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Burnt by shuttle

Бесплатный фрагмент - Burnt by shuttle

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Darchev Levset

Soviet space ship “Buran” is preparing for the flight

courageous, selfless people — brave officers,

stuffy aces. True male friendship, everyday

heroyism is the everyday life of Magomed Tolboyev and other outstanding test pilots.

A fascinating and fascinating narrative awaits you!

and clearance, 2017
Part I
Suspicious type

In the capital, just passed the autumn rain, and the car “Ambulance” rushed down the avenue at full speed, cutting with wheels rainwater and turning it into a raft crests, which were sprayed on the sides and immediately dissolved into the streams, pouring in the asphalt. Doctors who examined a patient and immersed a lifeless body on a stretcher that then rolled into the car, were in a slight disarray from the color of his face and body weight, incommensurable with his size.

— Noticed? Asked one another, breaking the silence.

— Yes.

— And what did you notice?

The other raised one eyebrow and stared at his colleague.

“It’s not a man, Dima,” he said. — This is some kind of

substance. — He unconsciously reached out his hand and touched the patient’s pastern. The body was as cold as ice.

A few minutes later they pushed the cart into the doorway of the emergency room.

They breathed a sigh of relief and they got rid of a person who violated their normal working internal condition.

A doctor, a middle-aged woman in a white coat and manometer, hung on her neck, went to the bed, pushed the taboo, sat down and took the patient’s arm to measure the pressure. She pumped air into the pressure gauge system and look at the scoreboard — the pressure dropped to zero. Only then she strangely looked at the patient’s face — his strange look excited her: his eyes are tightly closed, arc delineate the seam eyelashes, a forelock on the forehead with a triangular point exactly along the geo-metrics rests in the middle of the nose bridge on the heart-shaped the oval of an unusually pale face. The doctor leaned back and asked for another manometer.The result is the same. Her head spun, she stood up and went to his own cabinet with bad forebodings, giving instructions to the assistant to make an injection. She desided to bring her feelings in order

In less than two minutes, as the assistent went into the office of the doctor and stood on the threshold with a syringe in her hand and with a mute horror-catfish in the eyes.

— What? Asked the doctor.

The assistent could not answer, but only held out a piece of cotton wool towards the doctor.

“Look, the blood is blue.”

— Can not be! -Said the doctor, rising from her chair. She pushed aside the frozen assistent, squeezed into corridor, to immediately get into the room, where they placed unusual patient. — Kianetics, then. There is nothing to be surprised! There are eight thousand such people in the world. The doctor was rattling on the move, calming himself. Finally, the assistent moved and swam after the doctor.

Entering the ward, they both froze, ceasing to breathe and glancing on the rumpled bed, on which they were supposed to see to put the patient, but there was no one there.

The doctors looked at each other.

“A humanoid, an alien,” Olga said in a strange voice. — It is necessary to inform immediately the KGB.

“And do not you dare,” the doctor recommended.

— Why?

“Because no one will believe you and take you to a psychiatric hospital”, muttered the doctor Nelya Petrovna. She, temporarily, loaded into a cosmic state, ceased to believe eyes. — And was it?

“Petrovna, what are you doing?” You do not believe what happened.

“No, you as you want, but i feel responsibility and should

gather material and report on it, — Olga said intermittently and emotionally.

— Do as you wish, Olga, but me, please, do not entangle in this story, — Nelya Petrovna implored, — I’m afraid.

In Olga, on the contrary, the enthusiasm of the hunter began to gain strength and curiosity: I decided to get to the bottom of what had happened before end. She threw off her dressing gown and ran into the waiting room to quickly find out information from the team of “Ambulance”.

— Hello, — Olga shouted, dialing the phone on duty -please call someone from the car number 15. It’s from the hospital!..

Time dragged on.

“Hello, I’m listening,” a man’s voice said.

— Tell me where, in which place you picked up the patient

man half an hour ago?


“Well, in this… in the Gloria Cafe on the first floor,” said the doctor. — Well, it started — I knew it…

— Thank you.

Olga, lost in thought, did not notice how quickly the bus reached the cafe, and came to her senses when she heard a voice of driver on the microphone, which notified the name of the station.

She entered the vestibule and asked the watchman.

