Man of the Future

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“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

(Matthew 6:34)

What Will a Person of the Future Be?

Early one morning, a man went into his field. He walked through it and carefully looked at the ground. He scooped up a handful of soil and rubbed it between his palms. He looked at the sky and at the trees beyond the field. He listened to the birds singing. In nature, everything is interconnected not only in the present, but also in the future. Are the frosts going to be severe this season? Has spring settled in well enough for planting seeds? The man recalled omens that were known to his father and grandfather before him. Omens are signs that connect the present and the future. There are certain days when the connection between the past and the future is especially strong. If on a particular day the weather is cold and gloomy, then the following spring might be as well. A mystical connection between past and future events definitely exists. For a human being this connection is destiny, or karma. The concept of karma can hold many lives, it shows how a person’s thoughts and emotions correlate to his health and destiny, not only in the present, but also in the lives which follow.

In the Old Testament we are introduced to the idea of a connection between a parent’s behavior and their children’s destiny, revealed in allegorical form. The “sin of the parents,” or their improper behavior, is visited upon the children “to the third and fourth generation” (Exodus 20:5). This tells us that the universe exists in unity; that it is holographic not only in space but also in time. So if the future is inextricably linked to the present, then once we become detached from our shallow perception of the present we are able to foresee the future.

Let’s start with a basic understanding of the law of cause and effect. A person sows seeds and hopes to harvest a crop in autumn. However, if the seeds turn out to be rotten, there will be nothing to harvest later on. The person may diligently till the land and water it regularly, but the seeds will not sprout. Later, in autumn he will suffer, and during winter he will starve. If the man survives until the next spring he will borrow new seeds from somebody, but this time he will examine the seeds very carefully, as this present moment will determine his future.

Lets say that another man, the first man’s neighbor, did not store food before the winter. He ate hearty meals, had fun, made merry and used up all his grain. His neighbors, knowing his character, will not lend him seeds. He is also capable of plowing and watering his field, but he has no seeds and harvesting a crop will be impossible for him this year.

Our behavior and attitude toward the world define what kind of crop we will harvest in the future. Any smart landowner, in order to not only survive but also prosper, must know the laws by which to influence and control the future through the present moment. The best seeds should be stored until spring. Seeds should not be damp and must be kept in a dry place. They should be planted, using omens, at the right time. The soil must be prepared, plowed and fertilized. Seeds must be planted at the right depth and at a correct interval from one another. We are now talking about the basic laws of cause and effect. The more clearly we see the connection between the past and the future, the more fully and precisely we can influence the present, and survive and evolve in the distant future.

Here is another story. Once, this same man planted his best seeds, having plowed his field, and did all of this with care and diligence. Still, a large part of the crop died for unexplainable reasons. The few bits that he was able to gather helped him survive during the winter. However, if not for the reserves he had saved earlier, his family might have died. The next year, he takes care of his future crop with more even greater diligence. The weather is favorable, and the crop turns out beautifully. However, when only a few weeks remain before harvest, the sky becomes covered in clouds, lighting flashes, and thunder rumbles. Heavy hail sweeps across his field, and the crop is destroyed. Again, what the landowner is able to gather is barely enough to survive.

However, it is necessary for him to live, to take care of his close ones, to save at least a few seeds for the upcoming year. And so next spring, the man once again walks out onto his field. He has borrowed some seeds to sow, and must have a nice crop come autumn or his family might not survive. A week remains before planting season, he has to pull his strength together, gather his sons for help, and begin determining the future through the present moment.

On the next morning the farmer gets out of bed, and suddenly his body is pierced by severe pain. He realizes that he is sick and will not be able to help his family. But that is not all — both of his sons are sick as well.

The man lies down on his bed and looks up at the ceiling. His future has collapsed; all of his efforts where in vain. At first he had some misfortunes in his life, and then real tragedies began. Now, they are not only around him but also inside of him. Suddenly, it dawns on him that his illnesses and misfortunes are also a harvest. Yes, it is possible to control the future by changing the outer world: selecting the best seeds, choosing the finest terrain, cultivating the land. However, it turns out that this is not what is most important. It turns out that our inner state is much more significant for our future, and the most important seeds are in our soul. The way our soul is, so will be our destiny. If the man’s neighbor has a deformed soul, he will drink and revel away his harvest. Even if he comes to his senses, and, following the example of others, plants seeds and takes care of his field, his crop will die anyway.

The landowner stays in bed for one day and then another. He stops thinking about material things and his daily bread. His vague hypothesis, that his soul is related his destiny, grows clearer. The man looks around and realizes that he has begun to perceive the world differently. Beside him, he suddenly notices a Bible which he had overlooked before. With trembling hands, he takes the Bible, opens it at random and begins to read:

“If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments so as to carry them out, then I shall give you rains in their season, so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit.

Indeed, your threshing will last for you until grape gathering, and grape gathering will last until sowing time. You will thus eat your food to the full and live securely in your land.

I shall also grant peace in the land, so that you may lie down with no one making you tremble. I shall also eliminate harmful beasts from the land, and no sword will pass through your land” (Lev. 26:3—6).

Suddenly, the ill, decrepit man has an epiphany. He had constantly badmouthed and judged his good-for-nothing neighbor. He was always displeased with himself and his destiny, believing that his harvest was not large enough. He resented people who acted badly. Instead of sincerely telling them what he thought, and keeping them from improper behavior, he had become judgmental and angry.

The farmer puts the Bible aside and becomes lost in thought. Inside, he feels himself beginning to change. Once again, the man opens the Bible at random and begins to read. And incredulous, with tears in his eyes, reads:

“Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another… Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbor, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning. Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind… Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him. Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Lev. 26:11, 13—14, 17—18).

It turns out that the laws of spiritual connection are no less important than the laws of connection in the physical world. It turns out that the spiritual and physical are closely interrelated. The physical can influence the spiritual and can shape it. The spiritual can affect the physical and shape it. However, the spiritual is more important, and the physical is but an extension of the spiritual, an instrument in it’s development.

Once again, the plowman looks around and notices with surprise that the world has become beautiful. He understands that he loves his wife, although before he had only reproached her and demanded obedience. He realizes how much he loves his children, whom he hadn’t noticed before. All of a sudden, it dawns on him that he has begun thinking of his good-for-nothing neighbor as a silly child, neither judging him nor spoiling him with constant assistance. It is necessary to help not his body, but his soul first. So, the best way to help another person is by teaching them. In order to help the soul, the physical body should be at times indulged and at times restrained.

So that night, the man goes to sleep happy even though he has no future. He will not be able to plant seeds for the new crop, and he is unlikely to recover from his illness. But now, his daily bread is no longer the measure of his happiness. Now, he realizes how everyday worries about his material wellbeing had concealed his soul. Only now does he understand how unhappy he had been the past few years.

His soul had stopped singing, and the world had lost the refinement and subtleness of its colors. He had constantly convinced himself that a barn full of grain was the the best reason for happiness. Now, sick and dying, the plowman realizes that his soul had also reaped a harvest, but that in the past few years this harvest had been made up of indifference, resentment and greed.

When the soul suffers, there is a simple and dependable way to lessen its pain: by shifting one’s attention to material things, convincing oneself that the main reason for happiness is money, material possessions, and sexual pleasure. If we forget about the soul, we stop noticing the soul’s pain.

Sick and dying, the plowman remembers an old saying, “The gravest losses are those that we don’t notice.” He now understands that the most important happiness is the happiness of the soul. Despite the hopelessness of his situation, he goes to sleep happy. He sleeps calmly and peacefully that night, and the next morning, waking up, he notices with surprise that he feels much worse. The whole day, he can barely breathe because of acute, paralyzing pain. At the same time, however, something has changed. His misfortunes and losses, and even physical pain, no longer evoke feelings of despair, irritation, and discontent with his destiny. The pain makes him kinder and more forgiving. The pain forces him to forget about the physical body and turn to his soul.

While the body needs daily bread for its survival and salvation, the soul needs love. These seeds, bestowed by the Creator, are always pure and saving. The more the man suffered, the more love he felt towards God. The man was sick for a few more days, but began to feel better not only in his soul, but also physically. With surprise he noticed that his sons had also recovered, and realized that his wrong attitude towards the world had not only been destroying him, but also his own children. A week later, he went into his field once again and planted seeds together with his sons. Later, there were ill-timed frosts, and rains fell at the wrong moment, but regardless, the harvest turned out bigger and finer than the previous one, the crops were beautiful, there was not a single rotten seed.

Let’s put this story aside, and return to today. Every spring, people continue sowing seeds in soil. Humankind has had success in things that need to be done in order to reap rich harvests. Every day we sow seeds of our destiny in our soul. I used to take great interest in books that spoke about people of the future. Now, many are curious about what people of the future will be like. But I have a different question, will there be a person of the future? Any person is a part of his society, and so in order for there to be a person of the future, our modern civilization must survive at the very least.

Three and a half thousand years ago, Jews began to meticulously follow the Ten Commandments given by God. They tried not to steal and plunder, not to worship money and sexual pleasure. They did not eat pork because this meat was considered impure, and was therefore harmful to the soul. If one of them had tried to visualize the kinds of people that would live one and a half thousand years later in the free Israeli nation, then, perhaps, a contemporary of Moses would have imagined them as “angels without sin.” However, if we open the New Testament, we read about Christ casting demons out of a man and transferring them into a herd of swine. By the way, the pigs in that herd numbered more than 2000. Even according to our current standards, the herd was not small. This means that inwardly, people had already stopped following God’s Commandments, and that this had begun to show outwardly through a disregard of the main Commandments. There was a serious crisis of belief in God, and Judaism as a whole. If a contemporary of Moses had tried to visualize what a person might be like in three and a half thousand years, he would have probably lacked imagination. However, let’s suppose that miraculously, just for a moment, our ancestor could see the future. What would he have thought seeing the homosexual parades in modern Europe? Alternatively, what would he have thought if he saw the exuberant porn culture and persistent violence on today’s television? Most likely, he would have thought he had gone insane.

“These people worship vices,” he would have said. “They take pleasure in their own sinfulness and put it on display. Even their art doesn’t purify the soul, but rather contaminates and damages it. These people have invented mechanisms and devices that have begun consuming them.” It would be interesting to know what the prophet Daniel would have said about modern man. In order to speak about a person of the future, it is necessary to see this future. Who, if not the prophets, can speak about what a person of the future will be like?

There is an incredible foresight of the future through dream analysis as described in the Old Testament. The ruler of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, was very prosperous in his kingdom, and that prosperity obstructed his vision of subtle connections. He ordered the casting of a golden idol of huge proportions, and those who refused to worship this idol, he killed. He did everything he pleased, and nobody could oppose him. However, misfortune had already settled in his soul, and he began to see strange dreams from which we was unable to recover. These dreams predicted his future: the fall of the empire, the death of his children, and his own insanity. When the prophet Daniel interpreted these dreams for him, the king fell to his knees before him. However, habits cultivated over decades are very difficult to change instantaneously. When several people refused to bow to the golden idol, believing in One God, he ordered them thrown in the fire. The flames of the fire were so strong that they killed the servants who pushed the transgressors into the fire.

