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New England. Alternative history

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On August 22, 1485, Henry Tudor defeated the King Richard troops in the Battle of Bosworth. The King did not escape death too. Henry put on the crown removed from the enemy on the battlefield. Although he wasn’t proud of it in the future, his deed was noticed by one monk, who was to become responsible for changing the direction of world history.

After the victory, the King began his way to London. The monk, about who we said previously, followed the King. In fact, he wasn’t a real monk. He only wore the clothes of a churchman, but was a very influential man in France and England. He kept an eye on the future King. This secretive man had already seen the monarch’s determination in the battle, but he wanted to know if the new King could retain power. For such purpose, a new ruler should have been a real diplomat.

It was important for Henry VII to get the support of the people. The country was depleted by the war. The Hundred Years’ War only finished, and as a result of this, England divided into two parts –The Lancaster dynasty and the Yorks. The future ruler should have united the country.

Any human creature strives to survive. Many people died in this endless war. The new ruler felt the pessimistic mood of the people and wanted to provide the citizens with a better future. People recognized him as the King because Henry VII chose the path of development. The mysterious monk liked these intentions of the future King, and he used his connections to meet the new King of England.


My name is Robert Brown, and I will tell you the story hidden from people over centuries. I was a friend of Henry VII before he ascended the throne. I was the commander of his guard team and his close friend.

This story began in London in 1485. Henry VII only took the throne and was preparing for the rule of the country. That time, I got news about a monk who wanted to meet new King.

I didn’t know whether this man was a magician or just a charlatan. However, he was able to negotiate with many people to meet Henry VII. He passed through all guard posts, and he only had to get my permission to open the last door on the way to the King.

Several nobles came to me and asked to let this man to meet with the King. I was surprised by this event and hurried to tell everything Henry. My surprise was more when the King announced that he was waiting for the monk and told me to invite him to the apartment.

I knew nothing about this conversation because they talked face to face. With time, the secrets of this meeting revealed and I became a part of this mysterious agreement.

The monk’s name was Sir William. He was around forty years old and he hid his face under the hood. I was able to see him properly later. At the meeting, he said that his ancestors took part in a secret order and accumulated wealth for the new generations and that he was the last who knew this information. He also knew many secrets about world order and the future.

The first thing that he asked the King to do was to send the best ship to the shores of France. The King was just about to send soldiers to France to keep his power. Many of them decided to return home. Well, it was their will.

Before arriving to France, I was asked to take my best soldiers and escort this man on his long journey. On the same day, we went to the pier. From this moment, I guarded this mysterious person more than the King.


The preparations for the voyage took two days, and then we sailed to the shores of France. Our journey was secretive; many people thought that we were returning to the King’s friends, who helped him to come into power. Our company consisted of a few people while our mission was to bring a valuable cargo to England. This is why we sent the best ship. Our journey was a secret too, and I headed the mission. I didn’t know what kind of cargo we expected to see in France, but the King asked me to trust this man.

During the voyage, I wanted to get acquainted with the monk better, but he was in the cabin all the time. So, I didn’t manage to do this. Therefore, I spent most of my time with my old friend Captain James. Once, we stayed on the deck and were looking far away.

— Do you know why such urgency? The captain asked me.

— No, I know nothing. This is a state affair!

— Whatever.

Maybe, the Captain was offended by such answer, but I had nothing to tell. By that moment, I knew nothing about our journey, the future cargo, and the monk. Sir William was a mystery man; I didn’t even know his last name. But I decided to continue the conversation with the Captain.

— On the way to the harbor, he asked me whether I knew anything about the maritime affairs.

— What did you answer?

— From childhood, I dreamed of becoming a sailor, but I could only swim a few times, from England to France and back.

— We inherited the old fleet from the dynasty of the Yorks. You know, with such a fleet you couldn’t trade or fight.

— Yes, I understand this. Sir William too.

I told the captain that William asked me to study the seamanship, while I was spending my time with the Captain. We discussed the various topics: the state of the fleet, new ships, sailors and trade. And soon, this knowledge came in handy.


After the gray and cloudy English weather, we saw the sunny French coast. As soon as we arrived, some man waited for Sir William. As I learned later, this man was Sir Daniel. He looked like a French feudal lord, but was as secretive as Sir William. These two men somehow managed to command the workers in the port, even if they were away. I liked both Sir William and his friend. They gave an impression of influential people, even the King trust them! I was asked to stay on the ship. We set in the cabin with James and drunk a bottle of fine French wine, which Sir Daniel gave to us. I started to like our new friend.

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