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Life in handcuffs

Бесплатный фрагмент - Life in handcuffs

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It was in a noisy bar. Immediately after graduation. I was sitting at a table in her favorite blue dress which blends with my eyes. When he was not drunk, but not adequate. To my left sat a girl, but nothing booked. She was blond with a long face covered with sequins, with rounded shapes. We got to talking. Her name is Lida, she was in my last year at College, which I finished. In conversation by the end hangs a heavy pause, during which Lida turned and someone nodded at the tables. We were approached by a guy, the complete opposite of the girls, but they somehow suited each other. The girl asked: — Wanna have some fun?

“Yes,” to the amazement I heard your voice. — Come with me. — How far? — You’ll see. Lida, gracefully jumped down from his chair and went behind the counter to the bartender. About something had a quick conversation with him, alternately looking at us and held him in a secret door covered by a bar from prying eyes. I followed her. The door was low, but the corridor behind her was tall and lean was not necessary. The walls were well polished and consisted entirely of blocks, similar in color to the bricks, and maybe this is what they were?

The corridor was 10 meters in length, but dimly illuminated by flashing, as for the faulty wiring, red lamp, fortified somewhere in the middle of the ceiling. On the opposite side was visible to another door similar to the one we just left, but with one difference — she was tall with human growth. To her we moved. I ran to catch up with the others, who moved calmly to the door. At first I thought it would be some emergency exit or something like that, but when they started to open, I dropped the idea. Though the door and looked massive, but easily opened without a single creak or groan. Involuntarily came the analogy of a door in the vaults of the banks. There was already inches of the door 30, and the lumen was not there, the music from the bar was just stunned. After about 70 centimeters the door seemed some kind of black material. All three of us eagerly pulled the door open, and she began to open a little faster. Here opened for another 20 centimeters and was visible to her inner padding. It was almost like in a mental hospital. This quilted and soft, as in chambers “singles”. Finally the door opened and I turned around, looked at the situation in the room I was pleasantly aching in the lower abdomen, but I couldn’t move and not to utter a sound. I guess today can be my dreams. It was evident that Lida this room is visible for the first time. From under my Breasts emerged her boyfriend and moved somewhere inside the room. The girl followed him, entering the room, she pulled me until I crossed the threshold, typed something on the keyboard and turned some handle. The door was closed, but much faster than it opens. Noise from the bar ceased to exist, had a feeling that it cut off the giant knife. Leda slipped off her white blouse and beige pants, there was nothing in it. She motioned to do the same. Limp obeying, I took off my blue dress. — Bra, panties. — rustled her voice. — fear not the door is closed permanently and nobody will be able to get, and Windows and cameras there. I removed. We walked along several rows of devices and various devices. The purpose of some was known to me, some not, and I have a sweet ache in the abdomen. Igor was the name of the guy girls were already without clothes. It’s the first time, let’s not strongly — suggested Lida. — Come on, you start, î agreed Igor. “Okay,” with a wink said Lida and me — Come with me. Soon we arrived at an unremarkable table except its height, and in the hands of the girls were leather straps. — How do you feel about bondage? Do you agree if I’d tie you up? — Positive when I know what is the period of time. I love to be long linked, I linked only to itself. But never linked the other person. I hope you will do as I like. Get on the table and lie down on it here in the head. After my body was on top of the table, I lay down as told Lida. Tying me, she asked how I feel about the various electric toys. If you had again a positive response, the girl is what surprised and smiled. In her eyes danced devils. Around the chest took some ropes and went for a spin, but he came through pussy. And was again tied at the back. Hands were stretched upwards and outwards. And so are fixed with straps that we had brought. One leg over the thigh she pulled to the right side, I thought there also will be followed by the left leg, but Lida walked around the table and pulled a strap attached to my foot. Because the girl in front of me and a massive “Bank” the door is locked from the inside, I relax and not failing to use that strap was tightened and tied on the other side of the table. Ankle was not difficult to tie, even if I resisted. Now I could only say. Over his head hung, if scientific to say “block”, and so it was a very small wheels. In him flowed the wiring, and went to the neighboring Department. Lida strapped on the chest clip, it was very painful, because I never wore them. But with a pussy she had to work hard. The wiring is barely enough to not touching the skin, were fastened on the contact plate. The girl is gone and her 5 minutes was not. When she returned, in her hands was a pink vibrator and a jar of cream. She applied the cream to myself on your fingers, and then put them to me, but not to the end, and very little of it. — You’re not a virgin? Previously used the vibrators? You’re what?
I automatically twice waved his head and answered. Then she put the hand deeper and lubricate all the cream: — You all are flowing. Although the spread but probably began his action. Lida attached the vibrator to the power supply and inserted into the socket, and the vibrator in me and turned on the 3 speed, as it turned out 5. In surprise I gasped, and she was staring up me with a look said that you can do without words and put me in some ball, which was fastened to the back of my head. So I was deprived of the opportunity to speak, but did not yet know, though he guessed. Lida where it went, I gently stroked, she was absent for longer than in previous times. Suddenly I was rocked by the pulse on my pussy. I only started to get used to a certain order, tact and the power of the pulse as it is varied. Sometimes connected to the insane “game” the chest. I realized that this is a kind of electro-shock, but lower voltage and lower doses. Then came Igor. It was a shock to my brain. Probably more than people will get 220,thrusting his fingers into the socket. Ya Naked. Tied on the table. Legs apart. I forgot that he is in the room, because Lida has given himself to be linked, I thought if anything, I will only see it. And even in this position. — Honey? I guess she has to offer. — I’ll be there, I will look. And soon, his beloved had appeared, they kissed. — I’m fit, ' said Lida. And Igor left without saying a word, apparently he knew where it would fit. Untie me, she showed me where you were posting, which then was attached to me. — You try. — Listen, can you help me, I liked it. Ok, she thumb and forefinger made the gesture. — I have only one more request. — Well? — already dissatisfied she said. — Unable to turn away, I want to set up as I want. La-a-adno, — she drawled, and turned away. The scoreboard glowed a gray color, and only at the top of the flashing cursor. I started a set of commands… — Wait, you only want one? And additional feelings you want? without turning round, asked the girl. Getting the approval and then, she asked me to throw it and tell her when she can turn around. Dropping the data and clear the screen and touched her left shoulder, nodding at the screen. Turning away, I decided to let the unknown swallow me. Keyboard, if you can call it that, on the device was with the “sound” that was audible clicks of the keys. After a few minutes, Lida, seeing that I don’t want to look at the screen reached me from behind and said that everything is ready. Already known corridors, we moved back. Again I was tied up, as well as in previous times, “clips” placed on their seats. While the vibrator was turned on 4 and inserted in me. Everything was done except for the gag. Remote from which you can start the device was in my though the fixed arm. But there had to press a single button, and there was a feeling that it is all and only consists of this button, others it was completely absent — except for the antenna. I shook the remote, and received: — Light, be careful not startany ahead of time and then stop. Then, after some further manipulations — Launch and waiting a little longer making sure that the first impulse sweetly shook my body, I see you like it, Igor and then back after a while, I put that the device will stop the pulses after 5 hours. The door I left open. Do not be sad. And she was gone. The table was angled, i.e., all who will go here and go down the aisle, will certainly see me. — Oh yeah, almost forgot, — said Lida, which was starting to smell outdoor fresh

