Laura Mikhralieva

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Об авторе

Laura Mikhralieva is a Moscow poet with the Causasian roots. When she was a teenager, she began to publish her works in regional magazines, but most of them stayed unpublished. As she admits, the things for her to be done in the best way are: to write, to love, to dream and… to suffer. The poet has a great empathic ability, with a good sense of beauty, for her soul to feel every word. In this book, the best poems from my three books are collected. You are going to travel around the kaleidoscope of feelings. While finding yourself, you will experience true emotions. I want to wish something to my book — to live! It would be good for it not to dwell on the bookshelf, which is also honourable, but to travel! I want it to sit on the bench and get wet slightly under the rain and to be open to the sunlight and, of course, to your heart! I want its pages to be folded at pages with your favourite poems. I want it to be read aloud and to yourself, to be passed from hand to hand and to be well-advised.