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Five secrets of a healthy life

Бесплатный фрагмент - Five secrets of a healthy life

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This book is written to give you the answer to the most fundamental question in your life: How to build and maintain a high energy level all the life through.

What is health? Absence of illness? Not really. From my own experience it is more the capacity of extra resources (energies) in the body systems. Good health — big capacity, which means tolerance and easy adaptation with changing external condition, where bad health is low (sometimes zero) capacities for tolerance over changing external conditions. How to extend your capacity? Answer is in our book. Read it, think over it, and apply the parts which are appealing to you. Start with your nutrition’s — personal diet. It is the primary energy source.

We eat everyday to build our energy depots in order to use this energy during the activities of the day. External activities as physical, emotional and intellectual activities need energy and at the same time there are internal activities also demanding part of the energy resources: cell maintenance processes in the body for re-building, cleansing and waste removal processes.

We all have our individual eating habits, which we call personal diet. Sometimes we follow other people’s eating habits and sometimes we are pressed to some special eating rules or diets to correct some imbalances in the bodies (as weight control diet, cholesterol reduction diet, and other health problems diet).

All diets in the world are correct: low carbs, low calories, vegetarian, vegan, South Californian, Kremlin, blood type and many, many more. They are all correct, but for specific cases, selected persons, and have the wonderful results for limited time periods (sometimes long periods). What’s wrong with them? Nothing wrong — they are working well, but not for all and not for the all the times! Why? Because they are static! The same day after day, months after month…. But your body IS a dynamic system, not static!

That is first what you need to learn and accept today as a truth:

Yours wonderful, clever body is a changing biological system, and you are growing older day after day — it is fundamental law of life! You can not neglect this fact! There exist some fundamental lows in life which you can not change. One of them is the law of constant increasing the level of entropy — what the hell she is talking about? A little bit of explanation. Entropy is the measure for chaos. All this scientific fizz is about the chaos (disorder, disturbance) in your systems. In all systems. Your body is a biological system. It means that the law about increasing chaos is applicable to you too. Doesn’t matter what you do in your life — the chaos will increase in your systems and it will be the reason of your death. No way out. I will not bring you a happy gospel about possibilities to life ever. Not a way. You can not deceive the fundamental law. Chaos means that after some time with small changes her and there you will start to notice some dysfunctions in one or several body mechanisms and after while the increasing amount of disorder (what chaos is) in your body will lead to the natural destruction of you as a person. The question is at what speed. You can live/die (which is the same basically) with the speed of a racing car (just follow all of the impulses of your nature) or with the speed of carefully driven modern family car (with some speed-up periods of course). Some part of this speed you can not have influence on (it is in your gens — thank your parents!), but still part of this speed you can control and adjust. This entire book was created to help you to be the manager in driving your own car — yourself (as a sum of body/mind/intelligence). It is like the drivers licence: if you know the rules it will be no surprise if you receive the penalty in the form of illness or dysfunction.

This book is a manual for self study. It is not a medical book. It has the form of simple (but powerful) recommendations. If you are willing to implement some methods from this book to your lifestyle, please, remember, that it is your own responsibility. We advise that some people should have the professional consultation with health specialists before they make any adjustments in their daily lifestyle.

Dynamic and individually designed system — as your body is — demands dynamic and individual energy supply system. We design for you something very useful — Individual Energy Supply system — which is based upon individual lifestyle, including the personal diet, personal physical activities plan and personal anti-stress routines.

We call this system “handy” system. Your hand has 5 fingers. Remember 5 rules corresponding to each finger and follow these rules. Give yourself a hand! Give 5! And your life will be filled with more energy, more fun and more happiness!

I know that you are ready to change you life for better. How do I know? Because you read this book. You did your first step towards your high energy state. It is great! Congratulations! You are on the right path. But….

A lot of people read thousands of very clever books but their lives are still the same. Life needs your action, your active participation, your commitments and personal experience! Practice this book not read! And I promise you wonderful results — you will be amazed of your capacities!

Here is the sequence of topics which we will discuss together in this book:

Rule N.1 (Thumb finger): Nothing should be too much or too little in life: neither food, nor work activities, rest, pleasure, excitement — find your own Golden Path.

