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A statesman who doesn’t exist yet

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Introduction. Rings Of Almanzora

Chapter I. AntiBudda

Chapter II. Kingdom of heaven

Chapter III. Do you have Toad eyes?

Chapter IV. And eyes on the forehead

Chapter V. the Humble hypocrite

Chapter VI. Negative selection.

Chapter VII. The main thing is to take power

Chapter VIII. A cruel chameleon

Chapter IX. Old wife’s fears

Chapter X. Reform in Russia and China

Chapter XI. What is in Asia and not in Eurasia

Chapter XII. Who is equal to all

Chapter XIII. Moving while standing

Chapter XIV. Market-well done

Chapter XV. Remid wheel

Chapter XVI. The end of the SNG Sultanate

Chapter XVII. Where are the statesmen?

Chapter XVIII. The zerots loop

Chapter XIX. What is a remids loop?

Chapter XX. That selects remid

Chapter XXI. on Canary islands

Chapter XXII. Columbarium

Chapter XXIII. Call him a person

Chapter XXIV. Liberalism- hundred lights

Chapter XXV. Liberalism-one hundred light Tengrism

Chapter XXVI. Why they take other people’s places

Chapter XXVII. There will be no coup if.

Chapter XXVIII. Remid must rule

Chapter XXIX. Unconscious selfishness

Chapter XXX. What destroyed socialism

Chapter XXXI. Babylonians

Chapter XXXII. The wolf and forest

Chapter XXXIII. Where the dead came from.

Chapter XXXIV. Power

Chapter XXXV. The last hero.

Chapter XXXVI. Infection

Chapter XXXVII. Putin is lucky man

Chapter XXXVIII. The first or the second

Chapter XXXIX. Squires

Chapter XL. Insecure elite

Chapter XlI. To gather people.




Often rulers are forced to recruit new officials from the common people. Give them the nobility for years of service. And then the children of these new nobles overthrow the ruler. What ingratitude! This happened, for example, in Russia. It was not the bourgeoisie that overthrew the last Russian Tsar. The bourgeoisie only helped. Created an Alliance with young officials.

Moreover, when the revolutionary government was already recruiting new officials, these officials again forgot that the revolution had given them a start in life. Of course the monarchy could be replaced by the impersonal power of “scullery maid”. But the third generation of these peasants, that is, the grandchildren of Soviet officials, again “thanked” their native Soviet power. What black ingratitude! And what a short memory. Even today, dirt is being poured on the revolution from the mouths of the descendants of past commoners, the great and successful grandsons of the first Soviet Directors and intellectuals. A revolution that according to the scenario of all revolutions turned everything upside down and again recruited ungrateful commoners. Gave them everything their ancestors never even dreamed of. And my grandkids forgot everything… What is this? Is this the law of ingratitude?

The Tsar also had old officials working for him. But they were not enough. What was wrong with the ruler and the government? There were obviously not enough officials. The ranks must change, rotate: some grow, rise in the hierarchy, get a high rank, others, the young come to replace them. Generations change generations. And the new party of young people and officials is growing together with the country. The country expands in width, the economy gets depth, officials multiply in number along with the growth of the economy and the width of new problems. After all the country is growing, the Empire is expanding, the economy is becoming more complex. New people, the most capable are recruited, trained right from the bottom and forward. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. The process of recruiting fresh personnel is not necessary. Everything is fair and progressive. There is nothing wrong with this set yet. But here comes a moment and it is collected from a set of half-moments that these new cadres or their children of these new ones raised from the bottom together with the progress so to speak and the development of the state in width and depth, begin to resent something, show discontent, fuss, murmur. Appear populists then the revolutionaries, then by the terrorists. Everything goes to waste. What is it? A lot of work. Enough for everyone. But there is some dissatisfaction. First quiet, peaceful then clear and bloody.

Here’s the thing.

