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Mimi Monkey and The Big Mountain

Бесплатный фрагмент - Mimi Monkey and The Big Mountain

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A ray of bright morning sun sank onto the face of a monkey Mimi sleeping sweetly on a tree. She opened one eye and then screwed up her eyes immediately.

— Mimi, wake up! — she heard mother’s voice

The monkey opened her eyes and stretched sweetly. Then she stood up, ripped juicy green leaves from the branch where she slept on, jumped on another one, where the mother was sitting with the dad, and gave her mother a bouquet.

— Thank you, daughter, — smiled mommy monkey and ate the leaves.

— Good morning, Mimi! — said dad.

— Good morning! — Mimi climbed to dad’s knees and began to eat a banana in his arms.

— Where are you going with your friends today? — Mom asked.

— We’re going on a hike to the Great Mountain! — the monkey answered, pointing towards the volcano.

— Be careful, — Dad warned, — The Big Mountain is still sleeping, but it can wake up at any moment and begin to exhale the red burning water. That happened so many years ago.

— Don’t worry, Dad, — Mimi answered, — we will go there and back. I’ll be at home for a dinner.

Mom and dad kissed Mimi, and the monkey went to the tree where her friends lived on. Clinging to the vines, she jumped deftly from branch to branch.

— Look, Kiki! Mimi hurries to us! — the monkey Lily said happily to her brother. — Hello,


— Hi! Well, are you ready for a trip to The Big Mountain? — Mimi shouted, swinging on the vine.

— Hi! Of course, let’s go! — said Kiki, bouncing with an impatience.

— On the way! — shouted Lily, eating a mellow mango.

So three monkeys went to The Big Mountain. Jumping from tree to tree, they told each other different stories, joked and laughed. They had always fun together.

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