— Sorry, you were here when the ambulance took the patient? Well, two hours ago, maybe.

The watchman of large sizes, in a special form, with a loose appirience turned to her and shook his head with a stupid expression on his face, letting him know that he did not understand anything.

Olga, judging by the way he turned his left ear to her, decided,

that he suffers from hearing impairment.

“I say that the patient was taken from here?” Repeated Olga

the question louder.

— They took it, yes, they took it.

— And what happened to him?

“I do not know, my dear, what was there.” I do not know. I do not remember.

“You need to be treated,” Olga wanted to say, “but kept it-

from rudeness:

“Can I come in?”

“Of course,” the watchman said quickly, hastily opening

Entrance doors to the hall. — Come on.

“Two words that are constantly in his everyday life and more

nothing interests him, Olga thought. — Big people

and kindness are synonymous.”

She went to one of the waiters. The girl stood between two tables with a tray on an outstretched arm. Before she could answer, she thought about it.

— Honestly, I did not see how he came here: tried to eat or not, — it was obvious that the girl in black apron with a white cap on the head is strongly wave-folded. Apparently, they got it. “He was lying there — In the corner near the outlet. Strange some.

“So you want to say that no one spoke to him?”

“No, no,” the girl shook her head. – Here all gathered and we discussed it. Is he dead? -asked the waitress, holding a fixed look on Olga.

— No, here — something else, — said Olga and turned to leave the room. She did not have time to reach the door, as she heard a shout behind her back:

— Wait!

The cafe worker quickly, approached her rounding tables. In her raised hand she held a dark-colored purse.

Olga’s heart sank.

“I’m sorry,” the girl said in a hurry. — It is his. We did not have time to transfer it.

Olga became agitated and felt the movement of blood through her blood vessels.Before touching to the purse, her hand hung for a while in the air. “What in her? — thoughts and anxieties mingled. — What could it be”? She remembered the doctor’s words: “Do not involve me, please in this story. I’m afraid”.

Olga took up the purse and was surprised, that its temperature was higher than the degrees of ambient temperature of environment.

“Thank you,” she said, barely hearing her voice. She with a firm fake step got out into fresh air. To her breathing something happened — she lost the rhythm of the movement and the sequence of thoughts. She only understood, that it is necessary to get home and there to open this bag. It is not

She was not doubted that she would make the discovery, and it would be a great gift to Dark Ufologists of the country. At the bus stop she sat on the bench, although she knew that it was dirty. The bus was late, and she once again glanced at the purse, which lay on the knees. She touched the lock of the fastener and opened it.

She was throaty with excitement. The clasp is opened. She spread her skirt and, tilting her head, peered inside — a solid sheet of paper of a gray-green colour.

Then she quickly snatched the sheet and was surprised: strange figures, doodles and in a column some figures. She is trembling-thick fingers pushed the sheet back into the bag. “What to do? Home? No — you should go to the center of ufology and ask them to decipher the signs. The only way. Was it really a contact with other civilization. I gave him an injection. My God — this is for the first time in the history of mankind. Nobody will believe.”

Olga cheered up, instantly she became different, confident, and accurately calculated the plan for further action: first to the center, and then the investigation, then the information in the newspapers. “I will not show this sheet to anyone,” she decided. “Only a copy.”

She did so, making a duplicate and calling the suspect of a photographer who has long rubbed the paper between his fingers and looked suspiciously at Olga.

“What kind of paper is this? There is the magnetic layer on it. Where did you get it”?

“You’ll know a lot — you’ll grow old quicker,” blurted out Olga, paying for the work. — Bye!

Olga since the morning did not eat anything and, although in the stomach rumbled, she did not pay attention to it. The search for a cryptographer led her to the Academy of Sciences. A special building where every stone breathes numbers, mysterious equations. She had long to wait until a woman with glasses on the bridge of the nose had not lied to her deciphering or translating scrawls into the human language -a series of figures that did not sae anithing yet. Leaving the building, Olga, overshadowed by a new thought, stopped: the numbers 77, 78 are constantly repeated. “It is years, — decided Olga, — and the dates of some events. Exactly.”

In the library Olga armed herself with a file of newspapers “Pravda”. For several hours she puzzled over the comparison figures and found a regularity and a terrible follow-up to the events: the days of the crashes of test pilots. What is this? Whom should I say? Her head began to split from the stream thoughts that had no end.