She dressed me gag


For 3 hours I wanted to sleep, that would be a bit to get rid of the nightmares of the present, but the vibrator didn’t let me do that. Only I’ll be okay with him and with impulses that are transmitted along the wire, as the pulses begin to vary, and I’m losing concentration and on the vibrator. Finally, I left my futile attempts to sleep.

Fell asleep only when the pulses stopped posting. At the beginning of the 6 hours I heard footsteps.

I’m afraid that now I will see. But what was my relief when I was approached by Lida.

— How? Well with thee? In place of a greeting she said, removing the gag.

— Yes, very! — even though I felt bruised.

Lightly stroked me, she slid on the private parts.

— By the way, the door is closed. Wait a bit.

She disconnected everything, but for some reason hesitated to untie me from the table.

She lay on me in 69 and started licking my already overworked pussy. I followed her example, though it was hard, I’m still bound and help yourself with hands can’t.

— Light, do not get excited much, or do you like it?

In response, I only just started even more to lick it. I had to get off. I meet could not.

After a few minutes I gasped from the orgasm shook my body under the tongue of the girl, and then she shivered and helplessly fell on me.

We recovered and again began to lick each other. I fell the shadow and the girl said quietly:

— Ouh.

Then turned his head and smiled. Igor was standing over me, but it. He probably jerked off before.

After a few violent jolts of pussy girls drip cum.

