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How to quit smoking: for keeping the first month

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Methods of self-motivation for each day

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Dear reader!

You have formed the your own goal — to quit this “nasty”, “abominable”, “stupid”, “cool”, “nerve-relaxing” (etc.) habit (you can underline that you like). But sometimes you are excruciate the mind with cares about uncertainty and fears? Can I do it? “It is very easy” according by Mark Twain (famous American writer) “I made it more than 50 times without tension”. And you feel shortage of energy, want to do nothing, tired of all and continue to smoke again”?

Most of us know clear and distinctly for that we would be achieved our goal in stopping smoking and our life become better it needs to quit smoke reality (stop, finish, end, broke — underline that you like). But very often the starting of this activity in achievement our goal begins to postpone till “from Monday”, “after holiday”, “after vacation”, “after world championship” and etc. without ending. Why it is? Because anybody doesn’t have enough self-motivation! Self-motivation will move you on the road without tobacco. It will move your cigarette inside box, then you tray pick up from this box! It will remove your view from shelves with cigarettes in supermarket! It will move your legs in opposite side from smoking place at your work! Therefore there are a lot of methods of self-motivation in this book.

This book will help you. Methods of self-motivation are described on the pages of this book for each day. They distributed in such way that able to use new method for every day and it permits to receive internal energy. It provides an opportunity to move ahead and even receive “magic kick” in direction to chosen goal. Samuel Bulter said such phrase “If constantly and timely to decide small problems then in foreseeable future shows how a little deals impossible in reality. For moving forward towards to goal you should every day make and support activity in direction to it. I hope that this book helps to you for accomplishment setting goal — to forget the smell of tobacco!

There is one method of self-motivation for each day on each page. Any methods have task for doing in special free space without strong tension. The content of the book will support and stimulate for actions during one and half month. If it will be not enough — repeat the book from the beginning.

The methods will work quickly and effective if you will make its in reality (sometimes it does with big effort). Besides pay attention for another aspects of health life style: correct timetable, time for the rest, slipping, physical training (gym, jogging, swimming, skating and other), house work (for example: cleaning), health nutrition, stress relieving.

First step. At the beginning we set the correct goal about quitting to smoke

You have the lucky chance because you don’t need in attending expensive trainings in self-development about setting goals, watching webinars or YouTube about rules of the goals by different guru. You will have the goal which will be universal and sound as “I have quitted smoking from this moment”, that is to say you have begun epopee of liberation from tobacco dependence in the moment as you were reading theses lines of the book.

Now, write your goal about quitting smoke by your hand bellow

The second step. You need a plan (or not?)

According many presentations about achievement the goals of several coaches (business-coaches) and another show-men the next step after setting goals should be drafting the strategic plan and further plan “step by step”.

Of course you can produce the PLAN where will be detailed your actions such as to attend psychologist, psychotherapist, for codding, buy according the task blocks of nicotine-replacement chowing gum and patches.

But, it can be made without such things like visit to specialists and consuming nicotine replacement remedies if you switch on your willpower (or if its rudiment) plus you begging make methods of self-motivation every day. Therefore we go to main part of our book, but any advices before.

Remember — every day you should make something for realizing your project for goal achievement. Working for goal achievement has to produce CONSTANTLY. One of the greatest person said “Life is as riding on the bicycle for not collapsed you should moving constantly”.

For that, you should be ready during realizing your activity for quitting smoking:

The obstacles will be always (always will be the factors as barriers holding your back and disturbing your way to success), negative attitude to you from any part of people will be always — like enviers, enemies (such people present every time).

Fear — fears, there are a lot and fear of starting action too.

Absence of supporting from relatives and familiar people is very often.

Don’t believe in your force — “I have doubt in my strength”

There is a belief that such internal restrictive opinions like “never”, “impossible” are existed and they disturb to move toward to goal. Naturally, it is needed to change for such words as “in this time”, “possible”.

You should orientate for success always.

What is helped in getting success (that is goal):

the experience of victories and achievements by steps, because good getting things done by every steps give you the experience and the actions became as routine and sure. You receive successful experience in getting results, skills are trained and became as habits.

The secret of success — is tenacity. Actually you may be have some examples of using tenacity for made something.

