict passed to me in the end. In general, I stopped at the scene of the accident.

I was put in handcuffs in a police cruiser in the back seat, and I ask to draw the attention of the reader (whoever he was in the flesh to my lawyer for a judge, or a prosecutor, or a former friend, or policemen) that the police did not give me breathing tube (entoxylizer), to check my blood for alcohol, because they knew that right after I drank beer, the machine would not show that I drank beer. They drove me for more than an hour, probably on purpose so that alcohol would get into the blood during the trip, otherwise they would have had to let me go on the spot, I think so. They brought me to the police station, took a breath test, and of course at that moment it already showed that I had drunk beer, not a lot, but enough to attribute an article to me. They also did not allow my car to be picked up by my tow truck, but of course they took it with their own, it’s strange that they called it so quickly, it must have been somewhere nearby.

In general, they put me in for the night, I called a lawyer, of course, knowing my situation, and because I had a similar case before, he tells me to pay sum amount first, for Canada it is certainly not much, and he was a good lawyer, just at that moment I really did not have that amount, half was not enough. I will not say the numbers and the names of the characters, except for my name, since I am not crystal clear, like an angel, so that I could not judge the others.

More in that situation it really seemed to me that everyone was against me, a former friend, three policemens, at least one of them was told the truth, but it turned out to be not enough to help me protect my self in court. The prosecutor, of course, he always plays a role against the defendant, the judge is an old man, probably tired of the details of investigating such small cases as this and decided to jail me right away without understanding, well, I’m not a saint, I might not drink beer at all that day, so it would be different story.

A lawyer transferred the first case in 2012 due to the fact that I did not understand the Russian translator, they gave me a Canadian-born mine, there was too much emphasis,

but that was not what I can even closely understand.

They postponed the case for 3 years, I don’t know why for so long, but until that time I still traveled by car and did not go to jail. Perhaps they gave me a verification period, well, in general, thank God for those 3 years until 2015 April 23rd (trial day) I did not have any violations, except once I over speed a little on the highway and a police woman on a bridge with a radar caught me. I pleaded guilty, paid a fine, and it seemed like because I pleaded guilty, they were not recorded into the system and the points were not taken from my license. But this is their promise, the police were in court, I don’t even know in the end something happened to me for it or not, but I think it was no coincidence that I was stopped the next morning at 5 or 6 am for driving too slowly. Readers please pay attention, well, is it not a degradation?!

After the first trial, they never stopped me, but here for 2 days in a row, and for the first time I agree, I raised speed a little, but why stopping me for driving to slow? Are they mocking on me?!

Well, I showed them the penalty receipt, from yesterday and I say to the policeman, excuse me that today I do not exceed even one kilometer, due to the fact that I received a fine yesterday (although usually in Canada everyone is driving at least 10 kilometers higher than the speed limit, this is normal in principle), but here I was really pissed off, I tell him litter.

I may have been driving 5 km slower, and my car was not a new 99th year Honda was, I did not want to drive fast, sorry.

They checked for alcohol, everything was clean, there were 2 cars, they are trying to make especially dangerous out of many here so that they can become famous or get more salaries, who knows what state secrets they have, but it’s obvious that they are trying to plow any builder, namely, to find a reason to suck all the money out of him and that they would plow any one like first-comers no matter what.

Even disabled people work here, I saw how one skewed one worked, but this is no longer relevant to this story, and this is not my business. Well, in general, I found a lawyer, who did not ask for money right before the trial, I was lucky. Court 2015, April 23rd, now I ask any reader to pay attention to the fact that the lawyer first took me not to my courtroom, that is, not to the place where they were going to judge me, but for some reason to another room. I was surprised and asked him what was the matter? He poked his finger at a piece of paper, right at the entrance to the courtroom, there was a list of the names of all the defendants that day. Well, guess who was there?! Yes, yes, my former best friend. In general,

I will jump off the topic for a minute, after the trial, namely the next day (they released me the next day after the verdict and let me go to jail on weekends, more on that later), I call my ex-friend and ask if he were in court, something happened?), and he answers me, no Dimitri, I’m fine.

The first thing I thought was that he was lying, but what do you think? It was stupid of him to lie like that, well, I’m talking right away, probably for him very unexpectedly, my ex-friend, yesterday I saw your name and surname in the next courtroom, the lawyer showed me * (by the way, for this I very much thank my lawyer, not everyone would do that) *, and said that you came to court today on our common case to testify against me, do you imagine this situation? It’s me that turns out to be some kind of especially dangerous criminal, if he was afraid to be present with me against me in the same courtroom. And that’s not all, well, I think, okay, the guy was lying a little, and then I say, listen my friend, my lawyer told me that you were in court yesterday.

Well, then my former best friend realized that he was screwed up and that it would not work out, even though I did not threaten him, but simply asked, well, he said then. Dimitri I remembered that I had a trial in another case, I just forgot!!!!! Type now I ask for special attention, everyone, everyone!

I say My ex-best friend (I say that instead of his a name), I had a trial in 2012, they gave me papers with your testimony against me, and now you, after 3 years, exactly at the same time and at the same courthouse (though in another room, which even more proves that you were

lying), after these words my ex-friend said that he had to go, well, that’s understandable, he’s a businessman, he is digging holes, as a plumber.

Well, okay, then he called me a couple of times and said that the 2

pages that he dashed on me, he did not sign, then after I skipped to him that I saw his signature there and I know his character and handwriting, the police could not have portrayed his character, even if they had acted in films for half their lives and played the role of my former best friend.

But that’s not all, when he is drunk, transparent, then the conversation is like this. Okay Dimitri, maybe I signed something there, but you yourself understand that you can sign a lot of things, if we are talking about interrogation, I got scared, he says, well, that’s what I say to him, listen there from those things are written like you told me to stop, but I did not stop.

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