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Love will save the Planet

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Part one

Kingdom of Anaco

Somewhere far away, among the Land on the shores of the warm dark blue sea there is a small, but very old beautiful country. Nowadays it’s either the Princedom, or the Duchy, but earlier in ancient times it was the glorious Kingdom of Anako. Many years ago, even very small countries carried the title of Kingdom. The wise and matured kings governed them and their heirs were their sons, the beautiful and fearless princes. Today there are wonderful sandy beaches, which look like gold placers under the shine of the rays of the southern sun. The ancient beautiful castles with high spires on round towers, surrounded by well – kept gardens with exotic fruits and amazing flowers and fragrances astonish by their greatness. Two-stored houses of ordinary people are made of white stone and havered tiled roofs. The cozy yards of the houses are entirely covered with perennial green vineyards with huge bunches of fragrant and sweet berries.

Since the time when that extremely interesting and illustrative story has happened, surprisingly kind and happy people live in Anako.

If you ask why is it so? What is the reason? It is evident, and the answer is in the fact that all the people of that country realized that the secret of true happiness is not in wealth and money, but in great, genuine kindness and love. All of them know and remember that greed and evil are born only by destruction, death and misfortune, and kindness and unselfishness bring happiness and love.

This interesting, fiction – like story happened in that kingdom many, many years ago, and it is an absolutely true. Sometimes such kind of stories happened in the other parts of our planet.

The King and the Prince

In ancient times, when people did not even invent steamers and steam locomotives, ships crossed huge seas and lush oceans under sails and were subject to the elements of winds and storms, an incredible thing happened.

In the glorious kingdom of Anaco, there was a legend about a distant and unexplored land lost in the vast blue sea, where there were untold riches. Silver and gold were lying everywhere right under your feet. Many people started out in search of this uncharted land. They were driven there by greed and the desire for easy profit. Almost none of them returned from these dangerous journeys, only a few found their way home. But they, who managed to escape by a miracle, could not give any intelligible explanations about their wanderings. Distracted travelers one asserted that they had seen a lot of gold on some island, many, many, but could not produce anything in the proof of the existence of this mysterious place. Non believing rumors of countless treasures, more and more adventurers disappeared in an unknown direction in tens, leaving inconsolable mothers, their children orphans, widows and wives.

Once wise king Christian of Anaco country with the help of God decided to put an end and solve the mystery of the mysterious land in this matter.

About Mr. invited me to his son Prince and Mark he said:

— My son, I cannot see more than greed and vices destroy my people, I have long prayed to the Most High that he send us salvation.

Last night a messenger from God appeared to me, he informed me that he had come from the fifth planet of the constellation of Taurus, and was the patron of our state. He told us that the white and black powers of the heavenly bodies have been watching people on sinful earth for a long time.

White forces send love and kindness on Earth, bringing happiness and peace to everyone. Black forces bring hatred and greed to people, that’s why wars and civil strikes arise. We, the messengers of the fifth planet of Taurus, can help you, but you have to overcome evil yourself if you can get rid of greed and greed, which are the beginning of the beginnings of all the vices on earth, such as betrayal, hatred and (in general) all mortal sins.

There is a green island in the Blue Sea, which is owned by a messenger of black forces from the six hundred and sixty – sixth planet of the Milky Way. You people call him demons like that. He, knowing well the human vices, lures people of your country to this island, instills in them the appearance of gold the insanity of greed and destroys them. If you do there will appear a brave man who can resist the temptations of greed while seeing the countless of gold metal, he can fight with the demon and defeat him.

To do this, I will leave you a special sword, charged with particles of the good energy of the cosmos, opposite to the charge of black forces. Just once you touch this weapon to the demon, and the sword will turn it into dust. One important condition is that the thoughts of this brave man are impeccably pure and unselfish, only then he will be able to defeat the demon, the energy of the sword is transformed and strengthened only in interaction with the bio field of selflessness and goodness, courage and courage of man. The victorious demon will be able to acquire the riches of happiness and love, in order to share them with people who are as selfless as he is himself, the messenger told me.

