Mimi Monkey and The Great Mountain

Бесплатный фрагмент - Mimi Monkey and The Great Mountain

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A ray of bright morning sun shone onto the face of a monkey named Mimi who was sweetly sleeping on a tree. She opened her eye and then immediately squinted. 
– Mimi, wake up! – she heard her mother’s voice
The monkey opened her eyes and sweetly stretched. Then she got up, ripped juicy green leaves from the branch that she was sleeping on, jumped on another one, where Mum was sitting with Dad and gave her mother the bouquet. – Thank you, daughter – Mimi’s Mum smiled and ate the leaves. 
– Good morning, Mimi! – her Dad exclaimed. 
– Good morning! – Mimi climbed onto her Dad’s lap and started eating a banana. 
– Where are you going with your friends today? – Mimi’s Mum asked. 
– We’re going on a hike to the Great Mountain! – the monkey answered, pointing towards the volcano. 
– Be careful, – Dad warned – The Great Mountain is still sleeping, but it can wake up at any moment and start erupting red burning water. That happened many years ago. – Don’t worry, Dad, – Mimi answered – we will go there and come right back. I’ll be home for dinner.

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