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Бесплатный фрагмент - Leader

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To all people who stand on my way against me making me stronger…


In line with modern process of globalization — all translations of the Leader are made in Google translation.

Original version — Russian.

Idea of this — to show that every man can communicate with others.

You can not speak all languages.

But you must know how to use modern world.

You must read it before

Any information of this book regarding any real people or places in not true, if you think it’s true, you are not correct.

You must understand why is it like this.

If you do not understand it now, just read the book and you will understand.

Any claim will not accepted.

There is no liability.

If you will try something from this book then you have full liability for your actions.

There is no guaranties.

If you reach a level of leadership using this book I will be happy.

If you reach nothing I will be happy.

It is just my ego.

Nothing in private…

8. You have to be honest

— Yeah, honest))) You especially have an honest Sergey!!! Half the world does not fuck you happen???

— I was honest with myself…


While I wanted to learn more of their secrets to getting more.

One question I still hurts.

It would be a matter of indifference to me as possession of money, power, knowledge, if I did not have them?

You know what I mean?

It’s very easy to say that to me they say money is not important.

But the number type is important.

I heard a few more types of smart remarks to that effect.

But is it really?

Let us leave this question.

What concerns the authorities question similar.

Caught somewhere high above the people you can certainly say that I do not care.

Incidentally power — is difficult.

Exercise power over people is difficult.

Having money is difficult.

This was around the need to learn.

In Russia, I know of people who wanted to become rich but when I asked them why they were suddenly very embittered.

In general, if you feel aggression from another person then this means you’re all right.

Strong nobody liked and did not like.

I do not understand too.

I think I know the type of people will love.

I’m good like that.

I live in a mansion, a dozen cars and so on.

And why would you love it?

I live in the village and from eating only potatoes.

And if it will rot you will have to give his neighbor’s wife or daughter to use.


But not for the Russian villages when winter comes.

Well, if the money is the principle according to which a man should not be money, and all the money from his wife.

That the question of power is not so simple.

You can of course always put on the direction of the road managers.

But the vision is all the same you.

Global goals you should also put.

If your country is because of you in the ass…

Managers — governors say — have to know where to go.

It is understood not all.

Ie you want power and you know what it is?

You learned this?.

In Soviet Russia was the place where supposedly taught to manage.

The national economy — a type of civilian managers.

State on the part of the civil service.

Other semi institutions.

I’ve been trying to find out if anyone learned some say in England?

Or managers were brought from Europe?

Management is not the theme of this book.

There is such a thing as a private management — manage their own lives.

People are willing to deal with all the time in public but things are not ready to deal with them.

And for good reason.

This book is about you.

The leader — it’s about you.

About your goals.

For their evaluation.

For their achievement.

It’s hard to believe but until recently did not exist in people’s minds is no such thing as the achievement of personal goals.

Public is yes.

It is good, very correct and commendable, and so on.

Open any Dictionary definition of the word, and honor the leader.

I’m almost every lecture I start with this example.

We just open the dictionary and read.

They are all there is now on the network so that it became easy.

There’s a wildness…

You would be a laugh definition housewives say regarding fishing?

And that is why people do not laugh at those definitions are given by people far removed from what they are trying to determine?

And how do they print?

The leader and leadership at all — it is about how a man to come to his end.

And what is its purpose?

You will feel it.

You can control others.

You can manage themselves.

The difference is clear.

Yes, but for what you manage other you pay the money.

And for the fact that you operate a money do not pay.

And this is another indicator of leadership.

It is more difficult to do what is important to you.

You know, I really like the example of the Minister.

Its like they asked in an interview what he loves to do most.

And he said that he was born in the village (it is clear) and the most favorite place is the river and where he caught a pike.

You can even comprehend the difference?

Minister of a country such as Russia, and fishing on the river in the village.

For what you pay you minister.

For what you catch fish there.

But you can be more important than fishing.

Answer for yourself — what is more important to you.

Because these things determine the life.

They decide who will go to you next.

A woman whose husband is important minister did not go to the country probably.

And that it is important that the quiet life is not clear where all will go to the big city and especially to participate in all these endless get-togethers in the Kremlin and other places.

You can say that it is important for people when they passed this stage.

A woman who somehow knew that her important basic things where she can feel its nature will never part with them.

And man, too, if the brain is not fully owned by the public who wishes to eat it, he also did not understand why all this is necessary.

There are people who value science.

Science in its true sense.

Without implementation.

Theoretical Science.

Science is going on in the halls of research institutions and academies of science.

Around always turns a lot of people of so-called experts.

They want to implement this knowledge in practice.

But they scientists?

If they are a notch or two below the real scientists?

If you want to celebrate this power is not science.