The fact that the traditional mode traditional mode has such a feature. It forms rings. Hierarchy rings (revkon rings). Because the traditional regime and above all the traditional people cannot exist without hierarchy. The traditional world cannot exist without castes. These are the highest privileged circles that are ossifying time after time. The ring is superimposed on the ring. After the period of the elite’s emergence its justification on the ring and then the justification of rights to everything: there are also subordinate, lower castes. Elitists do not allow a stranger to go up to them, they repel the upstart, they close the door in front of him. These are castes. The Brahmans are allowed in only for great merit. You need to work hard to please the priestly caste. And only the highest ruler does not wait and supports the talent. Raises a nugget the most unusual of the Sudra caste. Because the Supreme ruler of the state is the most important priest of the tradition, the chief Brahman of the community. Palace people, the servants just do not let anyone in, they bristle against each new batch of competitors. Rituals, introductions, bail, even small laws often even informal, unsigned contracts. This is repeated every time there is a new batch of people who want to enter the Golden ring. Even if the so-called revolutionary Republic replaces the monarchy and the General Secretary and Politburo change the Tsar and his Ministers, it will be an old picture or another ring.

The same caste system arose under the Soviets.

“The son of a General should be a General” — this is the motto of traditional customs and all the rings of the rite. That’s why the children of the new nobles (or Communists or Democrats) knocked their foreheads on the cherished doors where they are strictly forbidden to enter. If there is already a caste system, a new Guild organization then only a riot would help here. These revolts in the form of revolutions occur. Because the traditional society, the caste world has lived like this for centuries. And the country it is also the Empire must expand. There is no indication of distinctions in the law or even in the Constitution but there are! And all the traditional people — serafy, serenity, remedy admit it. And expect. That the traditional people (trape) or the predecessors of the new party of zerefs, zeremids, remids will create these rings of hierarchy for which newcomers will not get. And then comes the fuss and discontent. What do we have? The children of young nobles or the young proletarian intelligentsia want to overthrow: the first the Tsar, and the second the General Secretary. Change the name and signage nothing changes the traditional people (trape) remains true to himself. The traditional people, I repeat, form castes. In the creation of the rings of the rings of the hierarchy he has no equal. In fact, no one can get to the top or there is already an opinion that no one can get to the top. Gold rings have already been cemented with calcium from tradition.

That’s when the people stop listening to the local leaders but first of all the teachers. The crowd loses its authority. We start talking about remids. It remids or the old authorities have to replace the disgruntled serafy, serenity, refuge and other troublemakers — the new generation from the bottom. Time will pass and some invisible cycle will end. And from the new people in power, a completely new revolutionary elite, a circle of rings will be formed. The new, now revolutionary elite will become a hindering factor. And now other provincials will crowd outside the door — they will want to throw the previous ones in the trash



In the 7th century BC, a certain genius boy of the princely family of Shakya grew into an enlightened teacher of his people. The Buddha revealed to his soul the cause of suffering. No, not yet. The cause of suffering is desire. No desire — no suffering. All ingenious is simple. If his community and kin were suffering, then they, as a whole and individually, were doing something wrong. What did they want? The Buddha forbade touching gold, silver, and women, because these are the main temptations that lead to ruin. But gold and silver are not available to everyone, but only to the nobility. Although the lower classes may want gold, after women of course. Before us is a picture from the distant past, when the remids and zerefs are excited at the same time. No demand, no supply. There is no suffering, there is no Buddha. Gautam Buddha is not a God; he is only one link in the chain of personal enlightenment. The Buddha has grasped the truth of a particular moment. And the moment shows that all his relatives and the surrounding people were excited and suffered from excitement.

Truly, if you give the rabble a lot of food and women, will they be satisfied?

And if you give the nobility the proper glory, will not our remids (elite) become bored at one moment? The point is that anyone who tries to satisfy the crowd with a goal will not only be disappointed, but this people will also pay the price. Which does not come immediately, and sometimes lingers for a long time. But there is no doubt that this will be a reckoning. You can’t satisfy a hungry person with food. You can’t appease someone who has known slavery with freedom. The first will kill itself by gratuitous absorption, the second will ruin the community by a mess of intoxication.

