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Golden rules of life

Бесплатный фрагмент - Golden rules of life

Standards of thinking of successful people

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Introduction. The world of limitless possibilities

Unlimited opportunities are open to all. Unlimited opportunities are open to you right now. You can ignore them, because just do not look for them and do nothing to see them. But you can do more than you think.

If you think that the world is not fair to you, then most likely you just convinced yourself, and the world only agreed with your picture of the world and allowed you to live in this illusion. In fact, the world is not opposed to you. The world is not tuned for you. The world is neutral towards you. And it just fulfills your expectations. If your expectations are negative — the world realizes your negative expectations. If your expectations are positive — the world realizes your positive expectations. The world is just a reflection of your expectations. What you expect is what you get.

You may be unhappy with what is happening in your life. But you pulled it yourself. The world has nothing to do with it. Do not like it — correct it. You can fix it all, if you want. All in your hands. The main thing is to trust life and be open to the world.

Our world is a world of limitless possibilities. You can achieve anything you want. There are no limits to achievements. The main thing — act, and do not sit still. Take attempts to change life for the better, and do not worry about how “everything is bad.” Strive for dreams! The world will allow you to realize any of your desires, if they do not harm anyone.

All successful people became successful only through active actions and special thinking, which makes it go ahead at all costs! Think like successful people! Greet the future! Think Positively! Strive for development! Be guided by morality! Set goals! Reinforce intentions by active action! Create value! Make the world around better! And you certainly will succeed!

P.S. Initially, the book was written in Russian and only after that it was translated into English. Due to the specific differences between Russian and English, the author could allow minor inaccuracies in the translation. Do not judge strictly, for the English language for the author is not native. If possible, treat indulgently with possible mistakes and wrong words in the text. Remember that only those who do nothing do not make mistakes! Try to understand the essence of what the author wanted to say. Then you will get the most benefit from reading this book.

Chapter 1. Greet the future!

Today is the result of your yesterday’s thoughts and actions

The person you are today is the result of what you thought, talked about, and acted like before. By your yesterday’s thoughts, words and actions, you have built your present. And just as today you are building your future — today’s thoughts, words and actions. Therefore, carefully monitor what you think, what you are saying and how you are doing.

Constantly ask yourself:

— What am I thinking about? Will my thoughts lead me to what I dream of?

— What am I saying? Are my words sincere?

— What am I do? Do I bring good and good to this world?

If you want to succeed in something, you need to learn to control your thoughts, words and actions. Think about the good, speak sincerely and act with the greatest possible awareness. Remember the consequences.

Be ready to make an “extra step”

Life is filled with new opportunities, but they all are not where most people are looking for them. People prefer to walk the trodden paths, not turning away from the rutted track for them. However, if you turn a little off the beaten track, you can find thousands of new opportunities that most do not see.

Do not be afraid to take a step to the side from the beaten path, to make an extra detour, to go an extra mile. It is unoptimed miles filled with new opportunities.

Do not be afraid to make an “extra” phone call, send an “extra” e-mail, do an “extra” study, write an “extra” article. Do not wait while you are asked to do it — do it yourself, on your own initiative.

What you think is superfluous can be the key to your success. Of course, the “extra steps” in this case should be directed to your goal, and not away from it.

Constantly ask yourself:

— Who else can talk to to find out the situation?

— Who else can call to solve this or that question?

— How else can you help those in need?

— What else can you do to leave a good memory of yourself?

Always look for something that you could do more. Especially if no one else does.

If you sell something, remember that people do not tend to buy anything from the first time. Offer them your product at least ten times a year at a frequency of one month and using different approaches (phone call, commercial proposal, revised commercial offer, non-commercial offer, brief, article, video message, recommendation, mailing, questionnaire, please help, gift, the solution of a typical minor problem, the proposal for joint development, the proposal to write an article about the client company in a business journal, etc.). Involve a potential client in communication with you and gently lead him to a deal. Persistently, under various pretexts, with maximum goodwill, respect and consideration of interests. What you can not sell the first time — sell from the tenth. What does not work from the tenth time — will work from the twentieth, fiftieth or the hundredth. But it will work, if you will competently do “extra steps” then one way, then the other from the generally accepted sales norms, without violating the law and the interests of your client.

Of course, you do not need to call the same customer ten times in a row and offer the same thing. This is silly. Take a step to the side — find out what the client dreams about, what he thinks about, what he regrets. Talk to him. Find out his needs. Offer to help. Help, than you can. And only then offer him your product.