“But these three men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, fell into the midst of the furnace of blazing fire still tied up. Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astounded and stood up in haste; he said to his high officials: Behold I see four men loose, and walking in the midst of the fire, and there is no hurt in them, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God” (Daniel 3:23—24).

The astonished king pardoned the men and showered them with favors.

However, just because a person recognizes a miracle, this doesn’t mean that he has changed. In order for land to bear a good harvest, it is necessary to meticulously care for it. In order for the soul to bear a healthy harvest, we must care for it even more meticulously. The Bible depicts an incredible scene describing how Nebuchadnezzar’s sins were passed onto his son, Balthazar, who inherited the kingdom. At the exact moment when Balthazar was throwing his greatest feast for thousands of his nobles, when the table was loaded with golden and silver vessels full of various provisions, just at this moment the king received testimony of his oncoming death.

While they drank and honored their golden and silver, copper and steel, wooden and stone gods, in the air near a lamp there appeared a human hand, and inscribed on the wall the following words: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN (Daniel 5: 25). The astonished and frightened ruler called for the prophet Daniel, who explained the meaning of the words:

“God has numbered your kingdom’s days and brought it to an end. You are weighed on the balances and found to be lacking. Your kingdom is divided and given over to the Medes and Persians” (Daniel 5: 26—28).

The ruler generously rewarded Daniel, sensing that he had told the truth and accurately foretold the future. On the same night, Balthazar, the Chaldean king, was slain.

While trying to envision a person of the future, we should first understand what he should not be like. We should imagine what society of the future should not be like; explore the mechanism of the fall of civilizations, understanding the connection between a person’s soul and his destiny. It is necessary to outline the main dangers that can cross out the future of not only a single person, but all mankind. We must ask ourselves not what a person of the future might be like, but rather what he needs to be like in order to survive. Our harvest will depend on the kind of seeds we select, how we store them, and the soil in which we plant them. In order to envision what a person of the future will be like, we must look around at each other. We must understand what kind of people we need to be today in order to have a future tomorrow.

Chapter 1
The Kingdom of Heaven

In order to understand life, we need to first study the phenomenon of consciousness. Life and consciousness are inextricably linked to one other. When trying to understand consciousness we face a paradox. Any sensible person is aware that consciousness depends on social environment, that is, on purely physical factors. Not a single “Mowgli” has ever learned to speak. If in his first three years a child doesn’t actively communicate with other people, he will not grow up to be a person. I remember an article that stated some fascinating facts. In Western Siberia hunters came across a child among a pack of wolves. They surrounded the pack, attempting to take the child. The wolves did not run away. Instead, they tried to protect the boy to the bitter end; all the wolves were killed. The little boy behaved completely like a wolf; he snarled and tried to bite the hunters. Unbelievably, even his bone structure had changed; he had begun to look like a wolf.

It appears that our genotype is not as stable as we had assumed. Earlier, scientists had believed that DNA is active only during fetal development. It has now been discovered that our core principal information actively interacts with the outer world throughout our entire life. Europeans who live in Asia begin to look like Asians. Spouses living in mutual harmony begin to resemble each other. The conclusion is clear: consciousness is formed by material factors.

In Russia, there were occasions when babies in orphanages did not receive the affection, emotional warmth, and interaction they needed during the first three years of their lives and became mentally retarded. Time had slipped away, and the physiological changes had become irreversible.

However, there is another side to this paradox. There is a large collection of facts in the world which prove the existence of consciousness after the death of the physical body. All religions recognize the existence of the soul, which continues to live after the death of the body. Science asserts that consciousness is a function of the physical body, the product of highly organized matter; the brain. Religion insists that the soul lives much longer than the body, and influences the physical body to a greater extent than scientists assume. It is possible to reconcile these seemingly incompatible contradictions if we concede that there are different forms of consciousness.

A tree grows out of a seed, and one can safely say that the seed is primary in relation to the tree. However, the seed comes from the fruit of a previous tree, and we can state with the same certainty that this tree is primary in relation to the seed. Again we face the same question: what is primary — consciousness or matter? This question can be answered if we agree that matter and consciousness are manifestations of the same substance.

By the way, the age old riddle of what came first, the chicken or the egg, has recently been solved. The conclusion made by geneticists was surprising. It turned out that the egg came before the chicken. The proof is very elegant: geneticists determined that the genotype of a living being doesn’t change fundamentally during its lifespan. Superficial changes can occur, but the underlying structure remains unchanged. A new life form could only originate from an egg, so a chicken had to come from an egg laid by another living being. This fact makes us reevaluate the process of evolution.

Let’s touch upon one of the most sensitive topics, the evolution of man. Before Darwin, the entire world was believed to have been created by God. The idea that living beings could change in future generations was inconceivable. Darwin was able connect isolated observations into a single system, and this system undeniably stated the following: if a type of living being is placed in new conditions, then its next generation will begin to change, and in time a new type of living being might appear. Darwin’s conclusion is quite logical: the reason for the appearance of new life forms isn’t God, but rather changes in the physical environment.

Modern scientific studies conclusively prove Darwin’s theory. It turns out that every living being carries within itself the memory of previous generations. Therefore, not only external events are interconnected by an invisible thread. Treating ill patients, I saw again and again that when influencing the present, we simultaneously affect the future. By changing our attitude toward the past, we affect it. Affecting the past, we influence both the present and the future.

Lets remember the scene from the Gospels where a sick man approaches Christ. Illness is the result of sin — this was known in ancient India and is often referred to in the Old Testament. Suddenly, Christ utters a phrase blasphemous for his times, “Your sins are forgiven.” (Matthew 9:5) Sins are actions in the past that have created illness in the present. This means that Christ could change a person’s past. In India it would be said that Christ was able to burn stored up negative karma. He possessed the secret of governing time.

So, a person carries within him the memory of his ancestors, which means that the actions and sins of his parents can be passed onto him. That which healers call a curse over a family is also a fact. In my own healing practice, I often witnessed how generations of descendants suffered, agonized, and became ill if one of their ancestors committed a murder or a suicide; for example, if a woman did not want to live for a long time, or if she had a late-term abortion. However, it turns out that we carry within us not just the memory of the emotions and behaviour of our ancestors.

Scientists conducted an incredible experiment. In a state of hypnosis, participants were taken back into the state of childhood. Their pulse, breathing, blood and general physiological state were those of little children. Their thinking, and the level of questions and answers were also relevant to the level of children. The participants were then asked to describe what would happen to them in the future (which in reality was already the past for them). They willingly spoke about the schools they would graduate from, which colleges they would get into, where they would work, when they would get married, and how many children they would have. As the scientists had already obtained this information, they could easily verify that these facts fit.

Then the most interesting thing happened. In the state of hypnosis, the participants were asked to speak about what would happen to them in the real future. They talked about events that would take place in five and ten years. This information is unknown to all and therefore, cannot be confirmed. We just have to wait. So, events of the past and future are not isolated. They are a living, united chain. Affecting any period of time, we influence the whole of time altogether. Almost two thousand years after the birth of Christ, there appeared a man who understood that time could be influenced, and that patients could be treated in this way. This was Sigmund Freud.

He hypothesized that the past does not disappear, but is eternally stored in a person’s subconscious. Therefore, if one changes a person’s attitude to past negative events stored in his subconscious mind, it is possible to cure diseases. Freud tried this, and it worked. In fact, the method of psychoanalysis originated from this discovery. A situation forms emotions and creates illness. It turns out that consciousness is secondary. A disease is generated by the environment. However, using our consciousness, we can change our attitude to past situations, in this way affecting the past event and altering its code in our memory. This means that our consciousness becomes less dependant on the events in our past.

In the state of hypnosis, a person can convince himself that cold water is boiling hot, and he will get burned. However, under the same hypnosis, a person convinces himself that boiling water is in fact cold, and receives no burns. A Tibetan monk, sitting in a tub with boiling water, explained to passers-by, “You have convinced yourselves that this water is boiling, and you can get burnt, and I have convinced myself in quite the opposite.” From a scientific point of view, this is not possible — the monk should have boiled long ago. We must conclude that it is consciousness that controls the outer world and can change the physical qualities of material objects.

Let’s go back to Darwin’s theory. A Human embryo comes into being as the simplest one- cell organism, living in water. The very act of conception repeats the moment of creation of life on Earth. Life, as information, impregnates the substance of the world’s oceans. First, the simplest one-cell organisms appear, and then fish. A human embryo also originally has gills and a tail, and then it turns into a reptile, something like a lizard. In the process of evolution, he develops into a human being. So, a human being appears as a result of evolution. However, scientists have not yet found the missing link between monkeys and human beings. Therefore, many are now saying that Darwin’s theory is not accurate.

There are only two points of view: either the theory is correct or incorrect. Let’s try to solve this paradox. It is possible that man appeared over a short period of time, that is, the emergence of man happened within one or two generations. This would mean that Cro-Magnons, rather than giving birth to their own young, began giving birth to humans. This is similar to the way a chicken hatched out of an egg not laid by a chicken. This would mean that the information about this new form of being came from the future. So, it is necessary to recognize that time is not a homogenous, amorphous value. It consists of two currents flowing toward one another. On a subtle plane, they are a united whole. Then, it turns out that religion is right, claiming that man was created by a higher power, and Darwin, claiming that man emerged as a result of the evolution of other living beings, is wrong.

The main sign of life is consciousness. It consists of two parts. The first part is memory, which allows us to use our past experience: genetic memory, long term memory, and short term memory. The second component is the imagination, which modulates the future, and without which no living being can survive.

A human being differs from an animal in that he has a far greater memory of the past, and also possesses the ability to plan and modulate future events. If, due to a trauma, a person where to lose his memory of past events, he would become disabled. A person would become similarly handicapped if he was unable to modulate the future. Consciousness compresses time, pulling the past and the future into a single point. So what, then, is primary, spirit or matter? Matter, for us, is the past; spirit is the future. Both are functions of time, and and therefore appeared simultaneously. On the highest subtle plane, where the universe is united, all events that are about to happen have already happened. Meanwhile, on the outside, the past gradually flows into the future. It’s possible to influence this process on subtle planes. There are various layers of the past, which pass into the future. Like a Russian Matryoshka, one layer hides under another.

