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I am not going to write a lot just in order to make this book thick. Most likely this book will not take much your time but I am sure it will be informative, as it consists of more important things (I think so) than just bright atractive pictures and huge number of different words about nothing.

My dear reader!

I wish you all the best, and therefore I would ask you to pay attention to what is written here.

Please learn from mistakes described below and try not to repeat them in your life. I hope this story will help you prioritize your life and show you how to become a truly happy person. It is definitely only your choice — to follow my advice or ignore it. From all my heart, I wish you happiness.

So, I hope you are all ready to dive deeply into your reading. Let’s get started! Naturally, we all have a great desire to be happy. For some these are family and children; for others, career and recognition. Undoubtedly, they both want to have a decent standard of living and an ability to realize their potential. I am not exception. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but the start of this complicated way is different for everybody. Every person can make a lot of mistakes on his way to success. He can lose his way or lose inspiration or even fall into despair. The most of success depends on individuals and their pursuance. Some of advice, how to overcome obstacles and avoid hidden envious you can find here. This book has no unique secret for success but it includes some real practices which really work.


I was born in a small town, to be exact, in a provincial village surrounded by steppes, which seemed very quiet. We had no any supermarkets, no entertainment places for children, no cinemas or sport centers, nothing what can make childhood brighter and full of joy. But in spite of that we were happy. When you are a little child you no need much to be happy.

We were happy because we weren’t convinced otherwise. In other words, shouting from all sides newspapers, television and radio have not yet driven into our heads the mistaken belief that in the modern world happiness is not just money, but big money… we were children and did not think about it.

Our family which consisted of my parents, my grandmother, my little sister and me was poor but friendly. I remember eyes of my granny, they always were full of kindness. I remember her gentle voice saying us:” Darling my girls, every slightest creation on the Earth has a soul. We should love and care of everything around us, no matter it is little homeless kitten or bird or flowers». My darling granny! I always admired by her. This simple, uneducated woman was so wise and kind person! Her words were never at odds with deeds. And it is the most important thing for decent person- to be honest. For example: when we were walking about the town with our granny, she often fed birds and homeless cats. In her bag you could always find a bun or boiled rice in a small container, some bread or something else that she had put there every time before leaving the house. She always taught us to help those who need help to the best of our ability.

Since early childhood we have been taught to be respectful to nature and also respect work of other people. Our little kitchen-garden was planted with flowers and we cared of them. Our parents taught us to be kind and decent in any circumstances no matter how they were hard. They demonstrated us their patience and hardworking.

Nowadays. when I look at our old photos from my family album, I remember my childhood, I am nostalgic about that very happy, active little girl with kind heart and curious mind. It was so many years ago, that sometimes it seems to me that it looked like quite different life. And now it is like a dream.

I am sure you know how important the psychological atmosphere you lived in your childhood. It is well known that our childhood experience influences our entire future life and forms stereotypes of our behavior. Thus, we were happy, and it seemed like it would last forever.


The time was running quickly. I became a teenager and my views more and more became depending on information and patterns from outside. These stereotypes were convincing my immature mind that earning much money is the most important to become successful. At that time my inside world faced with conflict. I understood that my relatives are the best example of a family, and at the same time they could not teach me to integrate myself into the quickly developing world (to become successful, realize myself). The older I became the more I was unsatisfied with surrounding circumstances.

On the one hand, we had wonderful nature: forest, mountains, river. From other hand there were no prospects and even no single chance to improve our life conditions. My parents worked hard all their existence, without any chance for better life. They loved us (their children) but they really could not give us an opportunity to get higher education for example. Unfortunately, they could not even show us in what way to achieve the goal and become successful, because they did not know how. They just did not know!

My country is specific for me, like your country is the best for you probably. And despite this, due to difficult life circumstances no me neither my family could notice the splendor of our unique nature that amazes me by its beauty now. Our mind was full of terrible thinking about daily routine. The more we thought about it the worse our life seemed to us. Since one day looked like another, it threatened to lead me to craziness.

From an early age we knew that family is sacred! This is the most important thing in everyone’s life. I love my parents and now regret only about one thing — they died and I have no chance to show them quite different lifestyle any more. Unfortunately I cannot provide them with better life.

However at that time I thought differently. I looked at people’s life in our town and understood: «This town is unpromising. No any development, no industry, no any perspective business, nothing. I should do something». I was ready to do any job, no matter how difficult it was. Most importantly my family needs to overcome these hardships. I had to help them, although at that time I still did not know how. However, it still was not time for great changes.

When a person lives in extremely cramped circumstances for a long time, he really expects his life will suddenly change for the better overnight, quickly and easily. I thought the same. I wanted to become successful at breakneck speed, without spending a lot of time and effort. No wonder! Most young people are maximalists. I was not different at that time. Now I remember and smile at how naive and silly I was then. First lesson I have learnt for sure- everything comes in due time!

So days still were flying away without any great changes. I graduated from an ordinary school and started my first job. I became a janitor. As I said before, my family was poor therefore I had no chance to get higher education. My only opportunity was performing the most difficult and poorly paid work. I am sure you are smart enough to understand that I did not have the slightest chance to get a different standard of living and realize my dream.

I worked hard but I could hardly provide myself without saying to help my parents. I remember crying a lot at nights, feeling my helpless to change anything. I cried and screamed looking up:” Why do I have such a terrible life? Why I was not born in a rich developed country, with wealthy parents? “ … Oh please, do not judge me strictly! Intrinsically I was not a bad person who does not love his family, does not love his country. I just did not understand how I could change my life. Moreover, I had have enough of just having to survive.  As any other person in this world, I just wanted to be happy.

This way passed some years. It seemed to me nothing could help me to break out of this vicious circle. All of my relatives, all of my friends experienced the same troubles as I did. Usually after hard work I returned my home and watching on TV how people in developed countries enjoy their life asked myself: «WHY? What do other people know, what I do not know? Why they became successful? What did they do for that? ” A thousand thoughts swarmed through my mind and none of them answered these questions. There were no successful people around me and there was no one who could teach me how to achieve my goal, how to change my life.

I should have explained that at that time we could not search any information in internet as this unique opportunity had been available mostly at few offices and only a few people had internet at home. Probably it would be difficult to believe for young people but we had no mobile phones AT ALL! First cellphones appeared a few years later and they even did not have camera without saying about internet access.

I am not going to lie about something magic what has changed my life in a day. No, it has happened not so quickly. I had to become ready for new reality of my lifecycle. Let me tell you everything in order. First of all I had to change myself inside: my mind, my attitude to life, and my views.

What was wrong with me? Why I am, being a hardworking person could not get rid of poverty? Why I was not able to find better work? You can ask me: «Did you try?» — «Surely!» — I would answer –“ I tried, many times!»

I prayed to God for help and received nothing. I worked at two jobs at the same time, trying to raise money for study at the university. However, every time something unexpected happened and I had to spend my savings. I could not understand why some misfortunes constantly happened to me. I made every effort but nothing changed. I was just desperate! More and more often, thoughts of suicide began to appear in my head. You can see how difficult and hopeless the situation was.

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