Be always ready for change!

There is nothing eternal in our world. Everything is subject to change. Sooner or later, everything changes. Even that which seems eternal.

Entire epochs come and go. Borders break. Entire industries and sectors of the economy disappear into nowhere. Until recently, there were coil and tape recorders in the process. Where are they? Have gone down in history, giving way to CD and DVD discs, taking with them a whole recording industry. But the disks did not stay long. Where are they? Have gone down in history, giving way to flash drives. Flash drives also do not last forever and give way to solid-state storage (SDD) and cloud storage.

More recently, the corporate standard was the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Office suite, and now they are being pushed around the world by alternative, freely distributed software (for example, one of the largest international financial conglomerates Citigroup Inc. in 2016 he moved to a freely distributed office package LibreOffice, saving $ 20 million to buy licenses. The same was done by some other companies and state structures of several European countries. As a result, Microsoft is forced to massively reduce sales departments in many countries around the world and switch to cloud storage technologies. By monitoring and analyzing such facts, one can predict how information technologies and the market as a whole will develop in order to be able to prepare in advance for future and inevitable changes).

Most recently, there were mailing lists. And then they lost the lead to social networks! And where is the social network now? Give way to voice mail and instant messengers! In Telegram, now it’s easier to communicate and maintain newsletters than in social networks. Some companies already completely refuse corporate e-mail in favor of instant messengers. But messengers are not eternal. In their place in a year or two new, more convenient tools will come.

Most recently, the standard in the automotive industry was cars with gasoline engines. But on the market came the company Tesla and created a fashion for electric cars. As a result, Toyota launched a hybrid car (petrol + electric motor) into production, and Volvo announced plans to fully switch to the production of electric vehicles in 2019.

And the financial market? More recently, it seemed stable (it’s not about exchange rates that jump like mountain goats, but about the fundamental principles of building a market). Lived themselves quietly dollars, euros, yuan and rubles. But there were crypto-currencies led by bitcoin and began to crowd traditional national currencies, threatening to completely change the world financial system.

Everything changes very quickly. Some technologies are replaced by others and if you do not track them, you can miss out on the good tools to promote your products, continuing to invest time and money in something that does not work anymore.

Watch the trends! Do not chase after fashion, but just keep track of all the changes in the industry and from time to time adjust your actions. Use the best achievements that give scientific and technological progress to be one step ahead of the rest. Do not hold on to the old, obsolete century! Go with the times!

Model MY: Make Yourself

The truth of life lies in the fact that no one will come from outside and make you a winner, champion, millionaire. Nobody in this, except you, is not interested. You need to do everything yourself, not trusting anyone. Neither friends, nor like-minded people, nor the state, nor colleagues at work, nor parents. The only thing you can count on is yourself.

Of course, parents, friends, like-minded people and colleagues at work will not leave you in trouble and will help if something happens. But they will never knowingly help you grow, build a business, make an Out of you! They will never take responsibility for your life and lead you by the hand to the heights of success! With all desire, they will never be able to reveal for you all the potential inherent in you! It can only be done by you. And you have two ways: grow until you become an Oblivion or remain a lifetime with No one. Giant or Nobody is the choice that you need to make. And if you choose to become Giant, you will have to constantly work on yourself. Every day, without breaks and weekends. Without complaints and excuses.

To be No one is easy. To remain a Nuke, you do not need to exert any effort. The whole society, including your friends, parents and like-minded people, will help you to remain by Nothing. But if you choose to become Giant — it will be difficult. We will have to constantly overcome ourselves, our weaknesses, break stereotypes, lose “friends”, etc.

If, in spite of everything, you want to become a Giant — start working on yourself! Expand your potential, uproot persistent negative beliefs, train your body and mind.

Start a special diary or notebook (success diary) and record all your achievements there: in business, in creativity, in working with the body and mind (records, read books, written articles, changed fates, lives saved, etc.). If you did today what did not work yesterday — write it down. If you did today for one push-up more than yesterday — write it down. If you did what you could be proud of — write it down.

Even working on hired work, develop your own business and grow with him as a professional. Build capacity! As the state increases its armament and gold-currency reserves, increase its internal strength and stock up with assets. Increase the possibilities! Be ready at any time to make a leap and reach a new level, not available before!

You are a sculptor of your body! You can mold out a real work of art from the nature of the harvest. You are the programmer of your mind! You can so train your own will and program your intellect that you will become the champion in any field of activity! You are the artist of your destiny! You can draw any picture of the world and determine for yourself the place that you want to occupy! You are the architect of your life! You can build a life you dream about!