By the middle of the XIX century, the world received another Gnostic doctrine-Marxism, the author of this doctrine was a very enlightened and brilliant man Karl Marx.

From this enlightenment we understand that Karl Marx rebelled not only against the Rabbi’s father, but also against the entire system of rabbis. Capitalism was written out an inevitable and inglorious end. And this inevitable end will be provided by the proletarian, endowed with a Messianic mission.

In addition, the proletarian Messiah is supposed to build, was obliged to build from the “Kingdom of necessity” the Kingdom of freedom”, when from each according to need, to each according to ability-remember these stamps of Marx? Memorized and notched by propagandists. That’s it, all according to Marx. Brilliant! Everyone will get their talents, it’s so attractive. Everyone gets what they want. This is the most important thing.

But first, the talent or talents of the obsolete rotten classes will give way, of course, to the talents of the litter from the second “proletarian” box. How the new talent will achieve its perfection, it is not clear until now. In practice, except for the mass slaughter of the reactionary “rot” of the tsarist aristocracy, then the revolutionaries of the intelligentsia, then the same mass accession of new proletarian masters, nothing happened. Some gentlemen had replaced the other. And these new nomenclature lords were far more repulsive in the imitative farce of their deposed predecessors. The new rulers had absolutely no honor or aristocracy. These mongrel comedies (and the tragedies of the watching audience) are now being implemented in full swing. In addition, the watching and suffering masses do not seem to want to overthrow the next masters and tyrants. Moreover, despite predictions of the imminent collapse of new simulacra States of tyrants and autocrats, revkon (revolutionary conservatism) claims that these autocracies are much stronger and more stable than their Communist predecessor. Although the Soviet Union in the sizes, the heights and the depths seems immeasurably better than the rest of him.

In fact, the new regimes and societies are more stable than they seem. To understand this phenomenon, we brought in an enlightened Buddha and added our own revkon. Modern autocracy is the opposite of the Buddha. They will meet the demand of the population. They indulge their passions. If the categories RevCon Serafim — Sarafovo, remida — remidee. All passions are at rest. Stores are filled with an unprecedented food shortage. Markets are full of different vintage items. Each category of the population can choose their own food and things to taste and taste.



When the Muslim Sultan Saladin laid siege to Jerusalem in 1187, the defense of the “Kingdom of heaven” was led by Baron Balian. But since all the knights of the Kingdom of Jerusalem were killed in the battle of Hattin three months before the siege, the Baron Ibilinus had to accept all the defenders of Jerusalem as knights and thus raise their morale.

The people who came to the Tsar’s wagon train near Mozhaisk for abdication, as well as those who wanted to replace the autocracy with a republic and contributed to the fall of Nicholas II — who are they? The generals of Russia in the fateful days of February and March 1917 were just “new knights”, like those adopted by Baron Ibilin to protect the” Kingdom of heaven” of Jerusalem.

Let’s call the names of these new nobles whose ancestors were absolutely not “knights” for 100 or less centuries before the fateful events.

The chief of staff of the Supreme ruler, General Alexeyev — is the son of a retired Feldwebel.

The commander of the Northern front, General Ruzsky, is the son of an official of the XII class (cornet, ensign, Midshipman)

The commander of the South — Western front, General Kornilov, who arrested the Tsar’s family — is the son of a cornet and a commoner.

The commander of the Western front, Denikin is the son of a serf.

One of the two delegates from the Duma is the manufacturer Guchkov from a merchant family.

Of the hereditary nobles, only General Brusilov. And the second of the two signatories is Shulgin. But both were already ill with the eternal disease of the russian intellectual self-eating as a habit of intellectuals.

It is worth mentioning that the leaders of the two left-wing revolutionary factions-the social revolutionaries and the bolsheviks-Kerensky and Lenin were the sons of provincial noblemen.

What were they missing? The truth? Justice? Or victories on the Russian-German front? Although, most likely, victories. But for the lack of victories for pride there is something else that no one can understand or see.

