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Бесплатный фрагмент - Аstrocartography

Study guide

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Study guide

The book is focused on students of senior astrologic courses and practicing astrologers, as additional material to the lectures on Astrocartography. The material is presented clearly, specifically, at a word and is based on: «brevity is the soul of wit». Wide range of samples from practice.

Illustrator Pavel Sviridov.


The modern world is directed its wings into future with cosmic velocity. New technologies universally and extraordinary fast enter our life. The things, that 10—20 years ago have been considered as fantastic fiction, for now they are routine actuality. The science astrology is not the exception, it is not for the first year, since astrology stepped beyond the frames of medieval dogmata and traditions. The direct proof of this fact is the modern branch of astrology, Astrocartography, hereinafter ACG. ACG is a modern astrological technique, based on projection of celestial bodies on the Earth’s surface. With the help of this technique, we can define favorable and unfavorable places for human life. The modern astrologist, who masters the ACG technique, can rise to a new level of its professional skills.

On actual basis, ACG is astrology of XXI century!


To be going on, I would like to thank my first teachers on ACG technique: Sergey Kurpatov, Pavel Sviridov and David Meadows.

I wish you all health, many happy returns and success in your creative endeavors!

Owing to their lectures and astrological programs, I acquainted with this interesting astrological technique of analysis and prediction. In the pre-computer age, it was impossible to apply this astrological technique. At one of the seminars D.Meadows said, that once he decided to try to make calculations of 10 Planets and 4 angles of the map. It took him 3 days to draw one map! However, if the map is wrong and it should be drawn again? Or, if you should draw more than one map? Dear reader understands, in this case, it is impossible to work without modern computer programs.

We should comprehend that there are no perfect software that is why, in my practice, I use several astrological programs: «VegaSviri Matrix», «Astrogeography V2.7.», ZETGEO 9.0.

My main «workhorse» is the astrological program of Pavel Vladimirovich Sviridov «VegaSviri Matrix». It performs everything quickly and promptly. When I have lack of functional of «VegaSviri Matrix», I use «Astrogeography V2.7., I use ZET GEO 9.0 for educational purposes, when participants don’t have the first two programs.

In this book, with permission of Sviridov P.V., I published texts of ACG description of the Planets.

The main material on Astrocartography subject I give during lectures and seminars on this theme. In this book, I state the additional information, which contributes to a better understanding of this subject.

Historical notes

For the first time the astrological technique of work with geographic maps was applied by American traveler and astrologist Jim Lewis. Back in 1975, when visiting different locations, he noted some regularity. In the same planetary locations, the events, that had happened to him had the same character (positive or negative, depends on his location). Jim Lewis was the inventor of ACG. The widespread of this astrological technique was given by his follower David Meadows, the author of «Where In The World With Astrocartography».

Prior to work with ACG

What you should know and use in ACG.

If in Astropsychology, in particular cases, you can neglect precise rectification, I do not recommend working with ACG technique without precise rectification.

When using the natal chart with inaccurate time of birth, there will be great differences in the predictions.


It is important to know, that ACG technique consists of three main segments:

Local space, or as we can call it astrological fen-shui.

Planetary radix lines. Projection of local charts on the Earth’s ground.

The natal chart (hereinafter NC) — basic part of ACG. How to draw the NC properly is provided on the first courses of all standard astrological schools, consequently I will not speak about it in this book.

Horoscope of the geodesic (geodetic) equivalent. Astrological technique, where the constant is a principal meridian.

At present, in astrological association there is no one frame of mind, which principal meridian should be used as a constant: someone thinks, that it is 0 Greenwich, someone — from Ural Mountains, someone — from Canary Islands and etc.

The fact is that if I do not understand or if I see, that astrological technique is not working, so I will not tell about it during my lectures, moreover I will not write the books about it.

Now I am researching this astrological technique. As soon, as my practice gives the sustainable positive result, I will certainly publish it. So, follow my news, which I regularly post on my official website www.rasvetsiriusa.com

Therefore, in this book, I will tell about the first two astrological techniques.

Local Space

(Azimuth lines projection)

Technical calculation

At the time of native’s birth, all planets are located around its birth’s place in various directions. The projection of celestial position of the planets is executed on the Earth’s ground. Moreover, from the native birth’s place are drawn the azimuth lines to these projections.

Pic.1. Local Space (hereinafter LS). Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix».


The most relevant explanation — on the analogy of location of the planets in Zodiacal signs. These locations describe the psychological expectation and attitude of the person, located currently at a certain point. I would express it this way: subconscious motives construct events through the behavior.


As astrological fen-shui in the room, house, flat, town, country, planet, the LS should be targeted in accordance with cardinal points and make its projection on the place, taking into account the locality (change of place of stay, if it happens to be).

According to the characteristics of planetary lines in one junction or another, you can give the client some hints, what he should expect in one place or another. In other words, there might be dangerous places of native’s location, favorable and etc., e.g:

The Moon — place of residence.

Mercury — place of education.

Venus — love, romance.

The Sun — creative materialization.

Mars — sports activities.

Jupiter — place of good luck and success, business and etc.

Saturn — territory of loneliness and fear.

Uranus — revolutions, surprises.

Neptune — complicated situations risk from water.

Pluto — risk from the crime.

