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How to get any man. A female pick up truck

Бесплатный фрагмент - How to get any man. A female pick up truck

Seduction and seduction of men: secret techniques

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In the manual, let’s look at the main secrets of hunting for guys, which allows them to get almost any man into their networks. In fact, seduce and fall in love with a man a woman is much easier than a guy girl. The most important weapon is slenderness, grooming, style and professional skills. Read the guide and find out how easy it is to achieve any man / boyfriend, even if nature has not rewarded you with perfect external data.

Introductory chapter

Looking for what you need a man and what do you want from him. The level of the female pickup also depends on this.

A female pick-up truck can be divided into levels:

Simple level. You want to like a guy / man or get him a one-time or intermittent sex.

Complicated level. You plan to manipulate a man, make him do something, turn his head and achieve a 100% love.

Advanced level. You want to get money from a man or marry him.

All the methods of manipulation and conquest of the male heart can be divided into two groups:

The first group. Seduction with external data.

The second group. Seduction by an extraordinary personality, career, success, talents.

Topics and items that we will be with you (after all, can you?) To consider in the manual:

Seduction of beauty.

The art of enchanting. Seduction of talents.

Ability to listen, kindness, responsiveness.

How to get hold of a man’s heart with the help of sex.

Seduction of guys with the help of their beautiful photos in underwear and bathing suits.

Secrets of seduction of men. Simple level of a female pickup truck.

The art of seduction. Temptress and victim. Complicated level of a female pickup truck.

The art of seduction to achieve any goal. Advanced level of a female pickup truck.

How to fall in love with a man, given the signs of the zodiac?

Seduction of beauty

At once we pass to the main thing: the more beautiful you are, the higher the level of a man you can get. Guys are very dependent on sex and always rely on it. «Men love eyes» — a more accurate quote for describing their behavior and can not imagine. Seduction of beauty is the main and practically the only effective method in hunting for men.

What if you do not have a model appearance and age is not 18 years old?

a) Lose weight. FIRST on what all men pay attention without exception — this is a good, slender and beautiful figure. Growth is not so important.

b) Grow long hair. Whatever fashionable stylists and celebrities say — almost all guys / men, without exception, like thick silky and long hair for girls / women.

The main arguments: «the more a girl is different from a guy, the better», «long hair for a girl’s honor, and short and the guy has.» How long should the hair be? It is desirable below the shoulders, but ideally to the waist.

c) Dye your hair. Despite the popular opinion about the stupidity of girls with blond hair and fashion for brunettes — men preferred by centuries and prefer blondes today.

Let it be not a platinum tone, but wheat or light blond. In men, unconsciously, blondes are associated with something very rare and valuable, kindness and well-groomed, prestigious and expensive.

Not simply there is a common stereotype — a man / boy / boy should be a brunette, and a woman / girl / girl with blond hair.

d) To wear bright clothes, dresses and suits of very bright shades. The perfect color is red. Not bad — yellow, white and blue. Bright colors immediately catch your eye — and at a party, and on the street. Anywhere. Putting on a red dress or a suit — means automatically to be in the spotlight.

e) Effectively dyed. But only one thing: either the eyes or the lips. Few people are bright make-up of the whole face, and looks vulgar, no matter how convincing in the reverse professional make-up artists.

e) It’s always nice to put your hair in a hairdo or curl it. Few can afford this with the existing rhythm of life. This will tell you non-verbally about your well-groomed and luxurious.

g) With taste use accessories — jewelry, shoes, handbags.

h) Avoid pink shades — most men do not like them.

i) Wear clothing with a little openness. For example, a short dress with long sleeves showing beautiful legs. A suit that bare only the shoulders, etc.

Too candid clothes set up young men and men only for sex, and too private frightens off. Such a girl seems unapproachable.

Seduction by its uniqueness

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