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Yulia Syanova: «I was born and raised in the Sunny southern city of Bishkek (Frunze), Kyrgyzstan. At school age I began writing poetry. Love to read, including imagination about what is happening in the plots of the books. You will be interested to read this book! I am sure that each reader characters of the book will get their own colors of appearance and behavior.»

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«Game of Tag» — a story for fans of fantasy and twisted plots. The action takes place in the middle of the XXI century in the space of reality and the game. The world of Julia Syanovoy is saturated with images of Grand battles, intertwined with the development of action in a scientific Institute. To get into the game against my will — not so bad, you need to get out of it. Dynamic storytelling keeps the reader’s attention throughout the story. What is the riddle of his father to solve the main character?

11 апр. 2018 г.