— Putting this sword and card at my feet, “the king continued,” the messenger of the white heavenly forces withdrew as suddenly as he appeared. Only you, my son, I can trust the salvation of our people and state. I know that you Mark is honest, unselfish and brave, I believe that you, like your father once, will be able to bravely go into battle with the sword. Take it, it’s yours. On this map you can easily find this damn island. You are already an adult and an intelligent warrior, so I believe that you will be able to do everything. May God help you and your people.

Prince picked up the sword and waved them, and said:

— Yes, this is exactly the same sword as mine, look, father, it evenly enters the sheath of my sword, only on the blade is a strange brand and inscription in an incomprehensible language.

— It’s good that this sword is habitually in your hand, the king replied, “it will be easier for you to own it, but no one should know about its magical power.” The inscription on the sword is the ancient motto of the white forces of good that help people. We probably do not need to know what is written there, since the messenger told me nothing about this inscription.

The king ordered his son Mark to equip a large and fast ship on a hike, to recruit the right command and to go tomorrow in the same way to find a mysterious island and defeat the evil demon.

King Christian became a widow ten years ago. He was very fond of his wife Maria, and she loved him too. From this great love twenty-five years ago their only son was born. Mark raised and raised his father himself, not trusting nurse and court educators. At seventeen, he sent the young man to study in the naval school, finishing that, he served in the Royal Navy home. Mark passed all the officer posts on the ship from the commander of the artillery of the ship to the captain of the ship of the first rank, was a fully mature and experienced officer, who could deal with the most difficult tasks.

The way to the island

In his team, the Prince selected fifty of the best and experienced sailors. The captain of the ship n of the order of the king himself, he was appointed, the senior assistant took his loyal friend Robert. Corvette fast and maneuverable chose the best in the kingdom, with powerful tools of ten barrels from each side. Three masts with sails could provide the ship with good speed, even for large waves. The food reserves were taken on board so much that it was possible to go on a round – the – world trip, although according to the prince’s calculations, the island was no more than a week’s journey with a favorable wind.

The sun slowly emerged at dawn from behind the horizon, painting the edge of the sea and a strip of sky in crimson color, the waves briskly rushed to the high side of the ship from the lagoon, a light breeze played and sang among the rai with undisguised sails. The last preparations for sailing came to an end when Prince Mark gave the command to build the whole team on the upper deck of the ship.

— The sailors, “said the prince to the team,” I will not hide that today we are going on a very dangerous and long journey. We must save our people from the evil spirits living on a distant island. Already many people are obsessed with greed and enrichment died or fallen into madness, etc. Opava under the influence of a demon living in a cursed island, many perished in the depths of the waves. Today, when I address you, I ask you to tell me honestly: whoever is not confident in himself, who wants to go with me is not a firm conviction, but for the sake of self – interest and profit — a step forward: they should stay at home.

The building did not move, no sailor thought that he was not ready to withstand the temptation of enrichment and profit, everyone sincerely believed that he was going on a long journey to save the king and the fatherland, and he was ready to swear in this before God and his conscience.

— Raise the sails, lift the anchor, give the ends, all in places, “the prince commanded. The sailors quickly fled the ship in accordance with the staff schedule. The anchor chain creaked, the mooring ends securely fixed, and the ship slowly turned its nose to the exit from the lagoon, the prince stood at the helm, silently giving commands to the assistant, who dubbed them through a huge cone-shaped horn. Moving away from the pier five hundred meters, the prince ordered:

— Expand all sails.

Boatswain’s whistle reached the ears of people standing on the ship’s berth and Odie Mr. moment the ship, like a white bird with spread your wings I mi, jumped up and raced quickly through the waves, cutting like a knife, the sea surface. Breeze flying from the East, blew a sail of cotton, leaving no wrinkles on them. Coastal guns were saluted from the shore. King Christian, wiping his tear – stained tear, three times christened the white-winged corvette departing after him.

