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How the Mafiosi of the World died

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Unknown facts from the history with photos

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«Godfathers» and «Godfathers» of crime died differently. Someone was shot by competing bandits, someone died of heart problems, and some shot themselves.

These are the stories of the life, success and death of drug lords and heads of criminal syndicates from around the world! Gangsters: Sam Giancana, Maria Lichciardi, Pablo Escobar, Frank Nitti, Eriberto Lazcano and many others!

Toto Salvatore Riina

A well-known Mafiosi was awarded the title «Leader of Leaders» over gangsters. The head of Cosa Nostra died, one of the most important faces of the mafia.

In September 2017, a famous person in the world of the mafia Salvatore Riina died. Salvatore was almost ninety years old when he died in the hospital of Parma. The media have information that the cause of his death was the long-standing health problems that slowly destroyed him.

Toto died in the hospital for the jailers. He was 86 years old, died in Parma. Known sources say that overthrew his illness, which pursued him already a lot of lat. The Mafiosi died in the hospital, and the ward for the convicts. Moved 2 surgical interventions, he was put into a state of artificial coma.

On the eve of his death, the authorities of the country allowed relatives to visit Salvatore for the last time. Everyone came except his son. He was also convicted.

The investigation found out that Toto, when he was the leader of the gang, not only ordered, but he himself carried out the killing of honorable persons. In the early nineties was taken into custody, the investigation de was sentenced to more than twenty lifelong terms. It is established that he is involved in more than a hundred murders.

Frank Costello

Frank, like many Mafiosi, was born in Italy. He was the boss of the famous and most mysterious Mafiosi family — Luciano.

When he was 4 years old, he moved to live in America. And then, when he was growing up, he first encountered a criminal life, he began to lead the gang. When, however, another authority in the mafia world — Charles Luciano was taken into custody, what happened in 1936, Frank did not miss the moment, hurried up the «career ladder,» and finally led a gang of mafiosi Luciano, later renamed Genovese.

Costello received the nickname «Prime Minister,» for his desire for rapid career growth, the long lead of the gangs, as well as for the craving for political activity. Costello linked the Mafia and the democratic political society of the United States. Frank was the director of many gambling machines and casinos, not only in the country, but also in large areas of the Caribbean Sea.

Costello was popular with «his people.» Many people think that the image of the protagonist from the movie «Godfather», namely Vito Corleone, was copied from Frank Costello. Even regardless of the fact that he was in the gangster circles a respected person, he had enemies. So, in 1957, he was assassinated in the course of which, he was wounded in the head, but somehow remained alive. He died after 22 years.

Al Capone

Al Capone was called the legend of the mafia world in 30—40gg. the last century. And even now, he is considered the most authoritative criminal. The famous and terrifying Al, terrified even the government forces. The offender kept entertainment places, bootlegged, sold narcotic drugs and first used racket.

Capone became the ancestor of this concept. It all started with arrival. His relatives moved to America to start a new, seemingly even better life. But for Capone this was not the case. He literally had to work hard. I changed a lot of work. From clubs to different bakeries. And at night — he walked. Al loved the night. Working in a billiard club, he insulted the wife of one criminal authority — Gallucci. As a result, they got into a fight, Frank slashed a knife on Capone’s cheek, which left him with a scar from it.

Later, Capone honed the skill of handling blades, and then joined one of the gangsters. He was known for excessive cruelty in killing undesirables. Arranged the rout and shootout right on the holiday on February 14. On this day he gave the order to shoot 7 persons from another, a competitive mafia gang.

He was cunning, at the expense of which he avoided punishment for murder. But later he landed in jail — for non-payment of taxes. Later, he went out, but with already deteriorated health. He contracted syphilis from a local putan. At the time of death, he was forty-eight years old.

Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond was born in Philadelphia in ’87. He was a weighty figure when the country had a dry law, plus he was the leader of the organized crime group in the territory of America. Got a nickname for running fast, as well as high skills in dancing. He, like all the mafiosi as a whole, was distinguished by the cruelty of his crimes.

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