Test 1 to reveal your compatibility and mutual understanding in love, temperament, marriage and family life

Бесплатный фрагмент - Test 1 to reveal your compatibility and mutual understanding in love, temperament, marriage and family life

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to reveal your compatibility and mutual understanding in love, temperament, marriage and family life.

What this test is for:

This test is very important for partners who want to build a closer relationship or start a family. The test allows you to better understand your partner’s personality in love, temperament, marriage and family, and their approach to life in general and to you in particular, to assess your prospects and how deep the development of your relationship is.

Why this is important to you:

This is important so you can avoid mistakes when choosing a life partner — and this is a big deal indeed! Do not rush planning a serious relationship with a partner before you find out of YOU HAVE ANY COMMON INTERESTS, MUTUAL UNDERSTADING, COMMON SPIRITUAL AND MORAL VALUES, UNDERSTANDING OF MARRIAGE, FAMILY, LOVE AND EVERYDAY LIFE! Your partner’s answers to the test will show whether or not they are the one! It would be interesting to you to have a look at the test half a year or a year through you relationship and see if your partner was honest in their answers to — time will reveal everything. If they were not honest in their answers — keep looking for your Truthful Person and you will definitely find them! Then you can be happy together, and start a strong and loving family!

Test Rules:

1. Make sure to answer honestly to all! the questions by choosing 1 or 2 of the suggested options which you truly feel right, in your heart and soul.

2. If our answers do not feel right or acceptable, you may give your own answer and write it in “Your answer’ field”.

3. Put an asterisk or any other mark next to the selected answer and write them in the column on the right which you have selected as yours: the columns are titled “Partner 1” and “Partner 2”. After you have completed the test, count the matching answers of the both partners in your two columns.

4. Please remember that you can give two (but no more) answers to some questions where two answers feel right; in this case the probability of match will increase, of course. If later when you count matches, you find two matches in the same question, they must be counted as one match.

5. If you do the test on paper, the person answering first should put the answers in the Partner 1 column, then after finishing they should fold the part of the page with their answers back along the border of the column so that Partner 2 cannot see them.

6. After you have completed the paper test, pass it over to your partner, but make sure they do not see your answers and do their part of the test without looking at what you have written — you have to be honest here! The same goes for the electronic version of the test.

7. After Partner 1 and Partner 2 have completed all the fields of the test, straighten the folded part of the page with Partner 1’s answers and count the number of matching answers! At the end of the test, you can read the results interpretations and the forecasts for your life together. Read them carefully and remember the tips on how to go about building your relationships.

Our congratulations on deciding to do the test! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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