Maitreya. The Connection the Visible and the Invisible

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ISBN 978-5-4485-9981-1

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It’s the English translation tried to make the author with the Russian language of the original book. The book has several levels of reading that correspond to levels or layers of the reality of our world. A mini-labyrinth of reflections — a fragment from the labyrinth of our multi-layered reality was hidden behind adventures of heroes of history. It has the displays — doors between different layers of reality, and the keys to open them, etc. The success in reading at all levels of the story!

Об авторе


I am a programmer by education, graduated from the MSTU. Bauman, Moscow. I started working as a programmer, then developed user manuals for software written by others, and then, for many years, dabbled in different areas, gaining a diverse experience. Wherever I was, I talked to people that were interesting to me, regardless of their position in society. I would call my life story a journey through the human soul, to understand how our world and we ourselves arranged.

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