The traditional regime anyone builds a rigid social pyramid. Although the founders of any pyramid want to stay at the top with their offspring they are also interested in having more or less intelligent guys trickle up, so that there is less mess and fuss. At least for now. If you only recruit Executive jerks to the top, then the mess and fuss will be more than the cases themselves. But all the same each part of the pyramid wants to legitimize its rights to a place for centuries, that is, to remain at the top forever and that no upstart will take the place of his children, who will receive the father’s place, rank and rank by inheritance. It would seem that all the dethroners of Nicholas II got all the career opportunities and fulfilled their desires. They grew up almost from the bottom. But still there was something wrong with it. Desires fulfilled but the internal is what the worms have left. And these worms are the rings of tradition. No matter how you twist these rings and no matter how you break them, they will still shrink. They will shrink the way they should. And tradition always wants ossification, wants to stagnate. Hence the eternal recurring periodically stagnation in the traditional world, which change to the same sharp revolutionary explosions.

What do people always lack at all times in the hierarchy? And what is missing is a higher rank and everyone is missing completely. (Many former Soviet citizens know that jeans, Coca — Cola, and gum have nothing to do with it. Only children of the party elite wore american jeans and chewed gum. Here is how comically the plebeian craving for elitism, which in tsarist times was expressed by suits, buttons and collars, has shown itself — each class of officials has its own coat collar!).



In a hierarchical community, if you fall down, no one needs you. At the bottom everyone looks at the conditional top. In this form traditional society is like a frog or toad, seeing all the blue sky, but not the slime of a swamp or the fungus from the bottom of a well. The conventional frog or toad does not care about the simplest life under your feet. Here is so, fallen from above down, still will be visible during the fall, even fractions of seconds but this will be the last the last picture and further nonexistence. Every celestial knows this. And he knows that they are not watching frogs, they are just similar in the direction of their eyes and attention. The fall itself will be sweet to all. Because no one wants to fall at the top. He wants to die quietly on the top. Even better with honor. To be carried out feet first. And this is still the case.

I don’t know if I explained the reason for refusing to voluntarily leave the government in essence but there is something in this for another problem in the same area.

The fact is that as soon as the coveted first place is released, many people rush in that direction, including those who do not deserve to be at the peak. That is, everyone strives for power with every fiber of the traditional soul. But why do applicants behave so irresponsibly because we know that traditional people are the most responsible in the world? They are always responsible for their actions to society. Before the father, before the brothers, before the conscience of the ancestors and glory. But that doesn’t stop anyone. Is it because those same toad eyes don’t judge winners but wait. Who should bow down and bring some of their harvest. Everyone is already waiting to see who will sit on the top to take their vegetables from the garden or the carcasses of game from the hunt. The trays are ready, the backs of the obsequious servants are already bent in greeting the new boss. The toad’s eyes stared at it. The main thing is to get in there.

What is the reason for the same unscrupulousness of revolutionaries, that they forget that they are not climbing ahead of their talents? Isn’t it with the same toad eyes of tradition?

And I’m sorry, what kind of revolutionaries are unscrupulous?

If these revolutionaries came from the traditional world the traditional community, then the tradition itself explains it all. These same revolutionaries know very well that a society with eyes only looking up recognizes power. Any power even an alien one. It is necessary to take power. And then you can do whatever you want with this crowd. History is full of examples when not the best ones outstripped the more worthy and gifted ones in the struggle for power. But on your own head. Of course, the unworthy bypassed the worthy not always but at a time when there was no direct danger. Otherwise, no unworthy person will take the risk. It was at the moment when the upstart was left alone with his more worthy opponent, surrounded by the traditional people, the ignorant crowd, that he could have every chance to seduce the crowd to take power. Because the danger has disappeared there is no risk, no need for great talents. We only need to deal with populism. Flatter right and left. Seduce with your kindness and simplicity. Promise mountains of gold. Yell as in the jungle “We are of the same blood!” The crowd itself does not like bright ones. She likes simple people like herself. She will choose her own kind in the image and likeness — out of vanity.



