Magnolias in Cross-Stitch Embroidery

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ISBN 978-5-4474-0855-8

О книге

The book is a collection of charts for cross stitch embroidery after world-famous Martin Jonson Head artworks. Three floral compositions are represented in neatly composed designs with professionally selected shades of mouline floss. It gives you a possibility to create deserving equivalent of original paintings in embroidery. Designs are intend for experienced needlewomen who want to create embroidery at the same artistic importance as high-quality fine-art copies.

Об авторе

Larysa Slobodianyk

Larysa Slobodinyk lives in Kiev (Ukraine), Doctor of Philosophy, Ph. D. (Economic Sciences), working as an embroidery designer from 2009. Now she is an author of more than 50 cross-stitch designs. There are both beginner-level and master-level designs in her portfolio. Besides that Larysa is an author of embroidery (cross-stitch) course for beginners, a number of publications in embroidery magazines. Reviews of the book and suggestions gratefully accepted on StitchDesigns@i. ua.

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