Therefore, any event that happens is a complete sum of future and past, and unexplainable leaps in evolution can be explained quite easily. Packages of new information come from the future and fertilize the present moment. Then, the Big Bang theory, according to which the universe is cooling down after a Big Bang, is only partially correct. The universe is continuously receiving new informational packages; it is an actively evolving substance. In fact, the expansion of the universe confirms this. Therefore, the stars and planets, including our earth, are not burning and cooling cosmic bodies. The energy constantly coming from the future is necessary for the sun to shine and for the earth to expand. Time becomes energy and energy becomes matter. So, from this point of view, a person is a being that has a consciousness linked to the physical body and dependant on it, dissolving when the body dies. Simultaneously, a human being is a form of consciousness that determines the existence of the physical body, and continues to exist after the body falls apart.

Life appeared first as a form of consciousness. This universal consciousness impregnated the protein matter in the worlds oceans. In this way, life is an uninterrupted link between the past and the future. Consciousness, subtle energy fields, are the future. The physical body, matter, is the past. There is a well-known saying: “Man is the master of his fate”. This means that using his will, his consciousness, a person can affect his destiny and future. There is also an equally just saying, “Destiny is the ruler of man.” This means that the subconscious, in which information is stored about the past and future, affects man just as much.

Mankind always tried to find out about its future. Every ruler always had mystics, astrologers, seers, and fortune tellers present at court. Many years ago, in ancient India, clear ideas about the future developed: the future as unchangeable, inevitable, and impossible to influence. Centuries passed and people evolved. In Judaism, time was understood as a slightly different value. It turned out that with our behaviour we affect the future, and the sins we have committed in the past, bring us illness and misfortune not only in the present, but also in the future. Our past sins are paid for by our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. However, if a person turns to God and repents, then the pardoning of sins is possible. That is, changing the present and the future is possible.

The laws of Manu, who in India is considered to be the ancestor of all mankind, do not talk about repentance. For every crime there is supposed to be a punishment. However, in Judaism even a punishment sent from above can be annulled through re-evaluation of past events and repentance.

In Christianity, the future is already perceived in a completely different way. It is a physical substance, with which it is possible to interact. It turns out that the future can have it’s own distinctive characteristics and qualities. It turns out that a person actively interacts with the future, which has a completely different structure from the present. When a person comes in close contact with this new future, he may even die.

In Indian philosophy, the past smoothly flows into the future. Everything is predestined, and the Creator doesn’t interfere with current events. In Judaism, God interacts with people, and forces them to change their tangent of behaviour. Observing the Commandments allows a nation to survive and transform its future. In Indian philosophy, disease is the result of a person’s behaviour, and therefore, there is no point in trying to cure it. One must suffer through one’s stored up karma. In Judaism, disease is also a result of accumulated sins, but through prayer, repentance and fulfillment of the Commandments, it is possible to remove sins, bettering one’s future and the future of one’s descendants. Christianity stops looking back at transgressions that a person committed in the past. Through intense love for God and inner change, it is possible to overcome any negative past. So, suffering as a means of repentance is not what is most important, nor strict observance of the Commandments and repentance as a way of changing the past. Rather, it is an intense love for God as a way of changing the past and the future. Then a question appears: what should a person be like, in order to come into contact with the new future? And why can a person die from contact with it?

A person can live observing all of the Commandments given from above. However, when the new future comes, he still might die. That is to say, fulfilling the many Commandments and behaving righteously are not the codes of entry into the future that is approaching us. People who believe in God, fasting and trying to observe all of the proper religious dogmas, might still die when the new epoch and age approaches. The only ones who will be able to survive are those who carry within themselves the secret password for survival in the new future. Christ found a path of salvation for the sake of which, as it turned out, all of the rules and Commandments had been created. This is love.

A lit candle is standing in front of me on the table. I spend a long time looking at it, trying to put my thoughts and feelings in order. I then turn my gaze to the window. It’s springtime in Berlin. The green leaves on the trees create an indescribable atmosphere and birds are joyfully singing. I had a session with with a patient today. People come for this from all over the world. Their life stories are different and often confusing. I speak with each one, and together we gradually untangle the events in their lives. I explain how thoughts, feelings and actions in their past have affected their health, character and destiny, and not only their own, but also those of their children and grandchildren. When you enter subtle planes and see that which is called a person’s soul, it is immediately possible to make conclusions about his destiny several decades into the future.

Today I saw a married couple from Greece. They told me an interesting story. Their relatives have lived in Greece for a long time, own several houses, a thriving business, and big bank accounts. Recently, they invited their nephew from Kiev for a visit. The young man had grown up in poverty and was in need of everything. He was seventeen years old and the couple had no children.

The young man was good and kind and the family quickly became attached to him. They asked him to stay and live with them in Greece, and he gladly agreed. They promised to leave him all their property as inheritance: their homes and money. There was only one condition: that he stay with them in Greece and never leave them. A year later, he asked for their permission to go back home for a couple of weeks to see his parents and his city. During this trip, something unexpected happened — he fell in love and immediately became seriously ill. The relatives begged him to return as soon as possible and begin treatment, but he was physically unable to do so. Two weeks later he phoned them and said that he refused to accept the inheritance and did not want to live in Greece.

“So what happened then?” I asked.

One of the spouses shrugged. “He stayed in Kiev. For some reason, he decided that he had become ill because he lived in Greece. So, one of the reasons we came here was to find out what had happened to him.”

“You want to know if he was right or not?” I asked.

The man looked at me searchingly and nodded. “Of course.”

“You know, children’s souls are purer than those of adults. They are usually not covered by layers of superiority, self defense and self confidence. Therefore, they feel love more clearly and sense the dangers that lie in wait for love. If he had fallen in love not at eighteen, but at the age of twenty or twenty-three, he would probably have died. He had no antidote to the sudden wealth that had swept over him and which he had not earned.

The secret of good health and happiness is actually very simple. You give away a portion of love and energy, and receive approximately the same amount of health, money and other forms of happiness. If you give away five times more energy than you receive money and well being, then you will have stable health and happiness, and an unexpected influx of money and good fortune will not kill you. If you have gained or desire to gain several times more than you have given, then you are ill. You will no longer own this wealth; rather, the wealth will own you.

So, when the young man came to Greece and gained everything he had wished for, without much effort, his soul began imperceptibly dying. He did not have a tuning fork to give him a sign when his soul wandered. However, when he experienced love, all of the inner dirt came out. The soul was purified and the dirt passed on to the body; for this reason he became ill. Many people who do not come in contact with real love can live for a long time happily and plentifully. Even when they lose the ability to internally love and give energy, they continue to live in total comfort.

The tragedy is that a person can run away from love in order to live comfortably. If one concentrates on external happiness, on its material aspects, it is possible not to notice the death of the soul. However, if this person has children, then they will still have to encounter love. And then all that the children aren’t able to stand, their parents will bear, and will do so for more than one life. The soul is not a one time concept.

Not only a person, but also a government can behave in this same way. It’s possible to teach our children a condescending and flippant attitude towards love. Love can be equated with sexual relationships. One can convince oneself that love can be used for control. Then already several generations of our descendants will run away from love.

But sooner or later this government and society comes into contact with this feeling, coming from the future. The higher the dam shielding people from love, the more lamentable the consequences will be for those who try to protect themselves from it. So, this young man felt and realized that one must be defenseless in the face of love, and threw away everything that gave him protection. Why does unearned money kill? It kills because there is more consumption in it than return. A person who wants to receive more than he gives begins to degenerate.

Why do the stars shine? They shine because they want to be happy. Giving energy is happiness not only for animate but also for inanimate beings. On the subtle plane, animate and the inanimate beings feel and react identically. Whether we receive externally or give, inside there must always be a release of the energy of love. We receive a gift and rejoice, and this is a release of energy. We give a gift to somebody and also rejoice, and this is an even greater release of energy. This is a universal law.

I recently read a story about a king who lived during the Middle Ages. He traveled disguises as simple knight, and once became lost and sought shelter. Only in one house was he made welcome. The king then revealed his true name and said that he would assign a high-ranking title to the person who had opened his doors to him. Suddenly, the man standing in front of him hesitated. “I beg your pardon, your Majesty, but you do not know my profession.” he said. “I never reverse my orders,” said the king without flinching. “Name your trade.” “I am an executioner,” the man replied.

The king did not reverse his decision. The man who had let him into his house received a title, and with it, material rewards. The king was right to do this because in reality, this person who worked as an executioner did not kill anybody. He performed his duty and helped victims to go to the next world with minimum anguish. High ranks are given for feats performed by subjects. At the heart of every feat is self-sacrifice, and the sense of love without which real sacrifice is not possible. The man who worked as an executioner demonstrated this ability to sacrifice and love.

Whatever situation our destiny puts us in, whatever role we perform, we do not have the right to refuse God our love. The loss of this feeling is the beginning of all other transgressions. We are only able to have wealth and happiness to the point where they begin to interfere with our ability to love, to sacrifice, and to give energy. A person who knows how to love always intuitively stops at the line beyond which wellbeing will begin killing him, abandoning the wealth that has begun to destroy his soul.”

Memories take me to events two decades earlier. For a few years, I worked as an artist-designer in a cultural center not far from the world famous Mariinsky Theatre, in St. Petersburg. Later, this cultural center closed, and I began a period of ‘swimming free.” I would not have started to practice healing seriously if I had had a job, because I already sensed that it was a dangerous profession. It turned out that the situation itself pushed me to experiment. Besides, I remembered the words of Hippocrates, “A physician-philosopher is Godlike,” and decided to try connecting philosophy and medicine. It was then that I first noticed with surprise that if a person’s body was sick, this was often linked with a disease of the person’s soul and destiny.

A friend of mine once said, “We have a proverb in the East, ‘Material loss always comes before disease.’” I remembered that we have a similar saying in Russia, “When troubles arrive, keep the gates open.” Why does a person’s destiny come ill and crumble? Which causes lead to sickness of the soul? Why do shortcomings in a person’s character lead to illness? Back then, I did not know the answers to these questions.

I once again return to the present. It is spring 2007. There are many signs that indicate the approach of new portions of our future. We’ve gotten used to the fact that the present smoothly flows into the future, shaping it, and we don’t see the reverse process. However, occasionally, the future acts like a spring, actively invading the present. Then the old world crumbles, yielding space to the new.

There are several theories explaining the extinction of the dinosaurs. One of them is such: a meteorite landed and the conditions of survival on Earth abruptly changed. The same approach is used to explain the origin of man: if it is impossible to find the transitional stage between a monkey and a human being, then the explanation is as follows: aliens came to our planet from outer space and gave a beginning to a new kind of living being, humans. If a situation is inexplicable, one must admit the possibility of an outside influence. The easiest example is outer space, and all inexplicable occurrences are written of to it.

