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Funny fantasy

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apulase first

bald sparrow

Far — far on the border of the former USSR (now Kazakhstan) and China, in the south-east of the Semipalatinsk region, near the city of Ayaguz, translated as “Oh bull”, there was a nuclear testing ground with an infected radioactive atmosphere obtained from the negligence of drunken working scientists. Throughout the environment, different mutations often began to occur, different mutations: then two heads will be born on one mutton body; then two tails — at a lizard or a snake; then three feet and one hand — from a descendant of Temujin (Genghis Khan) — a local resident of these steppes. And it happened that normal ones were born, such as Sparrow Stasyan, for example.

There was no bodily defect on his body, everything was as it should: the tail, beak, eyes, and more… Everything was like a sparrow, but he had a problem with plumage. More precisely, there were no feathers at all, and he was completely bald. And therefore, from birth, he, his difficult life, celebrated on the ground, worse than a chicken, it at least slightly flies. But no worse than some doggie or lizard, homeless man or mouse… In short, never taking off into the sky, in contrast, from their feathered congeners who maliciously scoffed at him from above, calling and humiliating him. Screaming laughing from the nests, already fledging chicks. And even in general they celebrated the need, directly to him, and Stasyan, the bald sparrow, sadly lowered his head and sobbed in his soul, flowing around other people’s bird feces. And so every day. But he really wanted to fly so much that in a dream the lunatic, even tried to take off more than once, the reality is not a dream, and he, jumping into Java and being in the sleep of a lunatic, waved his bald wings once again, jumped and plopped down… and it even happened, beating off the forehead, then the tailbone. What he just did not try, but nothing replaced his feathers.

Once, fate nevertheless took pity on the bald irradiated sparrow, and once again, running away from a stray cat, he came across a rotten corpse of a raven. Maggot worms gnawed the deceased well, and the feathers simply lay on a skeleton on the ground near the garbage can of a human. He took two feathers with his paws and waved them like wings, and he, turning over, took off from the ground. He dreamed that he was an eagle fluttering high up in the sky and tracking this bald cat for breakfast, who at that time was trying to catch and gobble up the poor fellow — a disabled person who suffered from poor quality nuclear tests with partial radiation into the atmosphere. But holding the feathers in his paws and clutching his fingers, it was inconvenient to take off and not used to soar upside down, especially since there was no feathery tail and Stasyan could not steer, so to turn left, right, top and down, he had to land, turn around with the beak and flutter back to heaven.

Yes, and you don’t go upside down in the toilet. I had to make an emergency landing, which led to injuries to the skull and beak, since they usually also slowed them down. Of course, he learned to fly like this not so long ago, until feathers were taken away by his relatives and he again began to live, surviving, running away and hiding. But in the next pursuit, he regained again, at least some semblance of a sparrow-like appearance, even upside down, and healed.

But once Stasyan unsuccessfully landed in a fresh, human, homeless, still warm, jelly-like, sour-smelly product of the gastrointestinal tract. In a word, in shit. The feeling was not pleasant, and it was necessary to wash, but there was a shortage of water: after all, the steppe zone. People take water from the well. And the river dries up by the middle of summer, there will be no rains for another six months, the sun is at its zenith. We’ll have to wait until the shit dries up and disappears by itself — Stasyan thought out loud and, going to the sunny side, lay on his back and began to wait.

And at that time a swarm of green dung flies was approaching nearby, which Stasyan did not suspect. No, he saw flies in his life and even ate them, but only dead and dry, like crackers for beer. The living usually circled him, so as not to become crumbs, for his bird’s stomach. After all, birds chew their stomach. And at the moment, the aroma of crap and an unrecognizable look, like a lump of horse dung, hid his hunting disposition of a bird of prey, huge for flies. Roy swarmed the sparrow’s head over the sack and made a lunch landing, dived at once, but it wasn’t there. The litter was thick in front of the eyes and the legs of the shit-greedy flies stuck to the whole body. From time to time the flies shifted in place, thereby preventing their paws from finally sticking to the food. The main flies, only wanted to give a command to change places, when he was stopped by Stasyan’s open eye, in front of which he was located at the tip of his beak.

— -To stand!! Stasyan snarled.

— -Who are you?? — the leader asked out of fear — – I am your master, understand?

— -Yes.

— – Be called, my slave!

— – Honey … — – How?

— -Honey…

— – Senior fly Honey?

— – You can simply: “fly Honey.”

