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Русским не читать, это написано русским автором с не очень хорошим английским языком. Это не для распостранения на территории Российской федерации, это для иностранных читателей.
The first true book about Cosmos and Man

1. The origin and structure of the cosmos.

2. Soul. Mechanisms of evolution. What awaits us after death.

3. The nature of emotions.

4. Predators and herbivores, as the basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.

5. Natural laws.

6. About me. Where I studied.

7. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.

8. What is Zion. Who control the planet. Myths about Reptiloids.

9. Individual soul development.

10. The origin of humanity, the roots of all race and their role in the world.

11. Dead civilizations of the Earth.

12. The real truth about the World War 2.

13. Opening of extrasensory abilities.

14. The creaturs of the astral world.

15. Methods of astral battle.
16. Funeral rite and caring for the soul of the deceased.

17. Who are the gods. Analysis of all world religions.

18. Who is Shiva.

19. Yoga for middle soul.

20. Paganism and its gods.
21. About world.

22. Nutrition systems, dietology, healing.

23. Individual development for middle souls.

24. What punishment awaits fools and lazy people.

25. My contacts.
* Just in case, I sorry if my English is not very correct and I made mistakes in the text, I learned English myself. I’m from Russia
And a request to the readers, if you find errors in the syntax, then write to me please, maybe I wrong way building text.

1. The origin and structure of the cosmos.

I describe what I saw and felt thanks to my extrasensory abilities. Structure of the cosmos. Imagine the ball. In the first outer layer there is absolutely nothing, there disappears energy, it is emptiness beyond which there is nothing. The second layer is something cold as death, in my senses, it is static and in harmony. The third layer is dark chaos, where energy is moving at a mad speed, it’s dangerous to touch it, because this space starts to destroy you. The fourth inner, this is the Cosmos in which we live, here there is the Spirit and Mind, here the ordered energy and life. Our cosmos, like us, consists of layers according to the principle of bodies, that is, in the center we have a physical body, then comes a less dense etheric, astral, mental, buddhi body and Samadhi bodies. We exist in the densest layer of the cosmos in physical body, because around us the physical world and we have a physical body, but if we go further into space, then there will be no stars, planets of solid matter, there creaturs, planets and stars live on energy level and don’t have a physical body, their lives are just as rich, just it’s a few different forms of life.

Galaxies in space it’s like the body cells, they provide life and movement, each galaxy has its own function in space, its energy. Stars are energy charges of these cells, maybe as electrons, and planets are storehouse of resources.

Cosmos consists of Areas of the differend energies. This energies was formed when the great Spirit and Reason awakened. This energies are the basic energies of this world and human emotions (hatred, contempt, fear, love, envy, joy, fire, water and many other varieties), I have not yet studied all the Areas and all energies.
Spirit and mind woke up like this: In the cold static Nothing created tension, the mind and spirit wanted to wake up and the energies began to move and counter-clockwise, thus there appeared the Raja (active, aggressive, predatory, male) gunas and Tamas (passive, feminine), their fusion in the proportion of the golden ratio formed the guna Sattva. The merging of Rajas, Tamas and Sattva in a certain proportion awakened the Spirit, Reason, Cosmos. Further in this Cosmos, as a result of mixing guna in different ratios appear different energies. This energies – the result of the harmonious fusion of these gunas in some proportion, there energies with middle energy (Herbivores ) rotate counter-clockwise, there are predatory energy – clockwise, energies formed Areas in the Cosmos. Reasonable creatures divided into the original cosmic Clans, which are divided into many clans, depending on the level of development of its members, the functions and tasks performed. As many Areas of differend energies and so many clans. If the energy is predatory, then the clan inhabiting its space is also predatory, because the souls of the members of this clan originated in the space of this predatory energy.
You can see the born of energies and mind in miniature, take an empty space in front of you and twist energy in different directions, mix them with each other and see what happens. Should obtain in result a reasonable entities, energies with different qualities.
* The energies have their own set of qualities, their space they occupy in the Universe. We live in the Area of the energy which is located in the chest near the spine.

All natural objects created by natural means (minerals, plants, animals, planets, stars, elements (water, fire…) have intellect and soul, because around and inside us is the Great Spirit and Mind and from it everything is born. Accordingly, any newborn bacterium has a mind. Each of us was once a mineral, a plant, an animal, now the soul has grown to the level of a human, and has the ability to grow to the level of God. Gods be in different levels, the highest-level of the Creators, Demiurges. There are souls of the level of animals and the level of Gods live in human bodies, they have different levels of perception, thinking and tasks in life.
Middle souls are herbivores, they feed on natural energy. Predatory souls, they hunt for someone else’s energy and souls.
Man can to learn to see and communicate with the great Spirit-Mind that is everywhere, to welcome it, for this you must be able to enter into thin layer this reality, at the soul level, the Spirit is something beautiful, rational and perfect.
The Cosmos is arranged as a human, it has top and bottom, head and limbs. Areas of differend energies are located in the Cosmos like in man, for example, such feelings as envy and hatred are in the person around the chest and neck, so Areas this energies in the Space are near. There are Areas located in the region of the head of Cosmos, the beings born there perform the role of brain cells in the Cosmos, they are embodied in other Areas and can influence the development of other peoples and worlds.