— You feel bad? — Olga looked up and saw above herself

a young girl who apparently came to help her, for her strange look.

— No. It’s okay, -Olga did not hear her voice. She began to get ready to go home. She looked at her watch and was surprised. — she stayed in the library for four hours. Horror. — Thank you.

The head continued to think: the last figures were “29, 10, 1988"meant an event that had not yet taken place, but should happen.

Olga knew what no one knew. It was necessary to do, the last step is to warn the pilots of the imminent danger. This led her to the barrier of the military airfield, where stood a number of cars and there was not a single military man. Finally, a man appeared in the flight form.

— Excuse me, please, you could not help me, -said Olga.

— What’s the matter? — asked the military with a look of with confidence.

“Send this note to the Wolf special squad.”

The military read out and being dumbfounded could not open his mouth for a minute.

Returning back to the hotel, Yuri Schaeffer scored the telephone number of colleague Magomed Tolboyev.

— Magomed, hello, old man. When are you flying out?

— Tomorrow.

— I’ll wait for you. There is an important conversation.

Meeting with Scheffer at the airport

— No, you will not go to Baikonur. I was told that there

something must happen, — with horror in the eyes, with alarm

said Lyuba.

“I know,” Magomed laughed off. — There must fly

Buran”, and I will accompany him.

“You mock me?” — A tearing voice. — But you have three children.

“I know,” Magomed said coldly and scornfully. — It will still be.

Luba fell off.

“My God,” she squeezed. — How long can you live in an alive

concerns, doubts. I’m tired. Sometimes I think myself

fly up or something on a fighter to break through your deaf

wall of indifference, so that you feel what awaits you,


Little Ruslan ran to his father and grabbed his feet.

“Papa, will you take me with you into space?”

“No, I will not,” his father replied sternly.

— Why? Ruslan asked offendedly, frowning.

“Because you did not eat porridge.”

The boy’s eyes ran.

— Daddy, if I eat the whole pot, you take me right now? Will you?

— Of course.

Ruslan disappeared in an instant. And his mother, forgetting about anxiety, ran after the son — he is more important than all troubles.

“Wait, cosmonaut,” she said, catching up with him at the stove, where the delicate little hands of his son reached for the hot pot.

— Porridge is still hot — you will burn yourself.

Magomed put on his jacket, slipped a cap on his head, said goodby and closed the door behind him — the door of his fortress, where he must return alive and well. “Why then, to the wishes and toasts: “I wish you a soft landing.” Mama never wanted to let me out of the house, but always wanted me to come back. In fate, a person can not intervene, no one, but fate can. My comrade will come home and say “Your husband is no more. Your dad will not come, kid. “This path is akin to the way to Calvary as the heaviest without hope of victory? I talked with wives of dead comrades and I do not want anyone else to repeat it”.

Magomed was clutching the car keys. Now he will go to the airfield. “Stop. And what does Yuri want from me? Scheffer- “I’ll wait for you in a cafe, I need to chat — the topic serious. “About what?”

Autumn. The weather has changed. People are also: hiding in jackets, hats. I wonder what they wore when did not invent fabric — fur, probably. “Fur coat for wives. Grandmother, who every morning showed me off at the bench near the front yard, too, was frightened first frosts and, apparently, could not tear herself away from the pre-heat, so that until the spring I will not hear hers “Good day, son”

He went to the car, put the key in the ignition and thought: “What does Scheffer want to say?” Really, one of the detachment has died? I do not believe, although the sky is not predictable and I fell, I broke down, I survived, “Magomed remembered while taxiing out from the parking lot.“Pumpage” on the SU-7b — a beautiful French word, and in fact — “Bach-bang. Ba-ba-bah. “And according to the instructions Is a failure in the operation of a turbojet engine, It is carried out by claps in an air intake quality of counterflow of gases, exhaust smoke, sharp drop in thrust and strong vibration, destroying the engine. That’s so easy-air flies into the compressor, and from the turbine crashes, rotating it. In the combustion chamber a mixture of kerosene and oxygen is heated. A pilot with his own- thoughts, previously hovering somewhere in a restaurant “Prague” or “Moscow” (and in the “National” a little worse …) instantly plunges into reality, where the wife in the hostel-with two children waiting for him, and then suddenly: “brah-tararah” — surging engine.“Thoughts away — I was driving. What? Feathered? Then it’s easy — I turn off the engine and wait until the lop- the bird will be cut into minced meat and oxygen will be in mixture. I start the engine again” The plane jerked forward — the gases were lit and untwisted the turbine is even stronger. Then a deafening explosion. he Job- wing pulled the aircraft into a circle. In the next second the traction disappeared completely and the plane went there, whence it flew -to the ground.

