Бесплатный фрагмент - Phoenix

English Lyrics. Стихи на английском языке

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I like your eyes

I like your eyes when they’re looking in these lakes,

like there’re riveres made of star gems,

lying here

I like your hands when they’re getting all these stones,

like they have inside all the truth about this way in its void

or its incoming shores

I love your muted voice when it is crying from the vault

like birds of catacombs, who splintering their hearts

against this cruel highness

I love to were your well-worn close,

because they heats my hopeless chords

Wish Tree

The tree has dried up, but in the night breeze brightly colored tapes fluttering flickered,

And the strange birds quietly sing their magic songs.

My heart is pounding because still able to love beauty.

Lilac-blue evening

There is a magical lilac-blue evening, which hidden in paper haze of childlike picture.

Let’s go, let’s go with me to there.

There is a coral dawning, which embraces naked fingers by warm surf, and there is a sand, which smells like sky tenderness.

Let’s go, let’s go with me to there.

Night hunting

Ancient birds silently look at the stars through the deep foliage.

Young Tigers go on night hunting in foreign forests.


I tamed little fabric butterflies by singing about a homely autumn.

I kicked away mechanical tigers by showing them fabric butterflies.

Inside me

Inside me is unusual tree, whose leaves and roots are disagreeing.

And there is Small Butterfly, which has its own sky.


My unfinished Sand Castle, my Little Mompracem, I wish you to be forever untouched, to be not desecrated by anyone’s banner. I only wish you to be lulled to sleep by clean waves of heart beating.

Sailing ships

I am learning to paint your colors

In order to my characters

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