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School of Sex

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1 lesson. Angela Viktorovna

«Buy your dream home.» «Rest on the Red Sea: Discover Israel.» «Chevrolet with a run., Prices are the lowest.» «Buy three rings for the price of one.» «The only sex school in the country.» «The greenhouse with your own hands.» Stop! The school of sex? «The only sex school in the country, successful in sex — successful in love — successful in life, here you will learn something that you will not learn anywhere else.» The first lesson is free. «Below is a phone number, which, after some I called, and I signed up for a lesson, but do I need this? What do not I know about sex?, to get to it, and then everything will turn out by itself, as it is inherent in nature.And yet it is interesting that experts will say about this intimate sphere. «One thing is the book with intimidating schemes of genital organs, it’s another thing when it’s told about it popularly. and even be shown. In the end, knowledge is power.

On the introductory, free occupation, there were quite a few willing to form. People of different ages. Women, probably, more than men. But it’s good, maybe I’ll get acquainted with someone closer during the practical classes. A middle-aged man of athletic builds performed on stage. He said convincingly: «It is wrong to think that sex stands apart from the rest of human life. Sex, in the broadest sense of the word, is the foundation, the foundation of the house that we build with you all your life. You can not be a successful person without discovering all the joys and pleasures of sexual experiences. Sexuality is the first, main quality of any individual. If there was no sexuality, there would be no progress in the world. There would be no art, no sports, no industry. There would be nothing. There would be no life itself. But for some reason on this topic, the topic of sexuality, it is not customary to say. They are silent about this in society, they are silent in educational institutions, they are silent at school. Stupid classified as «18+" make this topic is closed to those who need it in the first place, children and adolescents. To those who have (remember themselves) the most vivid sensations of sexuality and the strongest needs for their realization. But we, already adults (after eighteen), have a rather weak idea of a real sexual life, of all the joys of sex, about how to realize in this very sex. All of us are at the level of Neanderthals instinct. Met, roughly speaking, perepihnulis and good-bye. Let us not be beasts, and people will. After all, mankind for years of evolution has accumulated a lot of knowledge on the topic of sex. Some of them we will share here with you. "Another speaker told how to be built out of school, what updates (in all senses), we get out of here. And he invited me to write. I thought about it and signed up.

Shortly after the first lesson in our school. A dozen or so men were in my group. The teacher, on the contrary, was a woman. When she entered the classroom, we, according to the school habit, also got up.

— Hello, sit down. My name is Angela Viktorovna, I will spend today with you today. We will begin with the fact that I will ask everyone to undress. Undress completely. Put your clothes side by side on the tables.

— And to remove the panties too?

— Yes, take everything off.

The people undecided undressed. Some, the most daring, I was standing in front of the teacher in a nude.

— Come on, undress, do not be shy. I will not rape you.

We laughed. Now everyone was standing before Angela Viktorovna naked. Some covered their groin with their hands.

— Hands I ask to extend along the trunk. Allow me to admire your treasures. And, with your permission, I’ll undress also.

Angela Viktorovna did not hurry and carefully took off her clothes. Now she stood before us, too, naked. The teacher was pretty. I involuntarily started an erection.

— As for the erection, it’s not bad. It’s even, I would say, very good. Male member and should react to a naked woman. The flow of blood to the penis is always beneficial, in all respects, in any setting, at any age. To shy and hide it is not necessary. Now look at your clothes. In particular, on socks and underpants. Are they all in good condition? What I mean? The first rule of modern man is the observance of the rules of hygiene. The body must be clean. Linen must be clean and erotic. Not old, not torn, not worn out. And it does not depend on where you go or do not go. Shower — twice a day, morning and evening. Before sex — always! And fresh linen. Some people think that women do not pay attention to men’s clothes. But this is not so! The woman sees everything. And if she does not say something about something, it does not mean that she does not notice. Watch yourself, man’s comrades. Now grasp your penis. Touch it, hold it, remember. How do you feel about him?

Everyone was silent. And really, how can you feel for your penis?

— That is, you do not belong to your penis? Bad. Very bad. And you must love him, like your whole body. Must respect, should thank him. After all, the phallus gives you such wonderful moments. Raise your hand, who is satisfied with your member.

Several hands rose.

«Now raise those who are not happy.»

Two hands were raised.

— Bad, very bad. Now we will do the following exercise. You take turns to come out here and stand next to me. Holding onto the penis, you will give him positive characteristics. For example, «my penis is big» or «my penis is the best». The rest of the men will clap when the statements about the penis are positive. So, I ask you. Once again draw your attention to the erection. Remember that here, in school, as in life, an erection is only welcomed. Is everyone clear?

A young man appeared before us. Shifting from foot to foot, holding on to a member, he began to invent epithets for him.

— My penis is good.

We clapped.

— My penis is hardworking.

Someone laughed.

— My penis is glad to meet with friends.

There was a storm of applause.

2 lesson. Safety of sex

The second lesson in our group was again Angela Viktorovna. The teacher was a pretty middle-aged woman. Short blond hair, an excellent figure and smooth skin made her completely sexy. We parted again. Undressed and the teacher. She walked along the rows, looking at our underwear.

— Well, you seem to have mastered the first lesson. Linen should be clean (fresh) and erotic. Erotic, means attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Today the topic of the lesson is security. All brought certificates from the venereologist? Regular medical examination is also one of the rules of personal hygiene. Never have sex without being completely confident in the partner’s sexual health. There is nothing shameful in visiting a specialist and taking a certificate about the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, no. So, medical examination is the first stage of safe sex. The second stage is a condom. As you know, only a condom gives the greatest protection during sexual intercourse. And today I will teach you how to choose condoms, how to reliably and quickly wear them, how to use them during sexual intercourse. To do this, I need an assistant. Does anybody want?

Nobody spoke to the «board.»

— Then I’ll ask you, — Angela Viktorovna pointed at me.

I went to the naked teacher.

— First I will show you how a condom is worn, on a dildo. We take prezik from the package, take it in the palm of the right hand, put it on the «hat» of the penis and continue the movement with two fingers unwind the «skirt». Like this. We repeat again.

Angela Viktorovna with a deft movement, literally for a split second, put on a condom on an artificial penis.

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