Igor took out his “device” from the girls and went to me, and I thought she was now going to suck his dick, but she got up and came down from the table.

— Not to come in her.

— You can?

— Yes.

— She’s a virgin?

— No, she has said as much.

Igor put your piston into me, if I could resist it, it is only contraction of the vaginal muscles.

But that wouldn’t help, and I didn’t want.

Inserting me in your piston, Igor froze, what would I listen to the sensations. Although well-documented woman in foreplay does not need, and I’m well fixed. But he was delicate and was waiting until I’ll be okay with his tool.

A man after my weak nod began to gently move backwards and forwards are all speeding up the pace.

Suddenly, he stopped and climbed down from the Desk. Lida was nowhere to be seen. Igor untied some straps and told me to sit down near the table on his haunches. Still baffled, I obeyed his prikazna tone. Though not without regret leaving becoming such a family table.

When I found myself on my knees beside the table, he has tied me to him.

— Me it is pleasant, — he explained.

I smiled approvingly, his whole appearance indicating that I was too nice.


Appeared Lida and his velvety voice cooed:

— Light, spread your legs a little wider.

I pushed and instantly felt the vibrator. Fortunately while he was so far off, and to turn lid will need to be treated. And then I saw his fatal mistake.

Power supply Lida was holding, and he was not in the socket.

She turned it on, and its further work was unbearable torment, after some time turned into a pleasant torture. He was turned to maximum.

Meanwhile, Igor approached me. His tool was already stroking my soft cheeks. With a sigh, as if waking from a dream, put it in my mouth, and come in so deeply and continuously that I first thought I has another car.

A second later her mouth filled with sticky, viscous, but delicious liquid. He’d finished.

His piston was in my oil, although recently he was with Lida. The taste of his juice was like a banana. Somewhere I read that in order for your sperm was salty, you have to eat all the cucumbers, cabbage, and sweet — sweet — so it seemed to me that this guy only eats bananas. His sperm was sweet, not even a banana flavor, and almost taste. To the amazement and delight of Igor I swallowed it all.

My every move, if the jerking can be called. Accompanied by deep drawing and ingestion of a member of Igor. From okateva of his pleasures, he closed his eyes.

Igor once again not let down, therefore I was able to suck his cock. Igor smiled at me gratefully, and she kissed me passionately with the words:

— The beauty of it.

And they untied me. I kissed each of them, but nature won out and I went in clothes. Not to dress and when clothes next to me calmly. I went to the alcove near the door, and first I wanted to wear panties, they are not out of place, like a bra. I was told about this Lida, and received a sharp reply.

— You no longer need. Put on a dress and come out into the hall.

I didn’t want to admit it, but the idea that I will be available to all and with no panties on I just got excited. I went and put on a dress, depicting on the face a grimace of discontent.

On returning to the hall I thought so, and look at me and I wanted to go home, but I know it’s only first impressions.

The bartender winked at me when I came out from behind the door. That evening I sat at the bar until morning.


Was Friday night right before the bar closes. I was again in that week at the bar. Met Lida and Igor.

Here the people had gone, and left us four, I wanted to leave, but Igor stopped me:

— Light, wait. Stay, still talk. We’re not kicked out.

Obeying his tone, I stopped, half stood up from the chair.

— Lida told me that you liked bondage, I want another? Tim, i.e. Timothy, you already know, it allows you to use anything you see here in the bar, except that you have to pay. But I hope, for your value and you won’t get drunk from all the fun, here’s the key.

I could not believe my ears, I fulfilled my wildest dreams. I’m alone, and I will be given even if non-residential, but all the same premise, which I use almost as I want.

They got up and left, I was alone. Where to start I thought.

Returned Timothy and says:

— By the way, if you see something that you like in the room use, and if not with anyone, call this number. And he gave me the phone number.

“Thank you,” I shouted to his back.

So, now you can just search where to start, I will go to the room, maybe some thoughts will come.

I really only crossed the threshold, then to me the thought came, what if I try to associate myself, Oh what a pity what not the other person, but okay.

Undressed, I took a new pile of belts and re-tied on the table. So after spending a couple of minutes, I went and hung himself on the rack. A few more minutes aimlessly lost. Was a test horse.

This is an interesting device. It is based on an interesting fact when the person squeezes the hips, he lifted and everything is fine, but always keep the tense the hips is impossible. You descend, and then begins to suffer your pussy as the horse made like a triangle turned edge to the top. Then I realized after a few hours of finding it, it is necessary that you tied the other person, samonazvanie will not help.

