The true history of the murder of Russian Tsar’s family is still unknown

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Why two members of the governmental commission for identification of remains of Tsar’s family did not agree with the official version? Why the official investigation did not take into account other versions of a fate of some members of the tsar’s family? Why there are absent the photos of tsar’s family before the shooting (alive), and after the shooting (the dead bodies)? … These and many other problems of the identifying of the «Yekaterinburg remains» are discussed in this brochure.
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Boris Romanov
Boris Romanov was born in 1945 in Leningrad, in 1980 he defended his PhD in radio engineering. He is the author of many books, including “The Emperor who Knew His Fate. And Russia, which did not know” (2011). The author of the script is Doc. the film “The Emperor who knew his Fate” (Directed by Roman Yershov, St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, 2009). The film won prizes at several international film Festivals, and the main prize at the International Film Festival “Radonezh” in Moscow.


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