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Secrets of nude photos

Бесплатный фрагмент - Secrets of nude photos

All about nude photography for models and photographers

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This guide will help you understand all the secrets of the photo in the style of “nude.” How to adjust the model to natural postures and good mood. How to properly shoot “nude” at home, in a photo studio and in nature.

All about the “nude” -photography: models, light, rules. Secrets from professionals in the genre of “nude” for models and photographers.


Photography as an art form has a large number of genres. Filming nudity in view of the specifics of the object is given a special place. The goal of the process of nude photography is to show the beauty of a naked person with an accent on eroticism, aesthetics or rather gross manifestations of the human body in the reality of the relationship between people.

It can be argued that photography in the nude genre has its roots in the distant past, in the artistic depiction of nude objects in painting and sculpture. Interest in the beauty of the human body and the chanting of its strength and power are vividly demonstrated by statues of Roman and Greek sculptors.

During the Renaissance, the Renaissance artists adopted the baton to reflect and transfer the charms of nude nature. The next stage in the surge of interest in the human body and the ways of its aesthetic reflection in art was the middle of the 20th century with its erotic photograph.

The level of popularity of this genre does not fall for decades, finding an increasing number of fans and professionals who improve their skills in the style of art nude.

Turning to the style of nu, it is useful to learn the history of the development of the genre, to study the photographs of its best representatives. Pay attention, as with the change in the norms of morality in society, the idea of admissible in the image of a nude changed.

A photo of a nude Merlin Monroe with two giant rosebuds on her breast once seemed a great provocation and obscenity. Today pictures with a similar degree of frankness cause only a grin.

Based on the various ultimate goals of the work, the nu genre is traditionally divided into three sub-genres:

1. Classical erotic photography, during the filming of which the author refers to the instinctive perception of intimate things by the viewer.

2. Art photography, in which the artist extrapolates to the intellect of the viewer.

3. Pornography, in the works of which there is a direct reference to the animal’s beginning of man and his base instincts.

Recently, professional photography in the nude style for domestic, domestic use has become increasingly popular. The number of people wishing to become a model among non-professionals is growing.

And if the technical and theoretical aspects of the work are important for the master-photographer, then for the model the correct psychological attitude and specific recommendations on preparation and behavior during filming are the most important.

Shooting nudity for all the breadth of modern morals and still the case is very personal and intimate, there are some barriers and pitfalls for both the photographer and the model.

Let’s consider the most careful treatment (in comparison with the genre of pornography) with the material and the most aesthetic look at the person’s body of photography — the art nu genre, the so-called boudoir photo.

Suppose that a photographer has in his arsenal of knowledge about composition and exposition, has experience in studio and filming in the open space, and, probably, already worked in the nude style. What are the recommendations for a model that decided to try its hand at filming nude?

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