The traditional man has eyes on his forehead. To see movement at the top. Because he doesn’t watch what’s going on below, he can jump in any direction just like that. If he hurts someone like that, he will apologize. But this is because at this moment others are apologizing. If they do not observe the culture of respect then they will not respect themselves because everyone who jumps to the side, back, or side is themselves. And he’s the one who gets jumped on. And he loves himself, though he doesn’t respect him. Well, in what way does he respect you? If he did not respect or pretend to respect himself under the influence of his own kind of jumpers, he would despise himself as he despises any lowered person. And no authorized and highly respected person in any way wants to fall, lose power, so that the eyes on the forehead of such traditional people stop looking at him. But each time someone jumped from above, from the side, though from where, and at the same time did not always apologize for the attack. In general superiority in the traditional community is important including to get rid of random hit-and-run attacks, so that fewer people step on their feet. They all have, once again, eyes on their foreheads. So obliges hierarchy or culture to simply say subordination. There will be power, there will be no attacks.

In addition, the traditional people circle around the Central core which no one sees but everyone knows that it is there. All people with eyes on the forehead are strung on this rod by invisible pins but they manage to jump sideways and sideways, but still without falling or rising above the border of the invisible pin, where they draw a line where they can not jump. They jump around the pin at a certain level, so that someone from below does not jump to them on the level and at this time jumping to the side and to the sides a little higher, jump to the side and to the sides to jump on the insolent from the lower conditional level. A superior easily shits on a subordinate. And the subordinate is silent or says thank you. An attack on the feet is the same signal that the next step will be on the head. According to the same principle, heads fly from below or more precisely, those creatures with eyes on their foreheads that have lost the sense of jumping (sense of proportion). Although it may be during the jumps to the side, to the sides, forward and back but at their level, they are well fed (relatively speaking, enriched). But they fell. This means that they will be watched on every floor of the invisible Central pillar you can jump on them or not, you can step on your feet or not. If they lose or lose their money they can turn into a caste of outcasts. In order not to fall into the cast of outcasts all those who fall from a height quickly move (jump away with all their strength) to another space where there is no Central rod on which all the jumpers are strung together. And since jumps are often accelerated as if everyone is trapped in a tight space, traditional people always feel that the space around them is narrowing, sometimes panic jumps begin at any level, so people with eyes in the middle do not get to the top. That is, normal people. Let’s call them conditionally talented because their view is somewhat broader. But if the view increases it means that they are not so sensitive to movements from above and jumps from the side. Hence their non-viability and the explanation that they can not get to the top in any way, although the selection is not for jumping but for the eyes on the forehead. Sensitive, sighted, yielding, flattering, but still with eyes on their foreheads. There can even get zerefs from other pyramids with a Central hierarchical core, that is, even from another nation, but the mandatory strict condition is eyes on the forehead. And increased sensitivity of the skin. For jumping sideways and sideways, no one ever stops for a second. So that traditional people whose eyes began to see around, that is, in their own way, the talented did not get higher, conditionally climbed from above, try to also shit or to make a vile, smiling maliciously. That is, they see that they are inferior in the survey, but they know that in this world the selection is made by other eyes. Let them be oblique, large-tuft, narrow, blue, brown, but still they should be on the forehead. But they will still cheat and shit unnoticed, because they initially consider themselves higher. In some families where the sons have a slightly different view of things, and we are talking here about traditional families, where the fathers of the family all the time with the installation that their eyes are always in place and they are always right (the fathers are always right), will correct this deviation of the eyes not on the forehead (educate). At least something. Though directly, though meanness. If only the sons manage to jump a level higher so that the traditional fathers can see them, then any eyes the sons have are approved and accepted. Even if these sons steal, Rob and corrupt they jump high in a savage society. This is very good for all wild people. They will glorify the name of their father, the name of their village and the name of their family. And this is very important on the invisible rod, where everyone jumps sideways and sideways according to the same wild laws.


