Elaine Neksli

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Elaine Neksli is the pseudonym of a modern writer Alina Nikitina, working in the genres of historical romance, fantasy and detective. She was born in the Ukrainian city of Konstantinovka of Donetsk region, in the South-East of Ukraine, but in her books, the stories unfold only in foreign countries and in past times, since the author is interested in history of European monarchs. The first book Elaine — «Captive mistress» — tells the story of a poor noblewoman, who fell in love with the French king, and during the court intrigues appeared in the Arab harem. The genre of this piece is quite narrow and refers to the historical adventure novel with romance elements, while the second book of the writer «Vivian. Against fate» is a detective, and fantasy, and historical adventure. It is known that the writer began work on a vampire series. The first book is ready and will soon be released, and the second novel will be of a dystopian nature. Data about the third work in the series yet.