Do you want to become a famous musician? World Chess Champion? Leader in the MLM industry? A successful writer? A millionaire? Do you want to learn how to cook well? Invent? Make outstanding discoveries? Do the splits? Learn Chinese? All in your hands! Every day, work on yourself — and you will get everything you want! Nothing is impossible! Make efforts — and everything will turn out.

You are the result of what you invest in time and money

Perhaps you have noticed that successful people dispose of time and money quite differently than other people do. If ordinary people tend to invest time and money in entertainment (that is, irrevocably lose), then successful people tend to invest time and money in what will allow them to achieve their goals in the future.

Since you are the result of what you are investing time and money in, it’s in your best interest to do it carefully and consciously. Do not lose them, and competently investing in your own future. You can now invest time and money in the acquisition and study of some useful course on sales or negotiations. You can right now invest time in the invention of some useful gadget and invest in its promotion. You can invest time and money in education, self-development, rejuvenation, family strengthening, creativity, etc. But do you do it?

Right now, think about what is preventing you from investing time and money in what is most important to you. In that way, your life will not go to waste! In fact, thanks to which you can go down in history! In what will remain after you!

Most people spend time and money very poorly, leaving behind only the mountains of garbage. All their time and all their money they spend on stupidity and do not bring any benefit to society. But if you understand why you live, you can start living differently. Consciously! Wisely managing your time and money.


How much time did you spend on important things today?

How much money did you spend today to become smarter and stronger?

How much time and money have you invested today in getting closer to your dream?

Think about whether you are busy. Think about what you would like to achieve. Whatever your dream — you can do it if you consciously invest time and money in what will bring you closer to your dream. Drop the nonsense! Do Great Deeds!

Only you decide who to be — a chess player or a chess piece

It happens that life in the person of the surrounding people tries to subordinate you; force you to do what you do not want. Since no one but you is interested in the success of your affairs, you will have to dance all your life to someone else’s pipe or learn to defend your opinion and not let other people steal from you the time of your life. If, of course, it has some value for you.

How to do it? First of all, believe in yourself! Trite, but no one except you knows what you are capable of. Therefore, by default, you will be treated the way you will treat yourself. Do not think about yourself in a pejorative tone. You deserve the best! You are the Winner, whatever happens to you in the past. Your potential is unlimited! Do not convince yourself otherwise! You are a Giant! You can get everything you want! The main thing — believe in yourself!

Only you can decide who you are. Master or servant. Chess player or chess player. It is you who determine the rules by which you live, and not the surrounding people. You can agree to be a servant, no one will object. But you can not agree with this. And to become the Boss of his time. The master of his fate. Life can only urge you until you allow it to do so. But as soon as you make a decision to live the life you dream about, everything will change. The main thing is to make the right decision and not to step back from it.

Do not listen to anyone who will tell you that your dreams are naive. If you listen to anyone horrible, you risk spending your whole life without revealing your potential! You have it! He is waiting for you to pay attention to him and let him open up. So act boldly! You are stronger than you think! You are more powerful than you imagine! You are more successful than you can imagine! You are simply afraid to act! If you really bravely acted, and did not sit — you would have long been an outstanding man! Do not be satisfied with what has been achieved! Take Action! Grand Victory awaits you!

Let go of the captivity of illusions

Most people are subject to illusions. They live in a world they invented and do not even notice it. Successful people avoid illusions and try to perceive the real just as it is.

The most partial illusions to which most people are exposed are the illusion “about tomorrow” and the illusion “about forever”. People always think that tomorrow will be better, so they leave important things for tomorrow. People always think that tomorrow there will be more opportunities, so today they do not make any attempts to change something. It always seems to people that tomorrow will be easier, so today they avoid difficulties and as a result they face even greater difficulties in the future. People always think that what interested them today is forever. In fact, it’s all an illusion.

Tomorrow will not be better. Tomorrow will be the same as today (if not worse). Tomorrow there will be no more opportunities. Opportunities are only today. Tomorrow will not be easier. Tomorrow will be more difficult. And of course, what interests you today is not forever!

Be attentive! Do not live in illusions! Everything is temporary. If you have the opportunity today to live the life that you want to live — use it. If not, do not wait for a more favorable time. Make an effort right now to change something that does not suit you. To make your “tomorrow” cloudless, change your life now. If something does not work out, then make an individual development plan and break out of the restrictions that you have. Let go of the captivity of illusions! Live your life, and do not sleep it!