The Universe is divided into layers, as a person, it has a physical, etheric, astral, mental and body of the soul. In each of these layers there are different forms of life. This is completely my discovery, except that i began to understand this after a hint in different sources that there are different worlds and layers of being. So:

8 pantheon of cosmic gods (Absolute) – the highest level, there are the highest Demiurges, keepers of time and space, stay away from them, you can get a hit if you do not know how to behave with the gods. Seriously if you have esoteric abilities and want to see them, then only on your knees and not for long, otherwise will be bad.

7 pantheon of the gods – there are Demiurges and controllers, the keepers of cosmic balancs between representatives of different Areas. Their place in the body of the Universe is the center of the brain.

6 pantheons of gods – this is the level on which dwell the gods Creators of cosmic Areas with different first- born energies, these pantheons as many as Areas and kinds of first- born energies.

5 pantheon of the gods – is the national egregores and their gods.

4 level is the astral world, where the astral beings of the higher and lower astral live.

3 level is the physical world, here the main people.

2 level – is the plan on which the family genus is located, there live the astral copies of the dead members of the family clan, these astral copies are controlled by the cosmic clan that stand behind them, these copies affect those who are embodied in their family clan, serve them, extract or steal energy for various purposes.

1 level is the realm of the dead, the level on which the souls of dead people dwell immediately after death until they go in their cosmic clan, at this level can also inhabit unrest souls. When the soul assumes its death and calms down, then the astral entities help it to get rid of the astral and mental body, they destroy these bodies and the soul flies to the home. So the creatures that feed on the energy of the dead fulfill an important function.
As i wrote there are predatory souls and herbivores, so the higher gods of the 7th pantheon are called herbivores -“middle”, in this souls and the original energies in base are vortex twisted counter clockwise. Why middle? Because there are absolutely neutral souls between carnivorous and middle, they occupy a pofigistic position, they are neither for Middle, nor for Predatory, they are for justice and balance. It turns out Judges, Medium, Predatory. The difference in the degree of needs. Judges they do not hunt for resources and energy, they are connected to the cosmos, they act in its interests, the Middle ones are fighting for territory, energy, power. Predators fight for territory, power, plus the energy of a stranger’s soul. A different degree of selfishness, judges serve the cosmos, in this their egoism, medium and predatory serve themselves.

2. Soul. Mechanisms of evolution. What awaits us after death.

A human consists of a physical body, an etheric body, astral body (body of emotions and energy), the mental body (thoughts and images), they are destroyed after death.
The fourth body of the soul, in Hinduism it is called the buddhi body that is all our past experience, programs and skills.
The third body of the soul. Into it, during the incarnation programs are download for survival in Area in which the soul of man has come.
The second body of the soul, it is connected with our cosmic clan, with Area in Universe from where we flew and originated, on this body are recorded the tasks for the incarnation, our mission, after death in this body there is an analysis of the incarnation, work on the mistakes.
The first body of the soul is connected with the Cosmos, the Spirit, is responsible for the common cosmic worldview, with the help of this body it is possible to embrace and understand the cosmos.
Another souls can sit down on the body of your soul and the person loses connection with his native cosmic clan, ceases to feel the true nature of his soul, also begins to depend on the person who sat down on the soul, does not represent his life without him, can not independently develop himself, move through life. It’s teachers, gods, husbands, parents, those who dominate us or those for whom we have become debtors.

Human have a lot of astral twins, his own first from birth, during his lifetime he is given twins from egregores and astral communities. After death, if everything is good, the soul must go into his cosmic clan, if it has not done anything bad and not stuck in the lower astral worlds. The astral twin of human remains in the earth family clan in the astral field of the earth, so you can know all your ancestors, if contact with family members on astral.

3. The nature of emotions.

Emotions are the first-borns energies of which our subtle bodies are composed, so if the differend energies form Areas in Cosmos, then there are such Areas with the energy of pity, fear, envy, but this energies are not so bad in pure form. The souls born in these Areas are based on energies of this place. It is important to know from where your soul has come, from what Area with what energy, who are you, predator or herbivorous, to get contact with your main god of your cosmic clan and native race, the race of humanoids from where your soul flew. Say: i ( name) greeting my patron from my cosmic clan from where my soul flew first time on earth. Anthropoid white people, Reptiloids, something like big sensible Cats, some of them are similar to demons, Cosmos is very diverse. When you see the souls, then you learn to distinguish who from where.

