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Бесплатный фрагмент - Cannibals

Real events. The most famous maniacs are cannibals

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Terrible stories with unreasoned murders and cannibalism. Among the monsters that adore human meat are Alex Sukletin, Alexander Pearce, Idi Amin and many others.

They are politicians, teachers, restaurant critics, gardeners… They raped, tortured, killed and ate women and children… What do you know about evil?


Japanese horror films are the best of their kind in this genre. Plots of these films, director’s findings and scenario delights will not leave indifferent any spectator.

Let’s think where the writers of the Land of the Rising Sun derive their inspiration with all the orderliness of the way of life, the strictness of morals in society and the power of samurai concepts of honor and dignity? Obviously, not only from the field of one’s own fantasies, but from the surrounding life as well.

Issei Sagawa

Issei Sagawa is an example of how strangely the ideas of morality and morality and mental deviations can be interwoven in Eastern society, his culture. This man is a recognized cannibal and necrophilic, while he leads a television show, writes books and works as an actor.

What happened, why did the student of the Sorbonne, who came from Japan to study European culture, ate in the distant 1981 another student, a student from Holland, René Hartevelt? To grasp the details of this terrible affair of past years is blasphemous, but the answer to this question is still worth looking for.

A resident of the Netherlands, Rene Hartelvelt, during a month of friendship with Sagawa demonstrated an equal attitude towards the unskilled, sickly-looking Japanese student, with whom she shared common interests and views on life. In Issei’s face, she did not see the man of her dreams, so she came to visit a Japanese student as a friend, agreeing even to read at the table the poem of the German poet and journalist Johannes Becher.

The events that followed this will terrify anyone, but, apparently, not at all the representative of the Japanese nation, in whose mind the idea will be formed and there will be an excuse for the compatriot. But more on that later. Shots in the head from a carbine, Issei kills a girl and immediately starts to have sex with a still not cooled corpse.

Further, according to his own recollections when giving testimony in the police, Sagawa begins to experience carnivorous desires — he wants to bite off a piece of right hip or buttocks of a deceased girlfriend. Since the Japanese does not do this well, the glutton must tackle the knife and begin to cut the body of his girlfriend.

In the police report, there are many terrible details of this crime: in an attempt to get energy and health of the young body of the victim, Sagawa methodically consumed her body for several days. In horrific revelations, there is also the astonishment of the beginner in the cause of cannibalism from the yellow color of human fat, and the recipes for the dishes from man, which Issei Sagawa is preparing for the next time.

When trying to get rid of the remains of the body in the beautiful Boulogne forest, the criminal is frightened by passers-by. He throws a suitcase with the remains not into the water, as planned, but in the bushes.

Eyewitnesses show curiosity at first, then — active participation and involve the police in the investigation. French medical experts after a year of observations of the criminal make a conclusion about the insanity of a Japanese student, later a decision is made about his extradition to Japan.

“I am a very small and ugly man, like a yellow monkey,” Sagawa will say about himself after a while, explaining his delight in the big white women and the desire to taste their meat.

The father of the cannibal, Akira Sagawa, suffered paralysis from news of a son from distant France. But even then, there were companions who understood the subtle soul of the criminal, primarily in the person of director Yugo Kara, who sympathized with the ogre’s letter, entered into correspondence with him, and even planned a film about the history of the Sagawa.

In the homeland, the cannibal criminal was waiting for the year of the psychiatric clinic and the subsequent recognition of the public: he became a frequent guest on the talk show, received the place of the host of his own culinary transfer, and several thousand Japanese girls in writing suggested that he take them as wives.

The modern hero of the Japanese society rejected their proposals, explaining that he preferred white women with appetizing bodies.

When a third-party observer of the mysterious Japanese mentality is surprised at the national sales hit-used women’s panties sold in subway machines, he should not forget that the cannibal of Sagawa, among other regalia, is a popular hero of sado-masochistic pornographic films of local production. Well, every society has its own heroes.

And even now the man-eater Issei Sagawa lives on the allowance, and there was not an employer ready to take him to the service, he still got his share of recognition and success among the compatriots. In this sense, I want to try to rephrase the line of the classic: “I can not understand Russia with my mind”, but with reference to Japan and its customs. So far nothing has happened, but, to all appearances, it is only a matter of time and talent.

Armin Maiwes

Recall that the world-famous “passion-bearers” and sado-maso experts, the Germans, left the preview of the film-revelations “Fifty shades of gray” with ironic smiles on his face. Representatives of this nation know more than anyone else what true perversions and, in particular, legally regulate them: an example of the seriousness of a democratic approach may be the German law on animal rights during sex with a man.

The German murderer and cannibal Armin Maywez, like most of his compatriots, did not hide his attachments, the benefit of the modern democratic society of Germany provides such an opportunity: this system administrator gave in 2001 an ad on the Internet about the search for a young man between the ages of 18 and 45 who wants to be eaten.

Strangely enough, there is an answer to any query in the Universe — over 400 people responded to the offer! But Miles chose one, answering a man of similar views and sexual orientation, 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes, and the men met for an act of sadism and sex. The meeting these fans are very strict “strawberries” were filmed on a video camera, which became later one of the evidence in the material of the criminal case.

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