Write a story of your life

Every day you make a choice: to continue to live exactly the same way you lived before or start a new life. If you are satisfied with everything, then you can not change anything. Live and rejoice. But you always have the opportunity to improve your health, achieve greater success, increase income, get more joy from life. If you decide to do this, you can right now start eating right, doing physical exercises, working more efficiently, reading more and experiencing less.

Of course, this is difficult. Your past will not let you go. So make a “feint with ears” — write a story of your life. Divide your life into “before” and “after”. Describe your childhood, youth, your successes and failures, your achievements and victories, your principles and rules. Separately, shall describe their dreams, goals and plans for the future. Once you do this, you will see that your life will begin to change. All the past will immediately go to the past and will no longer interfere with the progress towards success.

Regardless of what happened to you in the past, your future may be what you want. Write a story of your life. Draw conclusions. And starting from them, change your life.

Expand opportunities, not reduce needs

Everyone faces difficulties without exception. Whatever you do, difficulties will somehow persecute you all your life. There is no way to avoid difficulties. But you can learn to treat them correctly.

How do ordinary people treat difficulties? People avoid them. Try to ignore them. If you can not ignore, they reduce the need or run away from difficulties, like a mouse from a furious cat. But this is an incorrect approach. You can not escape from difficulties. You can change the work of any number, spouses, friends. You can change cities for your residence or country. But until you change inside, you will attract the same events, the same people. You can go to an uninhabited island and still there will face the same difficulties as before. Because the source of the difficulties lies within yourself, and not somewhere outside.

Perhaps you noticed that some people, not knowing how to realize themselves in the material world, go into the spiritual and begin to engage in spiritual practices. But what does it give to them? Nothing. If they could not realize themselves in the material world, they just can not be realized in the spiritual. Because both there and there you need to constantly work on yourself. Both there and there you need to strive for something and achieve something. Both there and there you need to be able to get along with people. And there, and there are the same difficulties! There is no point in running away from them. We need to learn how to overcome them!

The way you perceive the outside world — as hell or heaven, as a place of permanent scarcity or a source of abundance — determines ultimately how you feel about difficulties. If you believe that our world is hell, it needs to work hard to survive and there will not be enough for everyone, so you need to try to snatch your piece right now, without thinking about what will happen next, then you will inevitably attract to my mind a lot of problems. And any, even the smallest, difficulties will constantly press on you, confirming your “correctness” regarding the world order. But if you believe that our world is a paradise, where it is not necessary to work hard to live worthily and any resources will suffice for everyone with an abundance, then no difficulties will break you.

By and large, the world is an illusion formed by your own mind under the influence of surrounding circumstances. The world is just “that” just because you convinced yourself that he is like that. But you can choose in which world to live — in a world where everything is difficult or in a world where everything is easy. And you will certainly get evidence of what you believe. Because this is how the world works. Losers believe in failure, constantly looking for confirmation of their correctness and find what they are looking for. And successful people believe in success and that’s why they are successful!

How do successful people relate to difficulties? They do not escape from difficulties. They do not ignore them. They take them and transform them. Yes, difficulties sometimes piss off, make you worry, limit opportunities. But they, at the same time, help to become stronger, wiser and richer. Faced with difficulties, successful people ask themselves:

— Why did this happen?

— How can I change this?

— What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Every difficulty becomes a lesson for successful people. Due to overcoming difficulties they grow and become stronger. Successful people do not run away from problems, but solve them. Successful people do not ignore difficulties, but transform them into useful lessons. Successful people do not go with the flow, but achieve success!

Learn to think like successful people! Believe in the best! Of course, you will not escape the difficulties. Objectively, they will remain and will remind you of yourself from time to time. But they will not bring you any problems! If you believe that the world is a source of problems, you will get them abundantly! But you can not do this! Believe that the world is the source of limitless possibilities! Believe that difficulties are useful lessons, thanks to which you can become stronger! Believe that you are born to win! Do not run away from problems — solve them. Do not reduce your needs, expand opportunities. Do not be content with the small, — dream about more! And most importantly, do not be afraid of anything, — act boldly and decisively!

No borders! There are only frames that you install yourself!

There are no clear limits and limitations in this world. You can do anything that is not prohibited by law and does not harm anyone. And you can at the same time achieve everything you want, if you do not dissuade yourself that this is possible!