4. Predators and herbivores, as the basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.

The world of people and gods is a reflection of the animal kingdom, the predator eats a herbivore and lives of it. There are middle souls, they do not tie anyone to themselves, they receive energy from nature where they live, if they live in Areas of middle energies, predatory souls live on someone else’s energy, they can also receive it from cosmic objects and Areas with Predatory nature, and they hunt, their spiritual bodies need somebody else’s energy for survival and development. The young predatory souls act rudely, they take energy and resources with the help of brute force, for this they are punished and revenge, some predatory souls commit such crimes that their souls for this destroy forever. The high predatory souls have the instinct of self-preservation, they try to get energy by peaceful means, for example, they exchange something for something, for knowledge, for their protection, for money and material benefits, they catch people on their shortcomings, in their thirst freebie, on cowardice and stupidity, when a person does not want to think with his head and develop independently, he falls under a black teacher or patron, a middle woman under a predatory husband. The soul is not able to live independently risks to become food for more developed soul, if you do not want to live, give energy to the one who wants. Suicides, or those who do not want to live and think about death are potential victims of predators.

All the peoples of the earth have different cosmic gods, patrons, predatory or middle. The white race has middle gods, the rest nations and races have patrons of predatory gods. According to the laws of nature, we can observe it in animals, two competing species that eat one type of food, can not live peacefully on one territory, a strong species displace the weak. The strongest survive, each species struggles for its prosperity, for resources, for territory, for power. One species can not be friends with another, there are no equal relations, one always dominates the other. Such friendship is always to the detriment of one. Middle for predator is food, a resource for survival, predator for middle – a parasite and killer. If a representative of one species begins to act in the interests of another species, then he betrays himself and his family, he is a suicide. If he allows other species to live on his territory, he endangers the survival of his species. The intersection of two different species is a step towards the disappearance of one species and way to improve the breed for another species. Self-sacrifice and internationalism are unnatural suicidal things. If you want happiness, wealth, prosperity, then serve your species (land, resources, food, only for your own clan, otherwise death and extinction).
By the way you can see how much energy was stolen from you with a box of juice with a tube, you say and visualize that the juice is your life energy and the energy potential of the soul, and the box is a person who suspects theft and quickly drink and look at your condition. If you meet a person who looks at you with greedy eyes, tries to get into your life, he does’t need you, he want what you have, siddhi, attributes, good karma, life energy, soul energy, suck you and to throw out.
* Siddhis – are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities.
The degree of your charge and enthusiasm for life depends on whether someone is sitting on your soul, whether you are standing by other people’s will. Under the teachers, under the authority, under the parents, the women under the predatory soul men, in a state of loneliness feel this.

Besides the predatory and middle souls in the Cosmos there are gray souls, they are beyond our struggle. They are without emotion, occasionally smiling, they are watching equilibrium of the world. Externally darkish lips, thin in gray robes, it worse than death to become one of them, they showed me a little what it is to be them, this living inside dies, and you feel yourself part of the cosmos, merge with it, and down there these middle and predators people are fighting for life and energy. Gray is the former middle and predators who did not want or couldn’t live and fight anymore, they just died, their inner state is merging with the cosmos and necrosis, they have no emotions. They do not have chakras, they are dead. They keep a balance between middle and predatory souls.

There are souls of judges and Space executioners, the place where they originated is at the very bottom of the cosmos, the Great Spirit and Reason created them to punish middle and predatory souls for some crimes. At the bottom of the cosmos, does not mean in ass, in ass there is a space with the energy of water, as in our lower chakra. In analogy with living beings it’s teeth, that part of the body that is responsible for protection and survival, these hangmen are teeth, or like the tail of a scorpion in the Cosmos.

5. Natural laws.

Natural laws for middle and predatory souls, a measure of responsibility and punishment.
By nature different requirements for middle and predators, predators try to kill and steal tenderly so that the victim voluntarily surrendered the resources. High predatory souls are cunning and crooks, they all try to shift responsibility for their robberies and murders to others, like to act by someone else’s hands. Their conscience does not torment, i myself was in the skin of a predator, i was changed mind, so people look like prey, no sympathy and pity, is only food, this is a subhuman, an underdeveloped creature can be used and eaten, only strong in nature has the right to life and resources, the other servants and food.
The nature law: no claim- no crime. You can be robbed on the astral by attributes and siddhi, if no one noticed, then everything is ok.
High and developed souls know many natural laws, can correctly communicate with any creature of the cosmos and feel good in any society.