— – Fly Honey … — Stasyan shook his head. — why honey?

— – Sweet one, you know? The bees wears…

— – Honey, or what?

— – In your opinion — Honey, but in our opinion — Honey. Well, mi flew…

The main flies tried to tear off its paws, but it was too late, and they fluttered their wings at once, but the gravity held the sparrow motionless, and he realized that he needed to jump and tweeted:

— -Eureka!!! — and he bounced his back like a ninja. The flies caught the air stream and carried the bald man up above the ground. From the nearby trash can, the same cat peered out and jumped toward the living buzzing brown flying lump.

— – Higher, higher, fly Honey!!! — Stasyan yelled, in a language that is not understandable for humans and cats, but the flies understood him and after the fifteenth of their comrade had eaten, they immediately obeyed his orders, one hundred percent. So he became the master of the swarm, and their former leader voluntarily accepted the post of co-pilot and agreed in the person of all his relatives that if Herr Stasyan did not devour them, they would be ready to serve him faithfully. So the bald irradiated sparrow entered the ranks of birds and even, moreover, he began to fly twice as fast as his relatives and higher, like a real Eagle.

A proud eagle fluttered in the sky and saw a competitor approaching him from the ground. Before the village, no one could and did not have the right to rise to the level of the Eagle, and this …?!? — just a boor and an ignoramus!! — thought the Eagle and grabbed Stasyan on the fly with his paw, and brought it to his terrible, powerful, large beak.

— -Who are you???? he growled, like a gramophone, to the whole sky and bulged his eyes like a real mountaineer, spitting on a sparrow’s stinking cadaverous saliva from a predator, like a microphone singer and blowing off adhering flies. A couple of hundred flies were blown off immediately, without paws.

— – Yaa? Uh, I’m this… Arol. — startled, in a trembling voice, Stasyan answered. — like tee, uh… also a predator.

— – Hold on to the owner, we are with you!!! — the choir buzzed and whispered, the remaining half a million flies.

— – Eagle, or what?! Yeah? — The eagle opened its beak, so much so that not only a sparrow could fit there, but also flies, which were not at all afraid, but rather: narrowed their eyes and hummed at once.

— – Of course I am Oryol!! — shouted Stasyan and tried to get out from under the claws of a muscular monster of heaven. But the Eagle from childhood, like all children, was afraid of tickling and his desire to crush the boor and the impostor, failed. The flies betrayed by the sparrow, with all their might, wings and proboscis tickled the heel, the legs of the eagle.

— – Wah wah wah wah!!! — laughed forcibly, a real predator of heaven, local geographical location, then could not stand it and unclenched its mighty claws. Sparrow straightened the bones of the spine and took a proud position.

— -Yes! I am Arol, like you!! — Sparrow barked, lowering his voice, octave by five and coughed from a controcta.

— – And what is it, coughing? — Orel Stasyan asked more calmly.

— Forgiven while flying. Peel, smoked, balle … — answered with antlers, dancing, sparrow.

— – Balel, you say? — the fluttering Predator scratched his chin with his second paw. — and what is so small??

— – Another parody!! Yeah?! — Without thinking, Stasyan answered, having completely entered the courage of artistry.

— – Hey, I was smeared again … -–- for the bald Eagle. — And what is so smelly? Phew, are you getting rotten? — Highlander wrinkled his beak. — so sweat

— – No way, oh my older brother! I just, uh … — the sparrow in response answered.

— – Pulled. — whispered the elder fly Honey, now the co-pilot. — Say that you pulled, I didn’t eat fresh, rotten shit

just, eat a lot hotel.

— – I do not eat shit, moron. — Stasyan drove.

— – Who, is this whispering to you? — I heard and was indignant, the eagle was wary and looked around.

— – It’s me, the honey fly … — I wanted to introduce myself, the main and only fly in the pack, but the sparrow warned it with its beak, swaying from side to side, as, with the index finger, the children are forbidden to bring up.

— – What kind of flour is meth? What is your name? — asked the Eagle in surprise.

— -No. My name is Stasyan.

— – Stasyan?? Armenians or what?

— – And Honey is my intestines. — the beginning was a sparrow.

— – Yes, I have his intestines and my name is a fly Honey, the rest of the body is all flies — a man, and I — women — a stomach that has not digested what is needed because of young stupidity. — the elder fly was smeared and shut up.

— – Okay, we drove through… but what, a relative so small? — and the eagle spread its chest.