The first day the ship did not go, but flew along the waves of the great Blue Sea, the smooth surface of which stretched endlessly. An hour after leaving the birthplace, around, as far as the eye could see, there was one water, surprisingly bright azure color, and only near the wave it was painted in aquamarine, shimmering from the west with all the colors of the palette. Graceful seagulls escorted the ship and for a long time, until sunset, screamed and circled over it. The sun hung on the horizon and slowly from the dazzling bright red was, began to fall faster and faster right into the depths of the sea, and died away in the depths of his somewhere, very — very far. The sky was painted in a bright fire color, gradually fading and becoming red, soon the decline was extinguished, and bright stars and whole constellations were shining one by one to replace it. The young man was greeted by a modest smile with a ship and sailors running to the unknown, who were left on the night watch.

The second and third days passed calmly too, the wind was winding steadily, and the ship confidently followed the course, only the seagulls and albatrosses were no longer visible. This indicated that the corvette had gone far into the open sea, and for hundreds of miles there was neither land, nor an island. Sometimes, as if competing in running with the ship, along the right or left, there appeared flocks of playful white – throated dolphins that jumped above the foaming waves, showing all their appearance that they are much faster and more agile than the corvette in this endless water element. Their long gray muzzles smiled, and intelligent eyes radiated joy from communicating with a man.

The morning of the fourth day was gloomy and gray, the sun’s rays could not break through the thickness of the clouds, and only the lilac – orange strip in the sky indicated that the sun rises there, vainly trying to illuminate the new day with its bright light. The wind was weakening by the minute, and the course of the ship began to noticeably weaken, the sails began to sag until midday, a complete calm began, and the ship’s movement ceased. It was hard to breathe, the team mood was gloomy and dull.

The prince understood that this was a calm before the storm, the pressure on the barometer was steadily falling, in the west the clouds thickened and the sky darkened. It was necessary to prepare for a strong storm, which was not uncommon at this time of year in these latitudes. The captain ordered to roll all sails, and fix them as tightly as possible, check the fastening of all lifeboats and cargo on the deck and in the hold. Towards evening, when all preparations for the storm were carried out, the wind began to increase sharply and soon the waves began to rock the ship with force, to hit the sides and the salt spray flew to the deck. The sky whirred and throbbed, the wind whistled with rays to sail, night came and the black darkness swallowed the ship. Visibility was minimal, it was impossible to light a ship with lanterns in such a storm. Prince Mark himself rose to the helm and put the ship’s nose in a wave, the ship successfully cope with pitching, jumping from one ridge to another. All through the night the ship shook like a walnut shell, but thanks to the measures taken and mastery of the captain, a good ship withstood the struggle with the elements with dignity.

In the morning the storm noticeably subsided and, at last, the long-awaited command sounded:

— Raise the sails. The pitching was still going on, but the sailors boldly climbed the Rivers and, on command, raised a part of the sails and the ship immediately began to pick up with a fairly strong wind. There was one problem — to determine its exact location, it was clear that during the drift and the storm, the vessel was heavily demolished from the intended course. The difficulty was that behind a thick layer of dark clouds it was absolutely impossible to determine the point of the sun’s standing, because the astrolabe was absolutely useless.

The captain led the ship along the compass to the north-west, guided more by his experience and intuition, he realized that, given the wind during the storm and the current, the ship was carried to the south of the course per night for about a hundred miles, no more. Therefore, they walked a small course on small sails, so as not to go far from the paved route. It was necessary to wait for the good weather and determine where the sun or wait for the appearance of stars in the sky. Close to midnight in the heights here and there began to appear for an instant star, but then disappeared behind the clouds, and did not allow time to carry out precise calculations location on the map. Only when the morning was approaching and the dawn was about to dawn did the prince manage to find out his location on the map and plot a new course, and in the morning, when the sun ascended to clarify it. This made it possible to raise all the sails, and the ship again confidently went forward at full speed. The mood of the team improved, the sailors cheerfully joked and joked among themselves, telling funny sea bikes.

