Psysuccess (English Version)

Psysuccess (English Version)

Selected poems

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О книге

We are born with the idea of being happy. In our youth we dream of great achievements and successes. But over time, all this is lost and the colors of life are not so saturated and bright. Movement, that must yield joy and drooling, bear only pain and suffering. The mind, which should determine each of our new movements, sometimes prevents us from living and developing. In my new collection I have included my best works dedicated to self-development.


Egor Rybakov
Rybakov Egor Alekseevich was born in Moscow in 1980. Higher education in “Sociology of management” and “Psychology of management”. Themes for creativity arise quite unexpectedly, sometimes, from a simple phrase, picked up and recorded, there is a whole work. At the moment I live in Moscow. In the beginning, the attempts of creativity were like a simple experiment, but then I got deeply involved, and a whole stream of inspiration literally overwhelmed me with a head. https://www.rybakovegor.ru/