For example, the expansion of our planet is explained by scientists as happening due to the large number of falling meteorites. Even though this explanation defies common sense, official science stubbornly clings to this theory, simply because of its lack of other hypotheses. To this day, science claims that the Earth is a cooling celestial body, because this concept corresponds to the theory of Kant-Laplace and fits into the familiar picture of the universe.

It is enough to conduct a simple experiment to understand that this theory has a serious flaw. Put a kettle on a gas stove. Wait until the water boils and the lid starts to bounce, then turn off the gas and return to the kettle in five minutes. If the lid is still rattling and steam is breaking out from under it, you will be very surprised because there can be no active processes in cooling bodies.

So if you believe the basic laws of physics, then the Earth should have no earthquakes. This “kettle” has been cooling down for five billion years, and if we forget the fear of a collapsing paradigm, we must recognize the simple truth: the Earth is not a cooling body. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions confirm this. Moreover, our planet is now entering a period of increased instability. Energy is coming to the Earth from outside. The fifteen cubic kilometers, by which our planet increases each year, also do not adhere to the theory of meteor showers. Even a child can understand that the mass of our planet is growing not on the outside but from within. Falling meteorites cannot force continents to move apart. Thus, the use of the space factor is most likely a clumsy attempt to explain the unexplainable. If, however, you introduce a factor called the ‘future,” then everything falls into place.

I remember how stunned I was when I saw that a person can subconsciously react to future events. “How strange,” I thought. “The event has not yet happened, yet the person has already reacted to it.” Then I saw that many diseases in children are related not to the past, but to the future, that is, illness is a form of adaptation to future events. However, if a person reacts to the future, this means that the future exists, it is a physical value with which it is possible to interact. Then, inexplicable changes in the present can be understood as the strengthening influence of the future on the now. Why did dinosaurs become extinct? Because they started to bring completely new beings into the world. That is, ‘chickens’ began to hatch from dinosaur eggs, and Cro-Magnons suddenly started giving birth to people, whose characteristics corresponded to the new time.

So, the new time is different to the old. If a person does not correspond to the energy of the future, he simply is not going to survive. How are the characteristics of present space, energy, and time different from the characteristics of these categories in new portions of the future that will possibly arrive soon? If we rely on our habitual paradigm, then the universe is the result of the Big Bang, and is gradually cooling down, losing its primary impulse. Then, a new portion of future should be weaker than what is in the present. If we hypothesize that the universe is an actively developing organism, then we should allow that there are opposite processes in the universe: in addition to the slowly fading ones there must be actively intensifying ones.

So, will the future be weaker or stronger than the present? I recall a brief article in a newspaper. People have been watching the sun for the past two hundred and thirty years, and always the eleven year phase of ‘active’ sun was followed by a similar phase of ‘quiet’ sun. There have been no exceptions to this rule. The sun evenly and quietly ‘breathes,” obeying the universal rhythms. However, it seems that last year something inexplicable happened for the first time. The phase of ‘active’ sun, having ended, passed not into a quiet phase, but into an even more active one. Simply put, new energy has begun to come from somewhere, and the sun is trying to adapt to it.

It is possible that the new portions of the future will have much higher energy. This means that the only people who will be able to survive will be those with a high level of energy exchange. It appears that current ‘dinosaurs’ will become extinct. When does an average person demonstrate an increase in energy exchange? When he is in a dangerous or fatal situation. When he sees and understands that he is in danger. Exchange of energy increases when a person acts or works intensely. Exchange of energy is enhanced when we want to help or care for someone. Energy erupts when we fall in love.

From all of this, we can make a simple and elegant conclusion. To prepare present humankind for the future, there needs to be a series of disasters in which people will face death and find themselves in mortal danger. Then people will begin to care for one another, help each other overcome the consequences of these disasters. Then each day will be perceived by many as their last. This will break the chains that bind people to wellbeing and stability. People will be able to feel love once again, and this will help them overcome their attachments. There is another period in people’s lives when they have very high energy, when they love incessantly, constantly rejoice and give energy away. This is childhood. If we maintain the potential for love and energy inherent in our childhood, then we have a chance to survive in the new future.

I open the Bible and see a passage that used to be completely incomprehensible to me:

“People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly, I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:13—15)

This scene is followed by the description of a strange episode:

“As Jesus started on his way, a man ran up to him and fell on his knees before him. “Good teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17)

Let’s reflect on this passage. What is goodness? It is the absence of sin. We have become used to calling stability and material security goodness. However, real goodness is the energy of love. A good man is one in whom sin is completely absent. Translated into everyday language, the scene reads like this: a man comes up to Jesus and says: “You are sinless, so you will survive in the upcoming new time. What can I do to become as sinless as you are?” He wants to become one, to fuse into the Savior.

All of a sudden, Christ unexpectedly replies, “Only God is sinless! In order to survive, we must rely first and foremost on ourselves.” Neither faith in Christ nor pleas for salvation can help if a person does not make an independent step. If you yourself do not want to feel the Divine within, nobody can help you.

Christ explains how it is possible to save yourself. Rule number one: turn to love, and therefore live in such a way for love to open up rather than departing from your soul. Do not commit adultery, do not to kill, do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not offend, honor your parents. Rule number two: maintain complete inner vulnerability. In order to come in contact with the Kingdom of God and stay alive, it is necessary for your soul to be free of aggression. Aggression is a form of protection. If we have nothing to defend, we will not have aggression. When a person has wealth, stability and security, this wellbeing gradually penetrates the soul. And if the pleasure derived from the possession of material goods is stronger than the pleasure derived from love, then the soul of such a person inevitably becomes more and more aggressive, and he will die when he encounters love.

We come to know God through the feeling of love, and when facing this feeling we must be completely defenseless. Again I recall the phrase of Jesus Christ, “Children, how hard it is for those who trust in their wealth to get into the kingdom of God!” (Mark 10: 24). What we hope for, we strive for. That which we strive towards for a long time becomes the main purpose of our existence. If a person’s major goal is wealth as a form of protection of his physical body and instincts, his soul will begin to gradually lose love. A person with an empty soul has no future; his physical body is certainly doomed. Children are vulnerable, and this helps them to maintain love. The fact that in Western countries children no longer respect their parents and may even file a lawsuit against them proves the simple point: many people in the west already have no future.

I try to drive these thoughts away, and memory takes me once again to events that happened two decades ago. I remember my small office in a dusty street near the Baltic Railway Station where I began to see my first patients. Every session is a performance. It is necessary to unite every externally unrelated event in a person’s life, compress them into the ‘seed of a role.” I explain to my patients how illness appears as a result of protracted resentment, how problems of the soul pass on to the body and produce diseases, how the worship of material values brings forth misfortunes, and how the worship of a loved one leads to jealousy, resentment and divorce.

There were some cases that were unusual. I will tell you about one of them. One day a woman came to me and asked me to see her son.

“What are his problems?” I asked.

She looked at me a little strangely and then said, slowly, “He has mental problems.”

“Where is he now?”

“At the Military Medical Academy, in the Department of Psychiatry,” the woman paused, then added, “I will talk to the doctors so that they release him for a day.” Then she glanced at me and asked, “What should he do before he comes to see you?”

I shrugged. “Nothing, really. He can stop by the church, especially since it is nearby.”

The woman looked at me strangely again. “Better not, he should come and see you directly”

“When he comes tomorrow, let him be completely sincere,” I added. “We’ll compare what I see with what he will tell me.”

The next day, he came. A young man of medium build sheepishly walked into the room and sat down in the chair in front of me. His face expressed nothing and his gaze was completely extinguished. Apparently, the doses of medicine he was taking were enough for a horse. The treatment had not been successful, so they had come to me.

“Please tell me everything in order from the very beginning,” I said.

For a long time, he stared blankly into space. Then his eyes brightened and became meaningful. “There were sorcerers in our family,” he began his story. Then he looked at me and anticipating the question, continued, “On the paternal side. My father had strong energy and a great ability to hypnotize.” He looked at me and sensing the next question, replied, “I had nothing like that. I was a normal average child.” His face clouded, and he again stared blankly into space. “At the age of eighteen, I was drafted into the army. I served in Afghanistan. You know how it was there. The atmosphere was terrible. There, I tried drugs for the first time, and I liked it. And then…” He paused. The pause grew longer.

“Then you started having psychological problem, and got sick?” I suggested.

He slowly looked at me and shook his head. “No, my health was excellent, and my head was clear. However, something had happened to my mind, as if it had moved aside. My perception of the world changed somehow.” He again became lost in thought. I could see that it was hard for him to speak.

“Once I was at my post, and that’s when it started. There was a field next to the post. We were not allowed to walk on the field. However, there was a hole in the fence, and you could use it to take a shortcut. Many, no longer paying attention to the guards, used it to run their errands. Once, standing on guard, I saw how someone was once again trying to climb over the fence and dive into the hole. I felt irritation towards the man, and mentally commanded him, ‘Fall! Fall onto the barbed wire and scratch yourself!’ And it all happened exactly as I had thought.”

“So,” he continued, still deep in thought, “from that moment all of my wishes began coming true. Let’s say there was a man walking in front of me and carrying two bags of empty glass bottles and jars. In my mind, I commanded him: ‘Fall!’ He immediately fell to the ground.”

The young man, recalling the scene, unwittingly smiled. “He lay on the ground, screaming, understanding nothing, all of the bottles were broken. And whomever i mentally commanded, all of my orders were fulfilled.” He again became grim and pensive.

“Then it became much worse. I noticed that my orders could be extended not only to other people.”

He looked at me and continued, “Yes, I could command inanimate objects and the surrounding natural environment. I realized that I could control the weather and all events around me. The most interesting thing was that my abilities did not diminish; instead, they only grew. I needed only to think it, and a wish would come true.”

“And how were you psychologically?” I asked with curiosity.

He shrugged. “I was still fine, and my physical health was excellent. However, something wrong began to happen to my soul. A sense of huge superiority over other people appeared. Whatever I did, I felt completely righteous. I noticed that I was degrading people more and more, and that this pleased me. I then decided to go to church in order to slow down this process in any way possible. I confessed to the priest that in my soul there was a growing anger and desire to humiliate and subjugate people. The priest said that he would recite prayers, and that I must stand by his side. Then, while reciting the prayer, he took me into the altar. Something happened at that moment. It was as if I had been broken inside. I left the church in a terrible state. I had never felt so bad before. My psyche started collapsing. I came home, but still felt very bad. I somehow made it to the evening, hoping that after a good night’s sleep, the problem would go away. I remembered that the priest had advised me to put the Bible under my pillow. I did this. That night I slept more or less peacefully. However, upon waking, I noticed that I could not lift my head. There was unbearable heaviness and pain in my head. I had a feeling that all night my head had rested not on a pillow but on an anvil, and someone had been striking it with a hammer.”

