День рождения крыльев

День рождения крыльев

Сказочные истории

188 стр.
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Эта книга написана естественной целительницей и гомеопатом родившейся и жившей когда-то в Алма-Ате — городе, окруженном высокими горами со снежными вершинами и стремительными реками. Она верит, что если человек найдет сказку, которая будет резонировать с его истинной энергией, то он освободится от неопределенностей; к нему придет ясность, и в его жизни начнут происходить чудеса.


Alfia Idle

Susan K, reviewer By Amazon Customer on 18 Feb. 2015 This delightful book of fairy tales/ fables for grown-ups enchanted me from the first page. I devoured them all in a very short time, but I will go back and savor them again. While these stories, somewhat paraphrased, could be told to children (except, perhaps, for the story featuring the Angel of death and the story of The Duck and the Currie) the literary, musical, and other allusions are allusions only an adult will get. The stories are touching and at times historically funny, and, while there are clearly "morals to the stories." These lessons don't whack the reader over the head with a mallet. Some readers might find these stories mere childlike trifles, but that wasn't the case of for this reader. I thought they were brilliantly crafted, often with the author's tongue firmly in cheek,cleverly executed, and wonderfully enchanced by the lovely and clever illustration. I love books and stories that require the reader to suspend disbelief, and I happily entered into these little worlds. Highly recommended. I am great full to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me an opportunity to review this ARC.

9 апреля 2017 г., в 19:53


Alfia Idle

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