Zerefs are community people whose behavior conforms to stringent standards. Taboo, morality, law. Their reflection is zero; therefore their reflexes are rigidly set by the community, authorities, and law.

Remids are people of honor. Their reflection is average, and they are a conditional elite and conditional authority directing the members of the community — the zerefs.

Refags represent the highest form of reflection, that of tradespeople. Selfish reflection aimed at making profit from underdeveloped or traditional people.



Against loop of remids (loop of remids -struggle remidov between themselves, after what ahead, option, in power it turns out zeref, a wild and strong-willed man)

After Lenin’s death.

Does this mean that if the power is lying on the road or a real candidate is experiencing difficulties, a less talented one will pick it up, as for example happened to the Bolsheviks after Lenin’s death?

For example, we take the attempt of Zinoviev, the Chairman of the Petrosovet, a member of the Politburo and Central Committee, and Kamenev, the Chairman of the Mossovet and head of the STO, to push aside the most talented in the Central Committee Trotsky, the Minister of war. After all, both knew that they would not pull responsibility and that their talents were lower than the LDT. Further, the party apparatus supported the even more inconspicuous and mediocre Stalin. In 1936, Stalin executed Kamenev and Zinoviev — the logical conclusion of the remids loop, when the most gifted come forward in the struggle of the most untalented. Then the most incompetent destroys them.


After Stalin’s death.

Beria was the most influential of the Soviet elite. But Malenkov and Khrushchev united against him, supported by Marshal Zhukov. Beria was shot. Malenkov was sure that the post of Chairman of the Council of Ministers was the main one (it was held once in the past by Lenin and Stalin). He recommended Stalin’s buffoon Khrushchev to lead the party. But he was very wrong. Who led the party, he was in charge of all.


In 1957, Stalin’s associates Molotov, Kaganovich, and Malenkov had already decided to remove Khrushchev. It is unlikely that Khrushchev was the most talented and the remids loop here looks more like a remids farce because all the participants are zeremids and provincials (all were born in the villages and rose thanks to the revolution of 1917 and the counter-revolution of 1937 by Stalin). The most talented of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Central Committee, Marshal Zhukov said: “I will appeal to the people, the people will support me!” (to crush you — Molotov, Kaganovich, Malenkov). For these words four months later Zhukov was accused of Bonapartism and dismissed as Minister of defense of the USSR.

The farce of choice.

When Khrushchev was dismissed no one wanted to come out on top. Everyone was afraid of Khrushchev’s reprisal. However when the support of the security forces was guaranteed, the hardware people agreed on the ridiculous figure of Brezhnev, who in the midst of Khrushchev’s struggle with Molotov, Kaganovich and Malenkov fainted at a meeting of the Bureau (almost like the elderly cardinal Jacques Dues, who was elected Pope in the hope that he would die immediately after the election. Dues during the Conclave portrayed himself all the time sick and dying at the Council of cardinals and they bought into this trick).

Finally, after the death of Andropov, 73-year-old Konstantin Chernenko was elected to the post of General Secretary and head of the USSR, “a diligent performer”, “never eager for power”, who from the very beginning of the Supreme Board was taken from his hospital bed, changed clothes and asked to read the prepared text. Isn’t this clear evidence of degradation and negative selection?!

Youth, not talent.

The most important argument when choosing the new leader of the USSR Gorbachev was not talent but only youth. Mikhail Gorbachev-the last leader of the USSR he is the son of a combine harvester. So much for the dictatorship of the proletariat! Where the most important thing was to be born somewhere in Siberia in the family of some slaughterer, locksmith or village blacksmith. As we can see the slogan of the dictatorship of the proletariat turned into a meme where the best was chosen from the worst. They chose from the majority of those who were more numerous in the country.

What are the conclusions?

Remids loop is a struggle of the elite and the self-destruction of the best rulers in the result of “bad parenting”, hope for the best, using the weakness of most worthy by reason of mandatory modesty. If the most worthy is not modest (for example, Trotsky), they will immediately begin to displace him, reproach him and finally completely exclude him from the list of candidates.

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