Another example of tenacity in setting goal — Tomas Edisson — the inventor of electric lamp. We could not receive knowledge how read the guide “How to use computer” without this invention. The witnesses claimed that his experiments for invention electric lamp (for to change kerosene lamp) finished as failure for 10 000 times. But he was continuing fighting and searching the solving of problem. And he invented! “Lets be light!” — he would tell these words with clear conscience because exactly he is the inventor of the light.

don’t wait for that most of people will support your activity for moving toward to your goal;

don’t wait conducive moment — the condition and situation may not be such good as you wish;

take some time that your idea will be realized;

solve once and for all — everything are started from decision;

be brave and full of initiative — don’t wait for when other people will advise you (may be advise may be not and when it will be we don’t know, persons who wants to advise you are not many);

invest in your dream i.e. goal (to quite smoking) time, energy, finance.

make that directly in track of your goal (dream);

8) you should think before sleeping every evening that will you do tomorrow for avoid temptation to smoke.

In any case you should have strong tension for getting such ambitious and for reaching goal “How to quit smoke!”

Advises for process getting goal — refuse from smoking

When you have set the goal you subconscious loads mental working for achievement goal and ideas begging go in your mind during all day and night. So:

Write ideas about improvement your process for quitting smoking which go to your mind obligatory (because the deals a lot, but everything is forget);

Present details of your idea (thinking that you can remember it tomorrow or next day but it can be lost);

Search the examples for behavior or coaches — books, video, movies, webinars (it will be better as live);

Have a time for active rest;

Learn to say NO unnecessary deals which can go to fact to smoke;

Beware of the such persons as calamity howlers and downers and cut communication with them.

One of the tasks for to help person to move and make actions for getting his/her goal — is to form desire of going to goal and make this activity without internal tension. It is necessary that in our sub consciousness such things as the vision of our goal and resources will be putted. Putted resource should help to us make activity without big psycho-emotional tension (i.e. to make something easy without overcoming internal resistance during dealing). Established goal in sub-consciousness will contribute that this idea will produce and form group of other thoughts about how get the goal.

So, our thought, putted in sub-consciousness will conduct us for constant activity in getting goal. It necessary to write the goal and repeat it during day many times. It is helped in forming idea in our mind. May be it is because suggestion effect (it has strong force). Almost certainly you know about negative or positive effects of suggestion.

One of the important and main condition for achievement success (as we say above) — making deals everyday (daily routine). Therefore it needs to form habit for everyday activity. So, let talk about how to develop the useful habits which will facilitate the attainment of the your goal.

About habits. The habits are the great power. Its have authority beyond us. Sometimes person can’t achieve his/her ambitious or no ambitious goals because bad habits. For example, the habit “I don’t go for jogging at the morning” took possession of mind and the person can’t bring person to go for jogging at the morning (always postpone starting to jog till Monday or next Sunday). The habit “to smoke one pack in a day” goes for that person constantly only think “How it will be good if I quit smoking”. This thinking and drafting continue during years and nicotine and other tocsins that included in smoke destroy the health without stopping.

Sometimes negative habits which gradually besets people that they don’t think how stop smoking. Tell better he/she have a dream how change his/her life without smoking. But habit as stone on the leg which drag on to the bottom and person can’t make the life free from tobacco. Such phenomenon called “habit” can turn in your favor, make habit that you need. You activity will be as habit for deals that you need for getting goal: 10 minutes per day for writing the poem, 10 minutes for learning foreign language, 15 minutes a day go for physical trainings.

It is transformed in habit and will be very hard to refuse from this habit. It will be good and needful habit which can help us to change bad habit — “smoking”. Thanks to it we can get our setting goal for quitting smoking, make plan for building our health body.

It is necessary to form the such your emotional and physical condition that you can make your deals very easy — for example to refuse from taking box of cigarettes from your pocket, from it opening, from picking cigarette, from lighting cigarette very simple and without internal tension. It not should be wild and troublesome fighting for taking and throwing all tobacco in your house and work outside. It should be very easy don’t buy the cigarettes (at the beginning it will be hard — if it will be easy that all people became sport and movie stars and as Bill Gates).

Taking away from bad habit or receive good habit the method “Chain” (created by Derek Franklin) will be helped to you.

One of his movies (in YouTube called “Here’s a simple, but powerful visual tool for forming new habits”) is about his method for forming useful habit. He says that changing your behavior is very hard process and the matter is not what do you want — to wake up early at the morning, to begging to go for jogging, to write more poems every day. If this activity is not your habit you do it with very hardly. There is very effective tool for helping you to make these deals more successfully. The basis of this method is positive pressure of constructing many of successful deals in conjunction as soon as possible.

How does it work and how it uses? The first step — choose new habit (for example — to stop smoking) which you want to adapt in your life (put in your life) or eliminate from unnecessary habit. The second step — do this action everyday (or everyday don’t do it if you decided refuse from this habit) and mark the red (blue, violet or other) color on the map-calendar before go sleeping. For example — you didn’t smoke whole day so make circle by the red marker this day on the calendar at evening.

Example of map-calendar

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