Rule N. 2 (Index finger): Invest every day a little time to learn the basic knowledge about body, mind and intellect! It is investment in your future (10 minutes are ok? Sounds as not too much)

Rule N 3 (Long finger): Less is more: What you eat today you will be tomorrow, how much you move today will affect you tomorrow, what you learn today you will become tomorrow. We will add “what and how much”. Build your unique “just and now” life strategy.

Rule N.4 (Ring finger): All changes take their time; therefore accept this fact and trust yourself that your strategy is the best for you.

Rule N.5 (Little finger): Enjoy your life scenario!

Energy is your personal background for happiness

Energy Food Strategy

A little bit about the weight problems

Hot Spring Drink — useful recipe

Our final story to you

Rule 1: Learn from your past experience

Nothing is good for your body and nothing is bad: everything can act as healing for a body and everything can be poison for a body: the difference is if you exceed your body’s ability to utilize the food or another external energy (as activities, pleasure of different kind, experiences or more) which your body uses daily in order to build the amount of energy enough for internal reconstruction and cleansing processes and for external work: physical, emotional and intellectual — you are in trouble! Balance in your body shows that you (and your body) are good working team and rewards are the good health and happy meaningful life. From this we draw the first rule:

Rule N.1 (Thumb finger): Nothing should be too much or too little in life: neither food, nor work activities, rest, pleasure, excitement — find your own Golden Path.

One wise man was asked: what is good for you and what is bad. His answer was very short and fully complete. The correct question is not WHAT but HOW MUCH…. Think about it.

How to learn about the right measure? Only one way — to make the mistakes and to analyze them, what means:

Know yourself!

You are the most important person in your life! You share your own company all of your life! Nothing can change this marriage! Be curious: who are you? What are yours likes/dislikes, habits, special feature? Are you happy/unhappy with your life as it is now? Have 10 minutes everyday to reflect your personality. Only 10 minutes, which will change your entire existence — it is not a big issue.

Start to have reflection by several questions:

How about my… (fill this dots with questions below) today?

— Health — the same? Some positive/negative changes? Would like to do something about it?

— Eating habits — the same everyday? Overeat? Big party? What, when, why? Would like to try something new?

— Personal body habits — hygiene, hair, cloth, appearance (face) — the same everyday? Any news? What you would like to try different? Why?

— Physical activities — was I active 1 hour per day (at least did I my 10.000 steps today) — the same everyday? Any news? What you would like to try different? Why?

— Social activities/personal network/family — any news here? Are you satisfied as it is? Plans? Challenges?

— Job/work/obligations — repeat the same problems, repeating patterns? New projects? New position?

— Emotional input — how many positive/negative emotions did you experience today? Why? Do you feel ok? Why not?

Be honest! You can right, you can tape you voice, you can do this mentally. Everything is OK but you need to do it! Only one minute per question. It could be the best new habit in your life!

And the conclusion you should make: what NEW did you learn about yourself today? In what area? (1—7)? What should happen with these areas tomorrow? How will you use this knowledge to make your life better/more interesting/different?

It is so easy! It this way you will notice about coming changes before another person will notice them (as it happens usually). Do not wait the question from your friend: “What is going on with you, dear? You look bad/depressed/fat/unhealthy/different”. Be your own reflector! Be your own coach! Be your own expert!

As Socrates told once: Know who you are!

In order to be your own expert you need to build your expertise procedure. It is very individual, but the elements as was mentioned before approximately the same: 7 areas of existence give us 7 directions of life excellence!

Why it is important?

Growth is natural for life. Question is: in what direction of your life you would like to travel and with what speed? Stagnation (absence of movement) in any of these 7 areas is sign of misbalance and death at the end. When the fruit is not growing it becomes rotten. It is important to watch and observe yourself in order to se first sign of stagnation. It is life saving procedure for YOUR self.

Nobody can help you except yourself. Others can motivate you, share their experience, show some possibilities, inspire, but you are the captain. Your team (body/mind/spirit) is eager to serve you in your life traveling adventure. But you need to be a good team leader.