The plane steeply went down and, not reaching out to the ground security strip, fell on the open field and several times rolled over. He saw then the wreckage of the plane -part of the twisted fuselage, where the cabin was located, lay far from the place where the plane crashed. It was difficult imagine how you could survive with numerous fractures of the thoracic spine and nose and not to remain disabled for life.

He at the hospital asked the doctor not to report it wife: “Let them say that I took a business trip.” But not it happened: his wife ran in a jiffy. He then for the first time thought about the fact that his love has two completely opposite sides: love of the family and love of the skay. Like the two wings of aircraft — if there is not one of them, then it will fall just as the plane fell.

After the accident, he fell into depression, finding no answers, why it happened, and was looking forward to the results of the state commission. A month later he was informed that the fault was engine wear, which also increases the risk of nipness of surging. Because of the overflow on the endings due to deterioration of the sealing layer compression ratio of the compressor. With a sharp increase in the ma excess capacity on the turbine exceeds the required and, For this reason, the growth of turnover is faster than the estimated turnover -There are no prerequisites for the occurrence of surging. And so It happened.

A month in the hospital, then grueling exercises for recovery of the body. Otherwise it could be written off.

Another flight accident. In 1977 in the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Ministry of Defense finally drew attention to the high aviation accidents in combat units in peacetime, dozens of class pilots lost their lifes. It was adopted a special “Decree on reducing accident rates” One of the events in the 5th army stuffy had a demonstrative bailout for pilots. In front of me is a catapult chair with a modified fitsirovannoy construction. The commander stands nearby and looks at me.

“Well, Magomed, will we do it?” He asks, to understand that this is not an order, but a request. “By the way,

do you know who was the first to experience a catapult in our country. — he looks at me, wanting to say something nice. I think that it should be someone of my acquaintances. I shake my head — “This is your fellow countryman…” I begin to guess who we will talk about Ametkhan Sultan. It is a legend of the Soviet aviation. Ametkhan Sultan. I feel pride.

“Very well, Comrade Colonel,” I say, “I’ll jump whatever happens”.

“Not at once, Magomed,” the commander replies. — First you need to examine and test the operation of all mechanisms.

The following days the chair was dismantled and collected several times, and the jump was postponed. As a result, because of the increasing stress and fuss, the technician, after another analysis of the device, forgot one small detail-he did not twist one nut.

“I fly up to a small height, so that the pilots on the ground could clearly see the whole process, I click on the button catapult, I hear the clapper click. At the same time instantly I realize that the automatic machine from the chair is not botal. The height is six hundred meters. Below, looking up at the sky, the pilots are waiting for an exemplary master ejection of the experienced pilot. Nothing happens. I feverishly start manually undocking the chair — it takes precious time with loss of height. As a result, before the eyes of the

glare my parachute opens at an altitude of twenty meters.The blow to the ground was so strong that my eyes flashed sparks. For a slight omission I paid dearly my health — compression fracture: eight to twelve departments of the spine. Lying in the hospital, I thought about the regiments and Ametkhan Sultan.”

To the aerodrome, he arrived on time, as promised to Scheffer half an hour before the flight to Baikonur. In the shirt undone on her breast. with a helmet in his hand, he went to a cafe and sat down at the table near the window, not noticing how the two from the far corner began to drill his eyes. One of them was his colleague by cosmonaut Yuri Shaffer, originally from Chelyabinsk, who got into the detachment of the second set with Magomed

The selection was problematic, because after a series of deaths, which the media called “a curse of Buran”, many pilots, especially superstitious, refused.

The first selection was 500 people for eight seats, and the second was weaker: only the most confident in themselves, the most purposeful, gave consent. But they were not of the weak.