— – And I am… a different breed…

— – This is understandable, but what didn’t it grow?

— – I had a hard life: I was an irradiated orphan.

In general, all life, the sky did not flutter. — cried Stasyan.

— – What, dumped from the cell?

— – Worse, from the zoo, I get from Almaty, but I don’t know where. — Said Stasyan.

— – And you fly to Russia, they say that the economy is improving.

— – Why are you not flying yourself?

— -I AM?! No, I’m dead, wanted there.

— -Why?

— – Yes, there are deeds, Me, immediately, upon arrival, the oligarchs will catch me and close them for life in a cage or make a stuffed animal. Moreover, here I already had a family, a son. Well, goodbye, relative. — finished the Eagle and a stone, immediately collapsed down, where there was a moving spot on the ground. Apparently: jerboa or ground squirrel.

— – And where to fly and in which direction? the sparrow asked after him, but the eagle was already far away and could not hear him.

— – Strange, you didn’t notice under your nose, but saw something crawling on the ground.

Stasyan and his bio motors together watched the eagle. — – Well, Honey, where are we going?

— – Fly Honey, oh my lord!

— – Okay, honey fly, which way we fly.

— – Where the wind will blow, we’ll fly there, it’s easier. — suggested the leader of the swarm of adhering green flies.

And they flew through the steppes and forests, through villages and cities, stopping only on heaps of shit, to refuel the swarm and overnight.

Fortunately, the wind was fair, just in the direction of the Gulf Stream, and they, examining the land from a bird’s flight, already became indifferent to their desires; they fly to Russia or to Turkmenistan. So there was no current target, but the radioactive dependence of Stasyan’s bodies and flies, as they moved away from the source of the radiation medium, caused itching of the gastrointestinal tract and drowsy insomnia, but they suffered. They suffered, but suffered, because you won’t scratch the guts especially in the middle?! This is not an ass and not a head, where you reached out and scrub — you scrub, your mother, your skin… Kaif. But the gut when itching or the liver?! Tin!! And they tried to rush about, with their mouths open: either left or right; now back and forth; now down, then… but up — the itching subsided, as the solar radiation intensified, but you won’t stay in space for a long time. It is harder to breathe, oxygen is not enough, and the intestines freeze. In general, Stasyan decided to fly to where the earth glows with radionuclides and from such a height this glow appeared in the region of Ukraine, that is … … In general, Stasyan decided to fly to Chernobyl. A pig will always find dirt, and an irradiated one will find radiation. Instinct. And be sure to through Chelyabinsk, the region of the River Tech… So his inner voice prompted him. And this inner voice was called simply Language. And if the Language brought to Kiev hundreds, thousands, millions of travelers of mammals, it is so irradiated, winged and even more so.

And now he has already reached Chernobyl. And the closer he flew up, the more he blissed out from stopping the itching of the intestines… Lepota. And he did not stay in the Abay district, the Nuclear Test Site, as he wanted changes and innovations. He wanted to see the world, but to show himself, and now he sailed across the sky: now backwards, now sideways, now backwards, now head first, then feet. And suddenly he, like an eagle, saw in a dump, a pile with a hole, and his eyes gazed out of it. Stasyan hung in place upside down, perpendicular to the ground… And??!

apulase second


Bdschschschschschschschsch!!!! — the third reactor of the Atomic Chernobyl Electra station thundered in the last twentieth century or millennium. The people went mad and did “miracles.” People felt all the incidents of a nuclear explosion. But the Earth suffered the most or not?!. She sucked all the radiation into herself and became fattened. But that for someone is death, for others is birth and life. The Earth will not be any worse, there is green on it or it is black as tar, it’s for her, but for those who live?! … So there is no need to save Mother Earth and not what mother she is for us. We are parasites for her, not children… We need to save our own: We, the Russians, need to save our souls; The Germans, Chinese and other peoples of the earth need to save, of course, the Americans; but the Americans need to save their asses… To whom it is more expensive, more precisely, who has something that hurts, and who already has something, does not save, for example, a hand or a nose: they are the soul, and we are the ass?! But the fact that death is for someone is life to someone. And even though through the flour of mutation they become dependent on the environment. Both people from oxygen, and mutants, let’s call them that, depend on radionuclides. On the field of not-so-recent death, a new form of life was formed, unknown, which called itself the “Great Galupiya”. And the gallops also did not know their appearance in this world, like people about the creation of the same world from their point of understanding, only guesses and assumptions, and the great gallups adapted to live in burrows, like gophers or meadow dogs, whose labyrinths lived out, and above those mentioned from an instant overdose simply died. Nobody rescued them?! People are not all saved, but here are some bullshit. But on the folds of death, a new life of mutants appeared, it was not the living organism that mutated, but consciousness, but more on that and for the recipe for the Creator.