6. About me. Where i studied.

I am 33 years old, esoteric i started studying at 15. ( I was born in 1984)

After the lessons of biology abandoned Christianity, just thought that there is a god, how it is arranged, that there is a soul, whether have animals the soul, during this period i find a yoga school, masters of this school were the Zion magicians. They attack me on the astral, trying to drive me insane and led to suicide, but i survived, i was lucky. They did such things, they put me in the energy flow, that i did not eat and did not sleep for 8 days (yes, really not a minute slept for 8 days!!!), a shocking experience. They could control my body from a distance, push it, beat it, that i could faint and die, voices in the head can be heard as if the real people are talking near. They made me hunger for 32 days, (32 days no food), after which i was taken to the hospital from a toxicosis.

A little bit about my adventures in astral, mages mocked and had fun at me, besides the real vision, they created me many illusions that i did not realize where reality was. For example, with very clear vision and hearing next to me, there were some sort of creatures and astral twins these magicians all day and night, life behind the glass, they was always with me, everywhere, in the bathroom, in the outhouse, they know and comment all my thoughts and feelings, the psyche of this just on the brink, wildly embarrassing, but then i get used to it. I begin to appreciate solitude alone with yourself, when you have not seen any entities yet and have not heard anyone. The important is not to listen to what they say and not be afraid, they can say that someone is going to kill you or someone else has clairvoyance and telepathy and he hears you, but often this is a lie. Profit this communication, that you can talk with any gods and astral doubles of any people, play with them in energy and psychological games and defeat them psychologically and energetically, this greatly develops the intellect and in life you stop being afraid and shy of people from any class, at least a king, even a billionaire, even Supermodel, you saw more stronger ones in the astral.

7. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.

Several variations of the relationship of parents and children in the aspect of middle and predatory souls.
1. Both or one parent with a predatory soul, a child with middle. As result, parents spend their entire lives trying to drink the vital energy of the child, in his childhood he almost without energy, weak with an overlapped perception of the world, robbed of abilities and attributes. They tie the child to old age, constantly reproaching him. These parents feed the child to the pig condition, so that the child grew weak and they could pity and kick him. If the child could not free his soul, this is a 40-year old looser, he either hates his parents or loves and can’t live without them. If he does not free from them until his death, he has chance after death to go to the cosmic clan of one of the parents, where his soul will be eaten. It’s important to be able to see the soul of person, just ask how the soul of your parent looks in the astral world, and if the parent is predator, you will be very surprised to see either a demon or a vampire. If nature of creature the hunts for others and live at another’s energy, then its soul looks correspondingly, the planet on which it’s creature was formed, from whom animals. When you see the soul of the parent, it is easier to understand that this creature is alien to you and what it wants to do with you, it will help to get out of the predatory parent and free your soul. When the Middle liberates his soul, then he is radically transformed, new abilities and perception of the.

2. Middle parents and a predatory child. Here the reverse situation, this small vampire will try to steal energy and ride on parents until old age, so that after his birth they will turn into old men.

Predatory parents can’t be beaten, (in the astral sense), we must peacefully leave, otherwise nature will punish the middle man. And predatory child don’t have the right to eat the soul of a middle parents after death.
3. Predatory parents and predatory child. If predators from the same cosmos clan, this is the most harmonious relationship. There is strength and prosperity here. With good relations, energy support and mutual assistance in life. In the relationship between predators can be competition and they can drink each other, there is a fight for supremacy, training. Predators steals each other’s energy if they come from different cosmic clans, from different cosmic Areas.

*Family clan is a community of souls on the astral, which are united by one surname, they belong to the same national egregor (Russians, Germans…)

8. What is Zion. Who control the planet. Myths about Reptiloids.

* Zion, also transliterated Sion, Sayon, Syon, Tzion or Tsion, is a placename often used as a synonym for Jerusalem.
They flew from the Area with predatory energy, this energy is in Area of the neck near the spine, they represent the cosmic clan of the star Zion (the mountain was named after this star), this is an old male star with planets with depleted resources, so that they survived and started this whole plan in turning solar System into its colony. And at the same time catch the souls that they feed on. Yes, they really came on flying ships a few hundred thousand years ago, their physical bodies are bipedal reasonable reptilians, they have done a lot of nasty things since then. All global wars and cataclysms on earth are the result of their activities, now they live underground and water. They are powerful magicians, they began to incarnate souls from Zion into human bodies to take root our civilizations and destroy us from within, by using false religions and esoteric teachings. I’m familiar with their strongest magicians in human bodies, i know where their nest is in Moscow, are engaged in esoteric activity and teaching people how to live properly, but in fact they maim their lives and are engaged in black magic directed against the white race and middle souls. I got to them as a student by accident.

What is happening on Earth now is like the film” Battlefield Earth: “A Saga of the Year 3000”, so they are the monsters from the film, the middle souls and white race is a people.
Now they want to take power over our Earth, they said that in 100 years the Earth will be theirs, because now here souls are incarnation from Zion and white race are being killed. They have many heirs and pupils.
I will not write what this school, just do not want to advertise to these assholes and I’m afraid for the readers.

9. Individual soul development.


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