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Law, constant and formula of reason. Matrix. Information. Thoughts aloud. Law of Absurdity

Бесплатный фрагмент - Law, constant and formula of reason. Matrix. Information. Thoughts aloud. Law of Absurdity

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Rice 1. I devote the book to all women of the world! More perfectly and more absolutely Women, are not present no power on earth! And the most Woman expensive to me! Unique and Unique! My spouse Lydia Nikolaevne.

Yes, the woman is similar to wine,

And where wine,

There it is important for the man

To know sense of proportion.

Do not search for the parent In fault,

If it is drunk — it Is guilty not.

Yes, in the woman as in the book, wisdom is.

It is capable to understand its sense great

Only competent.

Also do not become angry about the book,

Kohl, the ignoramus, has not managed to read it.

The dogrose scarlet is gentle? You — are more gentle.

The Chinese idol is magnificent? You — are more magnificent.

The chess king before the queen is feeble? But I, a fool, before you am more feeble!

Рубаи Khayyam’s Lobster

And how many was not to the woman of years much, for us always will be “to It just nearby 30”!

The fifth edition. Added and with some changes.

I express major gratitude to Malyshevoj Elena Evgenevne, Mirzoev Konstantin Irgashevyichu and Martynovu Alexander Anatolevichu for the major help, and councils in making of this book.

To much will seem that in one book different themes and materials which are agglomerated not related with each other! But the business it not so. This all single whole which the friend without the friend cannot exist. For example, the reason law has helped the author to understand sense and value of a demarcation of the metric, physics and time, these are 1 seconds. Also the Matrix has helped to understand a structure of the Universe and back. It is necessary not to part our world on slices, and to study its pieces, and to perceive it as uniform and whole.

It is necessary to listen to music of celestial spheres. To look at star light, to go on lunar paths and to inhale an ocean smell. And to unclose a green door in a white wall.


The Law and the Reason formula, and also Reason constant is output. There are 6 views of Reason. Individual, individually-collective, collective, collectively-quantitative, quantitative. And also individually-quantitative, it already the Matrix. A principle of operation of the Matrix, its activity as the holographic-virtual computer. Makings of holographic subjects and their filling then a substance. Our visible world, is is material-virtual. People it is the material live objects and during too time it is computer files in the Matrix database. As a matter of fact, there are no odds between files and people are not present, this same, ordinary dualism. The information, is very powerful and reasonable force which also is one of principals of the Matrix. It can, both to give the information and to take away it, or to punish that who took that is not necessary to it. Performances of objects, it is the a bit bastard approach to the world of objects. It is the world of fashions of objects. The object considers all. It is the car, a table, a tablet, a cooler body, a monkey, the person is all is object. These are shapes, density, complexity, a storage field, a floor of events, energy, information, likelihood, psychological, thinking and other performances of objects, and their interaction with each other. And also about that that there are Supreme laws which dominate over all other laws and sciences. It is the Absurdity Law, the Balance Law, the Golden section Law, and the Acceptance law.

      I here, and not here.

     I always, and when.

    I was, and I was not.

   The answer and question.

  Who also that.





1.1. The formula and the Reason constant

Looking at the world surrounding us, involuntarily you admire a rationality and expediency of all occurring phenomena, and their influence on all live beings. It involuntarily suggests about supernatural, reasonable (or divine) force which supports and supervises over all event. I trust that it is the Lord — God (JESUS the CHRIST). The idea of a rationality is put in all physical, biological, chemical, a social system of the world and is expressed in the Reason formula. But it is necessary to understand accurately that is blanket between the laws driving different objects. Fundamental particles and stars, ants and plants, a wolf and the person? It can be the law of occurrence of Reason (that is the Reason formula). The reason is at everything, and at everything, but different, and the law, their uniting one. This law has the strict mathematical formulation and features interrelation of quantities spotting Reason. The Reason constant (one on all), is equal to product quantity of unities of Reason, on quantity of complexity of unity of carriers of the Reason, increased by the Egregor. The formula of occurrence of Reason:

K = [m*Эд] * [N*Эин] * [Эс*Эквр]


To — the Reason constant, a constant for all views of Reason.

[m*Эд], [N*Эин], [Эс*Эквр] — in square brackets of their product are always stationary values, at everyone steam the quantity. If one is incremented (it concerns only величен in square brackets) that another decreases. And the asked view of this formula К=m*N, for the approximate calculations.