This air of caves of the past civilization for the mutants was fresh and vital. They lacked light from themselves, they shone like fireflies from the content of radionuclides in their unusual bodies. They also ate everything that emitted radiation and even just earth. But gradually the level of radiation began to decline, and they even began to portend their end of the world, more precisely — darkness. This colony was inhabited mainly by Cherepki, led by General Syphilis Cherepkov and Cherevichi, Semisrak.

EVIDENCE AND TOUCH The ORDINARY SHAPE looked like an unusual shard, like the second to the first. It consisted of several parts: a skull and four bones located in relation to the skull

perpendicularly. Of course, that the skull was attached at the junction of multidirectional bones sticking out from each other in different directions of the world, that is — darkness. Further, smaller bones were attached to them and knees were created at the joints, so to speak.

Then it is coated with a radioactive Holy tears Kozuli and the shard came to life. It was rumored that the Creator with plagiati their appearance from the picture, which was hung with all the power poles: “do NOT CLIMB, will KILL!!!”, a little modernized, putting on a horizontal plane, or rather, the skull of a prominent knob, without ledges of the eye sockets and mouth, was attached on top of the carriage, to her and fastened the femoral tion of the bones with the typical endings of both parties, and fastened thereto such as by the form tion of the ankle — bones or Mosley. And the car looked and he felt ashamed of himself. Because he is against plagiarism, but the circle and the dash is already invented?!

And he decided a little change and created the breadwinners of these bony little mutant babies, by the way, they communicated strictly by Morse code or something. Who didn’t get it, I’ll explain: it — Morse code of some, but not the ABC, of course, a four bit system discharges. More precisely, danced a step or tap dancing. So understood, the market — group communication is not welcomed and is punished according to their law, as plagiarism by human.

In General, came up with the same as a crock, but without one leg and instead of a skull appeared eye to eye wire the neck-the nerve that dangled in all directions, like a snake and was very durable as steel and stretched like rubber. The eye itself is composed of glass or zirconium, and even seldom out of the diamond, as for example, in the circle of the highest levels of the Board and other transparent stones, saw the radioactive glow and then see the light of the earth. Eyes were covered with four rubberized PVC eyelid-lips, upper, lower, right and left. And sleepy as they cowered in the Bud, like a flower and in this state also recruited a tear or snot radioactive, Ottawa them and dumped into the skull of the shard, which, moreover, was not empty sockets. And called gentle creature, kind and merciful — CASULA CHERNOBYL.

One Kosulu had ten Cherepanov or shards. Differed from CHEREPONI SHARDS on age, ie: the SHARD is the new guy, and CERAPUC — a warrior who took the oath of allegiance to Glupii.

Casula or Casule ate just sat on the emitted radioactive place and absorbed until over lit itself. The more radikov hawk, the faster she began to hallowed and sanctified and spitting… Streamlined fluid is immediately absorbed into dry pores and give energy to life, like atmospheric oxygen, protein and carbohydrates.

On top of all galupy resembled spiders the size of an orange that when moving crunched oils when traveling both rattles.

All they looked alike, like the bearings, but if you look closely, they are still something different. Not nature, not common forms of irregularities, in General, like ants, and they were nearly a billion at the last census, which took years, five of them time ago…

The LORD of Semirara in Russian, but in your Seven Asses, only distinguished from others, is its two branched appendage in the form of the horns of the deer, at eight knots. He had the power of the leader and almost a God. Its all feared, but not respected. He just spoke, was the most senior and therefore his word was law.

Next after him came the hierarchical scale of the Tops of CEREVICH, who were the legislators of the colony, like the Duma, the Congress, or simply no market give a damn About the gathering and they like. And they wore two curly, like the argali, horns. And than it turns, the more important and more authoritative was the voice in the Tops. And nauplial horns of Kozoliy, as this elite was represented by two or more individuals. Cerevisi called themselves: “the untouchables Genitals Tops of the great State of Glupii”. Had inviolable immunity, and only the one who could break off the horns, so it, Itself, Its Sublime. Without the grandeur of the tower, General syphilis All Galupo, the Presidency, the Supreme proprietor, Semerak.