I walked out of the room into the hallway and looked out into the bar. It was empty. Although who would be out there at such a late hour, when we all know that the bar closed at this time?

It was warm. I called the number that left me the bartender, after a short conversation it turned out that this room is Timothy, and he’ll be back in three minutes because lives nearby.

In a few minutes appeared Timothy.

We walked into the room and took the collar, but some sort of graceful, I thought it was done by the jeweler. And handcuffs, but what is not standard, and with a timer. The clips for the chest, but more than I saw when I downloaded pictures from the Internet. Expander. A strange remote with lots of buttons and switches. And already I know the vibrator.

We went back inside the bar, and I suggested as the most reliable, chain me to the wall opposite the entrance.

The blue dress was shot as an unnecessary attribute and legs were in tightly around them the rings of the straps.

To escape I could not. The second front was far away, but the splits I was getting easy, but next to a strange man, for some reason, squeezed the legs, and place them even on 2 meters for me was a feat.

And now tying the second leg, he felt a slight resistance.

— Relax, — and Timothy stroked my inner thigh, barely touching the sponge.

I relaxed, and my second leg was a captive bar. Now I can move legs and never could.

— Sleep tincture

Picking up a strange remote, Tim began to work on it. I thought it was something like the newfangled vibrator, and it is now his program. However, the part of the wall moved back and from the opening left by the robot crawler.

Instead of eyes he had a camera, and between them, where a normal human nose, there was a TV in the car. The robot, as it unwinds, reaching a whole bunch of wires.

The left hand of the robot did not exist, and the right ended with a big Dildo. It and inserted it into my pussy, gently so, the whole process was watching Timothy, ready at any moment to switch off the robot.

Slowly, as if something, waiting for the tip in me a little longer. Just a millimeter. It lengthened until, until I squeezed the muscles. After he went in the opposite direction, but faster, and the same thing happened. Compress muscles already had.

It dawned on me that it would be more pleasure than a simple vibrator.

In my ass was inserted the vibrator at low speed, he went down easy since I was already wet.

I could still stop a crazy game.

The collar I was pulled forward, it turned out that I can fuck cancer. The chain passed through his chin and slightly chilled nose. Was taken out of the bags some clips, those which were thickening. And attached to my Breasts and pussy.

Timothy has gone through a long absence, when I started to worry, he came back with the remote machine, I realized that it’s for thickening. He joined clips with terminals in the wall.

And went away again, he was absent but a few minutes. When he returned, he was holding a chain which was immediately connected with the handcuffs.

In the mouth I was inserted the gag ring.

Now to call for help it was too late. I would just mooing, and it was quite wide.

Then he gently donkey and fell under the table.

The handcuffs were in my reach, I’m slowly falling down, reached for them and tugged.

They had only 3 buttons, (INT CHG, STR and a small hole ESC), but without the instructions… and to hell with the manual and will understand I opened them, I found them magnetic. Slots or something like that was not visible.

Clicked on INT zeros on the display start to blink. Press CHG, time has changed, but still flashing. Little. CHG, CHG, CHG… And that’s right time I installed.

Setting the timer, I pressed the button “STR”. The numbers kept flashing and did not change. It surprised me a little, but the body was already trembling in anticipation. Sighing deeply, I threw doubt and stretching his arms locked one of the bracelets on his left wrist. The numbers stopped flashing. Then bound the wrists together. The timer started!

Before me lay a path of constant stimulation and sweet expectations, but in the end I was waiting for the Grand Prize! I was hoping that this would be the orgasm of incredible power.

My pussy was on fire from the sex machines Timothy, and when I looked at the wall clock, and then dial the handcuffs, everything in me went cold.

Instead of putting and now lie a few minutes, I’ll sit a couple of days and I during this time can have anyone and any number of times, though a sign hang there for free every fifth mug of beer, and there is free naked girl.

Here the people will come running.

There was one hope, Timothy is now out and I’ll be fine and released me. The hole that the ESC has not disappeared.

But this did not happen, not in 1 nor in 2 hours or even 5.

I wonder if he told someone about it? Lida and Igor will save it? When and who will save me from this trap? How miserable do I have to transfer? Who will push adverstises?

Thoughts on the release mixed up in my head and took it all. And then I shook the shock, stronger than those who were from terminals that are attached to me. But I have to meet visitors.

I’m not ready, well 1, well 2, high 5, but they will be more than 100.

