The lovers


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ISBN 978-5-4485-1769-3

О книге

They’ve met and love each other in the Soviet times. He is an university teacher, she is a student. Why they could not get marry and went through a lot of troubles?.. — The novel is about it. Translated by Sofia Gutkin This English-language translation was funded by generous contributions from: Doug&Kristina Brendel David G. Brown Fred Clipton Chris Florio Becky Gentry Lisa Harvey Jim Kostopoulos Sari Lewis Vicki McDermitt Mike Ricker Tim Schumacher Jake Valentine Thank you to all!

Об авторе

Julia Dobrovolskaya

The novel in Russian was published in 2006 («CP», Moscow, Russia), sold 25,000 copies. In the same year the eponymous movie was appear, produced by «Pyramid» movie company (Moscow, Russia) on the screenplay written by the novel author. The English translation was made in 2017.

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