Rule2: Know yourself!

It is fun to know who you are. We have learned some basic information at school and at college about biology, sociology, psychology, but let be curious: internet is the biggest information net with all blogs, chat rooms, specialists’ panels and it is all available nowadays for about everybody. Why penis has no bone inside (it could solve a lot of problems)? Why babies can breathe under water? Can you leave only on canned food? Or what about life without food? Stimulate your intellect by asking at least 10 new question everyday! Be the child again (children are growing, old people who “know all” are dying)! One of my friends is 94 years old Danish scientist, engineer and businessman. He is still going strong because he is curious every day: he invents every day something new, he is a child inside — it is his secret!

And we will help you in your first step to know yourself: we will teach you about your pulse and respiration. Did you notice that you breathe? How many times per day do you remember to breath deep and slow? What the pattern of your breath just now: Fast or shallow? Be curious! Observe!

Rule N. 2 (Index finger): Invest every day a little time to learn the basic knowledge about body, mind and intellect! It is investment in your future (10 minuets are ok? Sounds as not too much)

Step 1: Close your eyes and just observe your breath. For 1 minute. Do not change anything. Just observe. And after 1 minute you will experience the feeling of calmness, relief, rest. It is easy. Make a new habit: observe your breath 3 times a day, and you will witnesses a lot of miracles which will start happening in your life. You will be calmer. Concentrations will come back. You can experience more vitality, joy, creativity. After 14 days of breath observation (3 minutes per day) you are ready to enter Step 2.

Step 2: Your pulse. Find your pulse on your wrist and start to observe. Is it deep, shallow, fast, chaotic? You observe your heart! How many times a day you remember that you have a heart? Only if it is bothering you! We are not aware of harmony, we are aware of dysfunction! We know if something hurts, but not aware when we are healthy. Try to listen to your heart beating 1 minute per day. Close your eyes and observe! Be in intimate relation with your own breath and heart beating. Just one short minute. The consequences will be tremendous! Observe you pulse and you breath in the next 14 days. When you are done go to Step 3. Do not rush! You have time!

Step 3: We will teach you how to harmonise your breath and the heart beating. After 14 days of observation (1 min breath and 1 min pulse observation, 3 times a day, 14 days, and if you make the break, start to count from the beginning 14 days and proceed without break) you may approach the next stage: do not be in a hurry: you have the time! Be the master of breath and pulse observation first!

Now you are ready. Find you pulse, close your eyes and start to breathe counting your pulse: you can choose 7 heart beats for inhalation and 7 hearts beats for exhalation, repeat 7 times — it is traditional way. After a while you can start to experiment with yourself: you may enjoy making the break between inhalation end exhalation (start with 3, later make it up to 7 pulses beating to keep the breath). You may keep the breath after inhalation and after exhalation, or after both processes.

Important is that you enjoy to work with yourself and learn something new about yourself every time. Results will shows as a better concentration, less tiredness, better sleep or more. You will be amazed how good works this small technique!

Rule 3: Do not overdo!

You have the limited capacities in your life. It is the same as when you buy an electric bulb, it will last 20.000 hours, and then — break! Capacity is used and gone. Bulb is “dead”. The same is valid for electrical battery. You can buy a rechargeable battery. But it can be recharged maybe only 1000 times — no more. Capacity is used. Battery is dead. The same is your body: it is build to serve you about 120—130 (max 140) years as statistic shows — no more. Capacity to “re-establish” the energy witch is used for maintenance, re-building and cleansing processes is limited for this age. We do not know people who lived more than this limited period. Bible has reported about several cases of life 130—140 years long. Chinese books also describe several cases. It is very few who live so long. And the question of the meaning also: what is meaning of life for you now? Write down, put in your personal case and reflect your thoughts one year later. It is fun to see how you will be changed for one year! I advise you to make such reflection during the Christmas Holidays or on your birthday. Do it when you are alone and undisturbed. Put 20 minutes aside for this. Save your results till next years. Read your reflection after one year and write again.

Now we proceed.

