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How to diversify sex to spouses

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How to diversify an intimate marital life in bed

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Psychologists talk about the crisis after 7 years of marriage, sexologists — about a break in relations after the first year, then — in the third or fourth year, when the novelty and freshness of erotic sensations leave, and the partner loses her former sexual attraction.

However, the situation can be remedied, because two loving people are quite able to return the former passion in the relationship, introducing a new stream in them…

How to diversify sex in marriage?

Do you remember the anecdote about the reaction of the spouse coming from work on the doorstep of the house? My wife went to a sex shop, bought a sado-maso leather suit there, a mask on her face and fully armed met her soul mate.

The husband with interest looked at the faithful, appreciating the efforts, and asked:

«Well, what do we have for dinner, Batman?»

It’s a shame, of course, because the wife so wanted to make a difference in their sex life. Very often the reason for cooling in a marriage is a banal way of life, which jams so that at night the couple are no longer up to romance and sex, just to get some sleep. Someone is trying to arrange a weekend of flirting, when the children leave for the grandparent’s weekend, someone warms up themselves and the second half by viewing pornography. Everyone tries to fight to the best of their ability and imagination with a routine that can not be avoided in long family relationships.

Psychologists talk about the crisis after 7 years of marriage, sexologists — about a break in relations after the first year, then — in the third or fourth year, when the novelty and freshness of erotic sensations leave, and the partner loses her former sexual attraction. And then on TV from morning to night, they compulsively broadcast, just instill the thought that the average man is simply obliged from morning to evening to cook in the topic of sex. Against the background of these brutal machos with bare torsos, any man gets a heap of doubts about his abilities and, as a consequence, a decrease in potency.

Ophotoscopic models inspire women with fear of the thought of cellulite, which must be hidden in the dark under the blanket from their second half. Fears and monotony in sex lead to the fact that after ten years of marriage, only 42% of couples lead a regular sex life.

However, the situation can be corrected, because the two loving people are quite able to restore the former passion in the relationship, introducing a new stream in them. Let’s start with a change in the view of the ordinary: with changes in the habitual habitat — bedroom and house, we finish — with space and elements.

Things that kill the desire for sex

A common place will be advised to change the color and quality of the linen of the matrimonial bed, to repair or rearrange the furniture in the bedroom. Not bad, of course, it would be to change the bed on the bed with the canopy style of the era of Madame de Pompadour, but we will see things realistically: each time such refreshment of the relationship will hurt painfully on the wallet. For role-playing games, about them later, there are less expensive options entourage.

Therefore, a simple, but to the banality obvious advice will be to remove from the room where you sleep, TV. News and talk shows contribute to the excitation of the nervous system, and not the erection of the penis. Viewing endless series and soap operas with the problems of the main character in your personal life gradually absorbs so much that you stop thinking about your life, including sexual life.

Baby cot, as it is convenient, but still after a certain age should not be in the parent’s bedroom. Do not you have enough endless stresses of daylight, you want extreme and jumping naked in the middle of the night under the puzzled look of the baby?

Expand the scope of activities, the apartment is still a lot of interesting places for sex! Bathroom with shower is one of them. Clumsy? Consider this a workout before having sex in the cockpit of the airplane toilet. It’s hard to learn, it’s easy to fight: after all, during the flight, you may have to fight back from vigilant stewardesses or night-sick incontinence of boring passengers.

Interesting places for sex

The water element is a separate topic. It is proved that the human body relaxes in the water, remembering the blissful state in the womb of the mother with floundering in the amniotic fluid. So do not forget about the intimate standing together under the trickles of a warm shower, a joint bath and swimming in the pool naked. Hike to the bath is not in the company of friends with a liter of beer and a rooster under the armpit, and with the second half will make the process of visiting the sauna uniquely more intimate and fruitful. Just imagine how many strange and unreachable postures for sex you have prepared for the water element: the human body in water is much easier, and this gives room for imagination and a lot of ways for its implementation.

Further the soul continues to demand a flight, so it is necessary to master a small, but open to the winds and experiments place — a balcony. It will not be superfluous, before surrendering to passion, to look around: you still have to live with your neighbors for many years side by side, but this does not exclude the fact that you can still tickle your nerves and yourself. And even necessary: some people are very excited about the idea that they are in the process of sex, someone is watching.

After the balcony we will go to the kitchen. Yes, it probably does not remind you of the wonderful place from the movie «Mr. and Mrs. Smith,» where instead of cookware and pots the arsenal of weapons was kept, but why not feel like the passionate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? It is not a place that colors a person, but a person places. Break the trend, make the kitchen not only a workplace where a woman works at the stove, like a turner at the machine.

A glass of wine will help relieve tension, and ice cubes from the refrigerator multiplied by tactile sensations partner to give the effect of «Viagra.»

About food before sex, or rather about some of its limits (two full Winnie the Pooh, believe me, it’s not so easy and I want to engage in sex), I already said a lot. Yes, oysters and caviar increase the male libido and the amount of sperm. Yes, whiskey on many acts like an aphrodisiac. But try to create an interesting dish on the naked body of your partner, using it as a fancy tray for pieces of fruit or sushi. And do not worry that you do not know how to eat with chopsticks, do without hands at all: picking up a rich harvest from your loved one’s body is a pleasure.

Moving further beyond the apartment. So, the entrance. Nobody says that you need to urgently have sex under the guise of an urgent removal of the bucket with waste from the garbage disposal between the floors. But braking with his half in a dark stairwell in the stairwell after returning from the guests is very good. Refreshes, invigorates, returns to youth when there was a shortage of places for sex. Cultures give parents by 15—16 years of pimply puberty used old car, like Americans, in our country there.

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