Scheffer flew on a heavy supersonic bombardment a chisel with a variable geometry of the Tu-22M2 wing. He once upon landing of this aircraft at the White military base under Irkutsk broke the mechanism of release of slats and flaps. At the command post, panic and order -to be tapped: the aircraft with such a malfunction can not sit down. The psychology of the Soviet pilot — how much the country looses, and Schaeffer as a real person takes decision to land the aircraft, despite the danger for life. As a result, he successfully landed an unguided aircraft on the runway. Specialists began to study the method of landing and recognized. that the Sheffer opened a new page in the piloting of high-speed bombers

A young girl with a white apron with a large pocket took coffee for Magomed and began to return to the counter. Yuri In a low voice, putting a finger to his lips, called out:

— Nastya!

Nastya deviated from the route and went to the table were was sitting Yuri.

— I listen to you, Yuri Petrovich, — with elegant movement her hands removed the hanging hair on the forehead behind her ear.

“For fun, dear,” Yuri said. — Take a cup of coffee from that young man and bring it here.

The girl smiled and glanced at Magomed, who pressed his lips slowly to the cup. She returned smiling face to Yuri, appreciating the preaction of the host of the cup.

“It’s not proper,” said Nastya, still smiling.

— Oh please. He is some kind of sad and unlike himself — he does not see his friends. Let’s move him.

The girl got courage and walked to the table of Magomed. She apologized and under a dumbfounded look of Magomed picked up the cup with the coffee and carried away in the other direction, on the line of which he sought Scheffer, who smiled, his mouth wide.

Magomed laughed too, the first time since morning, stood up and,

came to him.

— If Magomed does not go to the mountain, then the mountain should go to Magomed, “said Yuri, rising from his chair to greet. — Meet him, this is a journalist from the ‘Red Star’” — Victor. On his own initiative he conducts an investigation of the series of disasters in our detachment.

— Tolboyev! — Victor exclaimed, holding out his hand to

say hello again. — I’ve heard a lot about you: a professional

on landing aircrafts without an engine!

“Not only,” -Yura put in, “the conqueror of the sky.” When he flies the aerodynamics is silent…

On the table, a pack of cigarettes, a pen, papers and two glasses, on the bottom which gleams the rest of the vodka.

“Do not judge, brother,” said Yuri, when he saw that the eyes of Magomed stopped at the glasses. “I’m tired as hell.” Just flew from distant foreign shores.

Magomed raised his left hand and turned to him to look at the clock — before departure for Baikonur, is still left half an hour.

“What do you need from me, Yuri?” Asked Magomed. — I just understand that if an investigation is conducted, it must be carried out special services.

Generous wrinkles around Yura’s eyes thickened. He exchanged a glance with Victor-

— Only listen to me, I will speak, — reported Yura. “There’s something unclean, Magomed.” Someone wants to derail -our program for which is spent thirteen years of a huge team. You forgot the poem of Chugovets after Kononenko’s death: “Who’s next?..”. You and I have families — I do not want to perish. — Yuri nervly hit the table with his finger twice.

There was silence at the table. – You say: just arrived? Asked Magomed.

“It turned out like an anecdote,” Yura joked and, looking at Victor, asked. — Vitya, you heard an anecdote about long-range aviation pilots?

— No.

— So they are given special tablets to give them twenty hours not want to sleep, neither eat nor drink. And later all that overtakes simultaneously.

Victor chuckled.

“I hope you’ve already got it all over,” said Magomed.

“Of course,” said Yura. — True, I have not got home yet.

— It does not work for you, as in another anecdote about the pilot?

— asked Magomed, wishing to continue with that to stay

on a wave of humor.

Victor still had a smile after Yura’s first joke.

— Tell me! Victor cheered.

— The pilot’s wife decided to get rid of a nasty cat, -began Magomed, — put her in a bag and let her go far from home. She did not have time to come home, and the cat was right there. On the next day he took her to work. In the evening the cat returned back. Then she asked her husband-pilot to take her away of the city and descend from the sky. The next day the wife, killed by anxious expectations, complains to the neighbor: “I worry about my husband — the cat returned home, and my husband still no”.

Three men in the far corner of the cafe laughed so much that they paid attention to themselves. Schaeffer just pretended that laughed, but inside everything shrank from the inevitable expectation of another catastrophe.