Your main energy production system (motor) is in your stomach: you eat, drink and breathe to produce life energy. Using the mixture of these 3 elements (air, water and food stuff) your stomach is capable to produce the energy to be used later for rebuilding of internal elements of your body, cleansing processes, and maintenance of energy for external activities. The first sign of declining of life energy is the limitation of amount of energy for external usage. This is the question of priority. The body is always using most optimal solution. It is more important for the body to produce enough energy for rebuilding the blood cells than to use it for external physical activities, for example jumping. Elderly people have do not have any (or very little) desire to jump compared to the children up to 10 years old. Why? Elderly people use their energy capacity mainly to rebuild and maintain internal health of the body (and fight against the increasing disorders in different body systems) and there is not enough energy for extraordinary activities, like jumping on one leg. Once I witnessed a child behaviour at the metro station: when I was waiting for my train to town, a small, about 8 years old, boy was jumping on one leg up and down the stairs — about 40 steps down and up again for 5 minutes without any sign of tiredness — such an energy!

Rule N.3 (Long finger): Less is more: What you eat today you will be tomorrow, how much you move today will affect you tomorrow, what you learn today you will become tomorrow. We will add “what and how much”. Build your unique “just and now” life strategy.

When you start to observe yourself and notice that you have no natural desire for jumping any more (or perform any physical activities including dancing, run, sex for example) remember: It is the first sign for declining of your internal energy level. Sigh N. 2 is that you do not want to learn something new about the world and about yourself. Intellectual activities (including also: meeting new people, new social activities, new travel destinations, new experiences which can involve your senses, as for example new smells, new food, and new books) all are energy demanding. If you notice that you have no desire to start something new in your life — the level of your life energy is declining.

Law of energy

Energy means life. Without energy, there is no life. Everything in our world is based on energy. And it means that all around us is living, but have different shapes, structures and lifetimes (or disintegration times). Stones are alive (a stone has a lifetime too). Sun, wind, rain, temperature and time will disintegrate stones and it means that a stone will be dead and gone in some time.

The human body also possesses a lifetime and life energy. And when all the energy is used up and the body cannot be recharged anymore, it means that the body is dead and will disintegrate. The life will be finished. It is written in the Bible is written that people can live here on Earth for 120—130 years as it was mentioned before. But we will repeat it again for you. Sometime the truth should be repeated several times before you start getting used to the new ideas. Sometimes truth is so shocking that people prefer to forget it quickly. We will not allow you to forget the truth.

The human life depends on how clever the people use their life energy and how efficient they are to build it up again. There should be a balance between these two processes — building and dissipation, life and death. Time (the speed of the process) plays a very important role in this balance. It is necessary that these two processes, building-up energy and destroying energy have the same speed. The body (or more precise the brain) makes the decision to send the message to all the life important centres to build up or to destroy some necessary units and clean up later.

Usually, after 40—60 years the speed of these two processes — reconstruction and disintegration — becomes different and they are no longer correlated with each other, i.e. the building-up and destructions/cleansing processes become uncorrelated. The growth of cancer cells is an indication of a very high build-up speed and psoriasis is an example on a very high speed of destruction process.

When one of these processes starts to dominate in the body, the body begins to die. An illness is the sign of imbalance between these two processes.

Imbalance between destruction and rebuilding will first hit 2 most important communication systems on our body:

· The central nerve system

· The immune system

Life energy will primarily be used for the creation and the destruction/cleansing processes in the human body. Secondary — for external activities. However, the body has also a limited capacity for energy. The body cannot store more energy than the individual capacity permits. Energy is not like money in a bank. You can not store it on your account and receive interests. The energy reservoirs shall be filled every day, and if the body receives more energy than it can use in one day, the body will start to lose the ability somehow to store and redistribute energy in the best optimal way. You can clearly see the results of neglecting the law of energy the streets, in your neighbourhood, in your family as people with overweight, autoimmune problems as allergies and diabetes. Unfortunately it is everyday reality. By these people the low of life energy has been abused. Main reason is that people were unaware of how this fundamental law functions and why and how it affects their life’s. What is the solution?

The best solution is to learn about yourself and your specific body (again: observe and learn) and to use the law of balance between creation and destruction of energy (do not eat more than necessary — for example)

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