If excess of a constant of Reason begins, there is a restoration (correction) of a constant, by division.


When at a beer family m — the quantity of carriers of Reason becomes much more necessary and sufficient quantity. That it is divided on two families (the plenty with the uterus separates), approximately same occurs and at the others, ants, termites, bees.

N — complexity of unity of the carrier of Reason. When there is a probability of that complexity of the carrier of Reason will start to be incremented in due course. That necessary and sufficient number of carriers of Reason should decrease. Often happens so that other carriers of Reason, for example: — other nation. Enrich cultural, it is information and it is intellectual other nation then the coefficient of complexity of this nation is incremented. And it happens, when two nations live together and amicably, therefore each national Egeregor is incremented, so the net Egregor of all nations, becomes even more and more powerfully and thereof the State Egregor also is incremented in the force and power.

N = Nсс*Nэкс — consists of two builders: it Nсс — standard complexity (the lowest complexity in this group of reasons here undertakes, it is the standard), Nэкс — Evolutionary coefficient of development of complexity of the given carrier of Reason.

m — quantity of unities of carriers of the Reason, necessary for Reason acquisition.

Э — Egreror: this power information field necessary for functioning and integrating of all unities of carriers of the given view of Reason, the more low complexity of unity of the carrier of Reason, the above intellectual power and complexity of the Egregor and on the contrary. Эин is an intellectual complexity of the Egregor.

Эс is a force of the Egregor.

Эд is a spirituality of the Egregor. It is possible to tell that it is spirituality of the people.

Эквр is a coefficient of a view of Reason. We will conventionally accept that at ants it is equal to 7 unities at the person it it is probably equal 10 000 unities.

At different views of Reason quantity of the Egregor quantity different, at ants this value one, and at people other value. If one parametre is incremented, means, the second parametre is obliged to decrease — for maintenance constant quantity Э (Egregor). If at one people the culture and knowledge and consequently major Ein (intelligence of the Egregor) is well developed. Then Es (force of the Egregor) at these people the small. If at one people, on residing requirements, or for any other parents it is strongly developed жизнестойкость and ability to a survival in the most adverse requirements. That its Es (force of Egrerora) major, so at these people, low Ein (an intellectual component of the Egregor). It explains periodic slope of advanced civilisations and entrapment by their less developed civilisations. All it is explained in article of Laws of Absurdity. The original form of the law of Reason looked so: К=m^N, and the second variant looked the same as given above K=m*N, only without Egregors. The necessary quantity of unities of carriers of Reason, depends on their interior complexity. And their quantity depends on it and какаято a part Ein or Es will prevail. Эквр will already depend, from that what it is a reason view. The reason is at in total at trees and grasss, bees, ants and fishes, fundamental particles and the Universe, at the person, but has a different appearance. On a degree of complexity of Reason and its intellectual power from our point of view Reason that above, than more close it to an individual view. But quantity of the Egregor at the person on many orders above, than it is admissible at ants and bees. Also it is clear that the Egregor is born, matures, reaches manhood and grows old in due course, and also its force weakens, but there are people at which the Egregor has very long-term continuance of the growing and power.

m — quantity of unities of carriers of the Reason, necessary and sufficient for Reason acquisition if the quantity of carriers of Reason is less than it is necessary, the Reason will not appear at this concrete view of Reason.

m=100 Unities of the person, monkeys.

m=30 000 — 1 000 000 unities of ants, bees, termites.

m=1000 Unities of rats

m = unities of trees (examinations here are necessary)

m = 1,31222 10 ^ 43 quantity of protons (for one second) from operation of “System of the Universe”.


1. Individual.

1.1. Galaxies

1.2. Stars (plasma life)

1.3. Planets (Kremneorganichesky life)

2. Individually — Collective.

2.1. The person, dolphins.

2.2. A monkey.

2.3. A rat.

3. Collective.

3.1. Ants, termites

3.2. Bees

3.3. Fishes

4. Collectively-quantitative.

4.1. Trees

4.2. Hearts

4.3. Plants

5. Quantitative.

5.1. Stones, Crystals (Kremneorganichesky life)

5.2. Molecules (water), plasma (Plasma life)

5.3. Fundamental particles

6. Individually — Quantitative. A matrix (the is likelihood-is virtual-holographic computer).

In our Lord there is all and all! God is an alpha and омега!

Here the very first and brightest representatives of reasonable objects are specified only, all to number there is no possibility. You understand that it is too much them.