— For me and “yesterday” as “today” — time is so fast flies” Yuri said. — I have a feeling, as if we only yesterday buried the best guys from the detachment who already is nicknamed “The Wolf Pack”: Victor Bukreev, Oleg Kononenko. Do you remember, Magomed, how Igor Wolf at the funeral feast of Oleg said: “I’m sorry, guys: I did not know that I was calling you on death”. — Yura looked at the waiter and made a sign with fingers, which meant — just a little bit of vodka. — “Inevitably Losses”? Yura muttered. — What the heck. Today they are, and tomorrow I am. It is necessary to do something, but I do not know what. Here I have stated my understanding of the matter — I did not sleep all night, drank coffee, smoked cigarettes and wrote. Victor, edit, correct and when you can. Valuable information. When you get the fee a box of cognac from you. Good?

“Very well,” agreed Victor.

Scheffer concentrated, strained his eyes and began to read:

— “The program” Energy — Buran “began with a provocativeAmerican actions on “space racing”. At mid-seventies exploration of the Soviet Union sniffed out some details of the American super-space-based weapons “Space Shuttle”. In the technical description of the shuttle was written that it would have a great opportunity for maneuvering, which will allow him to make a dive from space in Moscow and throw off on it nuclear bomb. This was not a joke, and time proved the correctness of such a version: nineteen hundred and eighty sixth year in the course of the usual, at first glance, flight of the American “Space Shuttle”, having left the orbit, made an accurate maneuver: deployed at an altitude of eighty kilometers, dived into the atmosphere of the planet just above Moscow. The officer of Soviet air defense, who observed the flight of the shuttle, fell in a stupor…

— Really? -Ustinov asked in surprise when he was told about the capabilities of the American shuttle.

“Yes,” his assistant confirmed without emotion.

“That’s how it can throw off on our heads a nuclear bomb”, the minister suggested.

“Maybe Dmitry Fedorovich,” the assistant confirmed.

— Maybe. And not one of our interceptor aircraft can not do anything to prevent him. In addition, the shuttle has a long manipulator with which it directly in orbit can disassemble any desired satellite in pieces and, without asking permission from anybody, take away the the equipment with a total weight of up to 14.5 tons home in America.

Ustinov turned white, his glasses slid down his nose.

“Call Maximov to me.” How can I report this to Brezhnev, I do not know.

Then occurred the categorical reaction of Leonid Breznev, who did not have the habit of standing on ceremony, if speech was about the security of the country: to prevent Americans from superiority, although they have recently become more compliant in negotiations to reduce the degree of international tension. Words in words, but in practice you cannot give the Americans such superiority. For sub keeping the peace always were needed strong arguments. Аfter meetings in the Politburo, consultations with military strategists and industry, in February 1976, the government issued a decree on the creation of the national reusable space system Energia-Buran” Aftera reusable space system — “Energy — Buran”. All leading space organizations were attracted to this work: more than a thousand scientific research institutes, design bureaus, enterprises of industry and about 1.5 million people. According to press, the Soviet people singled out the program “Buran” more than $ 17 billion. But what happened futher? Someone, knowing that nothing to do with the program, found a weak place in this program — to remove people from list of the detachment, which was soon to take off in space. They were the most persistent and experienced Soviet pilots full of confidence and patriotism — eight people, for the professional and spiritual qualities of five hundred candidates for the seat. In the first eight secret-special detachment included Oleg Kononen, Anatoly Levchenko, Rimantas Stankevičius, Alexander Shukin, Nikolay Sadovnikov, Victor Bukreev and Alexander Lysenko and, of course, Igor Volk himself, who was elected a commander, because he was the best.

Soon began inexplicable things: the list of the detachment for somebody became available and hunting began on them: one after another began to crash, and began to melt detachment of Wolf. The commission did not find out anything, recognizing that it was human factor, and attributed this to inevitable losses. The State Security Committee also also spread their hands-a strange coincidence of events.” — Yura did the pauseand raised his head: first he looked at Magomed, then on Victor. — Correctly written?

Yura missed another glass, purely in Russian, sniffed a piece of bread and, looking around in oder not overhear a secret monolog, returned to the conversation:

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