Impact of Tibetan singing bowls massage in the tradition Tsering Ngodrub on the human body

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ISBN 978-5-4474-2705-4

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Record No. 79–14 of scientific-and-trial approbation of December 25, 2014. Research objective: Comprehensive assessment of influence on the recipient’s functional status of a revitalizing procedure carried out by the evaluated specialist. The approbated health improvement method is the proprietary methodology of bioenergy correction: Traditional Tibetan Massage Using Resonance Bowls as per Tcering Ngodrub Tradition (Viktor Ogui) on the basis of health-improving practices applying resonance bowls

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Viktor Ogui

Master of sound and singing bowls, a disciple of Lama Pema Rangdrol, Dr. Nida Changtsang Tibetan medicine, the organizer of expeditions to Tibet, Ladakh, Himalayas. Masseur, Healer, Master of Reiki Teacher Festival «The Call of the 13 shamans» in Tuva, an honorary member of the Russian league masseurs, members of the Association: Russian Association of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of sick and disabled, the Russian Association of traditional medicine, the author of textbooks on Massage

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