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Each person is a river, a star, a fire, a cathedral with its own set of bells. Viktoria Pressman started to play a piano when she was 5 years old. It was in Estonia, in Tallinn, where she was born in 1977. Her mother was a choir conductor but died early when the author was 7 years old. Viktoria’s father was the colonel of KGB, his father was Estonian. On the mother’s line Viktoria’s ancestors are the relatives of russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin. Viktoria was very sportive, she was the third among the young tennis players of Estonia. When she was 12, her father with his new wife, and her beloved granny left to Moscow.. She had to leave her motherland with them.. In Moscow Viktoria swallowed the air of freedom of Eltzin epoch together with LSD and psychodelic culture, Henry Miller books, The Doors, Nirvana… She got a degree in marketing somehow, althouth it was not what she wanted. And she even made a successful career on pay TV. After she slowly converted to orthodox christianity and deeply penetrated into it. She had two years course in theology. She slowly quitted the «normal» job and went to freelance and then her father died. She started to be bad again. Bud the road and the Way saved her from dying and now she is living a peaceful hermit life, dreaming a bit of music career.