If you want to earn money for scientific discovery is even lower.

And if you’re just wondering what’s inside an atom say.

And what will happen if we look deep into space using a huge telescope.

As soon as science extends beyond the laboratory, it ceases to be a science.

Science, I was not engaged in so serious to tell how it looks inside.

I speak of a shared vision of human goals and achieve them abstract.

How do you know all this vyshenapisannoe refers to how a person can realize the need to be honest.

Have you noticed that we are moving deeper into the matter, as it were?

Deep into human nature?

If you are reading these lines you may be wondering what is written here.

In this book, there is no practical advice on building corporate alignment of the vertical or the discovery that it is not open.

It’s clear.

All of this is actually very low.

Do not you do it.

Seriously not worth it.

If you have at least a minimal opportunity to not get involved in these desires do not go.

The Company will be a while you get used to criticize but then.

Because you’re going to deal with than such that nobody can imagine.

Go tell the person on the street is that having children is actually observed in certain thoughts you are born.

Well tell or pseudo-science is what happens in the laboratory and not in practice in the implementation.

He, too, you would not understand.

The Company may not be willing to pay you for what you just sit in his laboratory.

May be.

Seek solutions.

But do not confuse what is a pure desire for something with other desires.

Always understand what you want now people around.

Is it true that they want power?

Or they do the theory of power?

Or do they want money?

And they write books on management?

There are two dimensions of what is said to be honest.

There is always something that relates to your relationships with others.

There is always something that relates to your relationship with yourself.

I remember his previous psychologist.

I think he was obviously a drug addict and crazy.

He believed that if a person is engaged in clarifying things inside yourself without regard to others it is diagnosed.

Now I have the best psychologist in Moscow.

I always have the best people around.

It would be nice to understand what I am the best.

Because there is always someone who is the best.

Let’s just say… Moscow is not always the case.

And for that, I do not like Moscow.

I like to look at how to develop a system-wide world.

Assume the best college world?

Best hotel?

In Moscow, the 5 most popular hotels and this fucked up.

It should not be.

This confuses.

And they really are the best.

I do when I have to choose where to spend the next lecture every time I can not choose.

You know, I remember at one time wanted to give a lecture at the hotels are not the best.

So people do not come.

Or they come but were so inadequate to the situation that my guards bring me back door.

Shoot them in the hotels can not.

Or all at once.

I will not name names but it certainly looks funny but if a person spent 20—25 years, a desire to make a better world it is possible to forgive all.

With them, it would be interesting to talk if not for their past in prison… prison corrupts, it becomes impossible to say… and say I’m sure there is something — how is it possible that the person they planted 20 years of desire to really make their country and the world a better, cleaner, more beautiful???

Okay, this is probably my next book — about the conflict between what people want and what the community wants and how to live with it when the difference becomes very apparent.

In fact, there is a third dimension.

It is a subset of chtoli internal concepts of honesty.

I’m talking about honesty with ourselves, within ourselves.

If society wants you to do certain things, and you want things opposite then you have to choose.

The choice is not easy.

At first sight.

If you forget the power that controls you then you break your head.

And you need to feel the power, you can certainly know about it in mind… but it’s not a great result.

Once you clearly feel the strength you fall off questions on how to behave in the world.

The strength of your leads.

You uhodisch in the position of the observer.

You move as if on an internal level.

And there comes the question of integrity.

What is honesty inside?

And if it is there at all?

Suppose that at some stage it is.

Ie you can choose you to be honest or not.

Be honest inside means being honest with yourself.

What does it mean to be honest with yourself?

Do what you want.

A friend is not really possible in principle.

You get the thoughts and desires of nature.

You get at birth certain intrinsic properties that make you act one way or another.

Ie all determined in advance.

You have probably just chance to make an impact on the nature of a little softer, that is.

To do this, you have to agree with her.

How would call it being honest with her.

Ie you have to learn to notice where what you want and where the nature of what he wants you to do.

And each time to agree with you that it does.

Do not you do as you do.

It’s like talking crazy.

But in fact this is true.

Speaking of people who recognize their own incompetence.

Voluntarily say that they are run and let it happen.

So let’s say less painful.

I can say that.

To be honest it is just to notice the thoughts.


Notice how they occur in the head.

Like clouds in the sky.

I love to lie on the beach and watch the clouds float on the sky.

And if you are a worker in the factory or on wall street manager that you noticed what happens to you.

Do not immerse in the action itself.

The action is not for you.

You’re the one who is watching how the universe is realized through you.

Ie I tend to lie on the beach and you work in a factory.

If we swap one will not be happy.

But we are united in the fact that we know about the real state of things.

We are united in the point where there are no bodies.

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