Do you want to become rich? You are welcome! Take any quality product that you would like to buy yourself and sell it! Do you want to become successful? On health! Take any problem that you would like to solve yourself and help people solve it.

Do not think that something is impossible in this world. If someone before you could become rich — and you can! If someone before you could become successful — and you will succeed! The main thing is not to limit yourself.

Nobody except yourself can not limit you in anything! Even regulatory rules and laws, in fact, do not limit you if you are willing to pay a certain price for following your own principles.

In this world there are no boundaries and unshakable rules. There are only limits and standards that you set for yourself! If your standards are higher, and the frames are wider than those of other people, you will get more than others! Increase standards — do more than people around you. Expand the scope — try what others are afraid to try. You benefit people by respecting someone else’s freedom — and you will have everything that you dream about.

Chapter 2. Think Positively

You see the world as you create it in your imagination

The world around you is not good or bad. He is the way you imagine him in your imagination. What you expect from the world determines what reality you live in. If you draw in your imagination gloomy pictures, then the surrounding reality becomes grim. If you paint bright pictures yourself, then the world around becomes bright. Because the world is an illusion in which your expectations are reflected, and not an objective reality, as it seems to you.

Your reality is your choice. What you choose will be your reality. If you choose to be afraid, the whole world will scare you. If you choose to be offended, the whole world will offend you. If you choose to worry, the whole world will bother you. If you choose to rejoice — the whole world will please you.

If you choose to believe that there is a deficit in this world (love, happiness, time, money, etc.), then you will live in a world of scarcity. If you choose to believe that the world is full of abundance (ideas, opportunities, options, money, etc.), then you will live in a world of abundance. Your reality will always adjust to your expectations and paint the world in the colors that you paint in your imagination. So do not worry! Believe in the best! Believe that you can achieve everything and achieve everything! Draw the world with a beautiful, joyful, fair and abundant space! And not just space, but a blooming paradise garden with unlimited possibilities! And then your life will change after your picture of the world. For the better, of course.

Look at all the pluses

In all there are minuses and pluses. But from what you pay attention to, your overall perception of reality depends. If you notice mainly shortcomings, you all life will seem dark, negative, not ideal. If you consciously focus your attention on the merits — life will seem bright, bright and joyful.

Ask yourself often:

— If something happened, then what can be found in this positive?

— If this happened, can this be changed?

— If it can be changed, then what can you do right now?

— If this can not be changed, then what benefit can be derived from this?

Whatever you do, whatever you do, look for something positive in everything. Negative in life and so enough. The minuses are waiting for you literally at every step, disturbing the mind. Strip the negative cover from everything that surrounds you. Look for the pluses. They are in everything.

Who is looking for, he finds

What is needed is not always on the surface. Sometimes you have to search for what you need for a long time! It’s not always easy. Sometimes it starts to seem useless. In fact, any search ends with success, if not throw it ahead of time.

If you are looking for something (for example, a source of passive income, a suitable methodology for self-development, a mentor, a life partner or a gold mine), do not stop until you find it. Even if you have to spend more time on it than you planned. Sometimes, to find a treasure buried near your own house, you need to pass half the world. But still, do not stop. Search. It would be insulting if it later turns out that you stopped a step away from success and agreed to accept defeat.

Never give up! Who seeks, he finds! Squeeze yourself. Take an extra step. Overcome the Internet. Communicate with authoritative people. But find exactly what you need. Do not settle for less!

What you are looking for may be closer than you think

Perhaps you now think that what you want is too ambitious. Inaccessible. Hardly reachable. You will continue to appear until you take yourself in hand, determine the direction of your movement and take the first step towards the goal. Once you start moving towards the goal — it will cease to seem unattainable.

Take a step — and what you are looking for will become a step closer.

Take another step — and what you are looking for will come one step closer to you.

Constantly ask yourself the question: “What can be done right now?”.

Search and find. Act — and find. Define your goal and go to it purposefully. Look for new ways to do what you do more effectively. Look closely at the sides, look back — and you will find what you are looking for much faster. Remember that what you are looking for — can be much closer to you than you think.

What you are looking for is also looking for you

Your consciousness is arranged in such a way that you tend to notice around only what you are tuned to at the moment. Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and expectations form in your mind just such a picture of the world that meets your expectations and is confirmed by your beliefs. And whatever your picture of the world is, you will certainly find confirmation of your beliefs in the real world. Because you will only notice around what you are set up and ignore what does not fit your picture of the world.

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