Let It Be So

A Book About Unconscious Human Behavior

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ISBN 978-5-4485-4134-6

О книге

After becoming more conscious, I started to recognize all egoic behavior patterns in myself and others. Trying to speak about enlightenment and consciousness with my family I realized that it was futile. In most cases, to talk to people about spirituality are useless because words don’t work in this case. And yet I think we should be sharing our spiritual experience with others, and so I decided to write this book.

Об авторе

Rauf Kuliyev

As a very young man, after graduation, Rauf left his homeland and moved to a foreign country. Living in a different culture, he has experienced a powerful manifestation of the collective ego. In the town, where he came to live, the local people didn’t accept him. He was discriminated against because of his nationality. The population’s ignorance and, as a result, young man’s unfulfilled expectations made him suffer. Feeling very depressed, Rauf was forced to find a spiritual teacher and awaken.

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