Gift of fate

Gift of fate

Fabulous Moscow

57 стр.
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О книге

Notice the signs the Universe sends you and thank God for everything! Sometimes fate gives us so many gifts, and we just refuse to notice them! You need to enjoy every day and enjoy the simplest things every minute. Take your time to live, enjoy every moment! Remember always that when you are open to the world, it opens up many opportunities for you. Everything we need is already in us and the feeling of happiness too! After all, life is the greatest gift, and it is beautiful!

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Maria Lazinskaya-Prupes
Maria Lazinskaya-Prupes
Now I’m thirty-seven years old. I have two wonderful children, and this is the best thing that’s left after six years of a failed marriage. I divorced my husband at thirty-six. This year I realized that I was ready to fall in love again and start living a full life… And I even managed to fall in love, but my love was not quite mutual… More and more often I began to have sad thoughts, and I began to sink into depression… But fate has prepared a gift for me…