Next, after Cerevich was CHEREPONI protectors, guards, rogues, idlers and children. They have on the subject was only one horn, as Chopik on which they were upside down and spun like a top, thereby they drummed their nogometni in the face of the enemy. And headed to the gardens, like the legions or battalions… in short TALE SHARDS Generals.

They, the Generals Lads Shards could not stomach all their inert pluck Untouchable Genitals Tops of the great Glupii.

Reproduction was a special group of Carevich with goat horns called UCHIKAKE,

that was just vyleplivat from the soil hole, obmazyvat newly cobbled together the tears of Kazul. Sculpted all by a certain multiplicity: ten Shards, plus one Casule; hundred dozen, plus one General; one hundred Generals, plus one Cerevich, and the Lord alone… Teachers as well were Uchigaki. Uchigaki also had their Casull as the elite, but only one at a time.

So they lived. But if he died Kasule, the shards were dying of hunger. Cruel, but modern.

They have been, and teenage dens, where he taught the youngsters the etiquette of Glupiy them and other Sciences. This young Crock with a young Kazalia skipped school and walked through the dark tunnel. They were born at one time from dozens of shards, and only one survived it. On the one hand, he’s already Cihalka, because it has its own Casula, of course, after Survival School and Accommodation (ball screw), but he didn’t even realize, as he was still young and foolish and did not see the great big fat problem. A hidden disorder in the colony created the passive atmosphere is not accessible to children. And the reason was that not enough in the colony of radioactive food and that’s why he survived one. Of course, this rarely happened yet, but over time, the degradation increased. And saw it all and understood from fear, so as not to stir up the minds of the younger generation.

— -Bored to be in Glupiy… — melancholic started talking to the young shard named Pucek.

— -Fuck Yes you Pucik, but all the chocolate! as hot-headed — denied Casula named Sulka. Adult Kazul decided to mention that ends in “ia” — Cazalia, and the young — without “and” Casula. Okay?? — cheer up, lad, all ointment!! On a high. We were born and survived.

— -And my brothers all dead. — Pucik otkovyryali root in the wall and twirled it in front of him. From shards there were no eyes and why they looked all the skull and saw immediately in a circle, only twenty percent were concentrated attention, and the rest were considered — side.

— -Why are you rolled wool, lad? — slapped on the head tion of the bone Sulka Palika he smiled sweetly again and sighed and grieved.

— -Oh, heh, heh — made sadness on the left side of the skull in the form of drops sand and rolled down her cheeks, leaving a trail.

— – Do not bzdi you, like dandruff on your armpits! — Zulka cried out and put a click with her bone on Pukik. The click sounded and echoed off into the depths of the tunnel.

— – Click again! — asked Pukik.

— – Che, do you like it?.. Hold it … — and Kazul so fpinderila him a fofan under the back of the head, that all rubbish broke out from the pores of his skull.

— – Oooooh!!!! — the skull was frozen with trembling trembling, because this is such a way of washing, like a bath or a shower.

— – Do not ponder, zema, do not rot the wave. Everything is so superrrr!!!

— – Not gnuuuu … — he boomed melancholy.

— – Bending!.

— – I will not bend..

— – Bending!!

— – Not wildebeest!

— – Bending!!!

— – No wildebeest!!

— – Bending!!!!

— – No wildebeest!!!

— – Bending, Bending, Bending, Bending, Bending, Bending!!!!! — Zulka took a deep breath and screamed — Aaaaaoooooaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

— – Don’t yell like a pig. — Pukik walked away.

— – And what is a “pig”?

— – I do not know, so it occurred to me.

— – From where?

— – From the camel.

— – Camel? What is this word?

— – Ah?.. Yes, as well as the “pig.” Leave me alone!

— – Ahh! Yes, relax.

— – What, “aaaaa”? — interrupted Pukik.

— -I got it?! — Zulka shook her eye.

— – What, “understood”?

— – That “pig” is a “camel”, and a “camel” is..

— -“pig”! — added a shard and forged another root from the wall. — Does not shine… Do you want to eat? — and stuck it in her eye.

— – Ugh.. — she spat. — Yes, what do you eat, but eat. Look around. How beautiful everything is, darkoo..

— – Toto and it, which is dark and not horseradish not visible, except for you.

— – And you better look, this is your homeland, homeland!!

