Project Management in Clinical Trials

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ISBN 978-5-4485-4016-5

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The book is about both theoretical and practical aspects of Project Management in clinical trials. The audience may find explanation of different phenomena in modern clinical trials, for example, why some approaches in managing trials work and others — do not. In addition to this, the book should serve the purposes of business psychotherapy. The book is saturated with examples from real life and practical tips.

О книге

Об авторе

Alexey Levashov

The author is MD, PhD by background. He worked for 4.5 years in hospital as a physician and then decided to switch to clinical trial industry. The author has been a clinical trial professional for about 10 years now. He started as a Clinical Research Associate and after that was gradually promoted to a Senior Project Manager position, which the author holds now. He has managed 13 clinical trials in various indications to date.

Babajide Keshinro

«The book is very easy to read yet very rich. It provides all the relevant details one requires to start a manage a clinical trial in a very easy to understand manner. It brings all the various issues together in one easy to read book. It is an excellent resource.»

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