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Бесплатный фрагмент - Lesbians

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Acquaintance with Alice

During the intermission, we began to turn in queue with Anya to the buffet. The performance was interesting, we were under his strong impression. Now a cup of coffee, a sandwich with caviar and you can go to the second department.

We’ve been together with Anna for almost a year now. Together we were having fun and interesting. She would take me out on an excursion, then to an exhibition, then to a theater. But we did not sleep with her or even kissed her once. Why did this happen? At first I wanted to, yes she somehow left, so to speak, from the answer. And then she began to insist, but I somehow postponed everything. The experience of the previous marriage life made itself felt. I did not want to take on too much responsibility again.

Anya was not bad herself. Light long hair gently lay on her round shoulders. The skin of the face was attracted by its whiteness, large glasses in tortoiseshell rested on the nose. Anya was feminine, moderately figurative, of medium height and slightly younger than me.

— A little overplaying the main character, you do not seem?

Anna and I turned around. Behind us stood a spectacularly dressed middle-aged lady. Her short black skirt tightly fitted her hips and opened her slender legs in black pantyhose. Deep neckline of a red blouse showed round forms of the upper part of her bust. The collar lifted from behind separated the proudly placed neck from the thick mop of light curly hair. High black boots with heels and a stately hood of the ladies made her look like a jockey, only the branded cap and whip lacked. Big eyes let down looked cheerful and friendly.

— Yes, we just talked about this, — I answered.

— In general, the performance is good, both the plot and the production.

— Yes, we enjoyed watching.

After the performance, Anna and I, already dressed, went down the stairs of the theater. A lady, familiar from the buffet, approached us. A short coat of black color and especially a red hat with large margins made it attractive to everyone.

— How did you like it? Are you up to the subway? Me too.

We walked through the evening city in the fires and discussed what we had just seen.

— And let’s go to a cafe, a cup of coffee? I’m treating you. Make a company.

At the table we met. The woman’s name was Alice. For some reason she was interested in our company. She also boasted that she can get contra-signs to many theaters and to various performances. I promised to get them to us. At parting, Alice took my phone number.

A few days later she called.

— Denis, hello, this is Alice. Perhaps, we will pass on you? On Saturday, there is a beautiful staging. Good actors, excellent direction, did not see? Then we go? I took three tickets, it’s free.

The performance was excellent. We sat in the third row, in the center. Everything was perfectly visible and audible. We got a lot of fun. After the presentation, Alice suggested to go to a cafe and have supper.

— You know, I have a birthday today. How old I am, I certainly will not tell you. But note this case it is necessary. I already ordered a table.

“But we have no gift.”

— Trivia. A good light dinner with friends, what else could be better. You will very much oblige me if you agree to go.

We stopped by. Dinner was good. Only delicacies, only all the best. At the end of the meal, Alice said:

“My friends, I have an offer for you.” Maybe it will not seem very ordinary to you, but please listen to me to the end. I suggest that the three of us meet for a love meeting. More precisely, you’ll meet together, I’ll just attend and look. I’m very fond of caressing men and women. You are such a beautiful couple, it will be very sexy.

Anna and I tried to argue, but Alice interrupted us.

“Listen to the end.” I, again, will not participate in your… action. In fact, I’m bisexual, I’m attracted to both men and women. But I will not touch you. I will book a hotel room. Take wine, fruit. Have you already slept with each other? No??? Moreover, it will be so romantic. Yes, and one more thing. I’ll pay each of you a thousand dollars.

She looked at us attentively. I did not know what to say, so everything was unexpected. Alice put her hand on Ani’s hand and said, staring into her eyes:

— I’m bisexual, but still I’m more attracted to girls, women…

I started an erection.

“You have my phone.” I’ll wait for the call.

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