The individual Reason is the higher stage of development of Reason. It reaches the most the higher power and intelligence. And it does not have interdictions (as at people), and there are no constraining and braking beginnings. The individual reason is one brain with the necessary bodies providing its normal functioning (and at the person, its some bodies become dominating, and rank a brain). It can exist both in the form of a uniform organism, and in the form of separate standard blocks. Related and related, as required in a single whole, in the form of Planets, Stars, Galaxies or in other various variants. The individual reason is rather eternal, and at it is not present either a floor, or children, but he can create itself (himself) in copies, develop in itself. But dialogue with other views of reason for everything, is necessary for development, it can communicate with any kinds of reason and exist in liquid, gaseous, crystalline and other views. Its degree of complexity greatest possible. Where — m=1 one unity of the carrier of reason.

N — the peak complexity of unity of the carrier of reason.

Эквр — has the peak value.

The above the degree of a rationality of object the less to become quantity of reasonable objects with which to it it is necessary to communicate.


The egregor is energy and an information field which develops of thoughts and emotions of groups of the people united by blanket idea. The Egregor structure in strongly depends on systems of the spiritual knowledge, existing on concrete territory. Representatives of the certain nation, religious and political trends, social motions, a various view of a generality. And also very small Egregors, for example, families (sort) or collective (one enterprise). Egregors of concrete books, films (these are role communities devoted to certain films, film type “a ring Brotherhood”), entrainments, fluxions. All of them through emotions, feelings, desires, prayers, mantras, spells send energy streams from the Earth and constantly feed Egregors. As a matter of fact, the more people live and think, by identical rules, the the given Egregor becomes stronger. It is capable to interreact with human consciousness and to influence it, it a primely certain collective consciousness with that or other bias.

Round globe there is a constant power circuit of set of Egregors. To Egregors, and from them there are two waves: one — feeding the Egregor, and second — donating energy (guiding, inspiring and organising force). The total of all Egregors is and there is an Egregor of the Earth. The egregor of the Earth, a database the Noosphere, storage and reason of the Avatar of the Earth, all it also make reason of the Earth. If certainly the author is not mistaken. It is possible to consider (certainly, conventionally) that Zevs, Posejdon and other, so-called gods are was display of actions of Egregors. So-called Avatars. Communication with other views of reason probably probably only with the help of avatars. The egregor appears, when the new community of reasonable beings arises.

Let’s give an example about ants:

When the Tsarina of ants (young) has taken off into place where the new ant hill will be created. That with it, was its small, dot and weak Egregor, Es — force of the Egregor and the strong intellectual component Ein means. When the tsarina started to yield ants, started to grow and gain in strength and Es. At bees a situation similar. But there is one feature at the Egregor, the more feeblly intellectual complexity and power of unity of the carrier of reason, the more strongly intellectual power and complexity of the Egregor and on the contrary. At the person (in comparison with an ant) the Egregor is easier and more feeble in an intellectual power. At ants very strong intellectual component of the Egregor.


The group of ant hills settled down nearby to the river bank, suddenly all ant hills have moved on other leg of the river. In three months on this site of wood (whence they have left — there there was a fire), there are two variants of an explanation of it.

The first variant:

The egregor knew that on this site of wood there will be a fire (after all it is in the thin world, where the past, present and future simultaneously).

The second variant:

This part of wood has grown old in due course and was ill, and also there has much accumulated different garbage, therefore it was necessary for updating and rejuvenating. And it can be made only one, a natural fire. Therefore when the Egregor solves that on any site of wood is necessary зачистка, he warns in advance and outputs, all who can be endangered. Ants, moles, hearts, the insects living underground, and only then different expedients sets fire to wood on strictly certain site. But it is necessary to pay for intelligence (force). Then if to take two identical ant hills. One ant hill is very developed intellectually. It has plantations of hothouses where it grows up mushrooms for what they maintain certain temperature, humidity, feed up them and then consume these mushrooms. Created of three microorganisms not joined among themselves, only these ants could join them as it is not known. Other ant hill — more low intelligence, its inhabitants are engaged in war and robbery. They attack other ant hills, kill everything, but grasp larvae and drag off them to itself. From larvae there are ants who are put by slaves to aggressors, and work on them. And so at them two identical Egregors, but at the first above intellectual power and is more feeble its force. And at second feeble intellectual power, but above force and at collision of Egregors, wins more often stronger Egregor.

