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About sex

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The most frequent questions about sex and answers to them from specialists

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It’s a shame to ask: the most uncomfortable questions about sex from the point of view of medicine and gynecologists. Stretching of the vagina after childbirth, squelching during sex, where the point G, when the first time you can have sex after acquaintance, embarrassment and sexual pity, whether sexual intercourse can provoke an attack of cystitis…

And many other questions that we will discuss in this useful manual for both sexes.


The subject of intima affects each of us. It causes great curiosity, but it’s not all that the specialist dares to ask questions about sex. Such questions cause confusion even in our time of free morals. Many are embarrassed to talk about sex, not only with experts, but also with a partner. As a result, scandals, misunderstandings and conflicts in families arise.

We picked up the most popular questions about sex, the answers to which can improve the quality of your intimate life.

What sensations does a woman under orgasm, what are the characteristic signs of orgasm?

The sensations of women in the occurrence of orgasm may be different. A characteristic sign is contractions of the vaginal muscles. Their number fluctuates, with an average of 2—25 cuts. In addition, a woman’s heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, a feeling of warmth spreads across the body in the abdomen.

Most women note that during orgasm they experience strong emotional satisfaction, comparable to ecstasy. In a state of orgasm, a woman does not control her behavior, so she can scream, cry, bite, etc.

How long does it take to get to know a man before having sex?

Here everything is individual. Before moving to intimacy, it is necessary to study a person, his views on life, character and behavior. A woman should understand if she is ready for a serious relationship with this man.

Of course, this stage can be skipped if the main purpose of dating is sex without obligations.

Can there be a negative effect on the use of condoms?

Frequent use of condoms affects the microflora of the vagina. The most active influence is provided by products with specific components, various aromatic and flavor additives. Spermicide lubrication of condoms protects against infection, but the active substances contained in it are also a constituent of creams and tablets for intravaginal contraception and are capable of altering the microflora of the vagina. Regular use of such tools is not recommended.

Quite popular variety of condoms — with ribs, pimples and other rough spots. Their frequent use leads to the formation of microtraumas on the mucous membranes of the vagina, after which inflammation occurs.

But the most unpleasant consequences from the use of condoms occur in women prone to allergy to latex. The main symptoms are burning and swelling of the vagina. To avoid such discomfort, it is better to use products made of polyurethane.

However, despite all the problems associated with the use of condoms, do not forget that this is the main tool in the prevention of HIV and other STDs. Therefore, a condom is the main means of protection when entering into sexual relations with unfamiliar people.

What if I forgot to remove the tampon from the vagina before entering sexual intercourse?

Experiencing this is not worth it. The vagina is not wide enough, and therefore a tampon in it can not be «lost». In case he was so deep that it is impossible to get a tampon by himself, it is necessary to make an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible. Do not forget that the tampon is a foreign body, and a prolonged stay in the vagina can lead to inflammation, and then to a toxic shock with a possible fatal outcome.

How can a woman understand if she is comfortable with a man in bed?

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