He paused again, and then waved his hand. “Yes, I’ve remembered that as I passed into the alter, I had a feeling of indescribable longing, and this pain in my soul did not go away. The next day I was in complete despair. Then I decided to pray. Immediately, all of the windows in the apartment swung open and a strong wind began to blow. A few minutes later the sky became covered with clouds and a heavy, a prolonged downpour began, followed by the thunder and lightning.”

“Did you try to pray after that?” I asked with curiosity.

He shrugged his shoulders again. “I tried, but each time it was the same. I then felt that I could no longer stand this intense anguish, realized that I had mental problems and that treatment was necessary.”

I looked at him and thought, “He is still one of few. What will happen to mankind if people like him are born more often?” I remembered the words of the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla, “The level of my technical capabilities is now so high that I can destroy the Earth.”

Events of even earlier times surface in my memory; when I worked as a tourist guide. Once I found myself in a group of people who were all trying to recall interesting stories. One of the narrated events occurred in approximately 1900. Back then, in Russia there was an inventor who was mysteriously murdered.

After this, his apartment was searched, and all of his documents disappeared into the archives of the Tsarist secret police. This man had claimed that he had invented a device which emitted various wavelengths. It is well known that every object, animate and inanimate, generates its own waves, and by resonating with them, it is possible to affect the object, change its structure, recreate or destroy it. The sun also generates waves. “Now I can destroy the sun, and I have the proof,” claimed the man. A few days later he was killed.

I looked at the young man sitting in front of me. “We wanted to develop our abilities,” I told him, “and forgot that first of all it is necessary to develop our feeling of love and take care of our soul. Love is a car’s driver, and abilities are the engine. With a powerful engine, and an inexperienced driver, the chances of survival are close to a zero. You had practically no chance of survival with your abilities. You were saved by your visit to the church. If you had came there later, you could have died right in the altar. Now, your abilities are tied down. You need to learn how to love. Your parents should remove all of their resentments towards each other from the time before your conception. Your mother especially needs to work, because she was critical of her husband during pregnancy. Every person has energy in their soul, most of it must be returned to God, and the smaller portion should go towards spiritual and physical strength. If we, forgetting about love, stop caring for the soul, then there is a sharp increase of material prosperity, abilities, and the like. We rejoice at the surge of money and fulfilled wishes, unaware that this robs our soul, and that we will repeatedly pay of this ‘happiness’ with our soul’s anguish and the decay of our physical strength. Christ said that it would be difficult for the rich to get into the kingdom of God. Material wealth is a great temptation. However, spiritual security is far more treacherous. That is why Christ said: ‘Blessed are the meek.’ Many people, through fasts, sexual abstinence, and solitude, dramatically increase their spiritual possibilities. They develop powers and become clairvoyant, often without understanding that spiritual wealth is even more tempting than material wealth. Then the natural process where whatever we worship is destroyed begins. Abilities, spirituality and consciousness are the same sort of phenomena. If we worship them, they begin to subordinate us, make us slaves, and in order to save our souls, God takes away our abilities and consciousness.”

I never met the young man again. His parents told me that after our conversation, he began to feel better. Hopefully, he can pray now.

The events of the past again spread out in a golden mist. I once again return to the topic of the approaching future. As different as it might be from our present, on the subtle plane everything is united, and often in order to foresee the future, we must analyze the past. In order for a misfortune not to repeat in the future, we must understand why the misfortune happened in the past. There’s a simple principle: the more illogical the misfortune or tragedy that has happened, the more confusing and unpredictable it is, the more likely that higher powers have interfered.

When a person is showered with misfortunes out of the blue, his first thought should be that God has sent this punishment! If the person is an atheist, an unbeliever, then it is possible to assume that he is being punished for this. The way you relate to the Creator, so the Creator relates to you. However, if the person believes in God, what is he being punished for? If he follows the commandments and behaves ethically, then why does he get sick and have misfortunes?

I recall a question asked by a woman at one of my seminars.

“Can the Armenian genocide that occurred in 1915, when over a million people were killed, be explained from a divine point of view?”

“Let’s try to figure this out,” I replied. “The Armenians adopted Christianity in the III century of our era, that is, before the appearance of Islam. Faith in God fosters love in the soul, and love reveals itself as high spirituality, sensuality, and great material possibilities. Love is the foundation, and increasing possibilities and wealth are walls.

Now imagine that a foundation is built for only three stories. The owner starts to build a first floor, then a second and sees that his material happiness is becoming more and more full and grand. He forgets that he can build only three stories, and builds a fourth, fifth, sixth. Afterwards, the house must collapse and bury its owner beneath it.

Accordingly, people who do not believe in God should live in huts. In current primitive tribes the concept of love and morality have not yet fully developed, like the belief in a single God. As long as they live in shacks, this outlook is painless for them. However, if they come into contact with modern civilization, they begin to rapidly die out.”

Now lets remember if there were other events in the history of mankind similar to the Armenian genocide. First, there was the extermination of the Jews, which began in ancient Egypt. Why did the Pharaoh order the killing of all Jewish male infants? He saw that their population had increased; that they had begun to pose a threat. The Pharaoh feared for his own security. But the victim and the perpetrator are always similar to one another. If a thief steals someone’s money, this means that the victim has the same problems, but deep inside. The Jews’ sense of increased security increased their subconscious aggression, provoking the Pharaoh’s outward aggression. Physical security in the form of material prosperity can obscure love. Spiritual security is even more dangerous in this case.

In simple terms, a sense of righteousness and superiority is the source of future misfortunes. However, there is something still more terrifying. It is the security of the soul. This appears when a person comes to know the laws that control the universe. For thousands of years, Jews diligently studied the Torah, soaking up a correct attitude towards the surrounding world with their mother’s milk: do not be envious, do not lie, do not steal, do not plunder, and do not kill.

For hundreds of thousands of years they saw how people who followed the Commandments were able to survive, while envious, greedy, and lustful people became ill and where wiped out. If they themselves were able to survive, their children got sick and perished. The Jews had received instructions for survival. Knowledge of the mechanism of cause and effect in the universe, as well as the laws of the soul, is tremendous wealth. The knowledge that an unwell soul breeds physical illnesses and misfortune is huge capital. But this security can obscure one’s vision of the Divine. Many believers sincerely began to think that God was obligated to protect them if they observed all of the commandments. The feeling of being God’s chosen people appeared in this way. So, the Commandments and rituals became the goal, and the Creator become the means. However, security and love are incompatible.

The idea of absolute superiority, security from above, was taken by the Nazis, who proclaimed, “God is with us!” They eliminated around six million Jews, and later were themselves destroyed. Why was Prometheus punished from above for helping people? Because by giving people the divine fire he made them more secure. No wonder there is a Russian proverb, “Until thunder begins to rumble, a man will never cross himself.” It is at a moment of the surrounding world’s destruction and our own complete vulnerability that we seek protection through oneness with eternity.

Fulfilling the divine Commandments we connect to love and eternity, and notice that our soul and body begin to recover. But as soon as we think that the Commandments and our rituals protect us, we lose sight of the main reason why these commandments exist: our feeling of love and unity with God. Then suddenly misfortunes and illnesses begin to rain down on believing, very spiritual people.

The Divine does not require protection because it is eternal. If the soul asks for security, this means that it has already lost unity with the Divine. It has lost its sense of eternity, and therefore must defend itself in order to survive. We know that a much greater opportunity for love, sensuality, wish fulfillment and accumulation of material wealth opens in a believing person and his descendants. However, few know that a believer’s feeling of responsibility towards love is much higher than in others, and that a believer is punished more severely than others for the loss of love.

Why does one of the main Commandments state, “Do not bear false witness?” It seems clear enough: often we lie for our own benefit. Therefore one should not lie, because then one’s focus on material gain will lead to disease and trouble. However, let us think about what bearing false witness really is. It is insincerity, and insincerity closes the soul. That is, it increases its defenses. Sincerity makes the soul defenseless and therefore makes it vulnerable to pain and pushes it towards love.

A person can conceal his thoughts but must not hide the feelings in his soul, because the hiding away of an emotion is its suppression, and suppression of a feeling makes the soul aggressive. For this reason, an insincere person is always aggressive inside. The more actively a person hides from emotional pain, the faster he loses the feeling of love. The more sincere a person is inside, the more pain he can experience, and the more intensely he must turn to love and believe in God. It was about these people that Christ said, “Blessed are the pure in the heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

Any event unfolds in time, like a wave. An event that must happen is already invisibly present in the present moment. If we react to early signs incorrectly, we may fail a future challenge while still not guessing at its existence.

I often I saw the following picture. A person is about to receive a huge portion of happiness. This may be the money that he will earn, a house that he will build, abilities that will develop in him and bring him respect and fame, or the love that he will feel for a woman. Before rewarding a person with something, God first checks to see whether he is able to sacrifice. Anyone who cannot lose has no right to gain. Then, instead of happiness, the person faces sickness or death.

Any experienced coach will never allow an unprepared athlete to participate in a competition. So, the very first wave that comes from the future interacts with our soul and our feelings. If the soul is aggressive, then instead of happiness in the future one might face disease, loss or death. This is because our most important choice is made not at the level of our body, mind, or spirit, but in the very depths of our soul, where the Divine becomes human.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is coming to us,” I think. “Rumors of the end of the world have turned out to be not without reason. The impulse of the time in which we live seems to have used up its power, and the impulse of a new time is not far away.”

“Life works in such a way that form crumbles and goes into the past, and content creates a new form, maintaining continuity with the old. Those who value form over content will remain in the past. Said more simply, those will survive who learn how to love.”

Chapter 2

Soon it will be time for a telephone consultation. Before this, I close my eyes and renounce everything. For some reason, a vision comes of how a soul enters into the world. It is not the body or the mind of a person that comes into contact with the Creator, but his soul. If our souls do not periodically return to their Source, they gradually lose their higher energy. They forget the feeling of higher love: the higher pleasure derived from union with God, which at the same time is their source of higher energy. Our souls begin to empty, to weaken, and then our physical bodies degenerate.

I wonder why the souls of extraordinary children come to us through the center of the Sun. In my memory a picture comes up, prior to conception. A lonely soul, sparkling and shimmering, comes into our world from other worlds. It takes less then an hour for the soul to pass through the center of the sun, pausing there. Then for some time the soul floats around the Sun, and, only after about two or three weeks, approaches Earth. For some time, the soul rests around the South Pole, then flits around the Earth, again returns to the South Pole and begins a slow descent to Earth.

For about a year, the soul stays near the future parent, more specifically the mother. The souls interact during this time. The soul of the unborn child needs to communicate with the mother’s soul and connect with its external energy shell, which contains information about its parents, ancestors and descendants.

When I was writing the twelfth book, I thought that life emerged in the space between the Sun and Earth, and later I realized the absurdity of this assumption. If a soul comes from other worlds, then, logically, it must originate there. Any process repeats the universal cycle, and therefore life, or that which came before life, originated simultaneously with the appearance of the universe.

