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Creator. His Trinity. How our world was created. Hierarchy of worlds. Man. His Trinity. What’s the point of his life? The theory of time travel. Physics and philosophy of time

Бесплатный фрагмент - Creator. His Trinity. How our world was created. Hierarchy of worlds. Man. His Trinity. What’s the point of his life? The theory of time travel. Physics and philosophy of time

Philosophical treatise

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Creator. His Trinity. How he created our world. Hierarchy of worlds Man. His Trinity. What’s the point of his life?

Humanity is mired in the negative, which carries him the material theory of the origin of the world and man. It is thanks to this theory that material wealth and power have become the meaning of life for most people.

“Humanity is enslaved by the material beginning of the world,” the New Testament says. And it is. And this is the main trouble of mankind, which radically changed the priorities of his life.

I will try to explain the modern truths to the Russians, a different way of development of Russia than the one that is imposed on the population by the current government. But this requires completely different priorities that make a different meaning in a person’s life. It is not those who impose on the population of Russia Putin and his gang of officials of the state power of the Russian Federation.


The first indisputable truth

We all live in a three-dimensional volume, where three dimensions are left-right, forward-backward, up-down.

The second indisputable truth.

In the three-dimensional volume in which we live, time is a vector. Time can move forward and on the assumption of some scientists and writers of science fiction, back. Up-down, left-right time in our three-dimensional volume can not move.

The third unquestionable truth.

Three-dimensional volume can be folded into a plane, leaving it in this plane three-dimensional. Examples of folded into a plane three-dimensional space remaining in the three-dimensional plane-a hologram, a mirror, a DVD disc with a movie or a computer program.

The fourth indisputable truth.

Time is a flow of information. Any information folded in a plane in an electronic record in the form of a plot on a disk, or in the form of a matrix of decisions, time has a three-dimensional dimension. The record can be read by moving back and forth, in the case of a disk, or matrix-jump to a parallel track-left-right, while moving the puller information up and down.

In other words, time is either the movement of the flow of information relative to space or the movement of space relative to information. (Alexander Chernov’s theory of relativity).

The fifth indisputable truth

Infinitely large information, the mind, in the process of its development, can be placed on an infinitely small medium.

The sixth indisputable truth.

Based on the undeniable truths mentioned above. The three-dimensional volume in which our universe is located, the mind of the dimension of the highest order can also be folded into a plane in the form of information, thereby forming a hierarchy of worlds and parallel worlds in which the information is folded into a plane at the same level as ours.

The seventh indisputable truth.

In information, folded into a plane, in the form of a matrix of solutions, there is a parallel reality.

The eighth indisputable truth.

The real world consists of two components — the living nature consisting of cells. (Plants, animals, people). And not wildlife (water, stone, air, physical and chemical phenomena, etc.).

The ninth indisputable truth.

There is a spiritual world in man. It also consists of two components — the mind and the senses, where the senses (psychic energy) are the energy of the mind, since without the sense it is impossible to create a creative thought. Artificial intelligence can’t do anything beautiful or terrible. It can only solve problems that are not emotionally charged. Negative feelings, generate negative thoughts (negative mind), positive feelings, generate positive thoughts (positive mind)

Based on which mind prevails in the record, time (flow of information) moves through the matrix either in the direction of negative decisions or in the direction of positive.

Man in the universe is unique. If another mind of our, and parallel to it, measurement receives positive or negative mental energy from the outside, based on Who owns the information. (Just as we receive solar energy). The person is able to recycle the psychic energy neutral to energy positive or negative.

And if recycled plants solar energy defines a rectilinear path of development, the redesigned human psychic energy, it moves through the matrix, choosing it one or the other decision. And, from the interconnection of mind and feelings, the human mind creates the emotional background of our planet, which also makes adjustments to the matrix of decisions that determine the course of our lives.

Man was originally created by another. Like a number of other minds, man received energy for creative thought from outside — the energy of Love. It was created to create. To create beauty. He did not need to think about his development, his well-being, because he was directly connected to the universal mind and received from it all the information necessary for his life.

However, in the program of the Creator, the heavenly hackers introduced a virus that taught people to understand good and evil, giving him unfamiliar feelings — envy, self-interest, shame, greed, etc., which began to change the emotional background around him.

In this connection, speaking in computer language, the folder with the program was removed from the computer and, before going to the basket, went for treatment, during which a person can be returned to the world of good and love through suffering and trials. And everyone has this chance. And as it will dispose of, everyone is free to decide independently.

How man and the universe were created.

Take a DVD of the film.

To make it really three-dimensional? Yes.

To make it in the form of a computer program with matrix solutions, one of which is in the process of the plot is chosen by the viewer of the film, really? Yes.

To lay program in the film is the source of energy, thanks to which the events in the film will occur without external intervention, really? Not now, but in a thousand years, it’s real.

Create a cycle of energy in the plot of the film, really? A thousand years from now, it’s real.

Create a program, according to which the characters of the film will be able to choose one or another solution from the matrix, guided by the expediency.

Put in the program the possibility of the film characters to touch, smell, love, hate, etc., to expand the film to the boundaries of the universe and put it in a small chip, really? Not now. But after a couple of thousand years it is quite real.

And our universe has been around for billions of years. And what can come up with its Creator, the mind of man is simply not understandable. What Is Darwin? What big Bang? People. Are you sane? What do you teach your children?

Man was intended by the Creator as the source of energy of love. However, thanks to the” virus “embedded in the Creator’s program by” heavenly hackers”, a person began to understand what is good and what is evil, thereby changing his purpose in the Creator’s program.

As a result, a person began to transform the neutral psychic energy entering the record from the outside, not only into the energy of love, but also into negative types of psychic energy, radiating it into the universe.

As a result, the negative activity of the human mind began to form the emotional background of our planet, which began to make adjustments in people’s lives. And now cataclysms, disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis have become the norm of modern society.

Now about the social device.

Initially, for the organization of life of various groups of people, the Creator gave them the king. At this stage of development, it was the most reasonable step for the organization of society.

Everything belonged to the king in society. And all this he inherited passed on to his descendants. And, based on this statement, the king was directly interested in strengthening the state, expanding its borders, increasing its wealth, which is directly related to the prosperity of society, which he headed.

However, this world order in Russia was destroyed by a group of people led by Kerensky, Lenin, Yeltsin, Putin, who brought to power a class of parasitic officials, making the world order not reasonable.


Yes, because the official, unlike the king, a temporary worker. He owns everything in the state (within his powers), exactly until the moment when he leaves his post. And that is why, his main goal is personal well-being, the well-being of his family and friends. In all other respects, its activities are positive only if the interests of the official coincide with the interests of society. In the rest of the-read negative.

This is all clearly demonstrated by the chief official of Russia Vladimir Putin. The army, police, court, Prosecutor’s office are strengthened. That is, those institutions of state power that are vital to both the official and the society. At the same time, a significant gap has been created in the material situation of the population, where luxury and wealth contrast sharply against the General background of the impoverishment of the majority.

At its core — Putin is not a President, but a dictator.

“But he massively does not put anyone, does not kill, there are no open repressions in Russia,” the Russians will argue.

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