Okay, if there are only girls there are mostly guys. I was lying at the entrance, and bear me, who wants like — difficult, but how much… I can’t resist, and that there is light compression of the muscles, when lying next to the extender?

I began furiously to escape from the shackles, but it was pointless, and soon I realized this.

Two things comforted, tomorrow is Saturday and the bar should be closed and I will not get tired to stand tied his arms outstretched along the bar. The devil possessed me to ask to bind me in a bar, but then I thought it was a good idea.

I had to wait for their fate, because the timer was set for nearly a week, as I thought.

Saturday. Morning.

The soft sound of heels interrupted my thoughts. The bar appeared Lida.

— What did you do to poor Timothy? she exclaimed by way of greeting.

And when he saw me, and where I stand only smiled.

— Now everything is clear! This beauty is not every day you see, and even more will take advantage, that’s the heart of my Timka could not resist, and I ran past, let me think, look. See if you bar smashed their “games”. Look, the door is open. I think so, someone here, but it’s gone. I did not expect to see this picture. Didn’t expect… Well, you all like, so I’ll leave you and get back or on Sunday evening or Monday before opening. But until that time I will send someone to get. Do not be sad.

The girl came over and increased the power of the vibrator. She snapped her lighter, turned and walked away. During the whole conversation I could only pitifully low. Oh, that ring, so I wanted to ask the robot to stop, and she pulled out a vibrator. Pussy is fucked for the year ahead, and he Fucks and Fucks. And the asshole does not know where to go from the vibrator, although I think it was included to the least. And I’m a fool I wanted to ask to enable more powerful.

While clicking the lighter the robot is increased, as I thought, and without his top speed. Could not be tolerated. Even though he was affected little bit.

Saturday. Day.

On the sidewalk I noticed a figure. Can someone free me?

Ass is already burning from such a strong vibration. I wonder how there pussy? Probably, if I was the guy in the next six months to a year will offer to have sex will definitely refuse.

Saturday. Evening.

Sound and think with the wardrobe. Someone’s coming, here he takes off his coat. Oh yeah, Lida promised to send someone view.

The hall burst into a girl 25 years. Breathing as if just from the long chase.

The hair was dark, almost black. The forehead is high, smooth and without wrinkles that appear when frowning. Eyes narrow and shining a bad light. The bridge of the nose like a normal person — neither long nor short. Ears were flat, like how it drove a small ice rink. Cheeks a little chubby. The cheekbones were a little. Lips red and full, if clumsy held a thick lipstick. The chin was rounded, barely noticeable, I like it spicy.

Hey Lida I sent, I do not see nothing. By the way my name is Alla.

Alla walked around the stand and after gave this tirade:

— Hmm, good nodes. Sorry professional was killed, but you have to pull can’t, I love you… Well, stop dreaming, better to do.

I just spasm in protest bellowed and shook his head.

— And what was your name, and whatever you say you can’t. You Terpelka. Now, let’s see what you can do and how well. A second.

She turned and left. I heard she’s talking to someone, but the collar is not allowed to turn heads.

After a while smelled the air from outside. The thread is not weakened, and it became clear that the door was not opened, opened and left in that condition. Votes silently, hence Alla is gone. But why is her coat hanging in the corner of the bar?

What is it? From my pussy, the robot took a “ramrod” and to insert something soft like a penis. Why is he there!!!

Member of the unknown began to go in me without a preliminary, but after the machine was required. It moved easily, but I had a feeling that between me and him something else to eat. It was. I squinted my eyes and saw that the extender is gone. Trying to shrink the muscles, I came across the “barrier”.

Meanwhile, the member stronger and pecked me on all levels. The remnants of sensitivity seemed such a big dick, now tear. One this was good that this will end sooner or later. Over! God. Yes, he can cum in me, but I can’t. I’m not ready! God! I sighed in protest, but what could I do when I’m crucified and tied with a gag in your mouth?

However, the worst my expectation was not realized. Right before you cum, the dick came out of me, and I was poured a rain of sperm.

Before my eyes appeared the Ala, and his eyes shrouded in darkness.

Now if you don’t want the maximum speed before the arrival of the leads in the position as I found you, but there speed was 1/3, you’re going to be quiet now.

Alla took off my ring, but I couldn’t squeeze the teeth due to muscle spasm, but later it became impossible to do. My mouth insert cock, and the taste I have determined that it is the same one that was in my pussy.

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