Other example:

On Japanese island Kosima the colony of wild monkeys with which scientists fed with a sweet potato (бататом) lived, scattering it on sand. It was pleasant to monkeys батат, but sand on it was not pleasant. Know, animals do not eat dirty food. And here once the 18-month’s female of Imo has found out that can solve this problem, having washed батат. She has taught this trick the mother and other monkeys. And when the number learnt to wash батат has reached monkeys 100, all monkeys living on nearby islands, suddenly, without any exterior prompting, too have started to wash a potato.

It has occurred through the Egregor uniting this view of the monkeys living on these islands. In one laboratory of monkeys have taught to talk on a method of deaf-mutes. They have mastered some hundreds words. And then monkeys have started to learn other monkeys to language of deaf-mutes.

Other example:

The crowd, Fans, Fans when people unite emotionally in quantity of more than 100 unities, over them is formed a temporary Egregor. And than above heat of emotions and the below their quality (Ein — very small), the more strongly and more powerfully on force the Egregor. The more it seizes power over crowd, supervises and almost completely deprives crowd of the will. As they say, force is — mind it is not necessary. Any emotion is an energy liberation (this food of the Egregor). That, pressing certain feelings and emotions of people, the Egregor, manipulates crowd. Creating fracture and destruction of everything that is around (cars, shops and other constructions). Remember activities of English fans of football, and after all like such cultural nation. And only when it breaks up, people come to the senses and do not understand, how they could create these excess. When you will see, how the crowd is agglomerated, it is necessary to leave as soon as possible and far away that the Egregor has not had time to grasp you. On certain distance — it weakens (it is some hundreds metres). Fans on the termination a mast gain a powerful and violent Egregor. To liquidate its action on fans.

And to secure against fans (people, to the technics, buildings both other constructions and objects), it is necessary to take following standards:

1. It is necessary to split up crowd at an exit, groups 100 unities, that is on 20 — 40 or 50 unities (it is desirable less) there are less.

2. The tax on an exit is a lot of public transport unities. At bus filling, it should leave at once. And buses should move on different routes.

3. To observe a distance between buses, between them there should be a distance of not less several hundreds metres.

4. To separate fans at развозе on houses for what to land groups no more than on two persons.

Low, rough, animal emotions possess very strong and major power. The egregor possesses major force. And at intellectual people the Egregor, feeble and small in the sizes and force. Not intellectual, and not the difficult.

And it does not have not enough forces to unite them together. Feeble it also is the feeble. Just because the intellectual is self-sufficient, and at it it is a lot of all: — mind, reason, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge. Therefore nobody is necessary to it, except admirers of its talents. In summary at it and an egregor, such small, and simple. Therefore good clever, decent people, never can, unite. Therefore is not present, and will not be, never batches uniting clever, decent, intellectuals it is simple not probably. They never help each other, and will not be. At them the principle operates, all other people, this insignificant and nothing not standing people, in comparison with them! And here all other groups (not intellectuals) which (to put it mildly) are not on friendly terms with the law and a society. Have a clever Egregor, and difficult — not a couple слабаму — intelligent. And at effect on the person, look, as they are organised, disciplined (certainly, in the repertoire). But try to offend whom from this society, and all of them become on protection. And if to offend the intellectual, unless who нибудь, will come to the rescue of it? The effect is known for all! The present intellectual, it not an origin (in 5 or 6 generation), posts and formation, and the intellectual of spirit, morals and culture. And now it is considered, time it has major money, a post, formation and “breed” already it is the intellectual and a member of “a decent society”. The present intellectuals (spirit), порядного societies do not transfer terms on “spirit”. Also take great pain to exterminate, especially morally (bindingly etch and subject obstructions) and even a physical trajectory. It for them norm and a usual daily mode of life. This law operates constantly, daily, every minute it regulates our acts and activities, is imposed on our thoughtway. The person possesses reason at quantity — 100 unities of carriers of reason. And so each person, should communicate with other people not less this quantity. Only then it is reasonable, and the above its intelligence the it is necessary for it less and it is possible to communicate with people. But not all carriers of reason are identical also to everyone people, for dialogue and for the development are necessary different both by quantity, and on quality. The medium of dialogue, terrain, mentality of the people strongly leaves traces on intelligence, mentality, thinking, a manner to tell and a lexicon of words. The person, in a view of the feature of development and thinking (after all it is created just like divine) can sometimes act, in the form of transition in other view of reason. By the way, some views of mental frustration, just also can be an exponent of a view of reason, not our, implanted, alien.


