Tech Trends 2018

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The people that shape the world in which we live

Did you ever wonder where do trends come from? Who watches what is going on and makes predictions based on this information and shapes the future tendencies most of us end following? Well, these are the trend-futurologists, Igor Szucs being one of them. With over 340K followers on Instagram and more than 540K followers on Twitter, Igor Szucs always has something to say that is of public interest. His entire activity revolves around analyzing the current trends and major events and interests of our world, formulating predictions that are usually true and trends that manage to change our world.

Besides being a trend-futurologist, Igor is also one of the best business trend analysts in the world, an expert when it comes to fashion trends, and a successful fashion blogger. He is able to see the essence in the large flows of data that compose our modern society and sense what is about to come based on the preferences of people and tendencies in the industry. How can one single man have the power to change so much information in a relatively short period, so that everybody finds out about it? Well, he is in control of the online content selectors, the ones that create the information streams everyone enjoys in a daily basis, also performing tuning at a rather high level of media robots. With other words, the information you read on the Internet passes through his hands, to put it this way, before being released out in the world. Thus, you get to see information that is of high interest, the trends and future predictions in a variety of domains, especially in the fashion industry. In fact, Igor was even the special guest at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, due to the reputation he managed to create for himself in this particular domain.

But Igor Szucs does much more than putting his knowledge and expertise in the services of people. He provided support to a number of business persons, professionals in a variety of domains, and even governmental organizations. He played an important role as an advisor when it came to strategies for very many innovative programs and projects. If there is one person that is tuned in with everything that emerges in this world, this person is definitely Igor Szucs. He is extremely well-wired and connected with all the major players and trend setters out in this world, being the most righteous person to filter information and set data flows.

Still, why do we need people like Igor Szucs? Well, people like him work today so you can take better decisions tomorrow. His role is extremely important not just for our society but also for the well-being of your company and business. Being a scientist when it comes to data and a passionate global trend forecaster, he is more than capable of telling you what is going to happen tomorrow, so you can always be prepared to face the incoming challenges. What kind of information can he provide this way? Everything starting with daily trend intelligence, analytics in the retail sector, perceptions of the everyday consumers, to tailor-made consultancy services, they are all provided by this iconic figure.

If we are to look at his client portfolio, we could see that some of the largest retailers in the world, manufacturers, and world renowned brands are on his list. With an eagle eye and sharp senses, Igor Szucs creates trend forecasts that ensure the success of these major players on the market, so they can be sure that their position in the lead is secured. The truth is that the design processes that unroll in present days could not exist without forecasting.


Ever since the turn of the century, people have watched on with amazement at the rapid rate of change in the technological world. Technology has become an increasingly more important part of the world that we live in and inhabit.

However, what many people do not realize is the immense, almost empirical power of technology today.

As we go from 2017 into 2018, and approach a new decade in the near future, technology takes center-stage once again. This is vitally important and a major distinction that you should look to try make the most of. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can best grasp what is coming in the future based on the signs that point to the latest and greatest trends.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin by taking a look at some of the top trends which experts believe are going to play an integral role in 2018.

If you are serious about making 2018 the year of your technological revolution, then you would do well to read on and see what awaits!

Trend 1 — Artificial Intelligence

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