I have also seen what happens to the soul of a deceased person. For three days the soul wanders around the body. During this time it is still energetically fused with it. Up until the ninth day, the soul travels between the Earth and the Sun, periodically returning to our planet. After the ninth day, the soul sheds it’s outer layers and abstracts itself from earthly life. The soul begins preparing for its transition to the afterlife. It enters it after the fortieth day, somewhere between the Earth and the Sun. The forty days are needed for the disintegration of the surface layers of consciousness that connect the person to earthly life. During this time, all information collected during life needs to come together, compress and move into the subconsciousness, that is, into the subtle layers of the soul.

The soul then enters the afterlife, and stays there for about a year. If a person has not accumulated a lot of internal aggression during his life then his soul doesn’t reside in the afterlife permanently, but transcends into subtler planes, into other worlds. There, the soul gains the ability to embrace more information about the universe as well as more subtle energy. The purer the soul, the closer it approaches to the Creator. In its next life such a soul can receive a unique destiny and remarkable opportunities. Souls of some particularly pure people circle around the sun up to forty days, then go into its center and travel to other worlds, bypassing the afterlife.

The soul does not appear between the Sun and the Earth, but comes out of the other worlds somewhere in this vicinity. One of its very important components comes through the center of the Sun. Generally, a person’s soul remembers everything that has happened to it outside the body. Probably it is because of this that there existed the custom of burning the body of a deceased person. This was an imitation of the soul’s departure through the center of the sun.

Undeveloped souls come straight from the underworld and head towards Earth. They depart just as calmly, staying away from the sun’s light. Apparently, those who subconsciously remember this state try to conserve their dead body as long as possible, that is, bury it in the ground. The rites of preserving the inviolability of a deceased body, including embalmment and the erection of rich tombs and sarcophagi, carry a heightened tendency for maintaining external energetic forms. All of this powerfully binds a person’s soul to the Earth and complicates his next incarnation making it more difficult for the soul to move on from the underworld to more subtle layers. Pure souls move through the center of the Sun directly into other worlds.

Suddenly, it dawns on me: it is likely that the Sun receives energy from other worlds, and the thirty three worlds which I once had a vision of are the stages of descent for Divine energy. Information gradually becomes energy, and its more subtle layers, passing into other worlds, are also transformed.

I always wondered where the future existed. If the subconsciousness, that is, the soul, reacts to the future as reality, then this future must be hidden somewhere, veiled. I later understood that the future lies in another world, another dimension, and arrives in small portions. Sometimes these portions are very large and then they may result in explosions.

Actually, this is quite logical. Our universe is constantly expanding. This means that new portions of space and time enter it. However, because time, space, and matter are inextricably linked, we must conclude that new masses of matter are constantly appearing in the universe.

New portions of time, space, and matter come from parallel worlds through the centers of the stars, making the stars spin and glow. For decades, scientists from around the world have faced an unsolvable mystery. The question appeared when it became clear that nuclear fuel would not have been sufficient to case the sun to burn. This question remains open.

The only person who approached this mystery and unveiled its secret was the Russian astronomer Kozyrev. When he was sent to a punishment cell in a Soviet concentration camp to die from cold, he internally turned to God, felt a rush of warmth, and survived. In his theory, he explained what his soul had felt at that time. The essence of his theory is that the Sun draws energy from time. His contemporaries did not understand him, and nobody continued his studies.

I keep thinking: new portions of time, arriving from other worlds, turn into energy and space. These, in turn, form the building blocks of the universe: hydrogen and helium atoms. The sun dutifully repeats the cycle of the universe’s evolution and also tries to extract from itself new portions of time, space and matter. Each star has a period of youth, when it can ‘get pregnant’ and give birth to new planets. Then gradually the star grows old and receives less and less new portions of time. Eventually quiet old age comes, followed by death. The old star’s substance will be used by other young stars.

Sometimes, however, an aging star receives a new huge portion of energy. This looks like a supernova explosion, and a new life of the same star begins. It is likely that this happens when its children, planets, do not want to or cannot become stars themselves. Planets, having emerged from the Sun, have their own personal lives and their own access to other worlds, and likewise, while evolving, turn out satellites which later become planets.

Before Kozyrev, scientists believed the Earth to be a cooling celestial body, and the Moon, respectively, to be a cold one. When Kozyrev suggested that the Moon must have some volcanic activity, he was considered insane. Later, his hypothesis was confirmed, and shocked scientists. Most likely, the Earth extracted the Moon out of itself. The Moon actively develops in the same way and receives new portions of time from parallel worlds.

If our planet gets energy and matter from the future, then it is not a cooling celestial body; on the contrary, it is an actively growing body, with the potential to become a star. It not only can, but it wants to become one. Jupiter, which has gotten new satellites, is probably already entering the intermediate stage between a planet and a star.

I am lost in thought, remembering an article about Lake Baykal. Modern technology was able to establish that its banks widen by two centimeters every year. Therefore, over the course of a million years the lake should have expanded by twenty kilometers. However, the age of Lake Baykal is 28—30 million years, which means that its width should be not fifteen kilometers, as it is now, but six hundred. What does this fact point to? Most likely, that the process of the lake’s expansion has accelerated only recently. By the way, the shores of the Red Sea are spreading too.

Lakes and seas are cracks in the earth’s crust. Therefore, though it is a pity, the basic scientific hypothesis that the Earth’s mass increases due to falling meteorites must be discarded. The Earth is growing from inside. This explains earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the sliding of continental plates. Global warming is probably also connected with new, more powerful, energy. This energy arrives through the center of our planet.

Recently, I read an interesting article on the internet. In the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the islands of Bermuda, a hole in the earth’s crust was discovered. Instead of crust, only a thin film separates the ocean from magma. The thickness of the earth’s mantle there is very small. It was reported that a special expedition was being sent.

I wondered at how incredibly uniformed and rhythmic our universe is. This formation in the crust reminded me of the soft spot on an infant’s head. While the bones in the skull are growing, there must be a place where they can form and move apart. If one such zone was found in the Atlantic, then a second zone should be located somewhere in the Pacific, according to the law of pairs and struggle of opposites.

On a subtle plane, the Sun is not a homogeneous structure. Like every living creature, it has two halves, the two poles. One part is directed towards the future; the second is directed towards the past. One part receives new energy; the other part adapts and processes it.

The Earth also consists of two halves, two poles, which are oriented differently in time. Life on Earth originated as bipolarity. Gradually, the part which was linked to the past became genetic apparatus, and the part which was oriented towards the future turned into membrane. As far as i can remember, the nervous tissue of an embryo forms from the surface epithelium. The main purpose of nerve tissue is to respond to the future, and the function of the brain of any living creature is to adapt to the future. Without predictions, we cannot control the events of the present.

So, our planet periodically receives new portions of time, energy, space and matter. I wonder what would happen if a portion of new energy were unexpectedly large? Thinking logically, the crust would break somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Plus, volcanic activity could also heighten dramatically. If magma were to flow into the depths of the ocean, it would cause the evaporation of huge quantities of the ocean’s water. For some time, the entire atmosphere of the Earth would be covered with clouds; then a worldwide flood would begin. It seems that we have already been through this story.

An interesting fact: in the Bible, the flood is for some reason connected to people’s sins. Over the years of my research and study of the Bible, I realized one thing: in the Bible everything is said for a reason, information of colossal importance is encrypted there. A superficial interpretation of the Bible often leads to complete nonsense. However, the correlation between natural cataclysms and the state of people living on Earth is pointed out clearly.

How can people influence portions of energy coming from other worlds? I try to trace the logical chain of thought, but a phone call interrupts my reflections. Today, I have a consultation without personal contact with my patient.

Recently, a woman admitted to me, “Before, you would to talk to me on the phone, explain everything, and give me a task. After two or three hours I would call back, you would praise me, and I would walk away feeling inspired. However, during our last session you talked to me only once and said that was enough. At first I felt this was not fair, then resentment flared up, but I quickly overcame these emotions and started working on my inner state. I’ve been changing for two months now. I am changing, i can feel this and know without hesitation that I have good results.”

“Yes, you have changes,” I said in support.

“I realized,” she continued, “That my feelings of elation and joy were false. I would just relax and do nothing. So I have a request for you: do not check on us twice.”

“Is this the reason that I have felt so poorly during appointments recently?” I thought to myself.

“O.K, I will try.” I replied.

Now, I again hear a female voice on the phone. I ask the woman to tell me the essence of her problem.

“I have found myself in a strange situation, close to mystical,” the woman says. “This is why I’ve come to you.”

“Is it some sort of trouble or illness?” I try to determine.

She pauses and then replies, “No, not really. There was a situation that I cannot explain. However, I feel that something very serious stands behind this event. I have a feeling that I have been given a serious sign. I sense that this is a warning, and that it concerns my children.”

“Tell me, in chronological order, what has happened,” I ask her.

“Ok,” she agrees. “More than ten years ago, i got married. My husband lives in Japan. I gave birth to two children. However, I can’t permanently live and work in Japan. So I have begun living in two houses. Every year, for several months I visit my husband. I forgot to mention that my children started having problems with their health, and this prompted me to begin reading your books. In the past few years, I have studied your books seriously and have been trying to change and to learn how to love.

I’ve noticed that my children have also began to change for the better. Last time I visited my husband for three months, and my children and I prepared to fly back home. I had already bought tickets to Moscow. However, a day before our departure, the children had terrible earaches; moreover the inflammation, otitis, did not respond to medication. It was impossible to go home by plane so I had to return the tickets. We delayed our departure from Tokyo for two weeks. Surprisingly, in the course of a few days, the children became well again. I calmly began to pack our bags. However, a day before our departure the children’s ears started hurting once again.

The story repeated itself, again we had to reschedule the date of our departure. In the past, I would have become gloomy, irritated, and would have worried about the future. In this situation, I tried to sustain the love in my soul and prayed for my children. The day of our next departure drew near and my kids felt great, but a day before departure the situation repeated itself.”

“Are you in Japan now?” I ask quickly, “Are you calling from there?”

“No, I’m calling from Russia, and my kids are here with me too. Instead of three months, I stayed with my husband for half a year. When we were about to leave Tokyo, the children’s ears started hurting again, but not as much and I took advantage of this. Now, for several months I have been living with a strange feeling. My children and I were given a very clear a sign from above that we must stay and live in Japan. However, I left anyway, that is, I listened to my soul and followed my feelings. Perhaps the situation was showing that my children would die in Russia, and I was given a chance to save them. I do not know. I agonize over this puzzle, and no one can help me.”

“Please, list the names of the children according to their age.” I ask her.