Jokes about the madwomen, told by them, inspire anxiety — too are reasonable. S.E.Lets

The person, monkey, rat, dolphin concerns this view of reason. The person in itself is not the owner of reason in the pure state. It is already proved, such cases, as Maugli and other similar. If the person since the childhood to isolate from people it does not become the person! The person it becomes only in collective similar. The person possesses collectively-individual reason. This view of reason can develop only development of carriers of reason (separate people). Effects of all of it develop in a blanket coin box of a noosphere from which the collectively-individual Reason replenishes. The person is put such with what it is surrounded with a society and in what society he wants to rotate. About character, morals, behaviour and psychology of the person very well also it is accurately told in two products “Sovereign” of Nikkolo Makiavelli and “Gulliver’s Fourth travelling” Dzhonatana Swift. Especially precisely and truly at the second author so it is bright, and all is colourful it is expressed! To a great regret!

1.5.1. The person consists of three builders:

1. The material body.

2. Field structure.

3. Information (file) of the block (program).

1.5.2. The material body consists of the biochemical complex created on the basis of a holographic yield (the program warrant). Controllabled Field structure.

1.5.3. The field structure consists of several driving blocks (brain parts), spinal, head, basic over a head (a copy of the person), and in a noosphere database. And the double of the person.

1.5.4. The information block consists and includes, the third part of a brain which is over a head of the person in several centimetres over it. The fourth, fifth, sixth part of a brain is in a noosphere. And the basic information file of the person is in a database in the Matrix where he constantly is supplemented and corresponds after liquidation of its material body, the Senior Sister Mojr (Parks). And to be plotted for a new embodiment in the material body. DNA is a small part of this block.


The reason at the person, thus (on five unequal parts, the sixth not at all is) is proportioned:

The first part is a spinal part (backbone) — which is responsible for unconditioned reflexes. Sometimes happens that some people on it and stop and live only this part. They do not have necessity to involve other parts of a brain, in a normal mode.

The second part is a head part (head), these are conditioned reflexes and usual views of reasonable activity. To a bowl of all this part of a brain works for the person only, it is usual and normal reasonable activity for the person.

The third part is a basic brain, the true brain of the person which carries out all spectrum of reasonable activity of the person. This part of a brain is, over a head of the given person, apart some centimetres. The intellectual part of mankind uses this brain. Except creative intelligency it is terminating, they use in the core only the first part.

The fourth part is a copy of the person in the thin world. Is also the double, to interreact with it probably only when you are converted to it by name of it. And a name of the double, its physical double on the earth knows only. Usually use only partially, to concern it the unconscious part of mentality. Talented and ingenious people use this brain. The intuition also concerns this part.

The fifth part is that part, a database of this soul in which there are all records, for all antecedents (this person) which is in a noosphere (3rd stratum). This datum manages to use to few people who can seldom use it. These are the very few, psychics (magicians) and some scientists.

The sixth part is that part (which is in 6 m a stratum, a noosphere) to which there is a tolerance right. This right is, at very small quantity of people. And this right, very seldom who can use. They are prophets, seers, clairvoyants, and also sacred.

Chain of communication of parts of a brain: the Spinal part (backbone), contacts a brain. The brain contacts Basic (истенным) a brain (which is over a head of the person). The basic brain contacts a copy of the person in the thin world. The copy of the person contacts its part (a database, 3го a stratum) the person in a noosphere. But not all people have a good communication between all parts of its brain. Its intelligence, intuition and knowledge of the world surrounding it and of his environment of dwelling depends on it (from this communication). The noosphere consists of all views of reason. Each reason, all its parts and its various views. Each plenty of the bees, each ant hill, each nation, occupies the site of a noosphere. And also the full database of all unities of carriers of reason. And record of all events, feelings, emotions and knowledge on all earth, at all times. The noosphere consists of several stratums.


1. Datum of the personal data of a planet, for all times.

2. A database of all Egregors. The total of all Egregors plus a personal Avatar a planet Egregor is and there is Eregor of the Earth.

3. A database of people of all races. Personal meshes of each person.

4. A database of reasonable beings. Blanket datum. Library of all knowledge, for all times.

5. A database of inanimate beings (after ours to representations).

6. Storage of an avatar of a planet.

7. Reason of an avatar of a planet.

All these stratums in a complex also makes the Noosphere, reason of our planet.


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