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Office sex

Office sex

Work and erotica

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О книге

Is there sex in the offices? Of course, there is. This is what all office dwellers think and dream about. And here is one of these stories. The general director of the firm is tempted by his own accountant. But soon a more interesting and more active employee comes to work. Whom will the director choose? He likes both. Yes, and this contest for the title of the best man of the office and the best woman. Literally.

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Александр Невзоров

At the party, I danced with my chief accountant. Olga was a little older than me. Slightly full (moderately) blonde with a short haircut, she worked for my company for several months. Relations with us were normal, workers. Olga always followed my instructions, was conscientious and I liked how sometimes she blushed, discussing some delicate moments. Her sister was married to my wife's brother (the former). From the street to take the chief accountant was not worth it, it is always a big risk. The party was just on the occasion of her sister's birthday. Unexpectedly during the dance, Olga pressed herself against me. I was almost sober, and she does not seem to be drunk either. The situation was delicate, we could see relatives. Olga was married, and I'm almost married. Olga liked me, but I never thought of her as a woman. "What happened?" I asked. "Nothing." In the evening, lying in bed, I remembered our relations with Olga, conversations, views. But she's pretty. Yes, and her figure is attractive, one breast of what it costs. And how hot she pressed herself to me during the dance ... I could not sleep for a long time.

August 21, 2017, в 6:42 AM


Vitaly Mushkin