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End of the President

Бесплатный фрагмент - End of the President

Agency Amur

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Today is Thursday, the second of August, the usual working day. Agency Amur is working in full — I and my assistant Vika. We are sitting in our office, each at his computer. In the courtyard, summer, bake the sun, the open window of the room does not save much from the heat. A little facilitate our “everyday life” fans.

Victoria is not dressed in accordance with the dress code. She is wearing a short skirt and a silk blouse with a large cut. Willy-nilly, I sometimes throw a look at the peeping white breasts, elastically held back by a narrow bra. Yes, and Vick threw one leg after the other, so I have the opportunity to contemplate their harmony.

“Vika, you’re getting dressed for work, like on the beach,” I make her remark.

— On the beach, everyone generally topless. Oleg, look at the heat. Do I have to bathe here in pants and a shirt with a long sleeve?

“That’s right, but you’re embarrassing me, I’m still a man.” And visitors can misunderstand. What’s with a half-naked woman, girl?

“And where do you see the visitors today?”

And just at that moment there was a knock at the door. Victoria took her foot off her feet and pulled her skirt up.

A man appeared at the door, aged, but not decrepit. A young pensioner, probably.

— Hello, my name is Alexey Ivanovich, I’m a young pensioner.

Victoria sat the visitor in a chair, and she went to make coffee.

— I do not know where to start. The case is subtle and I hesitated a long time before coming to you.

“Tell me, Alexey Ivanovich.” Begin from the very beginning. We will listen to you attentively.

The guest settled down and began his story.

Soon Vika came up with cups of hot coffee.

— I have been married for a long time. There are children and grandchildren. With my wife, Elena Andreevna, we live together, we do not swear so often. In an intimate, sexual way, we continue to be, so to speak, active. But not as before, of course, in his youth. Why am I talking about this? Yes, because now I have doubts. Doubts, I must say, in her faithfulness, in the faithfulness of his wife. Therefore, I turned to your agency, where engaged in love affairs.

“You did it right that you came to us.” Can we help you, another question. But we will listen very carefully. We strictly guarantee confidentiality.

— So, we live with my wife for a long time. Long ago we bought a plot in gardening. We built a house and every year in it we rest. I, as I said, are retired. My wife, too. I do some work. I’m hanging out every week in the city. We have a dacha in Sinyavino, 50 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Near the channel, Ladoga. There is a forest, in a word, nature. I invite you to visit. “Alexey Ivanovich smiled and dropped, as it seemed to me, a glance at my assistant’s chest.

“Thanks for the invitation, but first thing.”

— And this is the thing. To live with us in gardening, to follow the situation. Now watch what the weather is like. Warmth, sun, sunbathe, buy. I’ll give you the keys to your neighbor’s dacha, he left them for me to look after. Himself with his wife while abroad. The southern tan you’ll get from us quickly. “He looked at Victor’s white legs.

The visitor turned out to be talkative and we did not immediately find out what was actually the matter.

And the essence was as follows. Recently, the wife of Alexey Ivanovich has been actively engaged in a healthy lifestyle. In the mornings she jogged, after which she bathed in the canal. The Novoladozhsky Canal has a width of fifty meters. There is clean running water and some places are equipped for swimming, beaches. One day, after returning from a run (and bathing), Elena Andreevna seemed very excited to her husband, not the same as usual. She did not answer inquiries as to what was the matter. And when her husband tried to embrace her, he roughly pushed him away. But is there not much that can be in the soul of a woman?

There is one more circumstance that makes our guest worry. This is the recent rumors about a certain sexual giant, a maniac, seducing on the channel of bathing women. A young man, handsome, athlete, has sex with the first woman he got.

Itself can not follow his wife, Alexei Ivanovich, she will immediately notice. Yes, and openly tell Elena Andreevna about his suspicions fraught with trouble. But in one, the husband firmly believes that she had sex on her side.

That’s the story.

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