She names them, and I looked at their auras on the subtle plane. I strictly adhere to the ethics that I sense intuitively. I never look at when a person is going to die, and what will happen to him in the future. I only allow myself to see the present and then draw logical conclusions and hypotheses. The future cannot be seen in one version; this is very dangerous. I try not to see things that cannot be changed, as this brings about a feeling of helplessness and depression. I know one thing for sure: our ability to change the future is determined by the degree of our innermost change. Therefore, my main task is to help people change, and without love for God change is impossible.

So, I examine the configuration of the children’s energy fields. The fields look very interesting and speak volumes. Everything becomes clear, but I want to test my assumptions.

“Please tell me the name of your husband,” I ask.

She say his name, and I examined his aura with curiosity. “Does he live in Tokyo?”

“No, he lives in a small town far away from Tokyo.”

“Do you want me to tell you the whole truth,” I say, “Or just talk about things in general? Usually, I don’t say things like this, but I feel that you are ready, so I will make an exception for you. That which you perceived as a sign telling you to stay in Japan actually meant quite the opposite. The situation was a challenge for you; you were given a serious test, and you passed it.”

“What do you mean?” The patient asks with surprise.

“Please think about the kinds of emotions that the delayed departures provoked in you. They provoked the following emotions: melancholy at the collapse of your plans, frustration at your fate which did not allow you to fly, dissatisfaction with your children who got sick, because of whom your plans fell apart, regret about what had happened, irritation with your husband, who you had come to visit and who was an indirect cause of your problems. The resulting overall emotion would look like melancholy; unhappiness with yourself and your fate.”

“But I did not experience these emotions,” the woman says with surprise.

“This is the reason you were able to fly back to Russia,” I answer calmly. “Because of this, the children’s inflammation did not rise to a critical level. Please answer honestly: if you had had a strong fear before the flight, would you have stayed?”

Judging by the pause, the woman has become lost in thought. She then quickly replies, “Probably I would have stayed. However, I would have tried to overcome the fear,” she adds hastily.

“This is why you were able to save your children,” I say.

“Do you mean that my children will not die in Russia?” The woman asks immediately.

“They were supposed to die in Japan, but their fate changed. You were given a challenge from above to test your fear of the future. Fear arises when we focus excessively on the future and make a goal out of it. The more we become attached to the future, the more we are afraid to lose it; the more we regret that we have lost it. In a moment of danger, fear is necessary for our survival, but we must not depend on it. When we are afraid of the future, we experience a completely different fear. It is a measure of our attachment and dependence on the future. Everything that the soul is attached to it must lose, if the attachment infringes upon its love for God. So, you were supposed to lose your future together with your children and yourself. After you read my books, your soul tried to make the right choice, and the choice was made in favor of love for God.

Consciousness is a product of the future; it depends on it. If you try to control the future through your consciousness, you will not have a chance; you will fail one hundred percent. A part cannot govern the whole. Love is primary to the future, and the future depends on love. Therefore, through love for God it is possible to change the future. Your destiny slipped you a fake, focused entirely on your consciousness. You were supposed to choose between love and consciousness, and you made your choice in favor of love, in favor of emotion.

This is an interesting paradox. Feelings always give a person who is going in the direction of love and God the right hint, helping the person to survive, while the conscious mind is often only a hindrance. Feelings are much wiser than thoughts. However, if a person walks away from love and begins to worship sensual, spiritual, and physical happiness, his world paradigm changes. Then his feelings begin sending him the wrong answers, leading to illness and death.

So, consciousness cannot exist without feelings. Your usual feelings demanded that you stay, but your increasing love for God urged you to leave. Your surface feelings were associated with your attachment to life and wellbeing, stability and security, with your fear of experiencing a collapse of your desires and losing your life. However, the love in your soul won over attachment.”

The woman’s voice trembles and stumbles a little. “You know, I’m very anxious now, and everything is messed up in my head. I do not understand you clearly. Could you please explain this all again, more simply?”

I obediently agree. “O.K., let’s start over again. In your subconscious the future became much more significant than your love for God. During your life, you reinforced this process with your emotions. You hurried, rushing into the future and worrying excessively. When your dreams and plans would collapse, you judged people who behaved unworthily, who betraying you, destroying your future. You showed signs of melancholy and disbelief in yourself, withdrawing your love from yourself and your future. However, because you began changing, you were meant to survive. Most importantly, not only you changed, but also your children. If they had not changed, it is likely that the situation would have forced them to stay with their father. You would not have been allowed to take them with you. With each delayed flight, fate was deciding whether your children would survive or not, and a lot depended on your inner state. You won, and so did your children. Now, if you decide to go with your children to live with your husband, you will have problems preventing the visit.”

“Actually, that is what is going on now,” admits the patient. Silence, and then she asks timidly, “Is my husband going to die?”

“Let’s put it this way: your husband has little chance of survival. He is a strong idealist. Judging by his aura, he is often irritable and likes to be judgmental, especially when people let him down and behave immorally. Do you know what the Russian proverb means, ‘A husband and wife are one devil?’ Spouses are selected according to the law of pairs. A husband’s shortcomings must be balanced by the shortcomings of his wife. Often a husband’s external sins are stabilized by the internal sins of his wife. Through married life, people either help one another to overcome their own shortcomings and find love, or, losing love and friendship they sink one another.”

“Tell me,” asks the woman, “Can I help my husband and save his life?”

“Of course you can,” I reply. “At any distance you are bound together and united on the subtle plane. Your soul can help his soul survive, but the main choice is still his. If he chooses righteousness, criticism and judgment of others over love, you will not help him. Each person has his own destiny, and it is not determined by us. We must accept this. However, this does not mean that we should give up. This means that no matter how hard we try, the last word will never be ours.”

“He might become terminally ill?” the woman asks.

I think about whether or not to tell her and finally decide. “I must admit that I see this kind of picture for the first time. I always saw a possibility of death because of a person’s aggressive emotions. Your husband’s main danger is associated with his place of residence. There might be serious problems in the place where he is living now. I try not to look into the future and foresee the fate of countries, nations and continents. I do not know what will happen to Japan, but I can see how a particular person in a specific location may have serious problems. A person who winds up in this place is one who has no reserve of the future and whose soul has lost love to a considerable extent.”

The woman asks a few more questions, and our conversation ends. “How strange,” I think, “It is doubtful that I will ever see this woman again, and I have not see her before. It was just a phone consultation, a few questions and answers. Yet this conversation reveals the possible fate of other people, and maybe the future of the entire planet.”

In my mind there arises a phone conversation with a friend who left Russia fourteen years ago.

“Right now it is possible to buy very cheap airline tickets from New York to Germany,” he told me, “I want to have a consultation with you in Berlin.”

“I’m surprised at you,” I said to him. “I have already told you everything ten times on the phone! Do you really think that during a consultation I will tell you something new?”

“You know, I am really having very big problems,” he said. “Perhaps you’ll find some other reason.”

“At the moment I am still seeing the same thing,” I said. “I see death in a few years, which is associated with your place of residence. In my opinion, you need to leave New York because you personally might have some serious problems, living there.”

He kept asking me questions, and I felt like Cassandra, who no one heard. Only now, the idea of fate’s inevitability dawned on me. Whatever I told him about the future, it was associated with his current inner state. He would not hear me and would not accept what I said if I was not able to help him change.

“Well, come then,” I said, “To do some inner work.”

Compared to Moscow, Berlin seemed very comfortable and quiet. There were no traffic jams here, and life was unhurried. Moscow at night resembles Berlin during the day. I come to Berlin mostly to rest, and consultations are a good reason to visit. The most important thing in a holiday is to change one’s rhythm of life. An incorrectly selected rhythm of life can lead to an imperceptible loss of energy, and then to serious health problems.

At first I lived in Sochi and felt very well there. However, then I sensed that a new rhythm of life was necessary. I went to St. Petersburg and lived there for about five years working in construction, and then another twenty five years growing as an person.

Recently, during a lecture I was asked why such a heavy burden, the endurance of the blockade, had fallen specifically on St. Petersburg. Russia’s cultural capital truly had suffered the most profound ordeals.

“Spirituality without love is a grave danger,” I replied. “When money is made for the sake of money, it leads to serious problems. However, when abilities, spirituality, and consciousness lose love and focus on themselves, this is even more dangerous. Revolution is always cruelty, and it occurs because of heightened pride. In the City of Three Revolutions this tendency had always been present. The worship of spirituality and consciousness made the soul of the city ruthless, and internal aggression always transforms into external aggression. Aggression towards the outside world turns into self-destruction. It is possible that this is the reason that in the last decades of the Soviet era, the city dragged out a miserable existence.

From my point of view, the blockade was a sign from above; a sign that through suffering the citizens of Leningrad should atone for their worship of a bright future, consciousness, and spirituality. On the other hand, the fact that Leningrad survived and was not completely destroyed can also be seen as a sign: a sign that Russia will survive, as well as Russia’s spirituality. So love for God and faith in Him will sooner or later return to Russia.”

I walk the streets of Berlin to a place where a few people wait for me, having arrived from different cities of the world. It is a beautiful sunny day; I am in a good mood. Thoughts flow slowly, and a lot that earlier seemed a mystery is becoming clearer. “The future begins to affect the present more actively,” I think. “There will be a lot of miracles soon.” A miracle is an event that is not connected with the past and is inexplicable in terms of previous experience. That is, the information from the future held in it far surpasses the flow of time and information flowing from the past.

By the way, the existence of the cloning effect proves that the future is more stable in terms of information than the present. Those who set themselves the task of making a reproductive cell out of a normal one, that is, dividing DNA, where unable find a method that would cause the genetic set to split into two parts. Mechanically, it was impossible. Chemical, thermal and other influence did not work. I have no idea how scientists figured it out; perhaps, it was done by accident. They removed the DNA from a reproductive cell and put in its place the genetic apparatus of a normal cell. The membrane tore it into two parts; forced it to divide. That is, the future changed the present. Therefore, the process of cell division and the existence of life as such are not accidental or chaotic; they occur with the active intervention of the future. We can imagine that if in a living creature there arises aggression towards the future, it will simply stop multiplying.

Reflecting on this, I enter the building where the appointments are scheduled. My first patient is the friend who arrived from New York with his wife. For a while we sit in silence, collecting our thoughts. Finally, he breaks the silence with a question.

“Do you really think that New York is dying, and it is necessary to leave?”

I shake my head no. “It’s impossible to know the future. This is dangerous, and I will explain why. The higher the subtle planes we enter, the cleaner our soul must be. On subtle planes time is compressed, and the future is visible. That which we call wisdom, intuition, foresight and great insight are just the ability to see the subtle planes. In the place where the entire universe compresses into a single point, there is absolute love and complete knowledge of what was, is and will be in the universe. Not only knowledge, but also control. Cognition is coming into contact with subtle planes, which automatically leads to control over them. In physics this is called the effect of the observer. If there is little love in one’s soul, close contact with the higher truth and the future kills.