Pic.2. LS on the Earth‘s entire territory. Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix»

Pic.3. LS on some Earth’s region. Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix»

Pic.4. LS on Moscow city. Astrological program «Astrogeography v2.7.»

Pic.5. LS on flat’s design. Astrological program «Astrogeography v2.7.»

Descriptions of planetary lines of ls

(Description from the program «VegaSviri Matrix)


When locating on Moon line, you feel at home, enhance the perception of soul. Here, you easily escape from the works, feel free, and you can be emotionally open, and sensitive. It is the successive line for the residence and family vacation. On this line, the mother nature will reveal itself very clearly, as well as your way of relations with her. For women — indication on the potential maternity.


Locating on Mercury line, you strengthen your set of mind. Here you can make successful acquaintance, socialize, study, work with various information, analyze. It is the assignment for business trips, development of trade relations, learning of foreign language, study and traveling. On this line actualizes the subject of blood relations.


Locating on Venus line, you raise the significance of partnership relations. This line is favorable for romantic relations, search of the marital or business partner. Here, you extremely show yourself, as charming and attractive person. It is the fortunate location for earnings, self-fulfillment in social life and enhancement of ethical and aesthetical principles.


Locating on Sun line, you intensify your will, ego and natural spirit. You will easily make important decisions or solve notional tasks in the right direction. Besides, this line favors in realization of creative personality. You can reveal all kinds of talents. Here will be evaluated your executive talent, your skill to manage, to spirit, to invigorate and undertake trailblazing projects. On this line, the father nature will reveal itself very clearly, as well as your way of relations with him. For men — indication on the potential paternity.


Locating on Mars line, you intensify your activity, impulsion, impetuosity and commitment to result. It is work area, area of self-activity. Here are revealed the best man features, for the women — the growth of attraction of the sterner sex. At once — it is the line of enhance of the conflict.


Locating on Jupiter line, you increase your opportunities. It is the successful direction for broadening of outlook, finding sponsors and protectors, acquiring of new knowledge, obtaining a higher education, taking a degree, expansion of your influence. Here you can start new promising business, meet business partners, make successful investments. In general — it is the line of success.


Locating on Saturn line, you intensify your internal concentration, self-discipline and ascesis. This line is favorable for slow, but true career progression. Otherwise, it assumes obstacles, limitations, restrictive circumstances. Probable depression and breakaway phenomenon.


Locating on Uranus line, you intensify eccentricity, adventurism and temper distinction, raise the probability of extreme situations, nervous strain. The line might be successful for search of friends, confederates, for reformatory and revolutionary activities, for learning of information and computer technologies, astrology activity and research studies. Favorable direction for extreme vacation.


Locating on Neptune line, you enhance your undersense. Here you can have good vacation, dream, and meditate. This line will show where you can go for religious pilgrimage. This line offers you great illusions, inspiration and opportunity to become a poet, painter or musician. Favorable direction for sea voyage, for underwater survey, for fishing. Probably, the growth of attraction and finding of a great love.


Locating on Pluto line, you raise the fatality of your fate. Here you will face fatal circumstances, which will give you the supreme transformation. The line is successful for sexual self-fulfillment. If you have energy and resources to walk at the tip of the spear, it is good direction for traveling to «flash points», to volcanoes or for underwater and caves survey. In other cases — unfavorable direction.

It is important!

You should pay attention on: — Midpoints of planetary lines. Status of the planets in horoscope. — Definition of actual center of the city. — Peculiarities of work in transpolar latitudes.

Samples of ls

Sample 1

Native had worked on Jupiter line. The things were going good. On this line, he had had good authority, he had been followed by good luck and success, he had been full of optimism and great plans. He had had good health.

After a while, he changed his job, moved to Pluto line. The work started to bring stress and great emotional upheaval. Due to the long state in condition of extra stress, he started to suffer from various deceases and phobias.

Sample 2

The native in his horoscope has Moon in debilitated position in the 3rd House, which is almuten of VII and VIII houses of horoscope. During his life he got himself into a mess for three times (money loses).

The first time he was deceived on a large amount in the exchange office.

The second time, he was ineffectually consulted by another astrologist at a high price.

The third time, he had failed rent payment of the trading place.

All events took place in different locations of the same city, but all three events took place on the same line of Moon’s azimuth.

Sample 3

Native had been involved in shoot-out where he was knifed. While drawing LS and putting it on city map, the place setting was not displayed by the planets. However, during detailed review, it turned up, that event took place precisely on Midpoint line of Mars-Pluto.


Technical calculation

Astrogeography (hereinafter — AGG)

The local charts (local horoscopes) are drawn at the time of birth and at all possible places of birth of the native on Earth.

Junctions of the same planets with the same houses cusp are drawing with continuous lines.

There are two variants of calculation and drawing of these planetary lines:

Only junctions of planets with horizontal (ASC — DSC) and vertical axes are used. The projection of the planets is made on EQUATOR (with account of latitude and inclination of the planet):

Pic. 6. Projection of AGG — lines on Equator. Setting up. Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix».

Pic. 7. Projection of AGG — lines on Equator. Layout. Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix»

.Only junctions of planets with all 12 houses cusp of horoscope are used. The projection of the planets is made on ECLIPTIC (excluding the latitude and inclination of the planet).

Pic. 8. Projection of AGG — lines on Ecliptic. Setting up. Astrological program «VegaSviri Matrix».

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