Pukik stupidly and sourly raised his skull and turned his concentrated gaze and again saw nothing. He glanced under imperceptibly and with side vision… and again by.

— – Yes, you do not look, but look inside, deep into the meaning…

— – What?

— – This!.. What we want inside.

— -I do not see anything. — and Pukik resentfully lowered his shard.

— – How so: I see, but you do not? -Zulka with his neck nerve gripped his skull in two turns and began to turn: now to the right, then to the left, then up, then down … — And now do you see the beauty of the darkness of the motherland?

— -So what?! — Pukik roared. — it’s all the same sad..

— – Yes, you look even better! — and she, in her childish moodiness, spun him like a hammer athlete. His skull swirled, and not stars appeared, but spots in his eyes.

— – Leave me alone, ugly. he yelled.

— -Ah well?! — and she, taking advantage of her power superiority, and there were shards two times smaller than Kazul, straightened her optic nerve and threw it, by inertia of angular velocity, against the wall. The shards did not have nerve endings and therefore did not feel pain, and therefore Pukik, like a billiard ball, started to bounce off solid surfaces and ricochet: clicking his forehead on a stone sticking out in the wall, then on the ceiling, then the ceiling, on the floor, again on the wall, another wall about the floor, again about the wall, the ceiling, about the floor, again about the wall, another wall, the ceiling, about the floor, about the wall, the other wall and rushed involuntarily to Zulka.

That, bulging eyes, accompanied his flight of gaze and, opening her mouth, was another obstacle. Pukik knocked his head at the eye and flew off to ricochet along the corridor of darkness. Zulkin’s eye caught the “bunnies” from the blow and flew by inertia in the opposite direction, putting her body on a chain rack, in the pose of a tripod, but the nerve, stretched out, did not allow the eye to fly off and fly off the eyeball, but springed down between the legs and wound it body, five to ten times with an acceleration of five seconds. The end point was the nutrient bottom. The body could not resist and, spreading out on the sides of the three bones, abruptly sat on the eye and crushing it. She caught her breath and tried to pull her eye out of her neck… It didn’t work, she tried again, but to no avail. She tried to shove her eye on the other side, but also crap. And here she was helped by young shards and Kazuli, who had already gone from lessons. They recalled a fairy tale about a “radioactive weight” similar to the human Russian fairy tale “turnip” and a friend, holding each other, for the fifth time pulled her eye out from under the bottom with a haunted sound that looked like “crap!”

— – Zulka, who shoved you like that for yourself? — asked one of the shards. Zulka looked stunned.

— – Yes, she probably sat on something not tasty and sticky, so she decided to take it off, but then she stumbled and sat down. — Added another argument.

— – Nooo, she saw us and she was ashamed that she was skipping classes and hiding.. Yes, Zulka? — added another Kazul named Shisha.

— – Ahhh?? — Zulka has not come to her senses yet and replied that she had flushed into the eye. (I want to note that they had a processor in place of the brains and it was located precisely in the eye or shard, and the rest of the brain was located there where they controlled: the brains of the eyelids — in the brains of the eyelids; controlled the brains of the neck-nerve — in the brains of the neck-nerve were controlled… and so on).

— -Yes, I did, — she said, — point scratched.

The kids laughed and were still laughing half an hour Galapago time, and the difference with the human was palpable — one-to-one.

— -Why the lessons while away? Play. Leave to hunger and Palika lose. asked Shisha.

— -How? — surprised Sulka.

— -Yes. — added another Casula. — he will die from hunger and all. And will be the second of Czarevich, and they in anger and unable to tear their eyes away.

— -Especially the second, added Shisha. — so to run errands. Going to look for food for the first and the radioactive tasty to give.

— -And if you do not find what you tion of the bones tear and you will die without them. — finished the first shard. — by the way, where in fact, he Pucik?

— -You see him, tell him to the lessons went. said second crock. — do not go, bring him by force.

— -And she come, and soon some sort of reduction will… — Shisha took a deep breath.

— -What reduction? — Sulka tried to unwind the eye but the Apple of the eye was rabovladelcheskim and clamped at the junction with the neck nerve the previous round.

— -To go to classes necessary. — continued other casula named Soplyushka. — in Glupii, during a disaster.

— -We are running out of useful radiation. — killed the first shard, that was his name First.

— -Garbage… — added a Second, it also also called.

— -And so, all die the good, the bad truants will be destroyed.

— – Make them food for the good.

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