It is impossible to fully predict the future. Of course, a person may be given information about certain events from above, but this is another topic. Imagine that you come to a fortune-teller, and she hands you a picture of your near future. Much of what she predicted begins to come true. If she also tells you all about your past, as if she had lived it beside you, then it is really hard to doubt her prediction. Suppose her prognosis is not exact, but you took it as the absolute truth. Do you know what will happen to you then? On a subtle plane you will begin defending this paradigm, and destroying anything that doesn’t fit this picture. In simple terms, you will be destroying the real future, worshiping the illusory picture of the world that you think is reality. Then,” I say slowly, “You will get sick and die, because a person who has aggression towards the future simply will not receive it.”

Our external physical energy comes from the past, and fine spiritual energy arrives from the future. In the Bible, there are places that many find puzzling. For example, Christ said “So I tell you, every sin and blasphemy can be forgiven- except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will never be forgiven.” (Matthew 12:31). That which we call the Holy Spirit are the subtle planes where the future is hidden, where new knowledge is encrypted, containing the energy which nurtures our soul. Man is first a spiritual being, and only then a material one. The soul originated before the body, and is nourished by energy coming from the future. Christ explained this simply and clearly, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4)

The energy of the future emanates from the energy of love generated by the Creator. Distributing this energy, He decides who will stay alive and who will die. Let us recall the Old Testament: God says to Abraham, “You will be the father of many nations.” (Genesis 17:4). This means that Abraham’s soul is open for the future; it can accept a huge amount of new energy and information. Therefore, it is possible to plant the seeds of a new people and new nations in his soul.

We do not have aggression towards the future if we are not attached to it. If a person is attached to money in his soul, he will hate everyone for fear of losing his money, and then will begin to hate himself and the money which causes his suffering. After this, it will be necessary for him to lose this money, and he definitely will. Overcoming a harmful passion for money, for material hoarding, is only possible for a person who has understood and felt that there are things far more important than money, and there are pleasures greater than the feeling of coins in one’s hand.

Overcoming the worship of the future is much more difficult. If the soul is nourished by energy from the future, what can be primary to the soul? The answer to this riddle has been known for two thousand years. Jesus Christ, who felt the Divine presence inside himself, often identified Himself with Love, saying, “He that loses his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matthew 10:39) This meant that love was higher than life and the energy of the future. He for whom unity with God was more important than the future would survive, because he would not be at all aggressive towards the future. He would not depend on it.

I become lost in thought looking out the window, then once again turn to my friend. “Let’s go back to Abraham. Remember how God demanded that Abraham kill his son and bring him as a sacrifice? I think that you now know what this means. It means the following: our children are our future. God put Abraham in front of a colossal dilemma. What was more important to him, love for God or love for the future? Abraham chose love for God. In this way, he overcame aggression towards the future and attachment to it, and so was able to beget new nations.

Jesus Christ talked about the same things, but in different words. What happens when a husband madly loves his wife? He can offer all sorts of reasons, but in his subconscious everything is clear: a man’s love for a woman is a desire to realize his instinct of procreation; it is a hidden desire to extend himself into the future. Of course, in every human love there is Divine love, but this is the part we often forget about. When a man madly loves his children, this means that he loves himself in them, his future. Christ said, “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household,” (Matthew 10:36). This meant that love for God may be obscured by love of one’s loved ones, one’s children and ultimately the future.”

My companion is lost in thought for a while. “So if one is excessively attached to one’s wife and children, one may lose his future.”

I nod in satisfaction. “Exactly so. I see you are beginning to understand me. And when we strengthen this attachment through jealousy, judgment, and melancholy, we may lose the future even faster. Why is being resentful, judgmental and melancholic dangerous? Because these are forms of rejecting love. All that makes us reject God must be lost. You know, the Chinese have an old saying, ‘If you want to take revenge on someone, dig two graves simultaneously.’ The laws by which the soul lives are equally just for the believer and the atheist.”

My companion smiles, remembering something, and interrupts me. “Okay, now let’s imagine that a fortune teller predicts my future more or less accurately. This is help for me. What is wrong with it?”

I shrug my shoulders. “Do you know how to determine if a person is attached to something or not? Well, the first indicator is clear: a person cannot bear the loss of that to which he is attached. Before the loss of the object of his attachment, the person worships it, and after the loss, the person hates others or himself for losing it. Worship and hatred always walk in pairs; one is inextricably linked to the other.”

I smile, looking at him. “It is possible to worship God without attachment arising because God is eternal, and it is impossible to lose Him. Therefore love for God can never give rise to aggression. Eternity in our hearts does not require protection. So, if a fortune teller tells you something very nice, you will begin to internally worship this future in your soul and you will lose it. If the predicted events are very unpleasant, you may experience fear and despair. In this way you may also damage your future and lose it.”

“What aboutAssol, who dreamed of scarlet sails and a beautiful captain? After all, her dream came true.”

“Sometimes our dreams are a reflection of what will happen to us. If you want something, then it is already possible. If you do not worship your dreams, do not panic or fall into despair because of your fear of losing them, do not experience resentment and hatred towards those who interfere with your dreams, then the dreams can come true.”

Once again my friend lost himself in thought, looking straight ahead. “Is it for this reason, that in the Old Testament it says a fortuneteller and astrologer shall burn? Does this mean that knowledge of the future is always a bad thing?”

I shake my head no. “If knowledge of the future pushes you towards love and forces you to care for your soul, it can be helpful. If the knowledge causes fear, melancholy, or excessive joy, it is harmful. Therefore, prophets spoke about the future not of individuals but of entire nations. That knowledge of the future helped humanity survive. People turned to the prophets in order to save their souls, and to fortunetellers to save their bodies and wallets.”

There is a slight pause, and then he asks again, “So will New York perish or not?”

I shrug again. “I cannot see into the future, it is dangerous for me; moreover, I am useless as a predictor. However, you personally will have serious problems living in New York.”

“All right,” he says suddenly, “Let’s suppose that I am excessively attached to my family, and because of this my future closes. If we move to a different place I will need to survive, to adapt to a new job, and I will not have time for my family. My soul will balance out, and my future will open up. Is this option possible?”

I shrug. “Of course! The future has many versions. By the way, do you know what a man who will soon lose his future looks like?”

He glances at me with interest. “Do you want to give me a recipe?”

I nod. “I am now going to reveal this terrible secret to you. If you have several options for future development, you will not become attached to them because it is impossible to pursue multiple targets simultaneously. If you feel that God controls the future, then you will be forced to assume that there are unknown options for what will happen to you. However, if you forget about God and have only one model of the future, you’re doomed to worship this model more and more, and your fear, hatred and melancholy will intensify.

A person who has partially lost his future first experiences troubles, then quarrels and resentments, and then diseases. If his reserve of the future is almost exhausted, then there are serious misfortunes, destruction of family, incurable or fatal diseases. If a group of people worship the future, as it was with the Communists, its aggression becomes noticeable and can kill millions and tens of millions of people. Then, in the best case, a loss of future will result in the death and decay of the government.”

He quickly glances at me. “Are you saying that America is ‘fixated’ on the future?”

I laugh. “In any case, the U.S. government asserts this. America worships its security and superiority. A sense of entitlement and supremacy over other nations indicates a poor state of affairs. This was the attitude of the Jewish people before the Jewish War and the full destruction of Jerusalem. Those who staged the October Revolution in Russia had this same feeling. Many Bolsheviks were absolutely sure of their righteousness and the impeccability of the model they had created for the future. First, they began exterminating their own people, and later were destroyed themselves. The meat grinder known as the ‘path to communism,’ worked tirelessly for many decades.”

My companion, frowning, looks at me. “But what can happen to New York? An explosion again?”

I look in front of me, putting my hands together, palms down. “Imagine that the earth’s crust moves apart in different directions,” I say, parting my hands. “The vacant cavity that appears is rapidly filled with ocean water. Then a mound of water is formed. The water first rushes from the shore for tens of kilometers, and then quickly rushes back. Something similar has already happened in Thailand.” I look at him and continue, “Of course, there arrises a reasonable question: even if energy does arrive from the future, why must it arrive in such large quantities? After all, Lake Baykal and the Red Sea are only gradually expanding.”

For a moment I ponder, and then say, “When I read the Old Testament, I noticed that cataclysms and the state of human society are closely linked to each other. I used to think that this was mere intimidation, but then I realized that nothing in the Bible is without reason. That which we might think of as intimidation or punishment is in fact encrypted universal law. Because of this, I arrived at a curious hypothesis. Imagine that life in its physical aspect originated on the Earth and is an essential part of it. On a higher plane, our universe and everything in it is united. Therefore, people living on Earth can affect the future of the planet with their energy. Now imagine that there is a group of people with strong internal aggression towards the future, and their state is transmitted to the entire planet. What will happen to a planet that shows aggression towards the future? It, like any organism, can get sick and die.

We will not focus on death at the present moment, but instead will talk about sickness in detail. Imagine that the energy of the future comes from other worlds as time, space, and matter. To be more precise, time arrives in the form of energy, space and matter. If the planet is aggressive towards the future, it hides from it, as if building up a dam. The energy accumulates, and sooner or later, the dam bursts. A large package of energy can lead to cataclysms on the planet.

A person gets sick and dies if he has a shortage of the future. A depleted future is a loss of energy. However, a person can also get sick and die from an excess of future, because he will not be able to adapt a large portion of energy.

So, a person first sins with his body; his behavior. Gradually this becomes a habit, registering in his consciousness, then in his paradigm, as it happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. That which exists constantly with stability in a person’s conscious mind passes into his subconscious, that is, into his soul, and begins to be in contact with the future. Aggression at the level of the body is not dangerous for the future and for subtle planes. However, when aggression goes into the subconscious it has a completely different effect. If people worship material and sensual happiness, they hurt their soul, and therefore their future. If people worship spirituality and the highest sensual aspects they become inwardly aggressive in the same way. Any worship that distances a person from the Creator makes a person’s soul aggressive and deprives them of the future.

If you look at modern civilization critically, it is easy to see that the notion of belief in God has become a formality. Science has won over religion, forcing people to worship the body and instincts. At best, this worship shifts from the present into the future, as it was with the Communists. At the present time, we can speak about the aggression of our entire civilization. Naturally, the leading countries are the most aggressive. These are the countries that have made a breakthrough in civilization at the expense of the soul; the future. These are the United States of America, Japan, and China.”

I become lost in thought, turning to the window. “However, there is one curious piece of information. Often when a child might die his parents act as a safety net, getting sick and dying in their stead. The parent of Western civilization, which has now engulfed almost the entire world, can be considered to be Israel. Therefore, Israel might have serious problems in the upcoming years.

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