Lonely clouds, clustered in the sky, formed entertaining figures, rushed, driven by the sea wind with great speed towards, going under all sails to the ship. Soon the gulls appeared in the sky, announcing with their shrill cries that somewhere ahead of them was already the earth. Doubts from the prince was not that it could only be the same island to which they were sailing. Confidence in this added to the fact that the maps that were previously available on the ship, in these latitudes, there was not indicated any islet for hundreds of miles around.

— Yes, it was the most mysterious ominous island, about which legends — Prince was sure.

Earth! — at last, there was a loudly joyful voice of the man looking ahead from the mast forward of the watchman. The prince brought his telescope to his eyes and saw on the horizon a thin green strip of land. He was not mistaken, and, despite the previous storm, he was able to establish the correct course and found this island. The excitement of the team increased, all could not wait to see with their own eyes that unknown and inexplicable, something they knew only from the legend. A strange excitement engulfed everyone from the premonition of the impending meeting with this magical mystery.

Slowly green strip turned into a visible land thickly covered with greenery, through which sites were rocky sharp spurs, a distance similar to the towers of the fortress on the island all the signs seemed uninhabited team.

When signs of presence on it of people did not have neither ships near or small boats can not be seen on even close, only a flock of gulls roaming on the beach, feeling absolute masters of this unknown people a piece of land in the vast blue sea.

Mysterious Island

The island was really uninhabited, there were no people on it, and in general this island was not once, and it could not be until the messenger of the black heavenly powers created him from the six hundred and sixty – sixth planet of the Milky Way. Among the rocks, in the bowels of the earth, he built himself a dwelling and a storehouse for the energy of evil, and was his only inhabitant.

Such envoys, whom people call demons on earth a lot, each of them is responsible for a certain territory or state. Their task is to save the energy of evil emanating from the people and this energy to feed themselves and to transmit it to fuel new generations of black forces on their distant planet. They — the dark forces arrive on eath through distance and time by teleportation and settle in areas of the planet where the highest concentration of evil, as a rule, in those x space x, where there is a war, the struggle for power and wealth. Demons are strict accounting greedy and selfish people, help them to come to power in his country, so that through them you have the ability to influence entire nations and countries that have permanent and inexhaustible sources of evil energy. Messengers of darkness are beyond people, devoid of self – interest and greed, they are not subject to love and goodness. Therefore, they are looking for those who are prone to vices and sins, feed these people and their environment with their energy evil kindle in them the hatred and deceit. For their own purposes, they use different tools, depending on the location on the Earth. This gold and diamonds, it is oil and gas, various minerals, and even just to clean drinking water, all that can be profitable and, therefore, cause feelings of greed and self – interest, greed and avarice, which are the causes of evil and hatred. Become a cause of wars between whole nations and countries.

Demon dwelling is a huge facility deep underground and equipped with a device management tools and mechanisms of teleportation of material objects, and any energy. Were the main means for moving through time and space, evil energy at a given point in the right quantity, there are means for observing people and information storage. To observe the people, the countryside, the messenger, similar on terrestrial volatile mice. These mice were means of delivery of surveillance sensors, with their help daemon installed channels teleportation black energy from the wicked people. They were so transparent that when they flew under the light, there was no shadow under them, because they were invisible to the human eye. Having the ability to remotely monitor and control the demon left his underground shelter is extremely rare, only in exceptional cases, he teleported to the right place him. He hated the pure air of the air, as he was accustomed to breathing almost pure methane on his native planet, so methane from the bowels of the earth was always fed into the demon’s vault.

Such underground facilities with all equipment were mass – produced on six hundred and sixty – sixth the planet, and then teleported to Earth. They could be located anywhere, either on land under the ground, or under water. Often, the device of their bases and camouflage, from remote places in the ocean demon could teleport yourself to a desert island in the right place to be as close as possible to the area of influence and have thus imperceptible. This island it was personally by him chosen and teleported from the Pacific Ocean, where many thousands of uninhabited islands such.

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